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Below is a list of NDErs according to Country/State/City with a brief commentary and a link to their experience.  This will make it easier for finding those NDErs you want to interview or are interested in corresponding with.  So we can maintain confidentiality and ensure that our experiencers want to be contacted by the media - please e-mail Jody Long at or Dr. Jeff at with your request so it can be forwarded to the NDEr.   There are some who are not linked because this is a work in progress and these NDEs still need to be posted. 

NDErs:  We are getting a tremendous surge in media requests.  Many are looking to interview NDErs close to where the reporter is located or the project is being filmed.  For those NDErs who wish to update their information so they can be included in this list, please let me know - Jody:

USA Alabama Dothan 2820 Angela E NDE 5360 Age 4. Was playing outside in sandbox and became very hot and upset with another child, and passed out. Into room. Person full of love and kindness opened the door. Call for another person to go through door. They went through door, and were aware it was not their time.
USA Alabama Dothan 6443 Kate D NDE 6443 NDE due to suicide attempt and blood loss.  Went to courtroom where demonic prosecutor argued her guilt with a judge who was God.  Epic clash of good and evil, judgment and forgiveness.  Remarkable discussion of God’s presence at all times.  Discussion of ‘law’ 
USA Alabama Fairhope 1052 RoseMarie W NDE 2968 Myasthenia Gravis flair.  Stopped breathing.  Felt movement from body.
USA Alabama Florence 1153 Jennifer V NDE 3318 Age 11.  Car accident.  Received information on how to save another in car during experience.  Met several other people who shared their NDE.
USA Alabama Gardendale 2772 Paul P NDE 5284 Age 7 weeks.  Congenital heart defect.  To tunnel to light.  Was in presence of Jesus.  He told him that it was not his time, that his mother needed him.  OBE over infant- was likely himself.  Was no longer sick or scared.  Told mother when he was very young and able to communicate.
USA Alabama Guntersville 1949 Phillip O NDE 4058 Stomach ulcer with severe bleeding.  OBE to nurses station.  Met angel and rode with angel.  Saw several demonic beings that angel kicked and destroyed.  Atypical imagery.
USA Alabama Gurley 747 Rachel B's NDE 2451  
USA Alabama Haleyville 2840 Danny B NDE 6018 Cardiac arrest after surgery.  Ascended.  Life review.  Says that he saw some unreal things.  Met grandfather.
USA Alabama Harvest 1614 Bonnie J NDE 3588 Boating accident.  Interesting premonition as child that she would have to choose life or death before age 24 (was 23 ¾ at time of NDE).  Felt God’s presence.  Saw her funeral.  Choice to return.
USA Alabama Lexington 1415 Cindy S NDE 3428 At age 2, car ran over her, including head.  OBE- saw father holding her.  Was blind for 2 weeks after this, but recovered sight in one eye.
USA Alabama Millport 1817 Linda K NDE 3849 Cardiac arrests.  In ICU.  To dirt path, stream.  Saw deceased relatives.  Saw Jesus- He had scars on his wrist, not his hands.  Sent back.
USA Alabama Oakman 197 Ken G's NDE OBE phase of in in NDE during liver and kidney failure.  Happened one month ago.
USA Alabama Owens Cross Roads 871 Thomas R's NDE 2657  
USA Alabama Roanoke 6452 Tammie W NDE 6452 Two experiences.  Accidently shot self.  OBE- was able to see her brother threatening her husband, and he did.  Whisked away by a being to an island that glowed.  Then into surgery where they had to do open heart massage.  Was going down cave toward hot hellish area, then awoke in ICU- first experience NDE, second probable NDE.
USA Alabama Tallassee 1017 Glen S NDE 2919 Heart attack.  Walked in work area he was at when MI happened.  Light.  Sensed presence.
USA Alabama Tuscaloosa 2188 Florene W NDE 4398 NDE from childbirth complications.
USA Alabama Tuscaloosa 2446 Paul V NDE 4820 Electrocution. Darkness at first. Then three beings (or more) approaching him quickly. One main being touched him and he returned to his body. Very positive emotions. Beliefs the main being was Jesus. has increased faith in God. 
USA Alabama Warrior 1553 Chris H's Probable REM Intrusion 3494 Undiagnosed sleep apnea.  Felt he could not breathe or move.  Felt evil presence in room.  OBE- saw self.
USA Alabama Wetumpka 2383 Eugene W NDE 4711 Motorcycle accident. Into stadium like area filled with many people. Then deceased grandmother sent him back because he had two sons. He had one son, and 8 1/2 months later his second son was born. He did not know at the time that his wife was pregnant. 
USA Alabama   1626 Shonda G NDE 3606 Suicide attempt (Imipramine).  OBE-saw self on floor, but did not recognize self.
USA Alabama  Huntsville 868 James B's NDE 2648  
USA Alaska Anchorage 2666 Geary S NDE 5129 Accidental overdose of sleeping pills.  OBE over body, then into hallway.  Observed nurse writing on paper in hall.
USA Alaska Anchorage 1811 Greg B NDE 3841 NDE due to CSF infection and seizure.  Thousands of people- was told these are his ancestors.  Saw plains Indians, and these were apparently his ancestors.
USA Alaska Anchorage 2997 Janie A Probable NDE 6239 Car accident. CPR given. The only thing she remembers about the NDE is that she felt she was a part of the northern lights. She felt the pure power. Not sure if this correspondent with her time of unconsciousness after the car accident. 
USA Alaska Anchorage 610 Marguerite S's Poss. NDE 2186  
USA Alaska Eagle River 2155 Mark K NDE 4352 Operation on arm (not sure if general anesthesia- hit with shotgun).  OBE over body.  Wall- on other side were apparent deceased relatives who said he could come over.
USA Alaska North Pole 1418 David R NDE 215 Heart attack.  Seems like quite transcendent experience.
USA Alaska North Pole 1195 Jonathan R NDE 3223 Perforated esophagus.  In OR.  Angel by side.  Saw angels guiding the doctors during surgery.  Was later told he had a 1% chance of surviving surgery.
USA Alaska Wasilla 2748 Morgan A NDE 5253 Caron monoxide poisoning. Met his deceased dog (tramp) in the experience, and believes that his deceased pet dog saved his life.
USA Arizona   1567 Dian C NDE 3512 Burst appendicitis.  Several experiences.   Experiences totaled 8 months in duration.
USA Arizona Amando 1782 Ted V NDE 3803 Age 12.  Storm and washed into culvert.  OBE- saw self.  Light.  Saw article in newspaper next day about his death.  Inexplicably removed from culvert- was told it was not his time.
USA Arizona Apache Junction 228 Donna A's 706 9 yo.  Surgery for brain tumor.  OBE- left OR to go to her mother, then was snatched back to body.
USA Arizona Benson 3006 Natalie S NDE 6246 Roadside bomb in Iraq- she was non-military.  Exceptional archive. Remarkable spiritual insights.  
USA Arizona Buckeye 2171 Michelle H NDE 4377 Truck accident.  In void.  “That’s it” she thought.  Left her ambivalent about God and afterlife.
USA Arizona Chandler 2347 Jim B NDE 2252OBE Fell getting out of bed and had head injury. First recollection was OBE over police officer directing traffic at his front door, and directing paramedic personnel. Ben was OBE in his own bedroom seeing himself being resuscitated. 
USA Arizona Chandler 738 Tisha G's ADC/NDE-Like  
USA Arizona Chino Valley 1169 Heidi B NDE 3321 Hemorrhage.  Coded in surgery.  OBE through hospital.  Saw thousands of angels.
USA Arizona Cornville 1151 Jewel H NDE 3315/3235 Near drowning at age 17.  Life review, asked meaning of life (‘help other people’).  Felt feet pushed up to get her out of water.  Now a Hindu Monk.
USA Arizona Gilbert 6486 Hannah S NDE 6486 Anesthesia experience.  No life-threatening event.  In pyramid with liquid gold.  Realized she was also liquid gold.  
USA Arizona Glendale 1005 Stephanie L NDE 2887 Head injury from fall.  Met intensely loving being.
USA Arizona Kingman 737 Lou F's NDE 2422 & 70  
USA Arizona Lake Havasu City 2938 Karyn E FDE 6174 Auto accident.  Prior to unconsciousness heard a voice say that there is nothing she could do.  Light surrounded her and she felt great peace and no fear.  Unconsciousness then ensued, but no experience at that time.
USA Arizona Lake Havasu City 6284 Samuel C NDE 6284 Heart attack.  Through tunnel to grassy area.  Was told could not go on, had more to do.  Decided that the more to do was to share his account.  OBE over body.  Felt great love- was sure God was there.  
USA Arizona Mesa 488 Geraldine O's NDE Cardiac arrest.  Vague remembrances of a number things.  Experience not clearly lucid.
USA Arizona Mesa 1055 Larry B NDE 2975 Passed out inhaling helium, fell and hit his head on the floor.  Met other beings.  Was told it was not his time.
USA Arizona Paradise Valley 299 Amanda S's NDE pulmonary embolus.  Happened while pregnant with twins.  Multiple codes.  Saw two angelic figures do "figure 8" over her.  Twins had to be revived.  OBE.  Were the twins the two angelic figures???
USA Arizona Payson 1037 Kasandra L NDE 2952 NDE due to bleeding post operatively.  In white area.  She argued with and cursed at God.
USA Arizona Pearcy 2642 Chris M NDE 5096 Heart attack with cardiac arrest. Was walking along wide road with deceased relatives. Met Jesus. Jesus said that it was not his time, and that he had things to do for him. 
USA Arizona Peoria 2757 Matt H NDEs 5248 Two NDEs.  One at age 5 due to playground head injury, and one at age 25 due to blood loss. At age 5, OBE around body for prolonged period of time. At age 25, was cut on fence and lost much blood. OBE into sky, and passed over apparent hellish realm. Toward light which he describes as God. Was sent back. He still did not go to hospital, and passed out again. Went to light which he attributes to be God. God said this is not to be toyed with. You are to go back.
USA Arizona Phoenix 722 Bonnie L's NDE 2407  
USA Arizona Phoenix 877 Brian H's NDE 2663 This criminal attack happened in Tacoma
USA Arizona Phoenix 653 John B's NDE 2285  
USA Arizona Phoenix 1082 Mary P NDE 3051 Hemorrhage after delivery.  Unearthly realm.  Saw person she later learned was deceased grandfather.
USA Arizona Phoenix 1785 Nancy L Probable NDE 3807 Possible NDE at age 9- saw bearded figures looking down at her as through well.  No clear life-threatening event at time.  Recovering from D+C later in life.  Saw earth.  Met God who told her ‘she was the one who shut the door between us’.  Not clear life-threatening event at time.
USA Arizona Phoenix 1756 Nick F NDE 3762 Auto accident with skull fracture.  Not well written, but apparently OBE- saw body.  Light, felt love.
USA Arizona Phoenix 1967 Raina J NDE 4092 Accident.  To thousands of people waiting.  Some were puzzled.  Met bald man.  Wanted to stay, but was told it was not her time.  She has lots of questions, so I emailed her.
USA Arizona Pinetop 905 Loran G's NDE 2713 Light, felt great love.  Cerebral hemorrhage.  Is a psychiatric nurse.
USA Arizona Prescott Valley 2201 John C NDE 4410 NDE from fainting.
USA Arizona Prescott Valley 2279 Michael A NDE 4521 Cardiac arrest after surgery.  HE IS BLIND.  OBE over self.
USA Arizona Prescott Valley 6477 Michael H NDE 6477 Age 5.  Drowning.  OBE over pool.  Saw people working on his body.  Headed toward tunnel.  Heard a voice say ‘no’ and returned to his body.
USA Arizona Queen Creek 1028 Anthony R NDE 2947 Respiratory arrest due to asthma.  Kaleidoscope colors that became grandfather.  Very difficult experience to describe in words.
USA Arizona Scottsdale 258 Mary M's 730 part stopped during surgery.  Saw surgery.  Floating in white light.
USA Arizona Scottsdale 2602 Stephen S NDE 5024 NDE during medical procedure for unknown illness. OBE over body. Felt ultimate bliss. Felt all of his physical burdens upon returning to his body. 
USA Arizona Sedona 719 Sam J's NDE 2405  
USA Arizona Sierra Vista 2217 Joseph L NDE 4435 Auto accident.  OBE over car.  Is a dentist.  Would not share this in the 1960’s due to concern about reaction of others.  Vision was perfect though he wore glasses for near-sightedness.
USA Arizona Sierra Vista 1701 Leonard S NDE 1878OBE Age 12.  Hit on back of head with baseball bat.  OBE- saw self, and medical assistant check his pulse and shake his head.
USA Arizona Surprise 2471 Dianne H Probable NDE 4865 Was getting ‘cancer treatment’ and suddenly was in beautiful landscape.  Relatives across a creek.  She was told that she could not cross.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Arizona Surprise 1414 Kitty W NDE 3427 Allergic reaction.   OBE- into beautiful scenic area.  Man there talked about time they were in Kansas in 1850’s.  Man said he would show up in future, and he did.  Has psychic info on Federal Way murder 30 years ago.
USA Arizona Tuscon 3258 Belle J Probable NDE 6591 Bled out following surgery.    Was on one side of door with deceased uncle that she did not like on other side of door.  He was trying to grab her and she was resisting.  Very frightening.  
USA Arizona Tucson 1263 Catherine A NDE 3182 NDE at age 7, occurred 65 years ago.  Retired nurse.  Was told nearly bled to death during surgery.  OBE involving circles.  Saw self.
USA Arizona Tucson 505 Catherine G's NDE 2047  
USA Arizona Tucson 2362 Cynthia DM NDE 4665 NDE due to drowning at age 14. Detailed life review. Felt that she had been a "good" person. 
USA Arizona Tuscon 2626 Cynthia H NDE 5071 Age 12 due to pinealoma. She asked God about hunting and fishing- God said in heaven they could have anything they wanted.  She got to ask 7 questions: I know you love me and all life, but if you really love all of us continuously without end, then how can You send people to hell throughout eternity?  He said Cindy I do love all life wthout end. Some people chose to go to hell, I have allready forgiven them; but they must forgive themselves… I asked if there is just one religion that will make it into heaven?  He said all who believe and have faith, even those who don’t outwardly think they do.  It depends on their hearts.
USA Arizona Tucson 1349 Ginger M NDE 379 Drowning. Tunnel.  Life review.
USA Arizona Tuscon 2811 Julianna D 5345 Heroin overdose at age 16. Was standing on one side of the canyon. Source of light on the other side of canyon. Saw palm of hand coming toward her. Heard a voice say "not yet". She was getting CPR and was turning blue.
USA Arizona Tucson 3229 Lisa J ADC 6547NDE  Mother visited after death in her house.  Lit up the whole house with light even though she had light cancelling window covers.  Says it was as bright as she has seen without sunglasses.  Aunt saw deceased mother also.  
USA Arizona Tucson 1772 Peggy L NDE 3791 Life-threatening event in recovery room after surgery.  Tunnel, light, beings.  Heard that her children needed her- later found one was being molested.
USA Arizona Tucson 1330 Sheri G NDE 3388 NDE due to stab injury.  OBE- saw self being shocked.  Met deceased relatives, felt love.
USA Arizona Tucson 430 Vivian's NDE 975 Ill in hospital, fainted.  Through tunnel.  Life review.  In tunnel of all loving things she did.  Light at end of tunnel known to be Christ(she did not believe in Christ at this time).  Heard chimes and angels singing doxology.  Then back into body on the floor.
USA Arizona   2040 John Z NDE 4163 Coronary artery unclogging procedure.  OBE- saw doctors.
USA Arkansas Elkins 1965 Lynne S NDE 4087 After delivery, coded.  OBE over body.  Tunnel, light.  Beings with her were concerned that it was not her time.
USA Arkansas Fort Smith 3300 Karen S NDE 6652 Surgery, then 3 days later illness.  OBE over body- saw they were bagging her and doing chest compressions.  Did not feel attached to body at all.  Floating up to bright light.  Saw angels with wings.  Sensed God there.  Begged God to return for her 7 month old daughter.  Returned.
USA Arkansas Hampton 608 Anna's NDE 2193  
USA Arkansas Hot Springs 2180 Holly V NDE 4390 Miscarriage with infection and fever.  In ICU.  Passed out.  Down tunnel- saw school sweetheart- felt great loss.  Moving toward light at end.  Later married school sweetheart.
USA Arkansas Hot Springs 2755 Jennifer D NDE 5265 Age 6.  Drowning. Contributor is a hospice nurse. While underwater, so many beings that did not seem wet which confused her. She later found they were all deceased relatives.
USA Arkansas Hot Springs  2445 Dee H NDE 4816 Allergic reaction during general anesthesia. Was on bridge or walkway, with beautiful park on the other side. Two nuns prevented her from reaching park. The nuns told her that she had to go back. Colors described as awesome. Felt great love. She was so excited to share this experience when she awoke that she started telling it before she realized that she was blind. 
USA Arkansas Lake Village 6472 Rynne R Probable NDE 6474 Brain injury.  No further details.  In ICU and was in room with heaven beyond.  Aware God and Jesus were there.  Deceased grandmother there.  Told she had to go back.  Quote: “"Stephen King has a quote I love "The most important things are the hardest to put into words, because words diminish their meaning.”
USA Arkansas Little Rock 1344 Tabitha B NDE 3403 Seizure.  OBE.  Felt what others were feeling.  Asked the others, and they denied that they were feeling what she described.
USA Arkansas Pine Bluff 188 Kathalene E's NDE  
USA Arkansas Russellville 2871 Sache P NDE 6047 Severe infection and unconscious.  Suspended in darkness and felt presence of evil all around him.  Mouth was sealed shut and body was frozen with no movement.  “There is HELL… therefore there must be a heaven”.  Hellish experience.  Saw living wife during experience.
USA Arkansas Sherwood 497 Renee G's NDE 2004  
USA Arkansas   779 Erick M's NDE 2460  
USA California Alamo 1059 Cameron H NDE 2985 Ryes Syndrome.  OBE down hallway.  Light.
USA California Alamo 2993 Jenneane E NDE 6233 Childbirth with hypotension and passed out.  Vision of her prior life as a soldier (war had always frightened her).  Encountered light with great love that she knew as God.  She was an atheist at the time of the experience, and immediately stopped being an atheist.  Markedly transformative experience.  
USA California Alamo 857 Stephen B's NDE 2629  
USA California Alta Loma 6371 Robyn O NDE 6371 Auto accident in New Zealand.  Hit head.  Flying backward through tunnel.  Tunnel experience was dramatic and detailed.  Many paradoxical aspects of experience.  
USA California Anaheim 422 Glenda H's NDE 10079 & 981 carbon monoxide poisoning at age 14.  Traveled through darkness to light.  Saw a man on throne.  Felt great compassion.  Sent back.  Voice said her death was unknown, so she must urinate.  Got out of car.
USA California Anaheim 1328 Mary P NDE 3385 Auto accident.  OBE above accident.  Heard voice say she needed to return to her body or someone would die.
USA California Anaheim 1963 Michael A NDE 4083 Accident (not specified) and head injury.  Woke in ICU 21 days later.  Floating toward planet.  Was riding on an old sailing ship.
USA California Arcata 3323 Shar B Probable NDE 6681 Suicide attempt with ‘lots of pills and alcohol’.  Remembered fragments of experience for months later.  Tunnel.  Was told they would accept her with love, but suggested she come back.  Details too sketchy to be sure if there was an imminent life-threatening event.
USA California Atascadero 1982 Elisa R NDE 4108 Severe auto accident.  OBE-saw self.  Felt love.  Full life review.
USA California Atwater 112 Bruce H's NDE Stroke.  Darkness.  Felt presence of blood relatives.  Refused to leave wife.  Refused to go when relatives called- was angry with them.
USA California Bakersfield 854 Celeste Y's NDE 2621  
USA California Bakersfield 102 Gail T NDE Surgery related.  Saw own body.  Entered eternal river of polygons.  Was aware of boundary - Believes love is universal.  Communication - no connection to others = hell.
USA California Banning 1057 SM NDE 2978 Bled after surgery.  OBE over body as they moved  it to trauma room.
USA California Beaumont 2543 Susan H Probable NDE 4950 Surgery for meningioma.  OBE- saw them starting to open skull.  Deceased family members.  Christ was there.  Spiritual wisdom.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California Blythe 3340 Joan K NDE 6715 Electrocution in shower.  Pain went away and light came.  Four year old son unplugged hair curler and saved her life.
USA California Brea 2816 Tracy D NDE 5352 Cardiac arrest due to complication of bowel obstruction.  Was in bottom of mystical lagoon.  Deceased father appeared, and addressed the difficult end of life decision he made for his father two years ago.  Was in beautiful place, and father was perfect health.  Father’s ashes were scattered at sea which explains why NDE began at bottom of beautiful mystic lagoon.  ““"trying to describe the colors (pure and bright like i had never previously experienced.( vivid/ beautiful/ pure /bold / calming )are understatements.  i have yet likened a description to lend justice to the meaning.””
USA California Brentwood 1243 John H NDE 3145 NDE due to respiratory arrest as post-op complication.  OBE.
USA California Browns Valley 3354 Judith W NDE 6736 Hemorrhage after delivery.  Felt was sliding down toward light.  Saw living people (including husband-definitely alive- and parents).  They said it was too soon to leave- you have a baby.
USA California Calabasas 1180 Arda F Probable NDE 3249 Complication of surgery- post op.  No clear imminent life-threaten event, as awoke with nurse rubbing her hand and initial part of experience saw two doctors talking.  Tunnel- in tunnel encountered “a religious symbol in Islam (Aboulfazr's hand) showed up in the tunnel,, it was as big as Empire State building, huge but WARM.”
USA California Calimesa 579 Lorice NDE 10086/5204/5213 Age 11.  Hit by car.  Felt hand around her that placed her on a cloud. Very positive feelings. Saw Dr. doing chest compressions on herself.  Was told that she needed to return, but she did not want to return. Remarkably, she was told that she would have no pain. Even though she had a broken pelvis and broken legs, and was in a body cast for year, she had no pain.  “After recovery the feeling of completeness that i had now and then for just a fleeting moment i think to remind me god was still watching out for me.  that there was hope in the future.”
USA California Calimesa 579 Lorice NDE 10086/5204/5213 Cocaine overdose.  In hospital ER.  OBE over self.  No clear imminent life-threatening event, though there probably was one.
USA California Calusa 6467 Stephen R Probable NDE 6467 “myocardial syncodrepressor” which I cannot find on Google.  Was having surgery at hospital, then OBE over body.  Saw surgeon and described what they were doing though curtain was in way.  Was apparently being intubated, though not sure if part of anesthesia or not.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California Canoga Park 3324 Fatemeh D NDE 6685 Non-practicing Muslim in California.  Was in hospital after second failed surgery for trigeminal neuralgia.  Nurse gave her injection in neck.  OBE over body.  Saw self dead looking like a sketch in pencil.  Saw another sketch beside the first one.  Apparent unreal OBE observations.  Was out only a few seconds.
USA California Canoga Park 1004 Sharon L NDE 2886 Hit on head by bus.  Residual brain dysfunction.  OBE, and other parts not fully remembered.
USA California Carlsbac 1394 Candy B NDE 254 Post operative complication.  OBE- saw self.
USA California Carmichael 913 Timothy T's NDE 2735 Criminal attack.  OBE.  Saw hand come down.  Saw Him.  Told not his time.
USA California Carmichal 2960 James N NDE 6200 Accident.  Tunnel.  Met my dead friends and relatives. Saw a worm working controls with many going down the cylinders from adults to babies. Was told by many that the light was creator/God and the worm was an angel giving rebirth.  Met God as light there.
USA California Carson 978 Cathy M's NDE 2850 NDE due to surgical complication.  Saw light and felt peace.  Interesting awareness that she became pregnant and surgery was delayed, and during NDE she became aware transplant would not have worked with prior surgical team.
