Current NDEs

4394. Sergio G NDE 9/17/2017. NDE 8375. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. This presence spoke to me without words and invited me to stay a while in this place. I responded angrily because I didn't want to stay there with him. This presence then punched me and I began to fall to some truly horrible places. I passed through at least three horrible places that were horrendous and strange. I was still angry, so yelled so the presence could hear me, 'I am not frightened! Is that all you have got?' I passed through a battle where the bodies were shredded like a pulp of bones and blood. The second place was like a desert of ice, with a violet Sun overhead. The final place was like a volcano erupting.
NDE from a car accident with a bus.

4393. Katie J NDE 9/16/2017. NDE 8374. From Canada Then the man said it was time to go. I turned to walk away with him. But he told me, 'No, it is my time to go. Not yours. You are not finished in this life.'
NDE due to suicide attempt.

4392. Patricia G NDE 9/9/2017. NDE 8371. From Greece I was above myself and high up in the rafters staring down at the hustle and bustle going on below me. I could see them poking, prodding, and examining me. I listened as they said, 'She's gone.' It was late at night and the attending doctor didn't have the necessary signing authority for the time-of-the-death certificate. They called for an authorized person to sign. I watched as my body was wiped off with some of the gore as everyone else stood quietly waiting. I think about 15 minutes passed. Then a woman with red hair entered.
NDE due to ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

4391. Chris DA NDE 9/5/2017. NDE 8369. After watching my car impact from above I had a life review. The only things I remember from which were my elementary school playground and playing on my grandmother's porch when I was young. I could tell I was younger and little in terms of my height of my perspective in relation to the size of the banister and furniture.
NDE at age 16 due to auto accident.

4390. Timothy LS Probable NDE 8/30/2017. Probable NDE 8366. We did not have sidewalks, but I walked in the grass near the road as I passed five or six of my neighbor's homes. I travelled back to my home and got in bed again. Then, I saw bright light that was really white. I was looking at it and was pulled toward it.
Probable NDE during coma associated with chemotherapy treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia. Shared 48 years later.

4389. Dyan K NDE 8/24/2017. NDE 8362. Then I was surrounded by a light that I cannot describe; it was neither white nor blue. But it was brilliant and beautiful. I had the overwhelming feeling that all was good and that I was going home to Father. Although, I was not sure who father was at the time. I was in the arms of Father and held with a love that I couldn't comprehend.
PhD NDE from due to complications of ruptured appendicitis.

4388. Poelen NDE 8/23/2017. NDE 8363. From the Netherlands. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry. Then I stopped rising and found myself in the cosmos. I could see the earth as a huge ball. It was spectacular and hard to explain in words. Then I realized that this is impossible! I need to be down there since I had fallen down. With this thought, I flew at an unknown speed toward the earth in a fraction of a second. But I did not go back into my body. I lingered in the air between the trees above my body.
NDE from a bicycle accident.

4387. Marc M Probable NDE 8/19/2017. Probable NDE 8360. The window was very small when it first appeared, but grew while the wheels were spinning and making a high pitch noise. The window would grow rather quickly and then consume me. I would be inside the window of that reality. As soon as that window was done showing me things, another reality window appeared. It was growing and make that loud sound, just like the previous window. Each window that appeared, had different contents inside but they all had the same theme. This was Creation! When the window would absorb me, there would be nothing there. Within seconds, things grew, things were built, and things were created.
Experience happened a few months ago. Probable NDE vs Possible Ketamine experience (used for anesthesia) at time of apparent cardioversion to treat heart electrical irregularity.

4386. Alejandra S NDE 8/16/2017. NDE 8357. From Chile. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. Then I went through this light. I had a feeling of extreme happiness, unmatched peace, and a feeling of universal love. I think I was in this state for about 45 minutes. I didn't see anyone in the light but I experienced happiness as I had never felt before.
NDE from childbirth complications.

4385. David L NDE 8/15/2017. NDE 8356. Everything was very clear. I was extremely euphoric, happy and relaxed. I walked through a tunnel lined with white tiles. At the end of the hallway, there was a bright pink, rectangular light. I was calmly walking toward it
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

4384. Margaret E Possible NDE 8/14/2017. Possible NDE 8355. My consciousness went to a comforting gray, grave-like box. I was not afraid.
Possible NDE due to reaction to chemotherapy being used to treat her ovarian cancer.

