Current NDEs

4354. Kate M Possible NDE 6/21/2017. Possible NDE 8311. While everything had appeared perfectly normal to me, I was just a child back then. Maybe I had missed the miracle of being moved from where I’d landed in the river and back to the logs I’d fallen off of. Maybe I also missed the miracle of being picked up by the seat of my pants and thrown back onto the logs. But I didn’t miss the miracle of talking under water. And I knew who was talking to me under water that day simply because I’d been in Catechism classes and I was aware of who God was because He could perform miracles. Therefore, I reasoned that I knew Who was talking to me.
Possible NDE due to near drowning at age 10. Shared 61 years later.

4353. Miguel DR NDE 6/18/2017. NDE 8309. From Mexico. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I came to the conclusion that I had died. The thing that was covering me had no shape. I don't know if it was a square or a sphere. I tried to walk several different times, but although my feet moved, the space I am referring to kept it's distance. I waited for a light, some form of life or Being. There was complete silence and unimaginable calm, but nothing happened. I folded my arms and said to myself, 'Well, I will wait.' I didn't think about anyone or anything.
NDE from heart attack prior to surgery.

4352. Ronald A NDE 6/14/2017. NDE 8308. I came to a door that was closed but it had a bright, blinding light coming from the seams of the door. My grandfather, who died in 1996, was standing in front of the door. Without moving his lips, he told me, 'Ronny, it's not your time .'
NDE due to period of unconsciousness associated with illness.

4351. Juan F NDE 6/14/2017. NDE 8307. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I was floating at the front of the classroom a few centimeters above the floor. Then I saw that everyone had crowded around somebody and I tried to see what had happened. I saw everyone was around my physical body trying to resuscitate me and I seemed to be floating above everyone, a little higher at this time. At this moment, I felt myself rising a bit higher than the roof. I felt a sensation of heat. I went through the roof and then everything was just light.
Child NDE from fainting in a classroom.

4350. Leonardo Probable NDE 6/11/2017. Probable NDE 8305. I didn't want that feeling to leave me again, it's like being engulfed in a blanket of pure Love. I saw the STAR approaching. I was intrigued and I tried to focus on it since I could see like there was someone in the middle of it. As the star was getting closer, I did notice someone, but it was strange because this person was wearing the same clothes that I was. The Star stopped about 20 yards from me and I could see a small version of myself from within that star. I frowned confused and I asked, 'Who are you?'.
Probable NDE due to alcohol poisoning.

4349. Martin W NDE 6/10/2017. NDE 8303. From Sweden. Original in Swedish, translated to English by Tal. The first thing I experienced was that everything was indescribably light. I felt myself weightless. I floated in a warm, soft sea of light that consisted of glistening and vibrating colored crystals. I felt myself light and high but simultaneously completely calm and in balance. I was in state of being that I had never before experienced. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience. When I looked up and around me there was only light.
NDE from bicycle accident.

4348. Anthony C Probable NDE 6/6/2017. Probable NDE 8302. I believed that I could understand my uncle Neal, who had been in the U.S. Army. He was killed about two years earlier in Great Britain in a massive crash of a World War II bomber airplane while sleeping in his barracks. I felt at the time that Neal passed to me, without words, many facts about the future. I learned things about humans walking on the moon, about 20 years in the future.
Probable NDE due to blood loss a few days after tonsillectomy at age 7. Shared 71 years later.

4347. Brian K Possible NDE 6/4/2017. NDE 8300. At first, it seemed like a very wide hallway that then led to a infinite darkness. The darkness wasn't just a dark space, but it was black air and dark energy. It was as if I were immersed in a pool of black water that was much thicker than water. I existed in this space and from here, I felt as if I was moving at the speed of light. Everything seemed to be moving so fast that it was like in slow motion. Or more accurately, it was slower motion and then incredible speeds. It was as if I were inside of some sort of black hole and at the center of something.
Possible NDE due to suicide attempt.

4346. Fiona M Probable NDE 5/30/2017. Probable NDE 8296. Then I left my body. I do not remember going through a tunnel; it all happened quickly. I did experience a most exquisite light. It was not hard to the eyes and it was a very special light unlike what we see here on earth. It was vastly peaceful and gracious. The peacefulness is what I remember most. At one point, I was above my house and saw my husband and daughter at the sink.
Probable NDE due to complications around the time of surgery.