USA California Ceres 1477 Thomas B NDE 3452 Auto accident at age 10.  OBE- could see very distant things easily.  On gurney confirmed his OBE perceptions.
USA California Chula Vista 2412 Carmen M NDE 4757 Auto accident. Felt OBE. Felt like she was walking in a black tunnel with no way out. 
USA California Chula Vista 2375 Lance H NDE Probable 4693 Age 4. Was drowning. Saw light. Sensed a presence nearby. I am not sure that he was unconscious at the time of his experience. He later became unconscious. 
USA California Chula Vista 838 Tristan Z's NDE 2589  
USA California Coalinga 2527 Robert D NDE 4929 Choking on food.  To outer space as embryo.  Had universal knowledge.  Was told it was not his time, and was told to have someone hit the lower left part of his back.  He pointed there, was hit there, and his breathing returned.
USA California Concord 489 George S's NDEs 1074 ages five and 12.first -- either.  Second -- beaten with blood loss.  OBE -- saw self in long tunnel with light at the end, returned before he reached the light.
USA California Corte Madera 3276 Yves F NDE 6612 Cardiac arrest.  45 minute resuscitation involving hypothermic technique.  A bit fragmentary, but detailed panoramic life review.  Encountered God in all of the prisms of light.  Remarkable shift between delirium and highly lucid recounting of this experience. Future vision that he will not share.  From Iran living in California.  
USA California Crestline 1931 Cynthia Y NDE 4020 Asthma then respiratory arrest.  Outside of universe.  Met God and two other beings.  Future vision of Chinese nuking Huntington Beach, and specific date and cause of her own death in future visions.
USA California Crestline 230 Deborah Le's 700 & 2050 Childbirth.  Nearly lost her son.  Saw doctor/nurse working on her.  Saw deceased friend from Junior High.  Wonders if her son is this friend.  Brief life review.  Her child had a NDE at age 3.
USA California Crestline 231 Deborah Le's 700 & 2050  
USA California Culver City 1220 Sally A NDE 3188 Severe bleeding from nose due to spousal trauma shortly after delivering baby.
USA California Diamond Bar 2428 Gary D's NDE 2428 Drowning accident.  Detailed observation on time.
USA California El Cajon 1031 Beverly B NDE-Like 2945 NDE-Like.  Profound experience from Beverly Brodsky.
USA California El Cerrito 1351 Dian S Probable NDE 377 Surgery-related but no details.  I can't be sure there was an iminent life-threatening event at the time of the experience.  Felt was suffocating.  Life review.  OBE over college buildings.
USA California El Dorado Hills 454 Terry E's 1012 childbirth, and 10 days later anaphylactic reaction.  OBE -- saw body in emergency room.  Close conversation with -- was shown answer to a calculus problem and told why we are on earth.
USA California El Segundo 3231 Polly R NDE 6551 Struck by taxi.  Into blackness, but with hyper awareness.  Was an atheist, and changed after experience.  
USA California Encinitas 879 Kim C's NDE 2669  
USA California Escondido 1237 Cindy M NDE 3342 NDE due to boating injury.  Hit head.  Light, peace.  OBE.
USA California Eureka 6332 Georgia P NDE 6332 Blood loss around time of premature delivery.  Into tunnel.  Heard male voice tell her that “I needed to make changes in my life that it wasn’t time for me”  Felt sucked back.
USA California Eureka 2336 Harold T NDE 4617 Drowning at age 11. Shared 57 years later. OBE. Was unable to communicate with lifeguard. Felt lifeguards feelings when he would read about his drowning death in a later newspaper article.  States he felt he would die in 1953, and this did not happen.
USA California Eureka 2159 Mark H Possible NDE 4360 Surgery.  No clear life-threatening event.  In light- when touched heard unearthly music.  “There was life in the music—God was there.”
USA California Fallbrook 587 Rick S's NDE 2160  
USA California Farmersville 2485 Thelma S NDE 4877 Remarkable account.  Life review.  Insights on love.  Heard child’s prayer though child was far from her.  Light, felt love.  Had sense to turn her head which might have saved her life from injury.
USA California Ferndale 864 Victor M's NDE 2639  
USA California Folsom 2223 Greg L NDE 4446 Lightning strike.  Drawn toward beautiful light.  Life review.
USA California Fremont 2367 Farley H Probable NDE 4675 In ICU after surgery.  In tunnel toward light toward a being.  Not clear if there was an imminent life-threatening event at time.
USA California Fremont 3241 Michael G NDE 6563 Was in doctor’s office and had seizure witnessed by doctor.  No breathing for several minutes.  Immediately to shore of sea with landscape of green hills.  Forgot all of earthly life.  Knew was to travel around.  Felt great love.  The superimposed image of doctor over them working on them, and then felt earthly self-awareness return. 
USA California Fresno 2789 Eloise S NDE 5305 Childbirth.  Respiratory trouble- was told they nearly lost her.  OBE over body.  No emotions.
USA California Fresno 1102 Theresa M NDE 3060  
USA California Galt 1659 Brian NDE 3656 Experience at age 8 was not a NDE.  Age 24 motorcycle accident.  Was interacting with friend apparently alive at time.  Friend asked if he liked God or devil.  He chose God and awoke seeing himself being resuscitated.
USA California Glen Ellen 1165 Jim D Probable NDE 3288 Auto accident.  Gas fumes.  Felt self in fetal position at end of universe.  Gas fumes may have caused/contributed to experience.
USA California Glen Ivy 2329 Peter B NDE 4610 Pulmonary embolus.  
USA California Glendale 6396 Cristael B NDE 6396 Near fatal flu.  Rose to area with light.  Life review.  Wanted to stay, but was shown vision of her son finding her dead.  Deceased mother encouraged her to stay.  Possible mystical healing.  
USA California Glendale 708 Sara Charlotte's NDE2386  
USA California Glendale 2761 Susan C Probable NDE 5268 Following surgery states that she was over sedated. Stopped breathing. Felt that she was laying on the stone floor or slab. Felt comfortable. Faces would appear, but then were gone again. Later found that the faces were nurses trying to revive her.
USA California Goleta 2172 Hal R NDE 4379 Bicycle accident.  Down hallway seeing ‘scenes with remembrance’.  Into infinite space with infinite number of souls communicating with each other.
USA California Goleta 3335 Marina R Probable NDE 6702 Pre – birth remembrance. Recalls connection and unity of all. Apparent remembrance of birth. Was very sick immediately after birth, and apparent OBE for weeks after birth. Very interesting spiritual insights.  
USA California Grass Valley 3218 Julia O NDE 6526 Delivery with blood loss.  OBE over body.  Heard multiple conversations at once.  Felt pure overwhelming love that was God.  Heard God say it was not her time- sensed she needed to return for her two children.
USA California Greenbrae 2880 John R NDE 6102 Truck accident- rolled.  Felt overwhelming love.    
USA California Hawthorne 2681 Dewayne NDE 5150 Stabbed multiple times. OBE over ambulance. Saw himself defibrillated twice. 
USA California Hayward 2295 Sandra K NDE 4560 Car accident.  OBE over self.
USA California Hercules 449 Carolle S's 1019 six years old.  Near drowning.  In the ocean, and went under.  Life review -- happy parts only.  Tunnel came as memories ending.  Experience ended when touched to be pulled out of water.
USA California Hesperia 2305 Ellen N NDE 4577 NDE under general anesthesia (DNC after miscarriage). OBE to top of light in operating room. Saw surgeon found on her chest. Then she awoke from anesthesia. 
USA California Hollister 2476 Robert H NDE 2351OBE Motorcycle accident.  OBE to his wife and she woke calling out his name.
USA California Hollister 2601 Robert H NDE 2441OBE Shared NDE.  Motorcycle accident. OBE in emergency room, saw his body. Then went to his house and saw his wife sleeping. He shook her legs and woke her. Then the phone rang, and it was the hospital telling her he had an accident and might not make it. The first time he confirms this with his wife was in the presence of neighbors. 
USA California Hollister 2571 Stephanie C NDE 4984 Blood loss three days after caesarian section.  In beautiful field with waterfall at end of path.  She was very angry at being resuscitated.  She wears glasses, but saw 20/20.
USA California Indio 1680 Fred S NDE 3682 NDE due to anesthetic complication.  OBE- saw his body go limp.
USA California Joshua Tree 1713 Armandina G NDE 3714 Alcohol overdose.  Unconscious.  Saw hand, was asked if she wanted to stay or come back.
USA California Joshua Tree 1274 Jason DH NDE 724 Poisoned.  Saw people who are, or will be of earth.  Talked with guardian.  Told of past lives, that this would be his last life on earth
USA California Kentfield 2181 Marilena R NDE 4442 Drowning.  To auditorium.  Life review on screens.
USA California La Habra 6320 Ramon Probable NDE 6320 Spanish.  Felt unwell, the felt like “an elephant sitting on his chest”.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  Tunnels of light.  Traveled at great speed.  Met person identical to him.  Saw father kneel down and ask for forgiveness from him.  Saw huge line of energies (apparent beings) approaching light.  Felt they had studied hard, but failed.
USA California La Jolla 6286 Brian G NDE 6286 Drowning.  Positive feelings.  OBE over cove he drowned in.  Compared satellite images later to confirm his OBE observation.  PhD psychologist.
USA California Lake Arrowhead 294 Ray K's 776 & 2045 Two NDEs.  Age 10 -- head injury.  Age 16 -- accidental drug overdose.  Both involved passing through a funnel light being.  Second NDE met God.  Shown galaxies.  Learned great wisdom.
USA California Lake Elsinor 2055 Mark A NDE 4217 Motorcycle accident.  Atypical experience.  Was suddenly at campfire with three beings.  They finally spoke to him and said he was not supposed to be there.
USA California Lakeside 843 Chuck B's NDE 2603  
USA California Lakeview Terrace 1690 Roxanne H NDE 3698 Heart attack.  Coma three weeks.  Saw deceased relatives in older era home.  Then different part and met Jesus.
USA California Lawndale 2403 Rachel P NDE 4744 Auto accident. OBE just slightly above her body. Seems that she is not comfortable calling this an OBE. At moment of OBE, she had strong feeling of curiosity that in the next few moments she would find out what happens to a person after they die. 
USA California Lincoln 688 Andrew P's NDE 2335  
USA California Lincoln 1776 Josh W NDE 3797 Head injury while skiing.  OBE far above body- looked around ski area.
USA California Lincoln 2918 Kelly L NDE 6147 Passed out during blood donation.  OBE over body.
USA California Livermore 2418 Jane C NDE 4771 Hemorrhage six days after delivery. In the beautiful white light. In the light was a holy being that seemed to be God or Christ. 
USA California Livermore 2457 Raven W NDE 4845 Age 6.  Choked on candy.  To platform with many TVs around.  Felt at peace.
USA California Livermore 298 Ryan K's 788 cardiac arrest.  Saw resuscitation efforts.  On hospital bed from bathroom.  Felt cold hurricane like wind and room.  Believes afterlife will be unpleasant.  Now he is afraid of dying frightening experience.
USA California Lompoc 2218 Larry C NDE 4436 3000 lb metal fell on him.  OBE over self.  Positive feelings.
USA California Long Beach 1367 Goldie J NDE 328 Childbirth.  Stopped breathing.  Fell down through tunnel.
USA California Long Beach 1073 Hope S NDE 3026 Age 5.  Fever due to Rubella.  In coma 3 days.  OBE away from planet to heavenly realm where she was healed.
USA California Long Beach 1660 Kristi Possible NDE 3637 Premature and in incubator.  Fire.  Has had typical NDEr aftereffects ever since.  No remembrance of experience.  Possible NDE.
USA California Long Beach 2893 Ray B NDE E120711 Overdose of ‘Ecstasy’.  OBE over body. Tunnel.  Met God, Jesus and deceased relatives.  God was present at life review and told him all bad things were forgiven.  Saw 2 year old daughter as 9 year old in future.  He gave up drugs after experience.
USA California Long Beach 1976 Rick E NDE 2100OBE Car accident at age 5.  OBE over car.
USA California Los Alamitos 3232 George J NDE 6552 Age 6.  Fell on icy street and was hit by car.  OBE over body- saw paramedics panic because they thought she was deceased.  Saw them cut her out of her coat.  Into ‘heaven’ where being said it’s not your time, you have to go back and do something important.  Very angry at return to body.
USA California Los Angeles 734 Amy P's NDE 2432  
USA California Los Angeles 2882 Benny M Probable NDE 6105 Age 10.  States drowning, but information to sketchy to be sure it was a life-threatening event.  Felt he knew what eternity felt like.  Black space to travel to light.
USA California Los Angeles 1280 Donna D NDE 483 Hit in left temple by baseball, fell and unconscious.  Met Raphael, angel of science.  States she learned many scientific things.
USA California Los Angeles 2807 Donna G Probable NDE 5340 Probable NDE.  No clear imminent life-threatening event. Heart rate following surgery was increased and decreased. Was in ICU following this. Was in living room with archway. Did not cross archway. Saw deceased relatives, including her twin sister that died at birth. Her twin sister was a grown adult. Other deceased relatives present.
USA California Los Angeles 199 Karen K's NDE motorcycle accident.  Saw grandma playing bingo.  Then was told it was time to go back.
USA California Los Angeles 248 Matt M's 743 six year old.  Swollen epiglottis (probably epiglottitis).  Unconscious, OBE.  So a self in car from above go into hospital.  Sensed connection to everything.  Later sensed energy in random objects.
USA California Los Angeles 824 Nash J's NDE 2568 Two NDEs described amd other expereinces
USA California Los Angeles 2698 Scott H NDE E050311 LA IANDS on behalf of Scott.  
USA California Los Banos 2321 Stanley P NDE 4598 Fainted.  Into time prior to creation of universe.  Was aware of all of creation of universe, and all things in it.
USA California Los Gatos 2411 Stacy S NDE 4756 Dehydration. Grand maul seizure. OBE over ambulance. Saw deceased grandparents. Voice asks if he was finished. 
USA California Mammoth Lakes 175 Diane G's NDE  rafting accident.  Good documentation with insight on the Bible.
USA California Mendocino 2756 Marjorie S Probable NDE 5246 Probable NDE at childbirth.  Probable hemorrhage, but not clearly documented. OBE to corner of room. No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California Merced 1116 Gina R NDE 3113 Struck by car.  Apparent OBE.  Life review.
USA California Mission Viejo 1209 Jill F Probable NDE 3206 States illness at time, but no clear imminent life-threaten event.  Met guide.  Saw books of her many prior lives.  Saw Book of Knowledge.
USA California Modesto 1474 Hera A NDE 3447 Nurse.  Cardiac arrest in surgery, but apparently was not under general anesthesia.  OBE- tunnel.  Met deceased father.  Life review.  Light.  Highly detailed NDE.  Very transformative.
USA California Modesto 835 Ruby L's NDE 2586  
USA California Modesto 1303 Sherri B NDE 3347 Auto accident.  Saw father with beard.
USA California Morgan Hill 417 Nina H's NDE Severe illness at age 9.  OBE- saw mother and doctor.
USA California Morro Bay 2010 Shirley R Probable NDE 4194 No clear imminent life-threatening event at time of experience.  Light, beings, happiness.  Apparently very detailed experience.
USA California Mount Laguna 2566 Christina T NDE 4980 STE/OBE in redwood forest.  OBE over self.  OBE to Nicaragua.  Encountered petal from white rose.  Enveloped in light.  Felt God.  Quote: “I was dumbfounded - as I really was willing to give everything up to go into that Light.  Is this what it is like when we leave the earth
USA California Murietta 6280 Cory G NDE 6280 Drowning.  OBE over body.  360 degree vision.  Could read people’s thoughts.  Wanted to go to moon and was at earth’s atmosphere when he returned.  
USA California Murrieta 2629 Lisa H NDE 5073 Boating accident with severe head injury. Two angelic beings of light escorted her from Lake. When she awoke from a coma, she knew she had to meet her grandchildren and believed she had a daughter named  Madi.  She had a daughter with such a name through a new marriage. She was told to return to teach others not to fear life or death. Once this was accomplished, there was to be peace on earth.   She wrote a book. 
USA California Newbury Park 1472 Richard L NDE 3444 Suicide by attempted drowning.  Was in void- very frightening.  Heard voice say “Its OK, Its all right, Its all good”.
USA California Newhall 2765 Brandy M NDE 5272 Was given inappropriate medication. Passed out. Went down tunnel toward light. She knew that she was dying, and it was frightening. She wanted to continue to live. She fought it, and ultimately returned to her body.
USA California North Hills 2106 Sue H NDE 4279 NDE at age 6 due to burn injuries.  OBE over ambulance.  Was sent back.  Happened 52 years ago.  Later was drowning under barge.  Angel appeared and pushed her out from under barge.
USA California Northridge 148  Sherry G's NDE Bulemia and anorexia.  Amazing look into integrating NDE and spiritual transformation.
USA California Northridge 2704 Brenda H NDE 2491OBE NDE at age 4 due to fall down escalator.  Overlooking herself in hospital.  Saw mother and grandmother crying in their houses.  Saw universe.  Relatives.  Light.  Light points out he was not ready for her yet.
USA California Novato 3012 Barbara L Possible NDE 6250 In ICU following surgery.  Man in gray suit appeared by her bed. He said that they could go with him now or and stay, and they knew that meant die or not die.   No clear imminent life-threatening event. No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California Novato 652 Graciela H's NDE 2274  
USA California Oakland 1164 Shari R NDE 3286 Ruptured cyst and then unconscious.  Was walking by stream with spiritual beings.
USA California Ontario 2369 Sandra H NDE 4679 Subdural/brain hemorrhage.  In ICU.  In void- other beings present, learned a great deal.  Became Buddhist due to her certainty of reincarnation.
USA California Orangevale 570 Ginan CH's NDE 2134  
USA California Orangevale 2950 Kaycee Probable NDE 6188 Sleep apnea.  Felt great love.  Met deceased relatives.  Voice said “If you want to go back, blow”.  She did, and started to breathe again.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California Oroville 1781 Randy S NDE 3802 Pronounced dead at childbirth.  Apparent lucid experience of light and sense he was coming from a place that time did not exist.
USA California Oxnard 3257 Keith M NDE 6589 Retired Lawyer.  Jewish.  Coded following bleeding after CABG.  Was swimming in beautiful water with four manatees toward aperture.  Aperture opened to reveal bright white light.  Just before reaching opening, it closed.  Manatees guided him to surface of water as other mammals lift their newborn for ‘first breath’.  As broke surface of water, was back in body. 
USA California Pacific Grove 2869 Sue A Probable NDE 6042 Very painful delivery.  Met man in unearthly realm who filled her with awe.  Told her the secrets of the universe and meaning of her life.  She agreed to return, and remembered none of what she was told.  Her husband was trying to wake her telling her that she was delirious talking about an ‘old man’.  Possible NDE.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California Palm Springs 2414 Todd I NDE 4761/5293 Heart attack. Remembered experience about 1 1/2 years later. OBE over table where they were working on. People in the room dressed up like huge party. Realized that they were angels. 
USA California Palo Alto 3252 Grace NDE 2800OBE Auto accident.  OBE near body.  Saw EMT arrive and declare her dead.  She then returned to her body and asked if she was dead.  She did not conceptualize this as OBE until later in life.
USA California Paso Robles 1372 Rue A NDE 311 Allergic reaction to imaging contrast.  OBE- saw self.
USA California Petaluma 844 Marci S's NDE 2604  
USA California Pittsburg 2597 Shannique S NDE 5021 Ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Through tunnel filled with bright light. Positive emotions. Moving at high speed. Heard children laughing and looked back. Returned. 
USA California Pleasant Hill 2386 Amy C NDE 4720 Among the most profound NDE ever shared. Absolutely incredible insights and spiritual wisdom. Touches on just about every spiritual concept that we are studying. Includes a verified shared NDE
USA California Pomona 109 Janet B's NDE  
USA California Port Hueneme 2515 Leslie vB NDE 4914 Faint with unconsciousness. OBE over club she was at. Toward light. Exceptionally positive feelings. She contrasts this with the high that she got from recreational drugs. Light was enveloping her. Then she slowly returned toward her body.   
USA California Porterville 2394 Scott C NDE 4730 Seizures. OBE -- was able to see and hear wife talking to EMT in a different part of the house. 
USA California Rancho Belaggo 1594 Jaqueline NDE 3501 Asthma.  Cardiac arrest.  OBE to ceiling.  Saw deceased mother.
USA California Rancho Cucamonga 2734 Shawn M Probable NDE 5228 Suicide attempt (overdose, type not specified) and slashed wrist.  Frightening. Was in the void of blackness. No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California Rancho Santa Margarita 2417 Ben M NDE 4769 Cardiac angiography. Cardiac arrest. Was standing up the room. Felt strong and normal without the weakness from his bad heart. There was a light which he could not describe properly with words. 
USA California Redding 1956 Bonnie M NDE 4072 Intestinal rupture.  Coma.  Saw future visions of herself that came true, with considerable detail.
USA California Redlands 2429 Angel NDE 4794 Experiencer is ICU nurse.  Very sick (Lyme disease). It was found to be barely breathing. Felt like she was part of the experience and at the same time not a part of it. Asked God to let her stay. Bargained that she would do something really good with her life. 
USA California Redlands 2751 Patricia P NDE 5256 Criminal attack at age 17.  Two spiritual beings showed her an ambulance taking away her dead body.  She chose to return, and the ambulance scene did not occur.
USA California Richmond 1264 Katie A NDE 3183 Choking at age 3.  OBE- saw self and resuscitation efforts.  Met being and knew she was created.  Now pursuing a Doctorate in Theology.
USA California Riverside 1448 Demi M NDE 157 Suicide attempt with pills.  OBE- saw paddles being used to shock her.
USA California Riverside 2213 Grace N Probable NDE 4430 Accidental overdose of sleeping medication. Not sure that this was imminent life-threatening event. The great love. Was asked if she wanted to stay or go. She returned for her four children. 
USA California Sacramento 1404 Amy J NDE 234 Pneumonia/sepsis/stopped breathing.  OBE.
USA California Sacramento 845 Lori L's NDE 2605  
USA California Sacramento 1503 Patti D Probable NDE 28 Sodium Pentothal for dental surgery.  In and out of void.  No clear iminent life-threaten event.
USA California Sacramento 1259 Simon J NDE 3174 Burst aorta.  Void.  OBE- saw self.
USA California Sacramento 1954 Stacy R NDE 4070 Choked on coin at age 5.  OBE over body.  Saw in ‘black and white’.
USA California Sacramento 565 William AM's NDE 1069 Vision of own death two weeks in the future.
USA California Salinas 2655 Manuel H NDE 5121 Experience happened just a few days ago.  Drug overdose- no further information.  Unconscious.  Met deceased uncle.  Was with uncle praying for him in church, though uncle was not particulary religoius.
USA California San Anselmo 344 Freida D's 868 suicide -- tried to hang herself.  Felt highly intense and varied sensations.  Saw rainbow door -- saw herself almost mockingly not go through door.  Feels she has a blockage keeping her from passing through.
USA California San Anselmo 1007 James NDE 2893 Suicide with narcotics and valium.  OBE- saw self and top of ambulance.
USA California San Bernardino 1221 George R NDE 3189 Auto accident.  OBE- Felt calm/peace.  Had choice to return.
USA California San Carlos 2283 Dick M NDE 4534 Alcohol poisoning. Through tunnel. That being that told him it was not his time. Being said he "had enough". He knew that this meant alcohol. He is not had alcohol since his NDE. 
USA California San Carlos 1481 Nancy T NDE 107 Post op complication.  OBE- saw self.  Saw light.
USA California San Diego 236 Arnie R's 714 Heart bypass surgery.  Saw and heard operation in OR corner.  Had experience of intense euphoria before awakening from surgery (could be narcotics)
USA California San Diego 2486 Bess J NDE/Anesthetic Awareness 4878 Accident that nearly severed foot.  Started to walk to a light, felt joy.  Was told that it was not his time.  Heard doctors say he was waking and he was given something that put him back to sleep.  Could be NDE-like anesthetic awareness.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California San Diego 2501 David A NDE 2386OBE Age 9.  Choked on candy.  OBE over self for prolonged time.  Apparent false OBE observation content- he saw knife or fork being put in his mouth.  Person there states only fingers put in his mouth.