4383. Heidi C NDE 8/12/2017. NDE 8354. The light was the most beautiful white, golden light. I felt immense happiness, contentment, peace, warmth and love. The light was bubbly, sparkling and effervescent, like champagne. There are no words to really express or articulate how I felt or to describe the beautiful light and warmth that I was bathed in. The colors and feelings were a million times magnified.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery to remove retained placenta after childbirth.

4382. Raúl ACG NDE 8/12/2017. NDE 8353
. From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. The seat had carried me to the bottom of the sea. I started to feel a state of ecstasy and relaxation. It was as if I was coming out of my body and going through an illuminated tunnel. I said mentally, 'MY GOD, WHAT IF I SHOULD DIE FIGHTING? I JUST ASK GIVE ME STRENGTH FOR MY LITTLE CHILDREN.' in a moment, I felt a strong impact on my body at the moment when my soul returned to my body. I felt liberated from the tangle of parachute cords, and again despaired of reaching the surface. I felt like I was drowning and drinking water. Then I started to see the clarity of the surface.
NDE from drowning after the plane ejection.

4381. Marilyn L FDEs 8/9/2017. FDEs 8352. At first, the tunnel was very large and it sounded like a freight train. Something or someone was in there with me. I think I was frightened, but now I wonder if I am only frightened remembering it. The tunnel started to narrow like a funnel and I felt like I was headed for a destination.
SOBEs vs Fear-Death Experiences at two times during her life, at age 10 and 22. Once during a hurricane and one during a pulmonary embolus.

4380. Dean B NDE 8/8/2017. NDE 8346. From Czech Republic. Original in Czech, translated to English by Dagmar. I saw the first flash of light 2-3 m before the center barrier. It was like somebody was taking picture of me.Then came memory of recent time, another flash another memory. It was backwards in time towards the past. All the memories- when I had good times, felt lucky in love then back to scholl, kindergarden. All the friend , all family members, nature.It was about 15 to 20 flashes and one of the last one was how somebody (like in the fog)is standing above me in stroller. Then last flash and a tunnel.
NDE due to car accident.

4379. Aaron M NDE 8/8/2017. NDE 8350. Exceptional Experience. Running through the trees was something that looked like a cross between a Yak and an Orangutan - a huge muscular animal charging quickly by itself through the wild. I'm then shown more and more other places, some remarkable and some unremarkable. I realise just how huge the universe is. Earth is just a tiny part of an endless world.
Exceptional and remarkably transcendent NDE due to severe illness.

4378. Sherry B NDE 8/1/2017. NDE 8349. A calm came over me. I then heard a female voice say, 'you will not die'. Husband managed to get his foot on the break at that point. I screamed, 'mom, is that you ?' I then realized that it was a voice from the spiritual realm. A sense of calmness enveloped me, despite major head trauma.
NDE due to car accident with head trauma.

4377. Helen S STE 7/30/2017. STE 8347. Exceptional experience. I noticed as I looked out the window that I was one with the blades of grass and the rocks in the road. I was enveloped in a love I could not put into words. This divine love was in everything and in me. At the core of my being, I was this love and so was everyone else. In this state of grace, there was no right or wrong, no good or bad, and no judgment whatsoever. Fear was non-existent. There was no death and I knew that we all live forever. Everyone I met was love.
Remarkably profound STE.

4376. Zdenka M FDE 7/29/2017. FDE 23235. From Slovenia. The windshield turned milky, bright white. The inside of the car was absent of any sound, any movement or change. It was like I was spinning in the white room. I felt the spinning of the car, but nothing else was moving. It was like I would spin in one spot. As much as I felt, the car should have made at least three full spins around itself. But all I could see outside was this white surrounding; no road, no other cars, nothing else. I can't say how long this lasted, maybe five seconds, ten seconds, or twenty seconds. I wouldn't know as there was no orientation on that, but it did seem like prolonged time of spinning and staring in white and waiting for the impact.
Fear-death experience during auto accident.

4375. Sharon W NDE 7/29/2017. NDE 8345. As I got even closer, the black things lightened in color. They were my deceased mother, grandmother and dog. We exchanged hellos. I remember feeling sheer joy and excitement and wanting to hug them. I couldn't see myself, but as I moved to touch them, they said that I must not do that as they backed away. No words were exchanged with our mouths, only telepathically.
NDE due to car accident.