4345. Cortney P NDE 5/30/2017. NDE 8295. Unlike the first time when I was afraid, this time was different. I had never felt so loved and protected. It was like ecstasy. That is the closest word to how I felt. I also remember being in an enclosed space like a room. The glow of the light was perfect. The light was on the wall about five inches from the ceiling. I also remember seeing four entities around me.
NDE due to strangulation from domestic violence.

4344. Olivia E NDE 5/29/2017. NDE 8294. The baby girl opened her eyes and found she was floating up, near the ceiling. She was in the darkness of the backseat directly behind her father's head as he drove the car. The baby saw the bright dashboard lights. They were so bright that they almost blinded her. She instinctively looked down at herself but did not see the rest of her body. It was as if she were somehow invisible. She saw a person, who she was sure was her mother, sitting in the front passenger seat.
NDE at age 6 weeks due flu, fever, and hyperthermia.

4343. Cynthia N Probable NDE 5/29/2017. Probable NDE 8293. The next thing I know there are two very large figures hovering around me. They clearly had huge wings. The figures were hazy with no visible apparent features. As soon as they appeared, I felt an ease so powerful, relaxing and calming, that I couldn't even speak. One angel came behind me and wrapped their body and wings around me. I remember thinking that I didn't want to die, but I didn't want them to go either. I have never felt this loved and at peace.
Probable NDE due to apparent respiratory arrest following severe sleep deprivation.

4342. Diego W NDE-Like 5/29/2017. NDE-Like 8291. From Columbia. Original in Spanish, translated by Sean. The perception of the events in my life was simultaneous. I wanted to ask so many questions. I understood that the bigger part of our ambitions was ambivalent. My whole life appeared like a film, but in 3D, and happened at a great speed. I managed to ask if I could see it at a slower speed, to savor, and better balance some interesting periods, but they replied that it wasn't worthwhile. That it wasn't necessary to analyze it because in the end I would know very well what it would mean. Everyone spoke with great kindness.
NDE-Like experience with a exceptionally detailed life review.

4341. Eddie A NDE 5/27/2017. NDE 8292. Then I looked up and saw the most beautiful golden man, brighter than a thousand stars! He greeted me first in Spanish and then in English. I could tell he was all knowing, because how else could he speak every single language? He floated through the air towards me and then asked why I've been such a skeptic.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

4340. Irene H Possible NDE 5/27/2017. Irene H Possible NDE 8289. From Denmark. Original in Danish, translated to English by Jan. I emerged as a changed being. It has often astonished me. I rejected further treatment and went to the countryside and worked on a farm, and slowly a transformation took place.
Possible NDE from suicide attempt.

4339. Tom B Probable NDE 5/16/2017. Probable NDE 16089. From Australia. When I was able to talk, I kept telling them about the beautiful light and the magnificent journey that I'd taken through the stars etc, to meet it, but none could explain where I'd been. It was my home doctor who later suggested that I had possibly been momentarily dead. I described the unforgettable Light to many people in the years that followed - some seemed to understand but most thought it was probably just an illusion…
Probable NDE at a young age due to a lightning strike. Shared 47 years later.

4338. Victoria J Probable NDE 5/8/2017. Probable NDE 8285. From the United Kingdom. I suddenly saw my deceased grandmother appear at the foot of the bed. She was nodding and smiling comfortingly. I remember feeling surprised to see her because, even at age 5, I knew that she had gone permanently to heaven. I am not sure of the time frame or order of events, but I remember floating up near the ceiling and looking down at a little figure lying motionless in bed. I saw my mother praying beside the bed. With surprise, I realized the figure was me. I was much smaller than I thought. I remember turning to see the dust on top of the curtain pelmet. I remember going into a dark tunnel and sensing dark figures also traveling down the tunnel. Now I believe they were other departing spirits.
Probable NDE at age 5 due to pneumonia. Shared 62 years later.