USA California San Diego 2725 Emmett M NDE 5219 Age 11-12.  Hung as part of childhood game.  Into room with 3-5 monks.  Two doors- one with light colored fog, one with dark fog.  Was told she had to go back.  Shared about 58 years later.
USA California San Diego 1179 Joyce D NDE 3246 Was being choked by boyfriend.  OBE- saw self.  Made decision to return.
USA California San Diego 1188 Patricia S NDE 3259 Near drowning at age 7-8, shared 59-60 years later.  Colors, life review.  OBE- saw self.
USA California San Diego 596 Peter H's NDE 2168  
USA California San Francisco 3296 Dharam S NDE 6645 Ketamine and probably fiorinal.  Unconscious.  Into white light with deceased relatives.  Was told it was not his time and ‘don’t worry about anything… ever’.
USA California San Francisco 6282 Gary M NDE 6282 Car accident.  Was OBE over body when he was apparently not fully unconscious.  The became unconscious.  OBE into space.  Saw earth spinning.  Met light beings who told him he was going nowhere.  He wanted to go to light beyond but was sent back.  
USA California San Francisco 6347 Karen H Probable NDE 6347 Age 6.  Shared 60  years later.  Was undergoing general anesthesia.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  OBE over body.  Great grandmother who died when she was two appeared.  Was shown many things including a room with computer-like monitors.  She was told that she would see something like this later in her life (experience in 1952).
USA California San Francisco 3255 Laura L Probable NDE 6586 Accidental narcotic overdose following fracture.  Into tunnel toward Jesus with arms outstretched.  Deceased grandfather appeared and told her to go back, it was not her time.  Awoke with portable x-ray machine being positioned, so no clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California San Francisco 1870 Marci F Fear Death Experience 3933 From France.  Car slid on an icy bridge.  Life passed before her eyes.
USA California San Francisco 311 Marie E's 813 probably sick enough prior to experience to qualify as NDE.  Profound experience.  OBE -- saw Scotland.  Encountered other beings.  At knowing of how all things work.  Profoundly life-changing.  Training as clinical psychologist.
USA California San Francisco 1228 Pat P NDE 3197 NDE at age 7 and 32.  Age 7: OBE into colored clouds.  Met being who sent her back.  Age 32: Felt connection of all things with all else.
USA California San Francisco 2992 Preston P Probable NDE 2663OBE Shot of penicillin.  Allergic reaction with physiological reaction noted.  Felt OBE and his thoughts and walls were only obstacles.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California San Francisco 1430 Steven R Probable NDE 190 Emergency appendectomy.  Coma after.  Unsure of life-threaten event at time of experience.
USA California San Jose 1036 Darlene K's NDE 2948 NDE due to smothering.  Met cousin (Lucy) and they traveled together.   Lucy had life review, she did not.  Next morning found that Lucy died that morning in Mexico.
USA California San Jose 1225 Delia S NDE 3194 Bleeding.  Mild MI.  Tunnel, Light at end.  Life review.
USA California San Jose 3267 Khanh_V NDE 5436 In Vietnam- Vietnam native.  Non-Western NDE.  Translated from Vietnamese.  Was hit by car.  OBE over body- saw villagers carry his body.  Pleasant life review.  Saw tunnel with light at end.  Saw other beings that looked like clouds.
USA California San Jose 743 Madison T's NDE 2455  
USA California San Jose 2468 Michael H Probable NDE 4860 Suicide attempt at age 16 (medication overdose).  Very frightening.  Believed hell was knowing you are something, but not knowing what it is.  Was told it was not his time, that he was being selfish.  Not sure there was a life-threatening event.
USA California San Jose 1315 Renee NDE 3368 Due to near drowning about age 7-10.  Felt united with water, saw images of two people.  These two people might have been living at the time of the experience.
USA California San Jose 6292 William W NDE 6292 Drowning at age 13.  Felt calm.   Lost sense of body.  Heard male inner voice say to ‘relax and let go’.  Felt like in womb with great love.  Felt he always had lived and always will.  
USA California San Luis Obispo 1256 Terre D NDE 3169 NDE at age 7-8 due to air squeezed out of chest during a game.  OBE- felt love.  Felt was energy.
USA California San Marcos 2162 Suzanne RP NDE 4365 Criminal attack at age 17.  To tunnel with light, and her grandmother at end of tunnel.
USA California San Ramon 1834 Carole NDE 3880 Asthma attack at age 13.  OBE over body.  Felt love.  Heard voice saying she needed to come back as she had important work to do.
USA California Santa Ana 847 Ron C's NDE 2610  
USA California Santa Barbara 1331 Barbara B NDE 3389 Myelogram.  OBE- saw cardiac monitor at flatline.  Was able to verify what she saw years later.
USA California Santa Barbara 2750 Jeff Probable NDE 5255 Auto accident.  Very bright light and nothing else.  Not sure this is lucid organized experience with separation of consciousness.  Had amnesia after this, but remembered this experience.
USA California Santa Barbara 2317 Julian D NDE 4592 NDE due to auto accident.  To beautiful area.  Life review.  Markedly detailed NDE.  Aware of reincarnation.   Was told that he could return to body or 50 years later do it over again and pick up his life where he left off.
USA California Santa Cruz 1981 Jane LB NDE 4107 Severe head injury from bicycle crash.  OBE- saw car and ‘lumberjack” appearing person that apparently was not real.
USA California Santa Monica 1197 Ernestine N Probable NDE 3225 Under sodium pentothal to correct pelvic fracture.  Saw beings, felt love.  No clear OBE.  Not sure if this was imminent life-threaten event.  Happened 62 years ago.
USA California Santa Rosa 991 Harry B's NDE 2873 Alcohol overdose.  Black misty darkness.  Saw light.
USA California Santa Rosa 2687OBE Julie B NDE 2687OBE  
USA California Santa Rosa 968 Mildred H's NDE 2833 Allergic reaction to medication (not specified).  Felt great love.
USA California Santa Rosa 2436 Renee W NDE 2306OBE Age 5.  Drowning.  OBE over water.  Felt sense of union.
USA California Sebastopol 2790 Jeff L NDE 5306 Age 3-4.  Electrocuted.  OBE to corner of room.  Parents pulled him out.  Quote “Based on all my rational knowledge and the brutality and senselessness of life, I would undoubtedly be an atheist except for this otherwise-unexplainable experience. I still cannot believe in some all-powerful God with an apparently  cruel personality…”
USA California Smartville 1519 Ginny B's Probable NDE 3186 Age 7.  chronic severe infection.  Was not getting medical care.  One night had OBE to ceiling.  Not sure imminent life-threaten event at the time.
USA California Smartville 3 When Time Stood Still  In Vietnam, land mine blew up tank.  Saw God.
USA California South Gate 335 Leona B's 848 beaten by former husband.  Seizures.  Was walking down the road and saw mangled dog by road.  Felt it was alright.  Saw Biblical figure( resembles Jesus).  He said dog will be okay.  Then she returned to body (see I think she was the dog).  She saw -- on the road of her life -- I bet they were on the road right up to the dog.
USA California South Gate 1769 Nicolas G NDE 3785 NDE at age 14 due to unconsciousness while playing roughly.
USA California Spring Valley 256 Todd R's 731 he and a friend experienced a car crash but was "diverted" and car not harmed.  Brief life review.  OBE.
USA California Stanton 1676 Cynthia NDE 1844OBE Blood loss after delivery.  Felt surrounded by light & positive emotions.  Felt wind blowing through her so she would not have to breathe.  Began breathing after thinking about children.
USA California Taft 322 Herbert M's 820 heart attack.  Apparently was priest at time.  OBE, and landscape arena.  Saw scary area of "stone people".  About every NDE element here.
USA California Temecula 3000 Dan BC NDE 6243 Shared NDE.  Plane crash- 16 of 22 on plane died.  Felt that he was in free fall.  Met James who died in plane crash.  James told him that “There are more places to go, more things to do, more fun to have. Tell my mom it’s okay. Tell her I’m okay.” There are more places to go, more things to do, more fun to have. Tell my mom it’s okay. Tell her I’m okay.”
USA California Torrance 1771 Jo H NDE 3790 Age 16.  Post-operative cardiac arrest.  OBE, saw doctor in tennis shoes- later confirmed.  Very high Greyson score.
USA California Torrance 686.5 Mikae Y's NDE 2355  
USA California Tujunga 836 Susan A's NDE 2587 Several experiences described.  At least one is NDE.
USA California Tulare 1416 Charlene P NDE 3434 NDE due to complications a few days after surgery.  OBE- saw self.  Drawn to a feeling and light.  Choice to stay or not.
USA California Tustin Ranch 1077 K.C. R NDE 3036 Ruptured spleen after accident.  Wrestled with being.  Then into room with light.  Great knowledge.
USA California Upper Lake 241 Hal B's 715 16 yo.  Tularemia (high fever).  Was at crossroads to go to body or not.  Saw himself from high above.
USA California Venice Beach 1455 Kimberly HA NDE 133 Hypercalcemia and seizures.  Into universe to room.  Met man there who told her to go back.
USA California Ventura 2371 Sequoia H FDE 4651 Fear death experience and premonition. Nearly had a serious auto accident. Saw her life as train tracks abruptly ending. Felt lifted up and placed on the train tracks without end. She screamed, and her husband turned the car away from a likely serious car accident. 
USA California Ventura 83 To's NDE  Black widow spider bite.  In OBE saw husband/daughter remotely-later their activity confirmed.  Met blue/white… light.  Met deceased Grandparents.
USA California Verdugo City 1124 Michael S NDE 3137/E070307 Age 7.  Hit head.  OBE over car to hospital.  Doesn’t remember anything else of the time around this.  Had another apparent NDE, only briefly described.
USA California Vista 2089 Carole C NDE 4266 Suicide attempt with ‘downers’.  OBE in corner of room with two other beings discussing her life.
USA California Vista 2112 Jennifer B NDE 4287 NDE due to hypotension, faint, blow to head.  Field of stars.  Was told if she went through them, she could not come back.
USA California Walnut Creek 2624 Gregory C NDE 5068 Heart attack with cardiac arrest.  Several times.  OBE over body- made funny comment that the oriental doctor made enough money that he could afford to patch the hole in his hair.  Saw his wife who told him not to go.  Saw thousands of years into future (technology advances).  Nurse later interviewed him and verified OBE observation.  I emailed him for clarification of whether wife was in OBE form or not, and details about the spiritual nature of people in the future.  
USA California West Covina 2730 Albert S Probable NDE 5222 Probable NDE.  During surgery was passing through passageway toward light.  Positive feelings.  Then back into body.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California West Hollywood 894 Richard S's NDE 2694  
USA California Williams 6314 Bonnie H Probable NDE 6314 Probable NDE due to nitrous for dental anesthesia, and the dentist was likely standing on the oxygen line.  OBE to Fichus tree in room.  Felt one with tree.  Enormous awareness of universal knowledge.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  
USA California Yuba City 902 Joe D's NDE 2708  
USA California Yucaipa 6369 Ashley Probable NDE 6369 Ingested synthetic marijuana.  Lost consciousness.  Life review back into womb.  OBE over self.  Into sky.  Possible drug experience.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  
USA California   687 C.D.'s NDE 2328  
USA California   2454 Cheryl B NDE 4839 Heart attack with cardiac arrest. In total. Surrounded by beautiful lights of every color. Was moving quickly. Felt warmth and peace. 
USA California   3234 Colleen R NDE 2787OBE Run over by truck.  Lost consciousness in ER.  OBE in ER-saw herself with blood everywhere.  Went to deceased father’s house.  Other deceased people she knew there.  Father told her she could not stay, and to think of the kids.
USA California   2824 Deborah D Probable NDE 5364 Nitrous oxide (NO) overdose for dental surgery.  Had many OBEs with NO previously.  Is asking if other NDErs ‘remember’ from other side.  Down tunnel toward light she calls God.  OBE as dentist sent assistant to check on her- believes spirits had dentist send her- aware she had to go back or implications of her death would have been serious.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA California   1490 Jack NDE 71 NDE due to surgical complication.  Remarkably detailed view of his resuscitation efforts.
USA California   2461 Kelly T NDE 4854 Age 7-8.  Bacterial meningitis and seizure.  OBE over house- saw father carrying her body to car.  Was with angelic being.  Told her mother that she saw an angel.
USA California   3342 Kristen L Probable NDE E050713  
USA California   2156 Liv T Probable Fear Death Experience 4353 Auto accident.  Apparent miraculous intervention.  Angelic encounter (humorous).  Not sure if life-threatening event.
USA California   2408 Mandy C FDE 4750 Criminal attack. She went through void, then toward a single speck of light. She felt safe. She knew that the light contained every good, beautiful and pure thing. 
USA California   439 Miranda G's NDE 1008 17 years old.  It happened six months ago.  Automobile accident.  OBE -- saw them doing CPR.  Saw geographically removed people through darkness.  Into light, met dead relatives.  Her music.  Told he had to go back.  Changed for quite a bit.  Now much better at mathematics and biology.
USA California   1821 Raymond C NDE 3857 Heart medically stopped several times due to arrhythmia.  Accelerated thought, saw membrane.  Felt energy behind membrane.
USA California   437 Rebbeca I's NDE 994 auto accident.  Major trauma. falling from darkness above, like down into funnel.  Felt small.  Blinding white light below her.  Struggled to get away to return to daughter and niece.
USA California   1793 Rhea V Probable NDE 3818 Surgery related experience, but no details so no clear life-threatening event at time.  Tunnel to hooded figure.  Rosy clouds.  Was told to go back.
USA California   1736 Shirley R NDE 3737 Post-operative complication.  Light- saw others going toward light.  Turned to art to express herself after NDE.
USA California   1669 Van R NDE 3665 NDE due to allergic reaction.  Strong déjà vu sense.  Happened two weeks ago.
USA California   6308 Carole M NDE 6308 NDE due to cardiac arrest due to congestive heart failure.  OBE over body.  Heard voice ask her if she wanted to live or die.  She chose to live.  
USA California   6430 Edward B NDE 6430 In ocean with spear gun and shot his own flipper anchoring himself to sea floor.  Drowned.  Fragmentary, but apparent OBE seeing those around.  Grandmotherly being appeared.  Quote: “All is love and everything is love.”
USA California   6417 John D NDE 6417 Shot in Vietnam.  OBE over body as he was being put on body.  Felt great peace.  
USA Colorado Arvada 1460 Linda K Probable NDE 125 Post-operative complcation.  Not clear iminent life-threaten event.  Saw light and angel.  Told to go back.
USA Colorado Arvada 2157 Mike K NDE 4356 Plane crashed near him.  OBE over deck of ship.
USA Colorado Aurora 1158 Marney M NDE 3274 Suicide attempt.  Six bottles of sleeping pills.  Tunnel.  Into void.  Heard voice to look at light- then returned.
USA Colorado Austin 326 Roxanne S's 828 11 years old.  Hit by car.  Saw deceased grandfather.  Landscapes.  Music.  Life review.  Universal knowledge.
USA Colorado Boulder 2189 Christopher H NDE 4401 Child NDE from car accident.
USA Colorado Canon City 903 Theodore R's NDE 2711  
USA Colorado Castle Rock 794 Kent M's Probable NDE 2513  
USA Colorado Colorado Springs 1242 Bonnie B NDE 3144 NDE due to diphtheria and states stopped breathing at age 6.  OBE.  Music, smelled wonderful scent.  Got universal knowledge, but thinks some of her experience taken away.  Shared 57 years later.
USA Colorado Colorado Springs 6450 Charles P Possible NDE 6450 Anesthesia with ether and nitrous.  OBE into stars.  Heard message that the surgery was of not significance to his eternal existence.  Shared 62 years later.
USA Colorado Denver 617 Anthony C's NDE 2202  
USA Colorado Denver 438 Barbara M's 1000 13 year old with pneumonia.  Was pronounced dead three minutes.  Was in France -- OBE, her doctor speak French and understood, though they did not speak French.  Move toward the light.  Threw tantrum to stay.  Received list of reasons he had to return.
USA Colorado Denver 6458 Christopher M NDE 6458 Auto accident with head injury and in coma for four days.  Had sense he got up feeling late for work and was unable to open blinds.  
USA Colorado Denver 1190 Elaine C NDE 3261 Sexual assault at age 5.  Light.  Beings of love around her.  Brain injury from attack.
USA Colorado Denver 2141 Jacqueline H NDE 4324 Choking on food.  Things went dark, then became light.  Was told we are not ready.
USA Colorado Denver 2994 Jared NDE 6234 Age 13.  Had grand mal seizure in pool and drowned. Saw himself laying at bottom of the pool. Saw mother screaming and someone jumped into the pool to pull him out. Felt like something pushed him back into body. 
USA Colorado Denver 198 Joe I's NDE SOBE
USA Colorado Denver 1006 Melanie K's NDE 2891 Septicemia.  OBE.  Saw self.
USA Colorado Denver 1890 Thomas M NDE 3958 Car accident.  OBE- saw self in car.  Had amnesia for several weeks, then suddenly remembered time both before accident and NDE.  Great insights as to pain on earth.
USA Colorado Durango 908 Shelley S's NDE 2720 Post operative cardiac arrest.  OBE, tunnel, felt peace-love-etc.  Great knowledge.  Apparently talked with Pam Kirscher after experience (From Durango).
USA Colorado Eaton 1224 Rhonda J NDE 3193 Cardiac arrest.  Life review looked at what was undone.  Great insights into inter-connectedness of all.
USA Colorado Estes Park 6406 Kathi S NDE 6406 Had surgery and was in recovery room. Went unconscious. OBE to corner of room. Felt unconditional love. Pinpoint of light to her side. Nurse called a code. Dr. came and told her to return for the sake of her children, and she made the decision to return to her body with the prompting of the Dr.  
USA Colorado Fort Collins 1758 Auriel P Probable NDE 3764 Severe illness with jaundice.  In ICU, then CPR- awoke days later, so can’t correlate experience with time of CPR.  Walked down ICU hall, ‘Nurses’ told her it was not her time.
USA Colorado Fort Collins 499 Randall M's NDE 2013  
USA Colorado Glenwood Springs 2634 Joyce Y NDE 5082 Hypotension following delivery.  OBE to ceiling watching them take blood pressure.  Nothing else happened in experience.  Contributor is convinced she had an OBE, but not an NDE.
USA Colorado Golden 2697 Gregg S NDE 3049 & E050211 Hang gliding accident.  Extremely transcendent experience.  Has audio recording on Internet of details.
USA Colorado Golden 2962 Vanessa W Probable NDE 6204 Age 15.  Was doing breathing exercise, and person with her saw her stop breathing and was shaking her.  Felt enormous love.  Felt God was love.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Colorado Greeley 178  Larry L's NDE criminal attack.  Blow to the head.  With unconscious.
USA Colorado Lakewood 1341 Arlene H NDE 386 Near drown.  Saw many people in area praising God.  Asked not to stay there.  Appeared on surface of water.
USA Colorado Lakewood 1918 Elaine J NDE 4001 Car accident.  In golden light, strong positive feelings.  OBE over jeep.  She is a respected scientist.
USA Colorado Littleton 1285 Malina E NDE 454 Seizure and stopped breathing.  Down tunnel.
USA Colorado Littleton 6279 Tara S NDE 6279 Complication of surgery/illness.  In universe with great calm.  Felt consciousness was one, yet separate.  Did not want to return, but choice was hers.  
USA Colorado Longmont 1121 Dixie E NDE 3125 Cardiac arrest.  Saw canopy of trees.  Was walking the halls in ER.
USA Colorado Loveland 2914 Rhonda C NDE 6138 Emergency surgery for infected gallbladder, and respiratory arrest in ICU after.  Intense emotions.  Talked with God.  Had choice to return to earth- did so, but now is not sure why.  I emailed them IANDS support groups per their request.
USA Colorado Loveland 1185 Stephen C NDE 3254 NDE due to criminal attack.  Was shot and stabbed.  Into light.  Beings- told him they wanted his “form.”  Very life changing.
USA Colorado Lucerne 567 Lori C's NDE 2129  
USA Colorado Moffat 3249 Kathleen A NDE 6581 Drowning at age 8.  Shared 68 years later.  Panic, then great peace.  OBE looking at her body.  Heard voice tell her that she would never die.  Felt something in shape of black velvet wrap around her.  Felt great love.  
USA Colorado Morrison 2236 Courtney NDE 4459 Blood loss during childbirth.  OBE over self.  Felt husband’s feelings & realized how much he loved her.
USA Colorado Northglenn 6356 Mary H NDE 6356 Car accident.  Considered a miracle she lived.  Sense of long time compared to earthly time in unearthly realm.  Voice said she had to go back.  She resisted, then the voice was more emphatic.  Awareness of God
USA Colorado Parker 2381 Michele NDE 4705 Ruptured appendix and CHF.  To light.  Met Jesus.  Saw beings in human form, then later did not need to , and they were not in human form.  Awareness we are connected to God.  Interesting crossing of a river to the other side where experience continued (crossed a boundary).  
USA Colorado Pierce 687.5 Sharla S's NDE 2348  
USA Colorado Pueblo 1944 Pam F NDE 4035 Cardiac arrest during surgery due to allergic reaction. Witnessed her own resuscitation
USA Colorado Salida 2108 Dea M NDE 4281 Exceptional archive.  Auto accident.  Interacted with colors that were incredible.  Great discussion of love encountered.  Dramatic encounter with the white light in a dream that was hinted at in the NDE.
USA Colorado Thornton 6334 CJ V Probable NDE 6334 Infection around time of delivery.  States is not sure if the fever caused experience, so no definite life-threatening event.  In white surroundings.  Deceased mother appeared and told her to go back.
USA Colorado Trinidad 469 Cynthia P's NDE 1035 heart attack happened less than one month ago.  72-year-old.  Suddenly found itself in beautiful forest, heard wind rustling through leaves.  At feeling she should get out of there, then returned
USA Colorado Westminster 2290 Joel H NDE 4551 Heart attack. Into tunnel toward light.  Was asked if he was ready to come home. He declined, indicating he wanted to see his new son grow up. 
USA Colorado Woodland Park 1429 Margaret B NDE 193 Seizure.  Heart stopped.  Unworldly landscape.  Deceased relatives.
USA Colorado   1318 CJ L NDE 3371 Heart attack.  Felt OBE.  Very brief experience.
USA Colorado   3203 Jodi K Probable NDE 6507 Medication overdose. Some tunnel of light toward green hill. Was the only time in her life that she knew love, peace, and joy.  
USA Colorado   2250 Tim B NDE 4479 Auto accident.  OBE-heard EMS say that he would be paralyzed. During NDE, was told that he would return in pain, but not paralyzed. He was surprised that he was not paralyzed. Believes that he met God. 
USA Connecticut Ansonia 80 Kelly's NDE After surgery.  Vagal nerves affected, and heart stopped/became slow 3 straight nights.  Felt falling, then struggled with evil entity in room that "needed her powers".
USA Connecticut Cheshire 2397 Mat Y NDE 4734 Motorcycle crash. Into dark area. Person spoke to him asking if he knew why he was there. 
USA Connecticut E. Hartford 1407 Jeana B NDE 223 Shot in right part of head.  OBE- saw hand coming toward her.
USA Connecticut East Hampton 940 Catherine R NDEs 2780 & 2781 Same contributor as #2780.  Complication of surgery.  OBE- confirmed doctor running outside in hall of OR.
USA Connecticut East Hampton 941 Catherine R NDEs 2780 & 2781 Skier landed on top of her. Head injury. OBE- saw two deceased relatives. Husband does not believe experience, and this is major barrier.
