Current NDEs

4366. Hana P Possible NDE 7/20/2017. NDE 8333. From Czech Republic I had a vision of a gray area with many scattered boards and beams. At the top right is a circular light, which had an incredibly bright center that was inviting me to enter. Suddenly I realized with horror that it was the transition between life and death. I said, 'I do not want to enter. I have not tried everything in my life.'
Possible NDE due to pneumonia.

4365. Paul C Possible NDEs 7/18/2017. Possible NDEs 8332. From Canada I might have had a life review. It was as if I was in a graphic novel where I was crashing through one picture and into another by going through the walls of each picture. I was out of my body and speedily traveling through the hallways of the hospital.
Possible NDE as an infant, and another possible NDE associated with appendicitis and surgery at age 37.

4364. Judy G NDE 7/15/2017. NDE 8329. I was asked, 'Do you want to continue this life, or die?' I thought, 'What's death?' The Light began to show me. I knew without a doubt that death was not an ending, but a wonderful opening to my real life. I would be more knowledgeable and live in unconditional completeness and love. I remember feeling almost unworthy of such an indescribable, unconditional love. I was in awe of how much love was enveloping me.
NDE due to auto accident while pregnant. Shared 51 years later.

4363. John D NDE 7/15/2017. NDE 8328. The next thing I remember was hovering about 10 feet in the air over my body. I saw my supervisor holding my head in his lap. I heard a ambulance coming into the park and my supervisor screaming for get it to get over here, saying, 'He hasn't been breathing for several minutes!' Then I remember being in a place that was foggy, but not foggy. Hard to explain. It had no defined borders or colors. I was in a sense of peace, with no pain, and a feeling of it's o.k. I remember thinking that I wasn't breathing. Yet, I felt no panic.
NDE due to head trauma. Was apparently felt to be dead by medical team and covered with sheet.

4362. Seth C NDE 7/10/2017. NDE 8325. Than I met my best friend who I had wanted to see for so long. It was Jesus! I just knew it. Even though he didn't say my name, I didn't ask his either. It was like we always knew each other and he loved me so much! All the information and communication we had was telepathic and instantaneous. I do remember arguing with him at the end, not in a bad way, but saying, 'Please don't send me back there!'
NDE due to heart attack.

4361. Zenaida NDE 7/6/2017. NDE 8324. Originally from the Dominican Republic. I could see a golden light far in the distance it got closer and closer bigger and bigger till i was at the point pf collision with it and bang! Like the sparks from a fire cracker i crash into what felt like a swimming pool filled with love instead of water. Then suddenly i felt like i was teleported to this gigantic hall that seem like grand central station in Manhattan but 100 times bigger. This place was filled what seem to be billions of people in white robes. People of all races ethnicities gender and ages. There was a feeling of love that reverberated through every one and a song that played endlessly a song that's too perfect to describe.
NDE due to faint and head injury.

4360. Ceire C Possible NDE 7/4/2017. Possible NDE 8323. From Ireland. I remember going to a wooden house. There was a strong sun setting in the evening. I went into the house and there was no furniture inside. There were no windows inside, just the outside frames of the windows. I floated upstairs and was going out the top window. Before I could leave, they asked me if I wanted to stay or go.
Possible NDE around time of cardiac arrest.

4359. Shirley D Possible NDE 7/4/2017. Possible NDE 8322. As I floated up, I felt all my bad feelings just fall off of me. One by one, the hurt, anger, and all negative feelings fell off of me. There was such a peaceful and sweet feeling that I cannot put into words. I begged them to let me continue on, but they said I had to go back because I wasn't done yet. I started to fall. As I did so, all those feelings came back onto me one by one.
Possible NDE due to suicide attempt.

4358. Eddie NDE 7/1/2017. NDE 8319. Then, with what sounded like a flutter of wings, I felt a whoosh of air above me. I saw a brilliant blue-white light. It had the illusion of a circle that kept growing. It got bigger and bigger. Suddenly, the circle opened up and I could see clearly into the open circle. Standing in that circle were my musician idols; Leo Fender and Les Paul. I felt intense peace and a sense of being welcome that I never experienced on earth.
NDE due to electrocution.

4357. Beth S Possible NDE 7/1/2017. Possible NDE 8317. It was as if no time was going on but everything was happening at once. I remember seeing my mom, who had passed 7 years prior, and her telling me if wasn't my time. We seemed go back and forth for a little bit. I felt so good. My body wasn't in pain and I felt an amazing sense of love and joy. She said to me, 'Ed (my husband) and Kalli (my daughter) still need you, so get your ass out of bed!'
Brief possible NDE with extensive description of life-threatening event due to pneumonia and septic shock.

4356. Adrian W NDEs 7/1/2017. NDEs 8316. What a beautiful day! What a light! There was a very pretty river to my left, and an interesting desert to my right. I kept walking near the river and turned to look at it. Across the river was a river beach. Beyond the beach was an incredible forest. I tried to see the sun, but couldn't turn around. I kept walking and began to ask myself how thirsty I would be later in the walk. I kneeled to drink from the river. As I got water in my hand and almost to my mouth, I heard a voice. It said, 'Don't drink that!' It was the same voice from the first NDE.
Two NDEs. One due to suicide attempt and the other due to complications after being shot.

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