4374. James NDE 7/29/2017. NDE 8344. And then suddenly, I was outside of my body floating in a semi-conscious state. I was completely content and was not struggling anymore. In fact, I was unbelievably happy and felt like I was enveloped by a loving presence. There was no time, just the experience of the moment with no future or past.
NDE at age 11 due to drowning. Shared 62 years later.

4373. Heikki A NDE 7/29/2017. NDE 8337. From Finland. Original in Finnish, translated to English by Maarit. After waking up, I had a strong sensation of a motherly love that had been given to me. I had never experienced anything like that. I also have a lingering memory of a giant, white circle and how my deceased mother and brother were standing behind it. I couldn’t go on the other side of that circle.
NDE from surgery complications

4372. PJ P NDE 7/28/2017. NDE 8342. I liked the colors and the freedom of movement without pain and without getting water up my nose. The love there was so intense. I never wanted to leave. The plasma Love Light angels, grabbed my love light soul and hauled me away by force to my dead body.
NDE at age 7 due to complications following surgery. Was on way to morgue when recovered.

4371. Stacy K NDE 7/24/2017. NDE 8341. Then I felt another shift. I was in, what looked to me, like outer space. It was dark, but not black. I sensed that this place was vast beyond definition, and cracklingly alive with energy. God was by my right side and waves of overwhelming, warm, loving, and unconditional acceptance enveloped me. I felt God's pure, absolute and dignified love. I clearly comprehended my situation. I understood that every moment of my life is governed by my own free will.
NDE due to stroke.

4370. Laetitia V NDE 7/24/2017. NDE 8339. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I entered the light without any fear. While I continued my way in this light, a silhouette came from above and blocked the way to the light by coming in front of me. I was surprised to see my whole, difficult life scrolling before me and I said, 'I don't want to relive this, life is too hard." And I started crying. The silhouette told me 'It's only up to you to change things, you can help many people as your soul is pure. You are needed on earth.'
NDE from surgery complications.

4369. Karen H NDE 7/24/2017. NDE 8336. All of a sudden, I was very far away and in a tunnel that was swirling Darkness. Yet, it felt just as it was fit for me. I was not scared. I saw a bright light, way far away. I turned around and saw myself lying on the floor. My husband was crying and yelling my name over and over again. I seemed to be really far away from my body. I wasn't floating upward or anything, I was just in one place in tunnel. It lasted a few minutes.
NDE due to alcohol overdose.

4368. Virginie R NDE 7/24/2017. NDE 8334. Exceptional Archive. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I was advancing towards a very bright, white light at the end of a tunnel. My little brother Philippe, who died 12 years before, took me by the hand and was smiling at me while taking me in front of the light. A strong, but not nasty voice, asked me why I wanted to die. I answered that the absence of my little brother was too hard for me, and that my mother felt resentful towards me because of Philippe's death.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

4367. Xue-Mei C NDE 7/24/2017. NDE 8326. Exceptional Archive. From China. Original in Chinese, translated to English by Jenny. Instantaneously, I was no longer in the lengthy, dark tunnel. Alternatively, I was in a bright, warm, and pure world. I was completely relieved, no more agonies, but instead replaced with eternal peace and bliss. My spirit asked one question after another, regarding the true colors of the universe and about life and death. Wherever my conscious went, he unfolded the answers before my eyes. This world was made up of particles. When microparticles accumulated, it formed a world with thousands of collective representations, meaning specific images.
Remarkable non-Western NDE from mainland China.

4366. Hana P Possible NDE 7/20/2017. NDE 8333. From Czech Republic I had a vision of a gray area with many scattered boards and beams. At the top right is a circular light, which had an incredibly bright center that was inviting me to enter. Suddenly I realized with horror that it was the transition between life and death. I said, 'I do not want to enter. I have not tried everything in my life.'
Possible NDE due to pneumonia.

4365. Paul C Possible NDEs 7/18/2017. Possible NDEs 8332. From Canada I might have had a life review. It was as if I was in a graphic novel where I was crashing through one picture and into another by going through the walls of each picture. I was out of my body and speedily traveling through the hallways of the hospital.
Possible NDE as an infant, and another possible NDE associated with appendicitis and surgery at age 37.