USA Connecticut East Hampton 729 Catherine R's NDE 2441  
USA Connecticut Hamden 1011 Linda S Probable NDE 2903 Autoimmune disorder with severe disability.  OBE, met Christ and God.  Remarkable spiritual wisdom.
USA Connecticut Milford 6344 Sheree F NDE 6344 Auto accident.  Saw light 1000 times brighter than sun.  Felt peace and love.  Angry at being returned
USA Connecticut New Haven 1739 John S NDE & Possible NDE 3742 NDE at age 10 due to drowning, probable NDE at age 41 due to suicide attempt.  Age 10- OBE, saw self in completely opaque water.  Age 41- met being like in lord of the rings.  Fought some heavenly beings, and was pinned down by being when he tried to enter heavenly realm.  Not fully convinced experience at age 41 was life-threatening event.
USA Connecticut Newtown 527 Dan Ta's NDE 2080 ***I say NDE?. Jody says NDE
USA Connecticut Waterbury 3224 Manuel T NDEs 6537 Two NDEs, both during cardiac catheterizations several years apart.  In both felt overwhelming love.  Was in void.  During second NDE, man appeared who told him that he had to go back- it was not his time and he still had things to do.  
USA Connecticut West Hartford 6394 Enrique NDE 6394 Hours after cocaine use felt very bad.  Unconscious- OBE over self.  Blue sphere/orb appeared.  Said ‘it’s OK, we can go’.  Was pulling him closer.  He pleaded for his life, and accepted Jesus, asked God to show him how to love.  At the moment he said ‘love’ he was back in his body.  
USA Connecticut West Hartford 380 John Ma's 917 low blood pressure after surgery.  OBE, and saw self, then in Gurney headed toward the door of medieval cathedral.  He has a Ph.D. in history.  Finally new person with him was death, asked him to return
USA Connecticut Windsor 1163 Nancy S NDE 3285 Auto accident.  Coded.  Tunnel (was claustrophobic, but not in tunnel).  Felt feelings merged with light around her.  Doctor in 1974 was aware of these experiences when coded.
USA Connecticut Windsor Locks 1056 Diana R NDE 2976 Cardiac arrest as complication of renal failure.  Met Jesus.  Life review.  Great knowledge.
USA Connecticut   2969 Cherie B NDE E030112 Cardiac arrest.  Remarkably long period of cardiac arrest.  Apparent artificial heart used.  Very transcendent.  Was aware spiritual beings could be ‘in form’ or ‘not in form’.  Was aware she would heal.  Aware of her past lives and karma that kept her repeating lives- that she needed to be calmer, better able to let go of issues.  Still feels she is in another dimension sometimes.
USA Connecticut   1516 Star NDE 6 NDE associated with severe illness.  Saw carousel in distance.
USA Connecticutt Hartford 1902 Carmen D NDEs 3977 NDE at age 5 and 15.  Age 5 due to accidental overdose of antidepressant meds.  Saw God- felt great love.  Saw a past life (as a male, she is female) and how he died in car accident.  Age 15 NDE due to ether.  Felt it was not her time in this NDE.
USA Connecticutt Willington 2669 Dawn W NDE 5132 Accident.  To beings that debated her fate.  She wanted to stay.  Had universal knowledge.
USA Delaware Dover 671 Saundra V's NDE 2316  
USA Delaware Felton 1399 Kessie P Probable NDE 244 Severe pain after auto accident.  OBE- not clear if there was iminent life-threaten event at that time.
USA Delaware New Castle 1888 Patricia AR NDE 3956 Two NDEs from apparent cardiac arrest during surgery.  Beuatiful landscape, and second had throne and trial-like setting.  Saw holes in Jesus’ wrists and saw sister crying on ‘witness stand’ (who was alive at time of NDE).
USA Delaware Townsend 381 Barbara H's 912 car accident. Hit head.  Never unconscious, but found self on marble steps, small group of people with white light behind them.  Life review of some bad things she did, returned for husband
USA Delaware Wimington 1502 Dr. Thomas J NDE 29 NDE due to being struck by car.  OBE- saw self.
USA Deleware New Castle 2054 Vanessa H Probable NDE 4216 Asthma complication.  Not sure if this experience occurred at time of imminent life-threatening event.  Through light.  Presence said to take her back.
USA Deleware Newark 2326 Gail T Probable NDE 4604 Apparent loss of consciousness for unclear reasons.  Seeming empty area, yet great peace.  No clear life-threatening event.
USA District of Columbia Washington 51 August's NDE States heart stopped at age 13, but no collaboration.  Profoundly deaf, yet heard things.
USA District of Columbia Washington 2413 Jon L NDE 4759 Heart attack. Saw chrome rails at the foot of his hospital bed extending into infinity. Saw crosses on the ceiling. This was likely hallucinatory. Then OBE beside the bed. Heard nurse saying he was not breathing. 
USA Florida Altamonte Springs 1929 John C Probable NDE 4018 Brain hemorrhage- perhaps epidural.  Coma.  Life review back to before birth.  Eden-like location.  I can’t be sure if this was ICU experience or true NDE.  Strongly Catholic in interpretation.
USA Florida Apollo Beach 2415 Molly M NDE 4762 Cardiac arrest during surgery. Met several deceased relatives. Saw a spot on Uncle’s forehead that family member confirmed existed, but no one else had known about. Met neighbor that she did not know has died. Very changed after experience and divorced. 
USA Florida Atlantic Beach 2291 Joni P NDE 4552 Age 4. Experience is shared 73 years later. OBE over self. That girl who said that she was her sister. Beautiful landscape. Across barrier were crystal buildings. 
USA Florida Aventura 542 Kim M's NDE 2107  
USA Florida Boca Raton 2011 Cindy E NDE 4198 Strangled.  Saw mother, though mother was alive at time of NDE.  Sensed God, and was infused with love.
USA Florida Boynton Beach 1255 James W NDE 3168 Age 13.  Sudden transcendent experience.  Felt love.  Ineffable.  OBE- saw self.
USA Florida Boynton Beach 1924 Joseph U NDE 2053OBE Age 16.  Unconscious due to injury while playing with friends.  OBE- later confirmed accuracy of what he saw.
USA Florida Boynton Beach 2505 Lynn E Probable NDE 4905 Age 9 or 10. House was heated by coal. Probable chronic carbon monoxide poisoning. One night he heard beautiful choir singing heard her name called. Heard another voice say that it was not her time, she needed to go back, she had work to do. No clear imminent life-threatening event. Probable carbon monoxide toxicity. 
USA Florida Bradenton 2641 David J Probable NDE 5095 In Neuro ICU after hemorrhagic stroke.  Saw angels by his bed.  Then OBE into sky.  Many questions and answers.  Was told the meaning of life was for the entertainment of spiritual realm.  Saw God in place of his mother hugging himself as an infant.  Heard that demons love it when we tell a lie in life review.  States experience lasted 5-10 minutes, yet over an hour passed.  In ICU if he had life-threatening event, monitoring would have picked it up, and this is not described.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Florida Bradenton 1748 Jen C NDE 3752 Took ‘natural’ sleep aid overdose.  Entered void.
USA Florida Brandon 1173 Karen D NDE 3327 Rare type of pneumonia.  Sensed mother’s presence.  Felt God is.  Felt her experience was reassuring to her husband who developed stage 4 malignancy.
USA Florida Branford 1297 Linda Sue C NDE 413 Hypogycemic attack (has diabetes).  Saw self as younger in field of flowers.  Sent back.
USA Florida Cape Canaveral 2401 Cheryl N NDE 4741 Aspiration pneumonia. Felt warm glow and intensely positive feelings. Felt connected to a whole. Went from being an atheist to a believer in a higher power. 
USA Florida Cape Coral 1166 Joan D NDE 3289 Allergic reaction.  Saw stars in sky, bright.  Came toward her in shape of crosses.
USA Florida Cape Coral 1714 Thaddeus K NDE 3715 Gram negative bacterial septic shock.  NDEr is a retired physician (Psychiatrist) sharing this 52 years later.  OBE above body.  Had choice to stay or go- notably without emotion.
USA Florida Clearwater 3013 Paula H NDE 6251 Age 12.  Had rheumatic fever. Went unconscious. OBE over body, and some parents shaker to resuscitate her. Decided to return as it would be too difficult on her parents if she did not return. Bright light was welcoming and friendly around her.   Shared 47 years later. 
USA Florida Clearwater 799 Robert B's NDE 2525  
USA Florida Clermont 1323 Dawn K Possible NDE 3378 Post operative complication.  Not sure this is lucid (Less consciousness than normal).  Bright light hurt her eyes, and this effect lasted for months.  Was around clouds.
USA Florida Cocoa 2523 Mark S NDE 4922 Auto accident.  At moment of crash understood that the three others were dead. OBE into chest of a spiritual being. He made a commitment about how he would live his life
USA Florida Coconut Creek 1278 Ken A NDE 488 Allergic reaction in hospital. OBE- saw self.
USA Florida Crystal River 2809 Sally E NDE 5343 Pulmonary embolus.  Interesting bilocation of consciousness.  Two NDEs with similar experience close to each other.  Down long hallway and moving at great speed. Saw light coming through the door at the end of the hallway. 
USA Florida Crystal River 2682 Tami N Probable NDE 5152 Severe motorcycle accident. OBE, and saw people working on her body. Several apparent evidential pieces of information while in coma. Also heard people talking around her while she was in a coma. No clear imminent life-threatening event at time of experience.  
USA Florida Deland 2364 Roger F NDE 4667 NDE due to heart attack. Received enormous knowledge. Felt connected to universe. Great spiritual wisdom.  “Faith may be described as an absence, more so than a presence.  An absence of doubt.  All doubt was removed by the experience.”
USA Florida Deland 1249 Thomas B NDE 3157 Alcohol and heroin use.  Found not breathing.  OBE above body.
USA Florida Destin 1535 Denver P NDE 3465 Bleeding out from pulmonary embolus anticoagulation.  Prior to unconsciousness, heard question from Christ.  After unconscious, traveled over green prairie of grass.  Saw “Tree of Life” there.
USA Florida Fort Lauderdale 479 Ethel H's NDE 532OBE & 2051  
USA Florida Fort Meyers 2844 Linda W Probable NDE 2558OBE High blood pressure.  OBE over gurney in ambulance.  Probable NDE, not clear imminent life-threatening event.  Quote: “I came to know that we don't die! We move on to a wonderful place where there is not pain or sorrow. That there is more than 5 or 6 senses, we have many more that we have not experienced.”
USA Florida Fort Walton Beach 2000 Shawna F NDE 4176 Car accident and operation.  OBE- watched her resuscitation.  Toward light- beyond light was her son who had been in the accident in her Grandparent’s yard playing.  Her son survived.  I emailed her to see if her son had any memories during this time.
USA Florida Ft. Lauderdale 2161 Gary S NDE 4363 Cardiac arrest.  Was walking toward human shapes.  Felt great love.
USA Florida Ft. Lauderdale 5418 Malena S NDE 5418 Spanish.  Born in Peru.  Cardiac problem with likely arrest.  Tunnel into area with 360 degree vision.  Felt great peace.  Heard what they believe is voice of God.  Told her to go back to complete 3 missions.  Took her about 1, then 5, then 10 years to discover what missions are- but never shares them.  Very transformative experience.
USA Florida Ft. Myers 215 Tony D's NDE  9 yo hit by car.  Saw body.  Saw friend who he knew from before this universe was created.  Saw past and future.
USA Florida Gainesville 1534 Deirdre P NDE 3463 Head injury from falling out of car.  Darkness.  Felt presence.  Felt great peace.
USA Florida Gainesville 6420 Lillian K Possible NDE 6420 Was at doctor’s office.  Suddenly in dark void.  Saw light.  Went into light, and was in a pink lotus.  Felt love she never felt before in her life (was from abusive relations).  May have had inexplicable healing.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  
USA Florida Gainesville 2275 Lisa T Probable NDE 4515 Drug overdose (not specified) in suicide attempt. Thought she heard deceased baby crying. Into light.  Did not feel judged about suicide attempt. Heard police officer yelling at her. Less consciousness than usual, so I am not sure she was unconscious at time of this experience. Cannot rule out drug experience. 
USA Florida Hobe Sound 2035 Diane H NDE 4156 Auto accident.  Encountered deceased mother in law and grandmother.  Told her to go back for Amy (lesbian partner).
USA Florida Hudson 1670 Judy H NDE 3669 Tubal ligation.  Cardiac arrest.  Beautiful meadow- crossed creek and knew all knowledge.  Mountain with city on it.  Was told she could not climb mountain (interesting boundary concept).  Saw husband crying on outside hospital as future vision.
USA Florida Interlachen 1589 Sara H NDE 3552 Pulling central line, bleed, coded.  Toward light.  Loved the feeling.  Doctor said he saw Jesus at foot of bed who said it was not her time.
USA Florida Jacksonville 546 Derric B's NDE 2103  
USA Florida Jacksonville 1850 Gordon M NDE 3905 Shot with shotgun.  OBE over body.  Life review with all negative interactions of his life.
USA Florida Jacksonville 1079 Jennifer NDE 3044 Falling tree hit her.  Saw light.  Felt presence of deceased relatives- thinks they may have helped move her to safety.
USA Florida Jacksonville 1008 Wendy C NDE 2897 OBE- Saw self.  Met Father.  Heard heavenly music.
USA Florida Key Largo 2427 Michael F Probable NDE 4792 Age 15. Stabbing. Into area with about a dozen people behind pews or podiums. Prolonged interaction. He has written a book about this. Some of it is a little nutty. No clear imminent life-threatening event. 
USA Florida Key West 348 John M's 870 & 2044 head injury with skull fracture.  OBE -- flew around the room -- saw spiritual being working on his body.  Was told(sternly) he was to be careful, stop flying around, and get back into body.
USA Florida Kissimmee 1640 Janet J NDE 3634 Surgery complication.  OBE above body.  Saw family in waiting room.  Was at river with people calling to her from other side.
USA Florida Lake Mary 1233 Lou P Probable NDE 3335 Severe accident.  OBE while in traction.  Not sure if there was imminent life-threaten experience at this time.  Is the subject of a book.  Was very frightened as he had OBE and went down hospital hall.
USA Florida Lake Park 891 Jackie H's NDE 2690  
USA Florida Lake Worth 419 Maggie S's NDE 971  surgery, heart attack, pneumonia.  In great pain, then to Meadow, saw mother, but she would not look at her.  Saw friend she thought (suicide) -- but saw it was Alfred Hitchcock.  Woke in enormous pain.  I wonder if this was more pain related than NDE.
USA Florida Lake Worth 1156 Sylvia D NDE-Like 2652  
USA Florida Lake Worth  2293 Dani C NDE 4556 Age 15. Suicide attempt with pills and alcohol. Toward light, and felt joy. Was told to go back since it was not her time. 
USA Florida Lake Worth  2073 Stephen P NDE 4240 Seizure.  Pleasant feelings.  Engulfed in light.  Was told it was not his time.
USA Florida Lakeland 507 Jeffrey C's NDE 2057  
USA Florida Land o Lakes 2691 William C NDE 5166 Age 17.  NG tube into lungs.  Suffocated.  Met deceased grandmother who died before they were born.  Was told could come back, but damage would be great.  Saw friends discussing auto accident they were in.
USA Florida Largo 3292 Todd N NDE 6638 Age 14.  Was being choked by older boy in ‘fun’.  OBE over body that was in street.
USA Florida Lauderdale Lakes 1337 Anika S NDE 3398 ITP and complications.  Fragmentary experiences, most profound was sense of falling.  Void.  Felt great love.  Saw tunnel.
USA Florida Leesburg 1749 Marlin C NDE 3754 Heart attack.  Bright light.  Felt love.  Felt home.
USA Florida Longwood 650 David F's NDE 2273  
USA Florida Miami 1647 Alison D NDE 3640 NeuroPsychology intern.  Anaphylactic reaction to MRI contrast.  Void, intense emotional tone.  I e-mailed her to see if it was a head MRI. 
USA Florida Miami 2199 Begona VA NDE 4565 Beginnings of a NDE from childhood.
USA Florida Miami 270 Brazilian NDE 10064  
USA Florida Miami Beach 555 Jorge V's NDE 1113 Spanish
USA Florida Middleburg 2431 Don NDE 4798 Age 12.  Illness.  OBE in room he was in.  To light.  Felt love.  Felt he met Jesus.
USA Florida Mount Dora 3294 Joan S NDE 6640 Bled after delivery.  OBE over body.  Tunnel to light with beautiful landscape (plants & trees).  Very happy but was worried about how husband would care for children.  Shared 55 years later.
USA Florida Mulberry 1810 Robin M NDE 3840 Heart attack one week ago.  Light- met deceased father.
USA Florida Naples 901 Debra J's NDE 2705  
USA Florida Navarre 2345 Eric NDE 4634 Electrocution at age 4.  To outer space into huge ‘brain’ looking center.  To ‘heavens ER’.  May have seen living cousin there.  Poorly written.
USA Florida New Port Richey 318 Heather S's 819 drowning.  Six years old.  Sank in pool.  Saw father takeoff shirt and dive in ( later confirmed).  Felt great piece.
USA Florida Niceville 2872 Christy H NDE 6048 Hemorrhage after delivery with emergency surgery.  Was in beautiful landscape area.  Met her own daughter who died eight years previously as stillbirth.  Daughter appeared 7-8 years old.
USA Florida North Fort Myers 2363 Elaine S NDE 4666 Vision at age 7, NDE at age 38 due to ruptured appendix, and ADC. NDE involved OBE to ceiling, then to the home of her prior husband.  He reported "seeing a ghost" at this time. 
USA Florida Ocala 1606 Donna S Probable NDE 3573 Cardiac arrest during electrophysiology study.  Saw white light that turned blue.  Not sure this experience was lucid- less consciousness and alertness than normal.
USA Florida Orlando 2008 Debbie P NDE 4186 Drowning at age 4.  OBE over body, then saw roundness of earth.  Beautiful colors.
USA Florida Orlando 2075 Victoria NDE 4242 Hit head, then drowned in bathtub.  OBE- saw self.  Happened less than four days ago.
USA Florida Palm Bay 2745 Lori K NDE 5241 Struck by car.  Detailed interaction with Jesus.  Large number of deceased relatives behind arch.  She learned in NDE that a relative of hers died at age 51, same age she was at the time of her NDE.
USA Florida Palm Harbor  3003 Elena E NDE 2665OBE Age 12.  Unknown illness, close to death and unconscious. OBE to corner of hospital room. Saw a nurse sticker self with an intravenous needle. Later verified this from the nurse. In OBE state, met gentlemen find podium taking notes. Gentleman told her that experience on earth is a flash though it seems long while living. Said earthly life is a vessel for evolving. Gave her a choice to live or die.  Shared 55 years later. 
USA Florida Panama City 1339 Erika K NDE 3400 Suicide attempt (bottle of sleeping pills, was in Marine Corp, yet was innersexed.  Shared as a female).  Felt pure love.  Was aware of connection of us all.  
USA Florida Panama City 1379 Kerry L NDE 3418 Overdose of unknown medication in suicide attempt.  Tunnel.  Light.  Heavenly beautiful landscape.  Saw what se calls her heavenly father on other side of gate.
USA Florida Panama City 1718 Marilyn M Probable NDE 3723 Car accident.  OBE over body during urgent surgery.  Saw five people in white coats just standing there.  Not sure if there was imminent life-threatening event during surgery.
USA Florida Pembroke Pines 3355 Patricia H Probable NDE 6737 Passenger on motorcycle in crash.  In coma for weeks.  Three angels at foot of bed.  God spoke to her revealing that her husband on the motorcycle was in heaven.  Not sure if there was a life-threatening event at time of experiences.
USA Florida Pensacola 269 Bonnie B's 755 Car accident at age 16.  Saw a bright green light.  A "him" hold her back toward her body.
USA Florida Pensacola 1906 Charles S NDE 2034OBE NDE at age 5, shared 82 years after its occurrence.  Fell off porch- OBE on top of light pole- saw mother trying to wake him up.  Returned because that is what she wanted.  OBE at age 55 while shaving.
USA Florida Pensacola 997 Jim L's Probable NDE 2845 Rheumatic fever age 5-6.  Very ill, but no clear imminent life-threaten event.  OBE- to meadow.  Bright colors and saw children playing.
USA Florida Pensacola 2303 Michael O Probable NDE 4575 Ill in hospital. OBE and was on foot of the bed. Met another being who he thought was God. Was given a choice, and he wanted to leave earth. He saw visions of his children, and chose to stay. Following this he seemed to have remarkable recovery. 
USA Florida Poinciana 2168 Maria F Probable NDE 4374 Childbirth.  Lost lots of blood, but no clear life-threatening event.  OBE over body.  Tunnel to light.  Jesus-appearing man.  Beautiful landscape.  Bridge as boundary.
USA Florida Polk City 2380 Deborah K NDE 4703 Auto accident.  OBE observations far from her physical body later proved accurate.  Felt love.  Had choice to return- chose to return for her young children.
USA Florida Pompano Beach 2608 Denise M NDE 5037 General anesthesia for surgery, and insufficient anesthesia. "Anesthetic awareness". Heard "code blue" and alarm. Floated down the path or tunnel. Saw bright light. Felt great love and warmth. The path felt familiar. Very distinct difference between "anesthetic awareness" and NDE that occurred immediately following this. 
USA Florida Pompano Beach 572 Khadija H's NDE 2137  
USA Florida Port Orange  2540 Chuck M NDE 4946 Three NDEs.  Presented one on the Biography TV channel.  All three were different.
USA Florida Port St. Lucie 2644 Daniel P NDE 5102 Was shot in criminal attack.  OBE over self.  Saw children’s faces (they were apparently living).  Several other parts of experiences as different times that may or may not have been NDE.
USA Florida Riverview 1554 Molly H NDE 3495 Cardiac arrest during surgery.  Possible inaccurate VP.  Saw self as angel child with other angels.  Saw deceased Uncle with mark on forehead- later confirmed as real when he died.  Went in Uncle’s bar and it was full of ice cream and candy.
USA Florida Royal Palm Beach 2146 Jonathan G NDE 4333 Heart attack.  Met deceased parents and pets.
USA Florida Royal Palm Beach 2435 Tatyana R NDE 4803 Abortion and heart stopped.  Down hallway.  Entered light.  Felt great peace.  Felt home.  OBE over self.  Her quote: “I don't need to verify what happened. i know it happened.How do you verify love?”
USA Florida Sarasota 3243 Carol V NDE 6567 Hypothermia at age 12.  Sleeping in her house with below 0 temperatures due to power failure.  OBE up through attic (verified what attic looked like years later).  Grandfather (who died before she was born) greeted her.  Met Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, God.  Was told it was not her time and was sent back.  
USA Florida Sarasota 865 Roger M's NDE 2642  
USA Florida Satsuma 2660 Barbara P NDE 1904ADC Auto accident.  Fragmentary description, but apparent life-threatening event in ER.  Encountered deceased people who told her to come back.
USA Florida Sebring 2800 Kelly D NDE 5323 Car accident.  Heard angels and unearthly beautiful music (she is musician).  Met Mary.  Possible miraculous healing of spine.  Sensed God.  Felt all that was bad on earth had explanation in heaven that was unknowable on earth.
USA Florida South Palm Beach 2007 Herb B NDE 4184 Motorcycle accident.  Was walking around accident scene unaware that he was OBE for awhile.  Went to ambulance, and opening developed in ambulance.  He was unable to pass through opening.
USA Florida Southwest Ranches 2365 Jim B Probable NDE 4669 In the intensive care unit due to flu. In an induced coma. Man approached him and walked with him. Man told him "your job is not finished, you must go back". 
USA Florida Spring Hill 1667 Diane B ADC 3666NDE She saw whirlwind come from father’s head at moment of his death.
USA Florida Spring Hill 3225 Gene K NDE 6538 Cardiac arrest during surgery.  Woke in dark area with feet in sand.  Hut in distance.  In hut were deceased parents and a friend who appeared decades younger.  Door in hut with light behind it.  He felt drawn, but Jesus who was present communicated that it was not his time and he needed to go back.  Felt great love from Jesus.  