4337. Halil T NDE 5/8/2017. NDE 8284. Non-Western NDE. From Turkey. He asked me to say hi to my grandmother, his wife. Then he asked me if I wanted to meet my deceased father. We walked for about 5 minutes. In the distance, I saw my father. When we got closer, he welcomed me with open arms. He told me that I had been a good person, but that I needed to make sure my daughter would never lose her religion. My grandfather, father, and myself were walking along a field, and we saw a beautiful Mosque in the distance. As we got closer, I could feel my walking became more and more difficult. It felt as though I gained all this extra weight. They entered, but I could not.
Amazing NDE that just happened a little over a month ago. Verified veridical perception evidence while in the OBE state.

4336. Sergei S Possible NDE 5/8/2017. Possible NDE 8264. From Russia. Original in Russian, translated to English by Jim. I was in a welcoming place of peace. On my left, there was a woman with brown eyes and a ponytail. Her hair was the same color as her eyes. She was wearing a sweater and a blue leotards. I remembered the color of the leotards because it was such a totally earthly image. She looks at me and says, 'Look into my eyes.' I looked into her eyes and suddenly beams or threads of energy shot from my eyes into hers. As soon as they touched, I immediately shut down and opened my eyes in the hospital bed.
Possible NDE as it is unclear what caused him to be in the hospital.

4335. Dy-Wen L 5/2/2017. NDE 16088. From Taiwan. Original in Chinese, translated to English by Jenny. I thought, 'Where am I?' All of a sudden, a transcendent idea appeared in my mind, 'I have a God.' Simultaneously, Jesus emerged in the light and quickly walked toward me. Immediately, I noticed that he had arms and legs, unlike me without a body. I stared at him, noticing his face was sincerely serious without a smile. He was about 7 feet tall. He wore a long, white robe that was down to his feet and long sleeves covered his hands. His hair was thick, black, and the length an inch under the ears. He had a contemporary hair style. In addition to his short and bushy eyebrows shaped like a line, he was long-faced. Overall, He looked like a modern person.
NDE at age 16 from carbon monoxide poisoning.

4334. Jennifer B NDE 5/2/2017. NDE 8282. The biggest feeling was not only of peace, but of completeness, and understanding of everything. All questions were answered, but since it was on a different level it was not important. There was no need to consider individual issues because all were known. It was like being a molecule of water in a sea, but you are also the whole sea. It was like returning to the source and renewing.
NDE at age 11 due to bicycle accident with skull fracture.

4333. Ty L FDE 5/2/2017. FDE 8283. While in midair I felt a sudden serenity, and emptiness. It felt so empty, that I felt like I could float in the air like a balloon. That's when a sudden burst of pure thought flowed through my mind. The thought contained an immense amount of information. It contained pretty much every single thing I'd done in my short amount of life and flashed into my head; the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. There were even memories that were seemingly insignificant.
Fear-death experience at age 12 due to off-road vehicle crash.

4332. Graça P NDE 4/30/2017. NDE 8260. Exceptional Archive. From Portugal. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Hector. I stayed watching the wave as it came nearer, waiting for what would occur. When the wave touched me, I felt it gave out love. It was a love so great that even if I added the love of my parents, my husband, my son, all the family and that which I felt for them, it could not be compared to this love more than a grain of sand to the desert. I had never felt anything like it. A new wave formed and when it came to me I felt loved in an unexplainable way. I wished to go to the source that emanated so much love.
NDE due to cardio-pulmonary arrest from allergic reaction.

4331. Anke E NDE 4/24/2017. NDE 8276. Exceptional Archive. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. On one of those visits at the hospital room, my spiritual teacher asked me to tune in to my physical body. He wanted me to feel inside and to get into clear contact with it. I felt it's CONSTRICTION, HEAVINESS, and it's limitations But I also was aware of it's creativity as it was constantly renewing. It had inconceivable possibilities and it's very own way of communicating with me. I was allowed to explore it and let it, for the first time, tell me it's 'stories'. Upon this extraordinary experience, followed the most important question I ever was asked in my life: 'Now you are allowed to make a DECISION! IT'S YOUR CHOICE. Do you want to return into this/your body, or do you want to tell it good-bye here and now?'
NDE from suffocation by fire.