4364. Judy G NDE 7/15/2017. NDE 8329. I was asked, 'Do you want to continue this life, or die?' I thought, 'What's death?' The Light began to show me. I knew without a doubt that death was not an ending, but a wonderful opening to my real life. I would be more knowledgeable and live in unconditional completeness and love. I remember feeling almost unworthy of such an indescribable, unconditional love. I was in awe of how much love was enveloping me.
NDE due to auto accident while pregnant. Shared 51 years later.

4363. John D NDE 7/15/2017. NDE 8328. The next thing I remember was hovering about 10 feet in the air over my body. I saw my supervisor holding my head in his lap. I heard a ambulance coming into the park and my supervisor screaming for get it to get over here, saying, 'He hasn't been breathing for several minutes!' Then I remember being in a place that was foggy, but not foggy. Hard to explain. It had no defined borders or colors. I was in a sense of peace, with no pain, and a feeling of it's o.k. I remember thinking that I wasn't breathing. Yet, I felt no panic.
NDE due to head trauma. Was apparently felt to be dead by medical team and covered with sheet.

4362. Seth C NDE 7/10/2017. NDE 8325. Than I met my best friend who I had wanted to see for so long. It was Jesus! I just knew it. Even though he didn't say my name, I didn't ask his either. It was like we always knew each other and he loved me so much! All the information and communication we had was telepathic and instantaneous. I do remember arguing with him at the end, not in a bad way, but saying, 'Please don't send me back there!'
NDE due to heart attack.

4361. Zenaida NDE 7/6/2017. NDE 8324. Originally from the Dominican Republic. I could see a golden light far in the distance it got closer and closer bigger and bigger till i was at the point pf collision with it and bang! Like the sparks from a fire cracker i crash into what felt like a swimming pool filled with love instead of water. Then suddenly i felt like i was teleported to this gigantic hall that seem like grand central station in Manhattan but 100 times bigger. This place was filled what seem to be billions of people in white robes. People of all races ethnicities gender and ages. There was a feeling of love that reverberated through every one and a song that played endlessly a song that's too perfect to describe.
NDE due to faint and head injury.

4360. Ceire C Possible NDE 7/4/2017. Possible NDE 8323. From Ireland. I remember going to a wooden house. There was a strong sun setting in the evening. I went into the house and there was no furniture inside. There were no windows inside, just the outside frames of the windows. I floated upstairs and was going out the top window. Before I could leave, they asked me if I wanted to stay or go.
Possible NDE around time of cardiac arrest.

4359. Shirley D Possible NDE 7/4/2017. Possible NDE 8322. As I floated up, I felt all my bad feelings just fall off of me. One by one, the hurt, anger, and all negative feelings fell off of me. There was such a peaceful and sweet feeling that I cannot put into words. I begged them to let me continue on, but they said I had to go back because I wasn't done yet. I started to fall. As I did so, all those feelings came back onto me one by one.
Possible NDE due to suicide attempt.

4358. Eddie NDE 7/1/2017. NDE 8319. Then, with what sounded like a flutter of wings, I felt a whoosh of air above me. I saw a brilliant blue-white light. It had the illusion of a circle that kept growing. It got bigger and bigger. Suddenly, the circle opened up and I could see clearly into the open circle. Standing in that circle were my musician idols; Leo Fender and Les Paul. I felt intense peace and a sense of being welcome that I never experienced on earth.
NDE due to electrocution.

4357. Beth S Possible NDE 7/1/2017. Possible NDE 8317. It was as if no time was going on but everything was happening at once. I remember seeing my mom, who had passed 7 years prior, and her telling me if wasn't my time. We seemed go back and forth for a little bit. I felt so good. My body wasn't in pain and I felt an amazing sense of love and joy. She said to me, 'Ed (my husband) and Kalli (my daughter) still need you, so get your ass out of bed!'
Brief possible NDE with extensive description of life-threatening event due to pneumonia and septic shock.

4356. Adrian W NDEs 7/1/2017. NDEs 8316. What a beautiful day! What a light! There was a very pretty river to my left, and an interesting desert to my right. I kept walking near the river and turned to look at it. Across the river was a river beach. Beyond the beach was an incredible forest. I tried to see the sun, but couldn't turn around. I kept walking and began to ask myself how thirsty I would be later in the walk. I kneeled to drink from the river. As I got water in my hand and almost to my mouth, I heard a voice. It said, 'Don't drink that!' It was the same voice from the first NDE.
Two NDEs. One due to suicide attempt and the other due to complications after being shot.

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