USA Florida St. Petersburg 2047 Doug W NDE 4203 NDE during surgery.  In void.  Called out, and no answer.  Was angry. Then OBE to OR.
USA Florida St. Petersburg 201 Lee S's NDE drug-related.  Went unconscious than had experience.
USA Florida Stuart 3357 Susan T NDE 6740 Ablation for atrial fibrillation under general anesthesia.  Punctured heart and apparent cardiac tamponade. Cardiac arrest.  Hypothermic resuscitation.  Heard nurse talking about her face color- confirmed.  OBE over body- interesting in that she got the color wrong of the color of tubes they put down her throat (though they might have changed them).  Was in dark area with white colored part.  
USA Florida Sunrise 2440 John J Probable NDE 4807 Perforated colon and surgery.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  Two years of experience in unearthly realms.  Met soldiers he had apparently killed in the past, and they asked his forgiveness.
USA Florida Tallahassee 564 Thomas F's NDE 2117  
USA Florida Tampa 2592 James S NDE 5011 Allergic reaction. Encountered deceased relatives. Saw a beautiful city and beautiful landscape with beautiful smells. Heard beautiful, unearthly music. Flew toward city, but was sent back. Contributor is a university professor of religious studies. 
USA Florida Tampa 235 Jim C's 702 Age 14.  Fell off moving car.  Unconscious.  Void (not scary) with stars all around.  Severe head injury.  Saw own blood.  Had to give 3 reasons why he should be allowed to return.  All 3 he gave involved love.
USA Florida Tampa 885 Jim W's NDE 2681  
USA Florida Tampa 1820 Michael K NDE 3856 Suicide attempt.  In place of great sorrow.  All was black in all directions forever.  Void.
USA Florida Tampa 2109 Ray S NDE 4282 Carbon monoxide poisoning at age 7.  OBE over self- OBE observations later confirmed.
USA Florida Tampa 1851 Tara V NDE 3907 Fell off motorcycle and car ran over her.  Light- saw scenes.  Euphoric.  Both her and her boyfriend saw being with her when she returned to body who was not seen by others.
USA Florida Tavernier 1526 Margie M Probable NDE 3457 Very NDE-like experience.  Rose from bed, walked into bathroom, and collapsed.  Was found to have hepatitis, and was hospitalized for days.  No clear OBE.
USA Florida THONOTOSASSA 1262 Don T NDE 3181 About age 9.  Blood loss after surgery.  OBE- around loving beings.  Choice to return.
USA Florida Trinity 2947 Trisha S NDE 6184 Bicycle accident.  OBE seems to have started before she hit the pavement.  Light from head.  To realm with two light beings.  Was going toward orange light ahead, but was stopped.  Was told it was not her time.  
USA Florida Trinity  1897 Dave N Experience 3970 Complications after heart surgery and was in ICU 20 days.  Had episodes of respiratory arrest, but event not clearly associated with these events.  Not sure there was a worsening of his clinical condition at time of event.  OBE- down hospital hall.  Was in room of doctors, and he was unable to yell poison.  Was going down into dusty canyon.  Then beautiful landscape.
USA Florida Valrico 1747 Brian G NDE 3751 Car accident with head trauma.  Felt peace.  OBE- was given choice to return.  Markedly more alert during NDE than the amnesic episode before and after NDE.
USA Florida Valrico 6391 Tam NDE 6391 Attorney in the health care field.  Husband is physician.  Very long (45 minutes) difficulty starting her heart after open heart surgery.  Saw self in peripheral vision in OR in OBE.  Deceased grandfather was there.  Later several uncles came that were teasing to raise her mood.  Deceased father appeared, but she was estranged from father, and did not want him there.  After experience, career ruined and she is depressed.  
USA Florida Venice 2430 Rob S NDE 4797 A few days following surgery he had a cardiac arrest. It seemed to be infinite with very light bluish color. Met deceased father. He feels he saw only a small part of an infinite heaven. 
USA Florida Vero Beach 2304 Sally P NDE 4576 Infection. Felt great love. Communicated with God and felt she needed to return to raise her two young children. 
USA Florida West Palm Beach 1561 Lela L NDE 3503 Suicide attempt by hanging.  Went down tunnel, and heard her living friends saying “No”.
USA Florida Winter Garden 2739 Edward S NDE 5239 Car crash.  OBE over ambulance and self at hospital.  Apparently was communicating with hospital staff perhaps while OBE.  Was atheist, now fundamentalist.
USA Florida Winter Park 6264 Michael P ICU 6264 Typical ICU psychosis.  Very frightening, hallucinatory content, events skip around.
USA Florida Winter Park 2150 Oliver W NDE 4340 Insulin reaction.  OBE over body- saw EMTs working on him.  Tunnel near cliff- saw black dots that were assumed to be souls.  Met large figure- told it is not his time.
USA Florida   1916 Adam D NDE 3999 Age 4.  Four wheeler accident (punctured spleen).  OBE over body.
USA Florida   2535 Betty F NDE 4938 Faint.  Happened only several weeks ago.  Saw people but no faces.  Saw person standing next to her in the light.
USA Florida   619 Brian's NDE 2198  
USA Florida   1945 Charis M NDE 4040 Suicide- overdose with 100 sleeping pills.  OBE over her body.
USA Florida   2706 Chris O NDE 5184 NDE at age 7 due to fall from bridge.  Saw two of himself simultaneously, and asked ‘what are you doing here?’.
USA Florida   2012 Frank G NDE 1670ADC Motorcycle accident.  At gates of heaven, knocked, but was told he needed to go back.  Says he can remember all of this, but cannot remember what happened last week.
USA Florida   2826 Glenna C NDE 5367 Heart attack.  To bright light with other people there that knew her, but she did not know them.  Was sent back for some special reason, but she does not know it.  I have tried so many times to explain how the bright ligh was like and I know my colors well for I also paint  and I still can not get close to the light I seen
USA Florida   1517 Jennie NDE 5 Respiratory arrest. In void.
USA Florida   2119 Joe A NDE 4303 Head injury.  OBE over body.  No other components of NDE.  Only recently is he thinking about experience.
USA Florida   2961 Mary B Probable NDE 2643OBE Accidental overdose of ‘pills’ and alcohol.  Saw upper body rise and saw deceased mother on other side of invisible fence.  Was waiting for her to cross fence to mother’s side to look for deceased brother together.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Florida   2518 Mike I Jr. NDE 4919 & 4943 Auto accident.  Wants to get the word out about his NDE.  OBE to outer space.  Saw space phenomena.  Felt love and connectedness.  
USA Florida   2072 Robert C NDE 4239 Drowning at age 6.  OBE over self for prolonged period of time.  Tunnel, toward light.  He was light.  Panoramic life review- saw how his actions rippled.  Saw creation.  Past lives, including states that he saw an alien past life, and his life in Atlantis (INTERESTING).
USA Georgia Albany 393 Connie J's NDE car accident.  Coma.  Went to playground, children playing.  Knew why she was on earth and who she was (knowledge not retained).  Was told to come back.  Very angry at returning.
USA Georgia Alpharetta 2352 Dan P NDE 4633 & 4782 Heart attack and cardiac arrest.  Short line in front of Jesus.  Learned from Jesus’ discussion with the person in front of him.
USA Georgia Atlanta 491 Ruth's NDE 2038 Three NDEs, OBE
USA Georgia Buford 1302 Vito P NDE 3346 NDE due to ruptured spleen after auto accident.  OBE prior to going into OR, and continued to be OBE during much of surgery.
USA Georgia Cartersville 1191 Michael H NDE 3264 Surgical complication at age 16.  Was aware of heart stopping at moment NDE began.  Felt love.  Felt blended with God.
USA Georgia Cartersville 2707 Yvonne S NDE 5185 After surgery was unable to breathe.  OBE over self.
USA Georgia College Park 1475 Marcello R NDE 3449 Drug overdose, then apparent cardio-pulmonary arrest.  OBE- saw self.  Into space.  Toward light.  Hear voice ask if he was ready.
USA Georgia Columbus 2153 Ellen H NDE 4350 Suicide attempt (‘pills’) at age 15.  Was in high chair with twin sister.  Mother later confirmed this prior life memory.  Was near beautiful area, and was sent back.
USA Georgia Covington 3301 Patricia B NDE 6657  
USA Georgia Covington 2079 Sylvia R NDE 4248 Unconscious shortly after surgery.  OBE- saw self.  Tunnel.  Met deceased neighbor.  Light.  Sent back.
USA Georgia Covington 260 Tomy T's 723 Electrocuted.  Tunnel.  Landscape. With grass and trees and path.  Saw deceased grandfather.  Barrier at bridge.
USA Georgia Cumming 1506 Rick R NDE 24 NDE due to injury.  Life review.  Vision of future apocalyptic events.
USA Georgia Dallas 104 JM NDE Drowning age 9
USA Georgia Dalton 1245 Amy C NDE 3151 Gallbladder leak after surgery.  States nearly died.  Fragmentary details, but very high Greyson Score.  Difficult life review.
USA Georgia Eastman 1613 Sylvia P NDE 3585 Surgery.  In darkness.  Figure walked in.  Was told “I am not ready to go with you”.  Awoke on ventilator.
USA Georgia Ellijay 1409 Nancy M NDE 221 Asystole after angioplasty.  Saw several people standing near.
USA Georgia Ellijay 1143 Nancy M NDE 3307 Cardiac arrest.  Saw three people seeming at a distance in her room.
USA Georgia Fayetteville 2237 James C NDE 4460 Age 8 illness.  Declared dead.  Saw Jesus who wanted him to return and showed him future vision, including apocalyptic visions.
USA Georgia Gainesville 2049 Karl F Probable NDE 4214 Auto accident.  Timing of experience and its association to auto accident no described- can’t be sure experience was correlated with imminent life-threatening event.
USA Georgia Harrison 3004 Brenda H NDE 2671OBE NDE due to complication following delivery.  OBE to corner of room.  Saw tunnel with light.  Felt the same, but with no body.
USA Georgia Lindale 1453 Richard B NDE 144 Motor vehicle accident.  Tunnel.  Heard deceased father send him back.
USA Georgia Lithonia 2780 Emily R NDE 2524OBE Surgery with apparent extubation complication.  Doctor told her she died.  Saw light.  Was moving toward light.
USA Georgia Lithonia 2783 Sabrina E Probable NDE 5298 States “bleeding on the brain”.  Saw God.  Her deceased daughter was there.  God said it was his child.  Sent her back.
USA Georgia Marietta 2281 Robin W FDE 4525 Fear death experience immediately prior to auto accident. OBE over herself looking down. 
USA Georgia Mineral Bluff 2269 Charlie D NDE 4510 Car accident. Cardiac arrest at hospital. Through tunnel to light. Vision was 360°. Life review. Found that purpose of life is love. Returned over his own body. 
USA Georgia Oakwood 1912 David L NDE 3990  Severe auto accident at age 17.  Shared NDE with individual who died in auto accident.  Went to family member houses and confirmed what they were doing at time of wreck.
USA Georgia Peachtree City 2130 Lana C FDE 4438/E021610 Fear death experience immediately prior to car accident.  Saw many beautiful angels and saw light from Jesus.
USA Georgia Ringgold 307 Kathy R's 808 Two accounts.  First at age 11 near drowning.  Life review.  Her grandmother.  Second account involved seizure.  So light and heared music.
USA Georgia Ringgold 2320 Ronald M NDE 4597 Unconscious from hyperglycemia due to diabetes. For a light and an ill-defined being.  The being told him that it was not his time. 
USA Georgia Woodbine 3001 Frances Z NDE 6242 Suicide attempt (100 Tylox and alcohol).  Hellish NDE.  OBE over body as they were doing CPR.  “Fall” down dark tunnel, then felt demons ripping off her flesh.  Saw many prominent figures including Hitler, his wife, Vlad the impaler, and her father.  Returned to OBE over body in ER.  Became aware of several past lives.  She was atheist at time of experience, and not compassionate.  Now she is compassionate and an addiction counselor.
USA Georgia   3264 Anthony A NDE 6602 Two NDEs.  First due to being rear ended by truck.  Felt great peace and felt presence behind him.  Second NDE due to injection for cervical spine anesthesia.  Felt great peace.  Like many beams of light from center.  
USA Georgia   2053 Rita S NDE 2173OBE NDE at age 3 from near drowning.  OBE over pool.  Multiple other OBEs, many of which are dreams.
USA Hawaii Hilo 842 Hijo H's NDE 2601  
USA Hawaii Honolulu 1047 Cory P NDE 2963 Near drowning.  OBE.  Was pulled in by boy in water, but his friends said he swam back alone.
USA Hawaii Honolulu 823 Kenneth N's NDE 2559  
USA Hawaii Honolulu 1761 NT NDE 3770 Accidental asphyxiation during sex.  Felt movement in dark.  Then saw light in the distance.  Felt it was neutral or evil.
USA Hawaii Keaau 960 Filiesha L Probable NDE 2821 Anesthesia for repair of facial fracture.  No definite imminent life-threatening event.  Very detailed NDE-like elements.
USA Hawaii Keaau 1405 William R NDE 232 Suicide.  Multiple medicines.  OBE in OR- saw them pronounce him dead and tag his big toe.  Life review.  To library of knowledge.
USA Hawaii Lihue 1977 Jerry S NDE 2125OBE OBE from NDE after being struck by a car
USA Hawaii Ocean View 2265 Nettie P NDE 4503 Childbirth.  Blood loss.  OBE over self.
USA Hawaii Paia 368 Nancy H's 897 nitrous overdose in dentist office.  OBE, through space to edge of golden light, met friend who committed suicide.  Profound peace and love feelings.  Very transformative.
USA Hawaii   2300 Lylia P NDE 4568 Head injury at age 3. Felt hot doorknob, and later she had a house fire. Saw strict looking woman, and her mother was in front of a judge in one month. Interesting future visions. 
USA Hawaii   2507 Nani NDE 4907 Apparently two NDEs.  Only one seems described.  Surgical complications.  OBE in room.  Then to clear white area.
USA Idaho Boise 1400 Daniel A NDE 241 Cardiac arrythmia.  Life review.  Universal knowledge.
USA Idaho Boise 103 Daniel E's NDE Life review.  Deep knowledge.
USA Idaho Boise 1433 G. Bryan B NDE 184-185 Several accidents.  To being.  Light.  Life review.
USA Idaho Garden Valley 2996 Mindy T NDE 6238 Car accident.  Severe trauma.  Into light feeling great love.  Felt she knew everything.  Felt ‘dead’ for 18 months after trapped in a frightening afterlife- was PTSD.  Interesting distinction between physical hearing and OBE hearing
USA Idaho Idaho Falls 1921 Don C NDE 4009 Age 15- bled out during surgery.  Saw beautiful throne.  Was told his life would be hard- and it was.  In OBE saw mother crying in hallway- confirmed later as they told her she was dead.  He is aware he will die during revolution that will lead to another country controlling the United States.
USA Idaho Malad 1787 William E Father NDE 3809 NDE Second person account (father).  Happened in 1919 when he was 18 due to typhoid fever.  Met deceased relatives who sent him back.  Very transformative.
USA Idaho Nampa 6346 Roy T NDE 6346 Heart was chemically stimulated during cardiac stress test.  Chest pain resulted, and he went to ER where he passed out.  Saw bright light in corner of room.  Saw two spheres of light that were deceased relatives.  
USA Idaho Parma 852 Ann S's NDE 2617  
USA Idaho Pocatello 1080 Glenda H NDE 3045 Car accident and nearly drowned.  Merged with light.  Felt great love.  Very detailed life review.
USA Idaho Post Falls 2088 Bill C NDE-Like 4263 Was ready to sleep, but vision of light, deceased relatives.  Talk in telepathy.  Golden arch boundary- he put foot into area, and felt infused with light.
USA Idaho Star 1376 Riki Stepfather, Lee NDE3410 Second person account.  NDE from deceased stepfather.  OBE above self, saw own resuscitation.
USA Idaho Twin Falls 1067 Mark M NDE 3017 At age 5 nearly drowned.  OBE-saw self on beach.
USA Illinois Addison 2387 Fred G NDE 4722 Unconsciousness from an unknown cause. OBE. Saw himself down at a bus stop. Encountered God. God's influence helped him to stop using alcohol and taking drugs. 
USA Illinois Alpha 2360 Lisa C NDE 4661 History of cardiac arrhythmia. Felt heart being irregular. Passed out. Was walking down the pathway with beautiful sky and pleasant feelings. Feels guilty that she was aware that she was dying but did not have thoughts for her children. 
USA Illinois Alsip 225 Tom B's 685 Toxic gas and smoke (house fire).  Awoke to find he was out of house on ground.  Place (white) of love all around and through him.
USA Illinois Ava 2536 Michael C Probable NDE 4939 In surgery.  General anesthesia.  Saw self in hospital gown laying on ping pong table (which he played a lot).  Heard dad say everything would be all right.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Illinois Beach Park 993 Oscar T's NDE 2876 Electrocution.  OBE- saw self.  Felt wonderful feelings.  Life review.
USA Illinois Bloomingdale 2889 Helena K Probable NDE 6116 Sternum pain.  No other details.  To ER- multiple pain medicine injections.  OBE over body.  Felt great peace and joy.  Returned to body when boyfriend shook her.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Illinois Bourbonnais 2402 Karen P NDE 4742 Emergency caesarian section. Bled heavily after this. Priest gave her last rites. Was surrounded by brilliant white fog. Felt great peace. 
USA Illinois Broadview 2908 Glenn F NDE 6144 Ruptured common bile duct.  Coded under general anesthesia.  Met deceased father- he had both his legs, and he lost them due to diabetes before he died.  Quote: “i remember the air was so clean. and i felt light as a feather. my father and i talked, we laughed, it felt so good to see him. he was young and healthy. i remember he had his legs again! (he lost both legs to Diabetes before passing.)  as incredible as this all might sound it was real. i swear on all that is good in me. it was real. there is a afterlife. i'm sure of it.”  
USA Illinois Brookfield 1002 Joseph V NDE 2879 NDE due to near drowning at age 8, 54 years ago.  Saw a light.  First time in life he has shared this much detail.
USA Illinois Centralia 211 Mike R's NDE 7 years old.  Dehydration.
USA Illinois Centralia 6267 Sheila EP NDE 6267 Age 16.  Auto accident with broken neck.  In comforting black void.  Later OBE over body and saw group of neurosurgeons talking about her.  Through upper floors of hospital- later she seems to have verified these observations.  Jesus-like figure.  Library area and life review.  
USA Illinois Chicago 1573 Andy D NDE 3524 Heart attack.  Felt great peace.  Higher consciousness.  Apparent OBE, though not visually corroborated.
USA Illinois Chicago 6398 Caren M NDE 6398 Choked by boyfriend.  Into a color blue.  Saw her sister in unearthly realm who was alive at time of experience and still is.  Realized how important her sister was, and that is why she returned.
USA Illinois Chicago 2676 Fran E NDE 5140 Heart attack with two cardiac arrests. Into a dark room. Saw a pinpoint of light. Beautiful crystals of light began coming through small opening. Contributor is a nurse.  She says: “It defined many of my relationships. Some became closer. Some ended.  I found out who and what really mattered.”
USA Illinois Chicago 2909 Paula Y Probable NDE 6143 Open heart surgery.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  In park and deceased cat jumped into her arms.  Cat then went to bench where her deceased grandfather was.  Grandfather waved her away without looking at her.
USA Illinois Chicago 283 Pozy M's 752 Polish
USA Illinois Chicago 1060 Sandra J NDE 2987 NDE under anesthesia for bleeding after childbirth.  OBE- intense feelings.
USA Illinois Chicago Ridge 1801 Jamie N Probable NDE 3829 Peritonitis with ruptured colon.  Not sure if imminent life-threatening experience at time.  Met angel who told her everything would be all right.
USA Illinois Crestwood 1622 Bill B NDE 3596 Truck accident.  Life review from moment of birth.  Tunnel & light.
USA Illinois Dupo 631 Jule L's NDE 2241 Allergic reaction to sodium pentothal.  4 NDEs in 4 straight years.  Experience progresses from frightening to pleasant.
USA Illinois Elk Grove Village 2842 Paula M NDE 6023 Car accident.  Met deceased grandparents that told her to fight to stay alive.  Saw vision of her children at her own grave.  Was told she needed to finish what she was put on earth to do.
USA Illinois Harvard 1362 Ruth M NDE 342, 343 Atrial fibrillation two months after heart attack.  Tunnel, saw many lights.  Felt peace.
USA Illinois Ingleside 2931 Susan T Probable NDE 6165 Probable NDE.  Severe auto accident.  Felt that she knew that she was “somewhere else”.  Possible ICU experience.  Felt it was not her time.  Filled out form per consciousness after experience rather than during experience.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Illinois Medinah 818 Jasun E's NDE 2548 Two NDEs described
USA Illinois Mode 470 Karol S's NDE 1036 five years old.  Tetanus being treated as spinal meningitis.  OBE, all wearing white gown.  Reached area with at least eight people.  They said it's not her time.  She returned.
USA Illinois Mount Carroll 391 John B's NDE 14 years old.  On bicycle, hit by car.  OBE -- saw self on pavement, then returned
USA Illinois Mt. Vernon 2208 Steve W Probable NDE 4418 Motorcycle accident with head injury, then coma for few days.  Not sure if experience was at time of imminent life-threatening event.   In room with dying lambs.  Floated up, felt very positive feelings.
USA Illinois Niles 6288 Anne N NDE 6305 Lupus with multiple organ failure.  In medically induced coma.  In dim room, and presence of God was there.  Was asked (in a way) if she was ready to go through door and die.  She does not recall decision, but returned to body.  Remarkable number of organ failings recovered and her lupus appears to have resolved
USA Illinois Normal 2041 Edie F NDE 4167 Delivered twins and had hemorrhage after.  Rows of lights, then ‘Joker” (like on playing cards) at end of tunnel.
USA Illinois Palatine 700 Fena D's NDE 2374  
USA Illinois Pekin 3217 Fergus J NDE 6524 Heart attack and cardiac arrest.  In strange place.  There were three rails- top was white.  Many people beyond- recognized some as his parents (he is 78 at time of experience).  Arch with path through it.  Path sloped up toward bright light in the sky like from a distant city.
USA Illinois Schaumburg 909 Bryan Z's NDE 2725 Head injury.  Several experiences over several days.  Life review.  Very transformative.
USA Illinois Schaumburg 96 Kathleen B NDE  Childbirth.  OBE- felt love, saw lady in dress in 1800's dress - may have been maternal Grandmother.
USA Illinois Terre Haute 6373 Kiki Probable NDE 6373 Bike accident and hit head on tree.  Felt peaceful.  Felt pulled toward light, but didn’t seem that clear in experience.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  Contributor is attorney.
USA Illinois Waukegan 6378 Michele M NDE 6378 Age 16.  Struck by car.  Saw only clouds and blue sky.  Felt great peace.  Quote: “there is a world beyond this and we will go there....everyone goes there...”  “when I was young at that time, taught that God is a judgmental being, and when I was there, I encountered a place of Love, and Light....nothing judgmental.”
USA Illinois Woodstock 1612 Kathleen S NDE 3582 Insulin overdose.  Two heart attacks.  Sheet pulled over her.  OBE- saw doctor tell husband she died & saw husband go outside building & yell.  Met deceased relatives.
USA Illinois   2940 Carmen J NDE 6176 Allergic reaction from drinking bee pollen and raw juice.  Vomiting, then unconscious.  OBE over body.  Heard her name being called, faintly at first, then louder.  Returned to body.
USA Indiana Anderson 1090 Montse M Possible NDE 2933  
USA Indiana Bremen 1137 Chuck K NDE 3290 Anaphylactic reaction.  Initially in hellish realm.  Light of God came and rescued him.  Profound life changes after this.