4330. Patricia K Probable NDE 4/24/2017. Probable NDE 8279. I followed the light. My Grandmother spoke to me and asked, 'Why are you here?' I replied by thinking, 'I need to take care of the twins.' Grandma told me, 'We will take care of the twins. You need to go back because you have more work to do.'
Probable NDE due to sepsis at childbirth.

4329. Bernard A NDE 4/18/2017. NDE 8274. All I know was that I was back in front of my house standing on the porch. It was dark and so quiet. Never in my life had I seen and then heard a little girl's voice from across the street. It was like she was in my head telling me, 'Daddy let's go home now. I said, 'no.' She said it again, 'Daddy let's go home.' I said, 'no' again. She said, 'Daddy let's go home,' for a third time. I replied, 'No.
NDE due to being shot multiple times in criminal attack.

4328. Marcella P Probable NDE 4/16/2017. Probable NDE 16087. I saw myself as naked, with a black background, screaming and crying. I suddenly realized that in the past whenever I had pictured myself at the hospital, I always saw myself in a large black incubator, higher and isolated from the other white, infant beds, filled with quiet newborns wrapped in beautiful baby-blankets. When imagining that scene, I never saw myself as wrapped and cocooned in a safe, warm, cuddly environment, but my environment was cold, black, isolated, alone.
Possible NDE Later in life recalled multiple episodes of OBE over incubator.

4327. Caren J NDE 4/16/2017. NDE 8270. All I can recall is everything went black and then I saw a bright light. In the bright light, I saw Jesus sitting in a green lawn chair. He just looked at me and smiled. He looked just as I thought he would with the white robe and glowing light all around him. He didn't say anything to me; he just smiled and then I woke up.
NDE due to cardiac arrest following medical procedure.

4326. Debbie C Possible NDE 4/16/2017. Possible NDE 8272. From Australia. I felt that I was with God and that God was conveying to me the meaning of the world, life, and the Universe. I could hear a sort of 'tick' tick' 'tick' sound. I have not been able to understand what the sound was. I remember seeing what looked like a huge, hanging lego set with rectangle objects all fitting into place. During the experience I knew every answer about life and death.
Possible NDE during laparoscopic surgery.

4325. Derek L NDE 4/12/2017. NDE 8266. I woke up in a place with a lot of light. The light was different than what we see in a normal room or sunlight. I heard voices. The voices I heard were my Mother who had passed away in February 1980, my grandmother who had passed away a few years prior, and my grandfather who passed away earlier in 2008 or 2007. They were shocked and said my name. Mom and grandma were asking if I was all right. I looked up from the floor. I was still lying on the floor as if I was brought there that way. Grandpa was coming towards me.
NDE due to heart attack.

4324. C NDE 4/11/2017. NDE 8268. I could see bright light all around me, but I couldn't tell from where it was coming. It seemed like the tumbling stopped, because I could focus straight ahead. I felt a warmth enveloped me. I didn't feel the cold, any pain, nor did I feel the need to breathe. I felt safe, warm and calm. It was a calm I had never felt before. I could see figures of people in the bright light, but I couldn't see who they were. I felt like I was travelling towards them. I knew I was dying and I remember thinking that this is not too bad. It was actually pleasant and I was looking forward to it.
NDE due to drowning.

4323. Jean-Marc B NDE 4/9/2017. NDE 8262. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. On this morning I felt like I was in a daze as I lifted up from my bed. I rose up to the ceiling and saw myself lying in my bed. Both nurses who were taking care of me were panic stricken, but I didn't hear what they were talking about. I entered very quickly into a white tunnel. I was rapidly advancing towards a very intense light. I had the feeling of floating with a sense of well-being.
NDE following beginning of stroke while in the Intensive Care Unit.

4322. Amy C NDE 4/6/2017. NDE 8259. I remember being in a vanilla pink colored misty tunnel and hearing the prayers of people. Some of the people I knew (my youngest son) lots I didn't know. But these prayers I could hear them individually and as a whole at the same time. They were also displayed like a silver audio play button on a sound file as a passed through this tunnel and I could reach out and touch these files and hear them. It was an overwhelming feeling of love and care.
NDE due to asthma attack with respiratory then cardiac arrest.

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