USA Indiana Carmel 3283 Nerka E NDE 6625 15 minutes after delivery lost consciousness.  Down dark tunnel.  Life review.  OBE over body.
USA Indiana Carmel 2105 Sylvia D NDE 4278 Ruptured cerebral aneurysm.  Light.  Was in field with grandmother picking beans.  Was sent back.
USA Indiana Columbus 1542 Debra C NDE 3477 Alcohol and other drugs at concert.  Unconscious.  OBE above stadium.  Life review.  Saw mother wailing if he died.  Choice to return.
USA Indiana Corunna 1767 Haley L NDE 3778 Truck accident and blood loss.  OBE- saw self.  Aware of light, but would not look at it.  Went down road away from light.  Then awoke in medical helicopter.
USA Indiana Corydon 2062 Kim C NDE 4230 Unconsciousness from unknown cause.  OBE- saw self in couch and others.  Positive emotions. 
USA Indiana Danville 1703 Russell P NDE 3705 Overdose due to unknown medication.  Light- in black place.  Heard it was not his time & returned.
USA Indiana Elkhart 4 Twenty Years Later NDE due to accidental medication overdose.  Very detailed NDE.
USA Indiana Evansville 1171 Norma C NDE 113/116 Suicide attempt (Wellbutrin and tylenol).  OBE- saw self.
USA Indiana Fishers 6274 Jill J NDE 6274 NDE due to pericardial effusion.  OBE over body watching nurses.  Was in arms of Jesus (was not a practicing Christian at time).  Had choice to go to heaven, returned for sake of parents.  Now thinks of Jesus often.  First time they have written this- want to share this before they read other NDEs.  
USA Indiana Fountaintown 6425 Melissa H Probable NDE 6425 Drug and alcohol overdose.  OBE over body.  Felt angel near.  Very Christian fundamentalist in tone.  Possible drug/alcohol experience, so probable NDE.
USA Wisconsin Plover 6436 HD NDE 6436 NDE at age 14 and shared at age 14.  Happened about 2 weeks ago.  Took spice.  Unconscious.  Life review seeing bad things she did.  Met Jesus and deceased grandfather.  Was told to take it all back and this was your last chance.
USA Wisconsin Sheboygan 6297 Paula S NDE 6297 Acute pancreatitis.  Loss of consciousness.  Tunnel with light in distance.  Light became bright.  Felt great peace and love.  Met deceased relatives and friends, including mother in law that she never met before.  Grandmother sent her back.  States deceased nephew seen by father before he died was there.  
USA Indiana Greenwood 2210 Michael C NDE 4422 Heart attack.  Multiple episodes of low blood pressure (8).  Was walking down hall toward white light, about to open door when adrenaline brought him back.
USA Indiana Hammond 1084 Christopher R NDE 3056 Electrocuted at age 7-8.  Went through tunnel with bricks.  Being of light at end sent him back.
USA Indiana Huntington 2549 Randall S NDE 4955 Age 6 carbon monoxide poisoning.  CPR.  With beings to city.  Shown knowledge, but not allowed to keep it.  Was shown 4 tunnels, and could choose.  Has been on TV and is working with Greyson.
USA Indiana Indianapolis 2441 James C Probable NDE 4809 Accident (cut on glass) with blood loss.  Saw light- calming.  No OBE at time, and not sure he was unconscious at time.
USA Indiana Lafayette 2426 Randall C NDE 4788 Nurse inadvertently turned off this pacemaker that was required for his heart to beat. Immediate cardiac arrest. Immediately went to dark place and had a feeling of complete peace and mild euphoria. Interesting accidentally induced NDE. 
USA Indiana Logansport 1489 Bob C NDE 75 NDE due to near drowning.  Saw doorway with other beings.
USA Indiana Nashville 1946 Pattie T NDE 4047 Hit by van while on bike.  Beautiful landscape and buildings.  Was told he needed to go back.
USA Indiana New Albany 2555 Jean K NDE 4964 Exceptional archive NDE.  Bronchitis and respiratory arrest.  Tunnel with door at end.  Sensed suffering souls in darkness below that had only to look at the light.  Saw prayers going to the light and light returning in answer to the prayers.  Saw Jesus, and was aware this was because she needed to see a ‘familiar image’.
USA Indiana Newburgh 2890 Brent M NDE 6117 NDE due to car accident while drunk.  OBE over accident scene.  Was told life would be full of trials, but if he did not return to body, he would have to start over from before birth.  His life has been difficult.
USA Indiana Plainfield 1022 Sharon D NDE 2934 Two NDEs.  One due to car accident and the other during childbirth.  Very transformative.
USA Indiana Richmond 2553 James W NDE 4962 Emergency surgery for peritonitis.  Had to be resuscitated during surgery several times.  Prior to surgery could not call family (they refused collect charges).  With companion, went to their house (I think) and saw multitude praying for him (prayers were smoke into heaven).  Contrasts ICU hallucination with reality of NDE.
USA Indiana Sellersburg 308 Roger E's 810 cardiac arrest.  Walked down cavelike tunnel (with stalactites) toward light.  Voice told him to go back.
USA Indiana Small Town 2034 Mary L NDE 4155 Age 5.  Choked on piece of candy.  OBE- saw her Grandmother dislodge the candy.  OBE observation details later verified.
USA Indiana South Bend 1142 M.R. NDE 3306 NDE at age 3 due to near drowning.  OBE- saw self.  Saw tunnel and man at entrance.
USA Indiana South Whitley 1788 Vicki P NDE 3810 Age 8.  Illness.  Apparent unconsciousness.  Tunnel toward a light.  Recognized lights as angels.
USA Indiana W. Lafayette 266 Daisy M's 734 surgery complication.  Saw a resuscitation efforts.  Tunnel, light, deceased brother and sister.
USA Indiana West Lafayette 2267 Mary S NDE 4506 10 years old.  Drowning.  OBE over body.  Saw them pull top back up on swimsuit- later confirmed.  Saw all or prior life.
USA Indiana Wheller 2498 Robert C NDE 4899 Unconscious after surgery.  Was told it was an allergic reaction.  Bright light.  Relatives approached him.  Was told he had unfinished business, he had to raise his sons (he was recently divorced).
USA Indiana   6415 Jason H Probable NDE 6415 Asthma. Saw three deceased relatives above his bed. One relative was making the same arm movements that they made on their deathbed, and she was beckoning to him. Interesting correlation with their deathbed vision. Does not describe difficulty breathing prior to experience. No clear imminent life-threatening event.  
USA Indiana   2912 Michael P NDE 6140 Car accident.  Very brief experience, but saw three figures in blue light.  One said “It’s not your time yet”.  Saw self being extracted from car.
USA Indiana   2989 Winnie J NDE 6231 Hit “funny bone” then fainted.  Hit head after faint fracturing facial bones and having a concussion.  At first felt like dream that she was continuing to do dusting.  Then suddenly different experience with two beings beside her going through space.  Was over a courtyard with pillars and beautiful floor.  People were moving in one direction as to a meeting.  She heard the sound of her son and realized that she was not breathing.  Contracted lungs, then started breathing.
USA Iowa Ankeny 2078 Mark B Probable NDE 4249 Experience in ICU and probable NDE.  Not sure if this is reaction to ICU environment or NDE (not sure if imminent life-threatening event at time of experiences).  Descended down into safe “fortresses” to escape pain of severe auto accident.
USA Iowa Atlantic 424 Judith E's NDE 979  Was in ER with cardiac arrhythmia and tachycardia.  Was given IV is medicine.  Then felt OBE, felt moving, heard "zhooommm" sound.  Then saw circle of white clouds with blue sky in the middle.
USA Iowa Cedar Rapids 86 PJ's NDE  Two NDEs.  Age 17 and 20.  1. hit on head, 2. labor compliication.  Both OBE at a distance- observed events.  Also- ADC (did not know person dead - same sense as in NDE)
USA Iowa Clarinda 2551 Holly S NDE 4958 Age 4.  Drowning.  OBE over body.  Was sad because she returned to body.
USA Iowa Des Moines 2879 Brad M Probable NDE 6101 Illness at age 3.  Not sure if imminent life-threatening event.  Met large angel that gave him choice to stay or go.  May not have been same experience, but recalls premortal existence and choosing to come to earth and his parents.  Written poorly.
USA Iowa Des Moines 1201 Kevin M NDE 3230 Nose bleed with blood loss.  Was walking down path toward fall leaved trees.  Felt peace.  Then returned.
USA Iowa Des Moines 2542 Nelson L Probable NDE 4949 Surgery at age 6 for complication of appendectomy.  OBE over table.  Mother of grandmother appeared and asked him to come with her.  He was frightened.  No definite life-threatening event.
USA Iowa Dubuque 2276 Debra B NDE 4516 Thrown from car.  Fractured left skull and brain on concrete.  Lost 10% of her brain.  Through tunnel floating toward light. Saw if deceased mother. 
USA Iowa Fairfield 2763 Leonard S NDE 5270 Illness (not otherwise specified).  OBE over body. Was adamant that he wanted to die. Passed into a light which he knew was God. He learned that he needed to live his life in order to give something back to God. This concept has been very important to him.  Rare crossing of boundary to find God.
USA Iowa Glenwood 6389 Rita A NDE 6389 Had central venous line being removed and went into cardiac arrest (air embolism).  OBE in room over body.  Though female, she thought there was a man in the bed.  Watched her own resuscitation.  Several hallucinatory experiences for the next several days.
USA Iowa Keokuk 2653 Katalin F NDE 5118 Age 16.  Drowning.  Saw body.  Through portal.  Tear dropped shape thing encountered.  Encoountered what she calls Christ.  Felt overwhelming love.  Christ said she had to go back.  She knew she could disobey, but knew that would be wrong.  Described Christ breathing air into her body to revive it.  Felt her body propelled to shore by unknown force- appears saved by supernatural force.
USA Iowa Montrose 2965 Isabel R NDE 6205 Ruptured fallopian tube with loss of consciousness. Down tunnel and was aware of beings in anguish to the side. Wanted to reach out to them, but was told that it was against the rules. Was told they could pull her in but she could not pull them out. Some husband and son in funeral clothes and said as future vision. During emergency surgery she left operating room and went through room that her husband was in. She did not know her husband was in that room. Husband described seeing her indistinctly.  
USA Iowa Muscatine 2623 Billy S NDE 5067 & 5069 Age 11. Febrile illness. Was absorbed into the light. Talked to Jesus. Was walking on a shimmering road. Was told that he had to go back because he still had things to do in his life. He believes combat and military duty was part of why he needed to return. 
USA Iowa Muscatine 2623 Billy S NDE 5067 & 5069 Being choked as part of Marine training.  OBE over body.  Saw tunnel with his living (at that time) parents on both side of the tunnel.  Pulled toward light.  Positive emotions.  Increased his conservative/fundamentalist religious beliefs.
USA Iowa Woodward 2341 Amie B NDE 4625 Respiratory arrest following surgery.  In area with other beings.  Beautiful music- heard from everywhere- yet in life she is deaf in one ear.
USA Iowa   3275 Milo N FDE 2813OBE Race car that nearly crashed as he was taking curve in road at high speed.  OBE and saw in great detail back of his head and specks of dirt in car that only a fly could see.  Apparently no crash.  Checked with two mirrors, and his back of head was as he saw it in OBE.  Got mirror and flashlight and saw dirt in car for first time as he saw in OBE.  Confirmed OBE observations in area of road.  No life-threatening event.
USA Kansas Awood 6312 Lina N Probable NDE 6312 Probable NDE.  States ‘illness’ but no other details.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  In tunnel with light at end.  Felt hand on chest and heard that it was not his time.  Hand pushed him back into body.
USA Kansas Hillsdale 1310 Malinda K NDE 3362 Grand mal seizure with cardio-pulmonary arrest.  Sensed energy field.  Overwhelming knowledge.  Now an atheist, as believes we are all God.
USA Kansas Hutchinson 46 C's NDE Rape.  Saw brilliant light then was told they would be OK.  Had gun at head.
USA Kansas Kansas City  2668 Margaret J NDE 5131 Auto accident.  Immediate experience of jumping on the clouds.  Positive emotions.  She says “I would think that to those experiencing these things no study or proof is needed Like, okay, I'm convinced, for others it may be interesting to study, until you have had one.  If they are not real, neither is anything else.”
USA Kansas Kingman 1705 Flannigan D Probable NDE 3708 Surgery at age 8.  Nitrous, then ether.  OBE above self.  Met deceased Grandma.
USA Kansas Larned 1392 Mary Lu R NDE 265 Car accident.  Met deceased Grandmother.
USA Kansas Lyons 142  Don A's NDE Heart attack.  Stood in front of door, light streamed around door to him.
USA Kansas Mulvane 2166 John D NDE 4371 Truck accident.  In darkness, and was aware of evil being coming toward him.  Extremely frightening.
USA Kansas Pittsburge 2833 Sandra Z NDE 2555OBE NDE.  Age 10- chest pain, then OBE behind herself and saw herself fall.  She was afraid her head would hit a block.  Sensed the confusion of her little sister that she had on her lap as sister’s head hit counter.
USA Kansas Pratt 273 Marsha B's 762 seizures.  Possible Valium overdose in hospital.  OBE, saw resuscitation.  Felt serenity.  Tunnel -- saw grandfather she never sought for.  Other grandfather brought picture.  She described deceased grandfather before seeing picture.
USA Kansas Sterling 1456 Toni NDE 131 Suicide attempt at age 13-14.  Took 42 pills.  Light.  Met being.  Felt great love.
USA Kansas Stockton 1234 Steve T NDE 3338 Hypertension crisis.  Cardiac arrest.  In field with lake.
USA Kansas Topeka 6395 Marlene S NDE 6395 Heart attack then heart surgery.  NDE under general anesthesia.  OBE over body in OR.  Later woke up in recovery- defibrillation.  Spiral down into darkness.  Saw bright light and thought her mother was there telling her it wasn’t her time.  She changed personality and changed jobs.  She is still very disturbed about spiral down into darkness.
USA Kansas Valley Center 1207 Mark D NDE 3203 NDE due to rodeo accident at age 16.  OBE- saw self and ambulance come to him.  Light behind him.  Knew if he looked at light he would stay. 
USA Kansas Wichita 1114 Connie V NDE 3108 Tonsillectomy at age 5.  OBE to ceiling, saw blood loss and panicked medical staff.  Experience happened 56 years ago.
USA Kansas Wichita 1260 Jerry S NDE 3177 Heart attack.  Suddenly outside house.  Felt lonely.  Saw light and man walking.
USA Kansas Wichita 1637 Wendy M NDE OBE1822 Native American.  Fell and hit head.  Saw a man who spoke in native tongue, then translated.  Saw a spirit warrior sitting with her.
USA Kansas   2911 Harold R NDE 6141 Age 4.  Drowning.  Shared 51 years later.  Vague images of people.  Bright light.  Felt great love.   
USA Kentucky Bagdad 1216 Rob D NDE 3216 Heart attack.  Met dead friends who told him reincarnation exists.  Told him we come back many times until we ascend to a higher state of being.
USA Kentucky Bronston 2107 Debbie P NDE 4280 Emergency surgery with general anesthesia after spontaneous abortion.  Cardiac arrest.  Saw cosmic question mark, and laughter.  Understood what is most important: love.
USA Kentucky Elizabethtown 2376 Monique F NDE 4694 Asthma attack. Believed that she saw God bright light behind him. Asked him repeatedly not to take her. There is some additional content prior to the NDE that may be hallucinatory. 
USA Kentucky Georgetown 2934 Jack M NDE 6168 Boat accident and drowning.  In arena like area.  Felt he was returning home.  Sensed presence that communicated that life isn’t complicated, people make it complicated.
USA Kentucky Lewisville 2071 Marian F Probable NDE 4238 Probable NDE due to nitrous oxide for dental procedure.  Not sure if there was imminent life-threatening event.  Saw light.  Felt had a choice.  Happened only a few days ago.
USA Kentucky Lexington 1958 Eric D Probable NDE 4042 On bike and was hit by car.  Saw his mother hold him.  Some parts are bizarre, and likely ICU psychosis, but he believes the earlier part was probably real.
USA Kentucky Lexington 1674 Janie G NDE 3672 Overdose of epinephrine at dentist office.  Felt loving presence by side- was woman.  Told her to breathe like when she had kids.  Told ‘no matter what happens’ she would be with her.  Helped her with breathing.
USA Kentucky Lexington 2612 Jim T Possible NDE 5043 Age 8 to 11. Dental surgery with general anesthesia. OBE to ceiling. Observed the dental procedure. No clear imminent life-threatening event. 
USA Kentucky Lexington 2226 John S Probable NDE 4449 Probable NDE due to ARDS and on ventilator.  Not sure if imminent life-threatening event at time of illness.  
USA Kentucky Louisville 379 Marilyn Y's 909 anaphylactic shock.  Unconscious, glorious golden light with people standing around -- nothing communicated.
USA Kentucky Louisville 107 Tom P's NDE Beginnings of OBE prior to resuscitation from cardiac arrest.
USA Kentucky Louisville 1550 Vicky NDE 3488 Allergic reaction.  Saw light and felt love.  Toward light, then saw brown eyed baby girl at age 1-2.  She believes this is the baby she will have in the future.
USA Kentucky Paducah 2999 Laura L NDE 6241 Loss of blood after childbirth. She refused blood transfusion. OBE over body. Was standing on a river made of liquid light. Saw grass and landscape all made of this light or the light was in it. Tremendously positive feelings.  Quote: “I believe in God. Before I didnt really. I wanted to but just couldnt fully believe. Now I KNOW He is there”
USA Kentucky Rhyland Heights 2922 Jill D NDE 6151 Motorcycle accident.  Into space and rapidly through universe.  Met person who was asking why she was there, and was ‘looking up’ (? Accidental arrival to unearthly realm).  She snuck past him and saw beautiful landscape with light shining on them.  Met 30 foot being exuding love- entered liquid around them and immediately felt at one with everything.  Quote: “The answer to the big question, “Why are we here?” is “Why not?  It’s a good idea.”  Or better yet, “Because.”  And that’s really it.” And  “The "Christians" were the most repellant.  One woman said I was in hell.  Well, if that's hell, sign me up.”
USA Kentucky Shelbyville 797 Sandra C's Fear-Death NDE 2121  
USA Kentucky Somerset 2818 Karen M NDE 5357 Cardiac arrest during emergency caesarian section surgery.  Toward light, then merged with light.  Positive emotions.
USA Kentucky Versailles 2316 Virginia D NDE 4591 Heart attack. In to counsel with 12 people. Realized we are all one with the universe. Encountered God. 
USA Kentucky Vine Grove 2651 Glenda Probable NDE 5112 States heart attack, but nothing to corroborate that she had a real heart attack.  No clear iminent life-threatening event.  Heart hurt bad, slipped down in chair, Felt OBE.  Knew she was being told to reutrn to body.  Distinctly no emotion.
USA Kentucky Walton 830 Arthur W's NDE 2576  
USA Kentucky   1990 Larry W FDE 4141 Fear death experience- OBE over combat area in Vietnam- saw himself rescue a wounded marine.
USA Kentucky   1731 Richard H NDE 3730 Heart attack.  Severe.  Transcendent experience, but seemingly much just beyond conscious remembrance.  He is psychotherapist.   Very life-changing.
USA Louisiana Alexandria 2578 Gini M Probable NDE 4995 Accident.  Broken leg and had surgery. No clear imminent life-threatening event. Apparently her father died in the accident. In experience, she was told that she could go through door and be with her father. She found out her father died after surgery, but she already knew it from her NDE. 
USA Louisiana Baton Rouge 2315 Priscilla C NDE 4589 Hypoglycemia. Saw unearthly beings that were trying to pull her to their side.  Was in a struggle. Saw a bright light and begin to move.
USA Louisiana Baton Rouge 634 Sam P's NDE 2261  
USA Louisiana Baton Rouge 645 Wayne R's NDE 2256  
USA Louisiana Belle Chasse 1332 Jason C's Fear Death 3391 Fear-death experience.  Fell while climbing.  OBE prior to impact, then after impact.  Saw surroundings as beautiful.
USA Louisiana Breaux Bridge 3228 Julie H Probable NDE 6544 Probable NDE.  Complication with bleeding after outpatient fertility surgery.  Was ill and in ICU for a week.  Doctors said she needed to regain consciousness in four hours or she would be on ‘life support’.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  Was in vehicle.  Got out of vehicle and there was Jesus.  Asked Him what he does in heaven, and He answered “I do what is required of me by the Father”    Was by river of life.  Saw bridge with people crossing it.  Asked Jesus if that was the way to heaven, and he said “yes”.  Would not go across bridge without her husband.  
USA Louisiana DeQuincy 878 Naomi F's Probable NDE 2668  
USA Louisianna DeRidder 1838 Jason N NDE 3888 Age 8.  Sleep apnea.  Tunnel, light.  Landscape where people played with lions.  Two people on a throne.  Was told to go back.
USA Louisiana Fort Polk 2448 Raymond H NDE 4826 Heat stroke.  Into void and wanted to see kids.  Sensed them.  To misty place and felt connection with all.  Was atheist at time of NDE, and atheist now.
USA Louisianna Georgetown 2009 Tommy S NDE 4187 Electrocuted.  Tunnel, felt peace.
USA Louisiana Houma 2594 Doug E Possible NDE 5017 Valium and alcohol. No clear imminent life-threatening event. Through tunnel, toward light. Was told that it was not his time. Was cast backwards. 
USA Louisiana Lafayette 2638 Lawrence J Possible NDE 5091 Heart attack. Saw bright light and felt great calming.  Is retired state assistant attorney general.  No clear imminent life-threatening event. 
USA Louisiana Lansing 2981 Catherine H FDE 6219 Was in store with a lot of money. People came in which made her very nervous. She then had a very detailed life review. She saw events that she had long forgotten. Experience was very frightening. 
USA Louisianna Metairie 1737 Jessica P NDE 3739 Car accident.  OBE over body recalled later.  Later saw police photos and confirmed it was what she saw in her OBE.
USA Louisiana Monroe 2252 Jim W NDE 4485 Age 6.  Drowning.  OBE- saw parents.  Remembered premortal existence with special person, and ability to pick the time he would be born.
USA Louisiana New Orleans 2622 David O NDE 5066 NDE due to car accident at age 5.  Met him at atheist meeting in New Orleans 2/19/11.  Encountered light.  Became aware of his mother’s anguish if he chose to stay.  Very unusual childhood/different from other children.  
USA Louisiana New Orleans 1200 James T NDE 3228 Asthma at age 5.  Tunnel.  Light.  Was instructed to walk to light and not look back.
USA Louisiana Pierre Part 649 Morgan L's NDE 2272  
USA Louisiana Rayville 2349 Sandra V FDE 2271OBE NDE due to auto accident. Life review. Saw daughter, even though she was only three months pregnant. Confirmed later it was a daughter. OBE outside of car looking in. 
USA Louisiana Sulphur 628 Romona B's NDE 2237  
USA Louisiana   6386 Connie M Probable NDE 6386 Probable NDE from town near Lafayette, LA.  Anesthesia for delivery.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  Met deceased maternal grandfather who only spoke French and she only spoke English, yet she understood him.  Tunnel.  Bright light recognized as God.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  
USA Louisianna   1777 Lacey D NDE 3798 ATV riding.  Flipped and hit head.  OBE above body.  Saw herself saying “Owww” from OBE.
USA Maine Auburn 583 Anthony M's NDE 2151  
USA Maine Brunswick 1083 Olma S NDE NDE due to blood loss due to colon cancer.  OBE above earth.  Encountered being.  Was told meaning of life, but memory taken away.
USA Maine Gorham 1563 Michelle P NDE 3505 Was shot by boyfriend.  OBE- saw self.  Saw light.  Being beckoned her.
USA Maine Harmony 2738 Linda D NDE 5238 Age 13.  Hit by car.  In void aware of herself.  Moved to barrier, and was told to go back.  Returned to her body while she was screaming.
USA Maine Kittery 1419 James B NDE 214 Auto accident.  OBE- saw Native American women lying down.  White bird arose from her body.  Later met a Native American professor who told him all of his experience.
USA Maine Poland 2374 Lillian H Probable NDE 4685 Brain aneurysm. Was not conscious for several days. Cannot be entirely sure that this experience was a dream. Saw man sitting on rock talking with babies. Was told that she had not done her assignment and had to go back. 
USA Maine Rumford 785 John F's NDE 2501  
USA Maine South Portland 2903 Kaleen NDE 6131 Passed out after donating blood.  Into beautiful vast open field with amazing colors.  Met deceased maternal grandparents.
USA Maine South Portland 2817 Regina D NDE 5354 About age 6.  Drowning.  OBE in front of parents on beach- what she saw was partly correct and apparently partly incorrect.  “My visuals were different than normal and it is very difficult for me to explain how.  Some spots had color and some did not and the color seemed to float around while still retaining the shape of the object.  It is very different than how I see images in my mind.  In my mind I can add or remove objects and the colors are solid and don't float.  
USA Maine Waterville 2480 Cheryl O NDE 2372OBE Spontaneously going unconscious and having OBEs
USA Maine Westbrook 2322 Julia J NDE 4599 Age 7.  Fell with head injury.  OBE over self.  Met deceased grandmother.  She is hospice nurse, and sometimes tells her patients about this.
USA Maine   462 Karen B's NDE 1066 allergic reaction.  In total darkness -- felt like a soft glove holding her.  Was worried she did not say goodbye to family.  Her voice say "they already know".
USA Maryland Baltimore 1322 Dennis G NDE 3377 Auto accident.  Body tossed around.  Bright light- OBE- saw wrecked car.
USA Maryland Baltimore 1803 Michelle J Probable NDE 3835 Tumor (benign) near trachea.  Difficulty breathing at night.  OBE- saw self and dark figure.  Called out to Jesus.  Bright light appeared.  Not sure if imminent life-threatening event.
USA Maryland Clements 944 Chrystal W NDE 2796 Car accident.  In beautiful field with another man.  Also auto accident without clear NDE described.
USA Maryland Cumberland 849 David M's NDE 2614  
USA Maryland Edgewater 2559 Ted M NDE 4969 NDE due to being shot in head between eyes.  Cardiac arrest later.  OBE to space going further and further out.  OBE over self and OBE during hospital ride to hospital where he coded.  In multitude of alien souls heading toward light in hope of redemption.  Ride with person in boat across water.  Life review, not only of his life, but of relatives.   
USA Maryland Elkton 2134 Lee K NDE 4310 NDE at age 3 due to febrile seizure with aspiration.  OBE over body.  Remembered vividly 47 years later.
USA Maryland Frederick 3193 Astrid/Eliana NDEs 6490 Exceptional archive.  Infant nearly died at 2 and 9 months.  At age 3, she shared stunning accounts of her experience.  
USA Maryland Hagerstown 530 Angela S's NDE 2084  
USA Maryland Hagerstown 3191 R.A. NDE 6492 Choked by jealous girlfriend at age 18.  Life review.  Tunnel.  Felt presence of deceased acquaintance.  
USA Maryland Hollywood 2339 Stuart F NDE 4622 Drowning at age 6. Shared 65 years later. Was going up into great bright cloudy very blue skies.
USA Maryland Parkville 2891 Ana R NDE 6118 Severe febrile illness after delivery.  OBE over body.  Life review with only the sins she committed and burdens she carried.  Dark void with pain and yearning.  Felt this was permanent hell.  Later believed God gave her another chance, and she became very Christian fundamentalist.  Became much more compassionate person.
USA Maryland Pasedena 2233 Gary T NDE 4456 Heart attack.  Saw light.  Said ‘Oh shit’ and was heard by nurses.  He might not have been unconscious at time- may not have had imminent life-threatening event at time.
USA Maryland Pasedena 2215 Ralph B NDE 4429 Boiler explosion with burns 100% body.  Met deceased grandfather (rabbi) he had never seen before.  Had future awareness of girlfriend breaking leg- it happened.  Had vision from mother not to have doctors remove his legs.  He danced with nurses, and did not have legs removed.
USA Maryland Silver Spring 6265 Dwight M NDE 6265 Age 17.  Drowning.  In a tunnel like the Bosch painting “Ascent of the Blessed”.
USA Maryland Silver Spring 2737 HD M Possible NDE 5237 Near drowning at age 17.  Had sense of looking out and sensing rapid movement.  No other description.  Not sure it’s an organized experience with separation of consciousness.  Some commercial interest.
USA Maryland Sparks 1908 Stacy D NDE 3985 Barbiturate overdose.  Saw person who seemed familiar in OBE state.  Apparently very positive feelings.
USA Maryland Stevensville 1161 Roland D NDE 3280 Heart attack.  I think he was a Presbyterian minister at the time of event.  OBE.
USA Massachusetts Acton 1560 John C SOBE 3526 About age 3, shared age 14.  OBE prior to falling into pool.  Apparent bilocation of consciousness.  Lower consciousness than normal- can’t call NDE.
USA Massachusetts Amherst 2733 Robert J Probable NDE 5226 Febrile illness at age 4. OBE to ceiling. No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Massachusetts Arlington 6293 Evie D NDE 6293 Age 15.  Suicide attempt (antidepressant medication).  OBE over body- saw ambulance coming.  Felt she had a choice to make- she chose to live.  Found meaning and purpose in life that she did not know before.  
USA Massachusetts Billerica 966 Andrew S's NDE 2829 Allergic reaction.  OBE- felt peace.  Sensed light and presence of feminine being.
USA Massachusetts Boston 2504 Harold T NDE 4904 Heart attack. OBE over body and saw EMT try to resuscitate him. Into life. Smoke like beings pass through him, and he understood memories from them. Interestingly, he currently thinks his experience is probably not real. 
USA Massachusetts Boston 1952 Ki R Possible NDE 4066 Dream, but markedly NDE-like with OBE, unworldly realm, felt love.
USA Massachusetts Brockton 1387 Lisa B NDE 273 Kicked in head by horse.  Life review.
USA Massachusetts Byfield 2712 Pamela J NDE 5192 Complications of childbirth. Saw a bright light, and was being drawn to the light. Felt that was not her time.
USA Massachusetts Danvers 133 Leah NDE Appendix burst and allergic to latex in surgery
USA Massachusetts Easthampton 2090 Judy G NDE 4267 Viral illness and hyperglycemia.  Was very frightened by approach to light- was not ready.  Deceased relatives.
USA Massachusetts Falmouth 2307 Diane L NDE 4580 Drowning at age 14. OBE, saw herself in the water. Life review. 
USA Massachusetts Fitchburg 1043 Steven T NDE 2956 Ventricular fibrillation, then in room with three medieval knights.  One said “we need him now” another said “it is not his time”.  He returned.
USA Massachusetts Great Barrington 6468 Linda C Possible NDE 6468 After caeserian section had blood clot in leg.  Bed rest.  Floated out of body over body.  Unearthly light.  Blades of grass lit from inside.  Felt ‘threaded thru’ with love.  Sent back.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Massachusetts Haverhill 3200 Roland B NDE 6503 Electrocution at age 13.  Shared 53 years later.  Into fog-like area with familiar beings around.  Toward light.  Life review.  Heard ‘what good have you done with your life’.  
USA Massachusetts Hyde Park 2158 Robert B Probable NDE 4358 Surgery complication.  States dead over one minute, but I can’t corroborate that with comments he sensed in surgery.  Nurse reached into his body and hairs on her body hurt him (no way- would be sterile field).  Not sure of life-threatening event.  Somewhat poorly written, but met enormous being.  Life review with awareness of what others felt.
USA Massachusetts Lowell 2517 Rachel Probable NDE 4918 Few second episode of likely cardiac origin.  Saw something white leave her body and formed her own form.  No sound.  Felt good.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Massachusetts Melrose 6478 Samantha F Probable NDE 6478 Difficult delivery.  Shared 50 years later.  During delivery had bright white light surrounding her- knew it was God & felt great joy!  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Massachusetts Methurn 130 Arthur B NDE "Dream" but not clear iminent death.  NDE-Like imagery.
USA Massachusetts N. Quincy 2297 Margie A NDE 4561 Childbirth. Saw large room that she knew did not exist in that hospital (unrealistic OBE observation). Loss of blood. Went to and went into a soft pinkish -- golden presence. 
USA Massachusetts Newton 2268 Helen D NDE 4507 Age 9.  Drowning.  Asked if there was on right religion- told it was what in the heart that mattered.  Told purpose on earth was love.
USA Massachusetts Norwood 707 Donni H's NDE 2385  
USA Massachusetts Pittsfield 465 Robert M's NDE 1038 heart attack in emergency room.  Felt a sinking down through stretcher, and OBE -- verified what saw later.
USA Massachusetts Plainfield 2613 Charlotte A NDE 5049 Blood loss following double mastectomy.  Initially frightening darkness and void.  Felt encompassed by light and was given the knowledge that all would be fine.
USA Massachusetts Pocasset 1950 Lisa Possible NDE 4061 Anorexia Nervosa.  In hospital with pneumonia.  Woke at night and saw self.  Dialogue with Jesus who told her not to do that again.
USA Massachusetts Shutesbury 2506 Brice W NDE 4906 Complications following surgery in Air Force hospital. OBE over that area. Life review. Was aware of many possible future outcomes. Was aware that he would forget many things he knew in the afterlife, but the memory of these things would return during his earthly life. 
USA Massachusetts Taunton 2701 Joe M NDE 5180 Age 17.  Drowning. Felt the piece and enveloped by darkness. Positive emotions. OBE watching lifeguard give him mouth to mouth resuscitation.
USA Massachusetts Webster 6283 Lisa K NDE 6283 Under general anesthesia to correct atrial fibrillation. Cardiac arrest.  Felt was in white room.  Felt great love.  Heard panic and equipment being dropped.  No pain, did not want to come back (and feels quite guilty about this).  
USA Massachusetts W. Brookfield 1358 Bunny J NDE 364 Criminal attack.  Met God.  Choice to return.  Shown her own funeral, and she chose to return.
USA Massachusetts West Roxbury 1087 Barbara NDE 3059 Respiratory arrest during surgery.  Into darkness.  Felt peace.
USA Massachusetts West Springfield 1499 Claude B NDE 32 NDE due to ruptured apendix at age 5.  To unearthly realm- was offered a crown or a cup, and they chose the cup.  Contributor is Ph.D. Psychologist.
USA Massachussets Westwood 2450 Walter W FDE 4834 Auto accident.  No apparent serious trauma, but had a life review that he forgot the details of.
USA Massachusetts Worthington 2264 Heather M NDE 4501 Cocaine use then seizure.  OBE over self.  Felt she was in a pit, and had to climb a rope toward the light (life). 
USA Massachusetts   3361 Anthony N NDE 6749 Suicide attempt with antidepressant medication at age 15.  Through tunnel and sitting on ‘G-d’s lap’.  Told him that he needed to come back, it was not his time, he had things to do and experience.
USA Massachusetts   6368 George Possible NDE 6368 Possible NDE.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  Describes surgery and in coma in hospital, but don’t know when experience occurred.  Very atypical content.  Met sergeant and told them he had been given injection and might not be dead.  Up elevator into heavenly-like realm with many people headed to light.
USA Michigan Ann Arbor 1588 Fanny L Probable Life-Threatening 3551 Probable heart attack.  Felt strong emotion.  No clear OBE, though this is ambiguous.  E-mailed her asking her to seek medical attention promptly.
USA Michigan Battlecreek 6476 Francis J Shared Death Awareness 6476 Empathic shared death experience dream.  Dreamed that she was drowning (grandmother was dying of CHF and pulmonary edema).  Let go, and went into beautiful lawn/meadow where deceased grandfather was.  Was awakened by call that her grandmother just died.
USA Michigan Battlecreek 37 Rosemary's NDE Spinal meningitis age 12.  OBE to unworldly area.
USA Michigan Berlin 2907 Glenda G Possible NDE 2601OBE OBE dream vs NDE.  Ill several days after surgery.  OBE over body, found herself in house being constructed.  Attributed to bible verse of a mansion being built in heaven for us.  Met likely deceased relative.  Knew beyond door was heaven.  Universal knowledge.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Michigan Brighton 2190 Fifi T NDE 4402 NDE from sleep apnea.
USA Michigan Buchanan 3222 Jobe S NDE 6532 Electrocuted.  OBE over body.  Knew he was in God’s presence and asked Him telepathically if this was how he was going to die.
USA Michigan Clarkston 673 Beth L's NDE 2308  
USA Michigan Clarkston 2518 Mike I Jr. NDE 4919 & 4943 Auto accident.  Wants to get the word out about his NDE.  OBE to outer space.  Saw space phenomena.  Felt love and connectedness.  
USA Michigan Comstock 1457 Rica S NDE 130 Suicide attempt.  90 Elavil.  Tunnel.  Light.  Intense feelings.  Met being.
USA Michigan Deckerville 405 Bernie N's NDE 951 stroke.  Apparently unconscious -- entered void totally absent of all, even God's love.  Felt very isolated and very frightened.  Feels if there is a purgatory, he was there.
USA Michigan East Grand Rapids 1988 René A NDE 4139 Coded during surgery- OBE and saw herself open.  Saw resuscitation efforts.  Life review.  Got spiritual wisdom.
USA Michigan Escanaba 846 Vernon G's NDE 2607  
USA Michigan Flint 1333 Vincent L Probable NDE 3392 Probable NDE.  Sick, went to bathroom.  Then met person who told him he has a job to do.  Can’t be sure this was imminent life-threatening event, though probably was.
USA Michigan Grant 1206 Eileen G Probable NDE 3202 Asthma.  Closed eyes and saw vials that encompassed her.  Not sure of OBE.  
USA Michigan Gross Pointe 1652 John W NDE 3650 Accident.  Strong feelings.  Saw self in bedclothes.
USA Michigan Highland Park 1661 Christopher J NDE 3658 Age 8.  Smothered by childhood “game”.  Tunnel- light described as “blinding”.  Beautiful landscape.  Met guardian angel.  Told he was to return at age 83 (he is 20 as of 2008).
USA Michigan Houghton 1896 Jan L Probable NDE 3968 Anesthetic at age 16.  In recovery room, light, then man appeared.  Decided she would not go.  No clear imminent life-threatening event (saw staff in room away from her).
USA Michigan Jackson 2103 Grady R NDE 4276 Motorcycle accident.  Life review just before impact.  OBE over ambulance roof.
USA Michigan Kalamazoo 2897 Paige M NDE 6124 Snowmobile accident.  Hit tree at 60 miles per hour.  OBE over self.  Saw a light, and believed that if she went to light that she would go to heaven.  Quote: “One thing that was interesting is that I wear contact lenses to see as I have horrible vision. After the accident I had lost a contact lens [probably with the visor] but when I was looking down on myself I could see perfectly where as afterwards my one eye made everything blurry and out of focus.”
USA Michigan Lansing 1152 Erin H NDE 3317 Asthma.  Heard many people- then life review of scenes of her as a child.
USA Michigan Lansing 916 Pats NDE 2736 Car crash.  Lost a leg.  Saw tunnel and light with male figure at end.
USA Michigan Madison Heights 3337 Robert N NDEs 6712 Two NDEs.  Both due to cardiac arrest.  He has a book coming out in a few weeks.  Into tunnel with arms of those he loved welcoming him home.  Felt the love of God.  
USA Michigan Muskegon 584 Jim F's NDE 2156  
USA Michigan Muskegon 2289 Paul H Probable NDEs 4549 Void, then light. Two NDEs. Synesthesia. Access to library of knowledge. Life-threatening event is not well documented, and cannot be sure that he had an imminent life-threatening event. 
USA Michigan Owosso 3346 Walter N Probable NDE 6721 Passed out (pneumonia) and was resuscitated on way to hospital.  Died second time in ER.  In coma for 5 days.  States he was going toward light in tunnel, but as he got closer, light seemed further away.  Not sure there was imminent life-threatening event at time of experience.
USA Michigan Palo 1615 DW NDE 3587 Among the most profound NDEs ever.  Suicide attempt.  Encounter and detailed interaction with the Supreme Loving Being.  Exceptional archives.
USA Michigan Plainwell 2491 Karen C Probable NDE 4885 Lay down for nap, then met stepmother in apartment.  Telepathic communication.  Stepmother knew how she wanted her tea prepared, and they had tea.  Stepmother’s deceased husband there.  She had blood sugar reading of 16 on awakening, but no clear imminent life-threatening event (her recovery was too quick, possible dream).
USA Michigan Plainwell 2222 Ted S NDE 4445 Age 10.  Drowned in pool.  Was told by being with him that “the world is not as loving as you think”.
USA Michigan Port Huron 2458 Kathleen W Probable NDE 4846 Overdose of sleeping pills in suicide attempt at age 17.  Line of white giving off shards of light.  Was told “It’s not time yet”.  Very life-changing from abusive upbringing.  She recovered so quickly- not sure there was imminent life-threatening event.
USA Michigan Saginaw 2149 Larry T NDE 4338 Cardiac arrest.  Tunnel with light at end.  Rabbi (not his religion) helped him understand expeience.  Had four more cardiac arrests with no experiences.
USA Michigan Saline 2932 Jean R NDE 6166 Toxic shock syndrome.  Exceptional archive.  Markedly detailed.  Life review from perspective of those she interacted with.
USA Michigan Scottville 1241 Robert O NDE 3143 Cardiac arrest.  Saw pastoral sky.  Saw a naked lady.  Saw men playing conga drums.
USA Michigan Southgate 300 Chris D's 794 was taking five different substances.  OBE -- in this state was mad at what he saw his friends doing.  I'll of light, met "Pecos" on the alien world.  Describes world.  Returned giving CPR.
USA Michigan Swartz Creek 2354 Frank C NDE 4645 Drug reaction and cessation of breathing. OBE over ambulance. Met deceased daughter who told him that he needed to go back. Met grandmother who also told him he needed to go back for his grandchildren. 
USA Michigan Swartz Creek 2524 Marilyn W NDE 4923 Hemorrhage five days after delivery. OBE over self. Her husband was praying for her, and felt a sense of warmth at the apparent time of her NDE. 
USA Michigan Traverse City 6277 Francine W Probable NDE 6277 Suicide attempt.  Ingested many medications.  ‘Remembered’ NDE 6 months later during cranio-spinal session, so concerned memory may have been ‘induced’.  Also apparent commercial interest in having an NDE.  Was in rose petals (smelled them) surrounded by deceased relatives.  Jesus was across from her.  Was told she did good job, but needed to go back and finish.
USA Michigan Troy 2632 Robert B Dream vs. ICU Psychosis 5074 Severe cardiac arrhythmia. Experience full of hallucinatory content such as interns setting fires in the hospital and the hospital moving geographically to different states. Met living people during experience. Describes a waking at the end of experience. Initially thought experience was probably real, now believes it is definitely not real. No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Michigan Warren 3293 Corey L NDE 6639 Age 10.  Drowning.  No heart beat 55 minutes.  Met deceased relatives.  Life review.  Met Jesus and then met God (who was female).  
USA Michigan Warren 6269 Rose F NDE 6269 Age 13.  Head injury in Italy.  Floating through tunnel toward bright light. OBE over body. 
USA Michigan Wayne 2328 Samantha K Probable NDE 4607 Illness.  Apparent loss of consciousness, then was in front of Jesus and deceased mother.  Was told to return to care for father and son.
USA Michigan Williamston 291 Liz R's 781 Smoked marijuana.  Difficulty breathing and ambulance.  Heard EKG stop.  Entered white light.  Saw self in ambulance.
USA Michigan Wyandotte 1327 Patrick B NDE 3384 Fell and hit head.  OBE for prolonged period, including ambulance ride.  Was able to describe scissors used to cut his clothes.  Light present at time.
USA Michigan Ypsilanti 547 Barbara S 2102 & 5023 Drowning. Age 10. Immediately into light. Was told that we are here to learn love and gain knowledge. Was told that is what all of us are here for. Became aware that we are doing well with the knowledge part, but not with love. 
USA Michigan Ypsilanti 1685 Joseph G NDE 1856OBE Allergic reaction 50 years ago.  OBE- saw resuscitation effort.  Saw doctor stick long needle in heart.  Later told doctor what he saw & the doctor was astonished.
USA Michigan   79 David O's NDE OD on PCP and rat poison.  Very transcendent experience.
USA Michigan   2410 Jeff Probable NDE 4754 Overdose of alcohol and pain medication in suicide attempts. Through darkness, and he found out that darkness represented his depression. Toward light. Life review. Saw an event when he was four years old at the did not recall, but confirmed it with his mother. Not sure that there was an imminent life-threatening event. 
USA Michigan   2719 Kyle R NDE 5207 Choking as part of police training. OBE with sense that he was moving closer to a corner of the gym. No other NDE elements. Also describes hearing his grandmother call his name at around the moment of her death, even though he did not know that she was dying.
USA Michigan   1863 Valerie R NDE 3921 Apparent cardiac arrest during surgery.  Angel, tunnel, life review, saw herself getting CPR.
USA Minnesota Comfrey 2569 Kayleen B NDE 2430OBE Illness.  Passed out. OBE over self. Left the area and went into bedroom where her daughters were asleep. Was very angry that her ex-husband revived her. 
USA Minnesota Crosslake 2998 Nancy T NDE 6240 Age 13.  Hit by bat accidentally in head.  Female presence with her that she felt one with. Creek with bridge over it. On the other side was magical loving land. Had animals puppies and an amusement park with a Ferris wheel date of candy.  Quote: “the love emanating form this female presence and the peacefulness I felt made me greatly aware of the ONENESS of LOVE”
USA Minnesota Duluth 627 Brandelyn W's NDE 2238 Baptist Pastor
USA Minnesota Duluth 664 Bruce Y's NDE 2300  
USA Minnesota Eden Prairie 2572 Tom N NDE 4988 Vietnam.  Stung by wasps and into anaphylactic shock. Coded. OBE over body. Later verified OBE observation. He went back to college to try to learn about his experience. His conclusion is "science is going to have to let God into the picture before they come to any realistic understandings". 
USA Minnesota Elk River 2708 Erika B Probable NDE 5186 Alcohol poisoning.  Seemed to see and hear what was going on around her, though her eyes were closed and she seemed to be unconscious.  Very frightening.  No clear imminent life-threatening event, and no clear separation of consciousness.
USA Minnesota Fridley 1236 Ina P NDE 3341 NDE due to fever associated illness.  Voice led her to and off a cliff.  Was stepping through gate- OBE at end experience.
USA Minnesota Hastings 6429 Gwen J NDE 6429 Exceptional archive.  Physician (pediatrician).  Was in Peru and rock larger than the tour bus fell on the bus.  Concussion.  She later remembered experience of void (though ‘all light was there’) and merged with God.  Feels if our work is finished, we merge with God.  Returned to Peru to learn healing methods.  Decided she returned to teach others what lies after death so they will not be afraid.  Two remarkable healings of others after her NDE.  
USA Minnesota Lyle 2764 Joanie S NDE 5271 Exceptional archive. Two NDEs. First NDE due to seizure during delivery. Became aware of a life in a prehistoric time. Saw her current day grandmother, and realized they had interacting lives since the beginning of time. Some details of prehistoric life. Wolf did her, and she believes he will spirit helped her to raise her child. Her grandmother called her different names as part of a deathbed vision, which were likely the names she had prior lives. Second NDE is shared NDE. Due to bleeding out during surgery for ectopic pregnancy. Met the child she was losing, and the child said not to worry that they would return soon. Within two weeks her sister-in-law was "late" and when she delivered, she recognized it as the child she lost.
USA Minnesota Madison Lake 3216 Larry V NDE 6521 Sepsis in hospital.  Into void.  Felt he past life was negatively judged.  Speck of light became tunnel.  Heard nurse saying to wake up and awoke.  Sepsis- fever may have affected experience.  The key thing is the nurse trying to get a blood pressure and getting none.  
USA Minnesota Minneapolis 2058 Brianna C NDE 4224 Heroin overdose and fell, striking chin on counter.  Saw outline of body in orange glow.
USA Minnesota Minneapolis 1366 John M NDE 329 Electrocuted.  OBE- saw self.  Felt peace and also anger that he was in this situation.
USA Minnesota Newport 698 Brenda G's NDE 2371  
USA Minnesota Pierz 2614 Gregory W NDE 5036 Insulin reaction. To beautiful landscape and gated buildings. Although he has red -- green color blindness, he could distinguish the color green. Met Jesus. Was given information that he cannot share. 
USA Minnesota Princeton 1304 Mike S Probable NDE 3350 Bled from AVM.  Cannot correlate time of experience to unconsciousness from event.  Was in prior childhood home.  Met deceased relatives.
USA Minnesota St. Paul 1581 Bonnie C Probable NDE 3540 This is almost certainly a NDE.  Clinical death at three months of age due to illness.  At age 3 years recalled highly detailed experience consistent with a NDE.  First shared experience with mother about 42 years later who collaborated some details.  Shared 59 years after clinical death.  OBE- saw details later collaborated.  Strong positive emotions.  Not totally sure experience correlated with life-threatening event.
USA Minnesota St. Paul  2522 Wayne S NDE 4920 Seizure from unknown cause. OBE as looking through tunnel. Light behind him. He knew not to turn around and look at the light. 
USA Minnesota Sauk Rapids 3359 Kale M NDE 6746 Seizure at age 7.  OBE and watched parents carry him to the hospital.  Remembered event 20 years later and confirmed with parents what happened.  Shared 53 years later.
USA Minnesota Stillwater 732 Perry R's NDE 2435  
USA Minnesota Two Harbors 2025 Paul NDE 2145OBE Rick apparently died in car crash, was in NDE, and sent him back.
USA Minnesota Vadnais Heights 2194 Gayle V NDE-Like Experience 4396 NDE-Like experience from exhaustion.
USA Minnesota White Bear Lake 2547 Brian J NDE 4952 Unconsciousness from undiagnosed heart problem.  OBE over self- saw cat lay by him, this was confirmed with he awoke.  Strobe light.  Loving people around.  Pain he had was gone.  Heard ladies voice say he had to get up.
USA Minnesota   2318 Dave G NDE 4593 Heart attack. I saw the opening of a cave and sense that it was evil. So I path leading away from it. Believes this represented a choice. 
USA Minnesota   1698 John T Fear NDE 1868OBE Was shot in hand and arm.  OBE- Calm and white light.  Injuries were not life-threatening.
USA Mississippi Brandon 2505 Kathy K NDE 4746 Infection after surgery. Was in the operating room. OBE over self. Later correctly named many people who were attending to her. Dr. confirmed that she had died. 
USA Mississippi Greenville 2580 George K NDE 4998 Stroke/seizure. Contributor is a court judge. Was walking down a path with God. Was too frightened to look at God, but later realized it would have been okay. God said that he would be okay. God asked him to tell others about this. Attributes some of his recovery to prayer chains. 
USA Mississippi Lucedale 1049 William S Probable NDE 2965 Three experiences.  Vision of mystic mountain/beings at age 5, hit by car and into light at age 10, near plane crash with “surrender” at age 44.
USA Mississippi Moss Point 467 Alicia G's NDE 1062 NDE- 2nd hand account.  Army roommate was ill with intestinal blockage due to caeserean section.  At cardiac arrest, hospitalized.  This person was flying back on plane to her.  At 8:00 a.m. felt something come out of her head, like oblong fuzzy star, flew up to seat of car, then up to roof of plane.  later found that her friend coded at that time and had a NDE.  Her friend had massive brain damage, but always remembered the NDE -- later she died.
USA Mississippi Southaven 2221 Jeffrie D Probable NDE 4443 Nosebleed at 5-6.  Saw light over bed.  Not sure had lucid experience or imminent life-threatening event.
USA Mississippi Starkville 2759 Gina J NDE 5266 Accidental drug overdose. Down colorful tunnel. Was told in the experience that she was dead. Knew the meaning of life and the grand plan. She tried to remember it, but this was taken away on return to life.
USA Mississippi   2598 Nancy C NDE 5022 Age 12. Was playing childhood game where they breathe and exhale 10 times been someone squeezes around the chest. Breathing stopped. OBE to corner of room. 
USA Missouri Colombia 2284 Rachel L Probable NDE 4535 Septic shock. Unconsciousness. Began to float, and found herself in an old English pub. Bartender acknowledged her presence. Then she awoke. Not sure if there was imminent life-threatening event.
USA Missouri Creve Coeur 2178 Michael G NDE 4387 Drowning at age 9.  OBE over pool- Probably NOT REAL- saw empty pool.  OBE into sky.  Life review, complete.  Met golden orb.  Became Benedictine Monk after this for a few years.
USA Missouri Cuba 2115 Patricia M Probable NDE 4293 Probable NDE.  Colon rupture.  Not sure experience correlated with imminent life-threatening event.  Met deceased parents.  On beach with dolphin.  
USA Missouri Farmington 6433 Zachary G NDE 6433 Buddhist living in USA.  Criminal attack (thrown out 3rd story window).  Was in formless place with no body, but with consciousness.  Was ‘told’ that he was not supposed to be there, that he was to go back.  Was shown events in his life up to Spring 2013. 
USA Missouri Ferguson 2694 Marty M NDE 5169 Heart attack. Saw plants and blue sky materialized. Looked down over a vast area. Saw many individual areas. One flashed, and he knew that it was his life, and that he needed to come back. He was an atheist for 10 years prior to this.
USA Missouri Gallatin 131 Erin K's NDElike  Saw entity
USA Missouri Grain Valley 2104 Beth B NDE 4277 Exceptional Archive.  NDE at 7 ½ due to drowning.  Shared 50 ½ years later.  Crystal clear memory.  Life review.  Deceased relatives she had never seen.  Was able to tell her Grandmother where a missing clock key was that had been lost.
USA Missouri Harrisonville 3284 Tom A Probable NDE 6626 Dissecting aneurysm.  States he heard and saw everything during operation, but no details.  Awoke with wife over him crying.  He is not sure when NDE happened.  Was on path.  Met grandfather who pointed to another path and said don’t go there.  Saw little men attacking people on that path.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Missouri Holden 2225 Linda A Mother's NDE 4448 Daughter tells deceased mother’s NDE due to post-surgical complication.  Tunnel.  Light.  Deceased relatives.  Told it was not her time.
USA Missouri Kansas City 6342 Loni S NDE 6342 Ruptured ovarian cyst.  LOC.  In presence of Jesus.  Told she could stay, and all was well.  She remembered her two disabled children, and returned for them.  
USA Missouri Kansas City 2775 Tallulah F NDE 5287 Accident with miscarriage.  Interesting bilocation.  OBE over body, yet felt in body.  States other experiences, including LSD, reproduced experience.
USA Missouri Lebanon 3197 Angel M NDE 6499 Suicide attempt (amitriptyline).  OBE over body.  Could hear what people were saying.  
USA Missouri Maryland Heights 2554 Beth L FDE 4963 Choked on large piece of ice at age 17. Life review. She especially recalls a picture of herself at a very young age. Near-death experience. No clear loss of consciousness or separation of consciousness. Something told her to drink warm water and the ice cube went down.
USA Missouri Mexico 244 Brian S's 722 Car accident.  Met 2 deceased friends.  Saw mainly black and white.  Life review (saw his birth).  Predicted his injuries.  Several evidential observations.
USA Missouri Monroe City 2372 Robert H NDE 4659 Accident, and then on a ventilator in an induced coma. OBE -- saw a neighbor bring McDonald's food down a hospital hallway. Later confirmed that this was accurate. 
USA Missouri Nixa 1730 Ashley G Fear NDE 1909OBE Near car crash.  OBE about 100 feet away- saw car spin.  No physical injury or crash.
USA Missouri O'Fallon 2878 Jack S Probable NDE 6060 Illness, fell and hit head.  Saw light over his head, and could see everything even though it was totally dark.  Probable NDE- No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA Missouri O'Fallon 2238 Jennifer W NDEs 4462 Several NDEs age 3-5 due to abuse.  Met Jesus who told her that her life would be hell.  At another NDE met two beings that showed her love she had never known before.
USA Missouri Orrick 1979 Forbes G NDE 4105 Tire exploded.  Unconscious in ambulance.  Felt love and peace.  In different place. Heard ‘Open your eyes’, but there was nobody in the ambulance saying this.
USA Missouri St. Joseph 1878 Chris W Probable NDE 3944 Auto accident.  Saw self driving in field, and swerving to miss one tree.  This event could not have happened.  Saw self in man’s house covered with blood.  Was not clearly unconscious at time of experience, less consciousness and alertness.  Probable (at best) NDE.
USA Missouri St. Louis 1211 Juanita M NDE 3209 Bled after childbirth.  Tunnel.  Light.  Met being.  Very brief life review.  Choice to return.
USA Missouri Versailles 1953 Michael B NDE 4069 Age 5.  Shared NDE.  Fire and injuries, then coma.  In NDE, saw mother who had died in the fire, who walked into a light.
USA Missouri Walnutgrove 6307 Darla NDE 6307 Shared NDE.  Car crash.  Son with her was dead at the scene.  Felt great love.  Saw son talking to someone, and son was radiating a beautiful white light.  Reached to touch him, then heard the shattering of glass and saw her compound fracture at wrist.
USA Missouri Willow Springs 3341 Clyde S NDE 6716 Heat stroke and cardiac arrest.  Into beautiful landscape with lavender color theme.  Lady with lavender gown pushed him back into his body.  He was a Satanist at the time, and did not expect a pleasant NDE.  He now looks forward to life after death, and is non-religious.  
USA Missouri   2163 Joann P NDE 4366 Age 6 months.  Choked and passed out.  Two cherubs with her.  Were playing with her.  Beautiful landscape.  Heard voice saying “No, you are too young”.
USA Missouri   2917 Maria S Possible NDE 6145 Sleep apnea.  Lay on back, felt heavy, and heard electrical buzzing sound.  In grey mist with confetti-light.  Felt great love.  No clear imminent life-threatening event. 
USA Missouri   6367 Roy S NDE 6367 Two experiences.  Remembers being in heaven prior to being born.  Was told if want to be re-born, now is your chance.  Remembers multiple specific details about in-utero life and birth that were corroborated later.  At age 4, apparent respiratory arrest in car seat in car.  OBE in car- saw himself and adults trying to help.  Fell through bottom of car, then up.  On to top of cloud.  Met another being there who said his presence was a mistake, and he would have to go back.  Met person who said he died of a heart attack and was going to see his wife.
USA Missouri   119 William Si's NDE 541 & 2043 Three NDEs describes last one.  Tunnel, garden.  Saw Jesus (hugged him).  Learned special wisdom.  12 symbols.
USA Montana Alberton 2207 Jerry M NDE 4417 Auto accident.  OBE far above accident.  Lives in forest, and very much at one with nature.
USA Montana Belt 2151 Joe NDE 4346 Accident.  Felt peace, saw glowing light in distance.  Very briefly described.
USA Montana Billings 625 Kaylyn K's NDE 2235  
USA Montana Bozeman 6289 Evan B NDE 6289 Seizure.  States he is an atheist at time of experience and now, but definitely believes God exists.  Saw what looked like string theory, then into the universe.   Heard voice from within say "This is peace, this is love, this truth. You know what this is. You have been here before. You will be here again. Accept it, and let yourself enter it. It is time to come back."   
USA Montana Bozeman 397 Jo D's NDE allergic reaction.  Beautiful landscape, OBE, saw archangel Michael.  Returned for her children.  Experience for months.
USA Montana Butte 580 Raylene S's NDE 2147  
USA Montana Columbia Falls 2901 Cami R NDE 6132 Over 30 pages.  Little description of NDE due to head injury with OBE over self.  Few days later in hospital was breathing specially and had very deep experience.  Over 30 pages long.  Has eBook for sale.  Some proselytizing.
USA Montana Craig 1380 Deana M NDE 290 Apparent suffocation.  Into realm with children and music.  Into light.  Felt joy.
USA Montana Missoula 1271 Clark Possible NDE 812 overdose of sleeping pills.  Saw only darkness.  Blackout, but felt total serenity.
USA Montana   2060 Deroan Fear Death Experience 4227 Fear death experience immediately prior to car crash.  Panoramic life review, and future vision- one came true 20 years later.
USA Nebraska Lincoln 135 Andrew C NDE Remarkably was asked what spiritual figure to see.  Spiritual experience prior to hitting ground.
USA Nebraska Omaha 2643 Lynn S NDE 5098 Contributor is a physician. Ruptured appendicitis. OBE to corner of room. When touched, returned to her body and pain. Very influential to her.
USA Nebraska Omaha 1192 Weston G NDE 3266 Near drowning at age 9.  Angels and darkness.  Tunnel with light at end.  Met Jesus.
USA Nevada Blue Diamond 2186 Khat H NDE 4394 NDE from childbirth complications.
USA Nevada Elko 2841 Martin R Probable NDE 6020 Suicide attempt with multiple medications.  Describes falling asleep and waking up, so not sure that this was an imminent life-threatening event at the time of the experience.  Also kept switching back and forth from body into experience.  Saw self talking to old lady with vail- attributed to Grandmother.  Bright light behind door hurt his eyes.  Was told that it was not his time.
USA Nevada Elko 1187 Patrick L Probable NDE 3257 Under anesthesia.  No clear imminent life-threaten event.  Met future children.  Very transformative.
USA Nevada Henderson 1928 Cynthia M NDE 4017 Apparent loss of consciousness with OBE to outside during episode of severe hypertension.  Light even though was night.  Said ‘God I am not ready’.
USA Nevada Las Vegas 2239 Alex A NDE 4463 Drowning at age 11.  OBE over body.  Had slight glow, but had hands and fingers in OBE.
USA Nevada Las Vegas 1425 Derry B NDE 198 Auto accident.  Met Jesus.Unworldly realm.
USA Nevada Las Vegas 2114 Kathleen B DBV 4290 Shared dbv with dying grandfather.  Exceptional Archive.  The two of them holding hands were pulled toward a light.  Felt great peace.  Met God.  Felt all knowledge, felt connection of all.  Incredibly NDE-like.
USA Nevada Las Vegas 483 Marta M's NDE 2002  
USA Nevada Las Vegas 2514 Oscar D NDE 2393OBE Overdose of anesthetic at age 10.  OBE over body as they took him to recovery, then found him dead.  Met his biological parents (emailed him for details about this).  Returned to not hurt his current mother with his death.
USA Nevada Las Vegas 1907 Robert H Probable NDE 2035OBE States experience associated with accident, but details not given.  Possible NDE.  To different world.  Colors beautiful, felt great love.  Lived long time there.
USA Nevada Minden 2331 Shari G Possible NDE 4611 During anesthesia to remove an ovary- OBE to bar attached on ceiling. No life-threatening event.
USA Nevada Reno 985 John D's NDE 2857 Severe fever.  OBE- saw self.  Heard music/singing.  Complete knowledge.
USA Nevada Reno  1864 Linda S NDE 3922 Coma due to bacterial meningitis.  Saw deceased sister.  Met Jesus, who said he came that she may know he is real.
USA Nevada Sparks 1030 Barbara G NDE 2946 Multiple simultaneous childhood illnesses.  Given last rites.  OBE- entered “jello” orange state with others.  OBE at times.
USA Nevada Sparks 359 Kay M's 889 nine years old.  Friend squeezed stomach to induce passing out.  Became unconscious.  First void, and saw colors.  Feeling of peace and love.  Heard unearthly music.
USA Nevada   1582 Matthew M Possible NDE 3542 Hit on head with hammer.  Coma for several weeks.  Remembers being on airplane with Asian couple.  Had sex with the lady.  Can’t correlate time of experience to time of injury.  Could be ICU experience.
USA New Hampshire Greenland 2787 Ellen A Probable NDE 5302 Probable NDE.  No separation consciousness.  Blood loss due to miscarriage.  Saw deceased brother and father as holographic image.  Did not see the deceased brother John that she would have expected to see.  Quote: “My husband Ron was a great friend of my John.   Ron said knowing John, he probably could not make the visit as he had a hot date with a heavenly body.”
USA New Hampshire Mont Vernon 3360 Michele P Probable NDEs 6748 Two experiences.  MRSA infection in heart and CHF.  Respiratory arrest.  States could see everyone around her, but does not clearly describe OBE.  Later during surgery sensed presence of her father- no other details available.  Not enough detail in either experience to call either an NDE.   
USA New Hampshire Northfield 900 Louise's NDE 2703  
USA New Hampshire North Hampton 6315 Jon S NDE 6315 NDE due to being hit by a car at age 7.  Had no awareness he was hit- just suddenly was in his bedroom with light an man with beard smiling.  Looked out window to see his body with people around.  Quickly returned to body.  Emphasizes how normal OBE state felt.
USA New Hampshire Seabrook 2747 Bruce NDE 5252 NDE from unconsciousness, likely due to heart attack. Through tunnel (which resulted in a sickening feeling). Into presence of God who was not happy with his lifestyle at that time. Detailed life review. Met Jesus. Later became a pastor in a church.
USA New Hampshire   2358 Mike Y NDE 4655 Lyme Disease.  Passed out. Found itself in a large tube. Life review. Saw how God made every experience work towards his good and perfect plans. Felt totally loved accepted secure and happy.
USA New Jersey Annandale 3352 Adele P Probable NDE 6731 Sepsis with fever of 105.  Saw deceased mother and father in dim light.  Mother looked as she did during world war 2.  Father looked much older- as he did after head & neck cancer surgery.  Felt love.  Mother held up hand as if to say not to come.  Father gave “OK” sign.  Next day to ER.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.
USA New Jersey Audubon 1140 Ken D NDE 3301 Bicycle accident with head injury.  Was in dark but felt in cocoon.. like a void.  Felt great love.
USA New Jersey Barrington 598 Brian W's Possible NDE2172  
USA New Jersey Galloway 1675 Glauco S NDE 3674 Near drowning at age 8.  Profound experience.  Met other loving beings.  Life review.  Was told not to share this by beings, but now is compelled to share.  Near drown with several other siblings.  Decades later they discussed for the first time, and they appear to have experienced a NDE also.
USA New Jersey Haddenfield 2986 Chuck H NDE 6222 On motorcycle and was hit by car.  Life review- all events he saw happened.  Saw parents crying at his funeral early on in experience.  OBE over body.  Was not sure why he was sent back.
USA New Jersey Hoboken 263 Chris R's 736 carbon monoxide poisoning in car.  Saw self in late in inner-tube.  Then some others where she lived 60 miles away.
USA New Jersey Jersey City 2137 Tonya R NDE 4314 In ICU after surgery.  Apparent worsening of condition.  Met two other black people.  Were riding in car-like thing.  Not well told account.  She is from ghetto, and wonders why more NDEs not from those with her kind of background.
USA New Jersey Laurel 1365 Clio P NDE 331 Childbirth.  Told had calcium deficiency coma.  OBE- saw nurse blocking her view of her body.
USA New Jersey Livingston 947 Alok B's NDE-Like 2791 Dream.  Is Hindu.  To circular room.  Met “lieutenant”.  Saw past lives.  Read book he wrote in past life as Nazi about primates.  Read book in Latin.
USA New Jersey Maple Shade 186 JoAnn M's NDE   Great experience with wisdom and answers.
USA New Jersey Monmouth Junction 1360 James C NDE 351 Cardiac arrest.  OBE- saw self & resuscitation efforts.  Saw deceased Grandmother.  To beautiful realm.  
USA New Jersey Monroe TWP 2235 Perry D Probable NDE 4458 Motorcycle accident.  Experience happened in hospital.  Not sure if there was imminent life-threatening event at time.  This was only thing he remembered during 10 days of amnesia.  Light, beautiful music.  Asked if he was ready.
USA New Jersey Montville 3188 Karen O NDE 6469 Strangulated bowel and surgery.  Saw deceased mother and Aunt appearing younger than at time of death. 
USA New Jersey Montville 1051 Robert E NDE 2967 In medically induced coma due to septicemia.  Sat on bed in vision, and being in room asked him if he wanted to stay or check out.  He stayed.
USA New Jersey Newark 1625 Lorena NDE 3586 Hypertension crisis.  Past life vision to time she was married.  Future life vision with her husband & saw she would have more children
USA New Jersey North Arlington  2020 Astrid K NDE 4131 Unconscious after fainting from childhood game inducing fainting.  In Russia.  In railroad tunnel.  Could smell fuel.  Light appeared.
USA New Jersey Orange 3007 Victor C Other 6247 Meditation experience.  Exceptional archive.  Stunningly transcendent experience that is best expressed in many quotes from the experience 
USA New Jersey Pennington 2044 Gail K NDE 4174 Being strangled.  Other beings.  Life review- realized how her life affected others.
USA New Jersey Pennsauken 1859 Mark NDE 3919 NDE due to drowning at age 12.  Angels, saw earth.  Life review.   Saw future, with some specific information verified.  Saw heaven.
USA New Jersey Pt. Pleasant  6354 Erika R NDE 6354 Asthma attack.  CPR.  Beautiful purple light.  Then white light.  Felt great love.  She was 11 weeks pregnant and heard her son say “Mommy don’t leave me” from her unborn son.  Shared death experience.  Also met deceased mother-in-law who said she did not belong there and that she had to go back.  
USA New Jersey Point Pleasant 2351 Stephanie R NDE 4630 Age 8.  Drowning.  In bubble filled with stars.  Felt incredibly protected.  Shared 51 years later.
USA New Jersey Rockaway 504 John Yelavich Accident.  Was in ambulance, and was flailing away at angels circling.
USA New Jersey Seaside Heights 805 Gail D's NDE 2529  
USA New Jersey Sewell 2794 Shane J NDE 5317 Respiratory arrest due to alpha-1 antitrypsin disease.  Was in the field with "grass" lit up in a bright light on the horizon. He was breathing again though he had his NDE due to respiratory arrest. Heard people in the ER in his NDE environment.
USA New Jersey Shamong 1780 Stephen F NDE 3801 Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.  OBE- saw blood dripping inside empty rib cage.
USA New Jersey Sparta 1486 Della R NDE 85 Complication after tonsillectomy at age 7.  OBE - heard physician conversation, which was later verified.
USA New Jersey Springfield 2327 Frank T Probable NDE 4605 Motorcycle accident. Severe trauma. At 10 hours of surgery. Was aware of events occurring in operating room. Not clear if there was an imminent life-threatening event. 
USA New Jersey Teaneck 2503 Mark P NDE 4903 Was a medical student undergoing surgery. Complications, and he had OBE over body and watched resuscitation. Saw his wife and parents in the waiting room and also saw his mother 2500 miles away. Later confirmed what he saw. 
USA New Jersey Tintonfalls 1831 Cassandra K NDE 3872 Heroin OD.  Felt OBE, and became aware she will always exist.  Never did drugs again.
USA New Jersey Union City 538 Gloria G's NDE 1099 Spanish  suicide -- shot herself.  Yet another being, to group of people. Park like place.  Went down the hole back to Earth.
USA New Jersey Washington  354 Margaret C's 872 car accident.  Unconscious in "tunnel of light".  Felt great piece.  Told she must go back twice "the baby must not die" at her daughter and infant granddaughter in car at time of the accident.
USA New Jersey West Milford 1575 Lindsey S NDE 3532 Struck by lightning.  Story featured in Woman’s World, but remarkably edited to make it a work of fiction.  OBE- met deceased father.  Saw many ‘lost souls.’  Decision to return.
USA New Jersey Williamstown 6379 Mike R NDE 6379 Auto accident.  OBE over body near ER.  Watched his kids playing in park (not sure if this was real).  Life review.  Deceased grandmother.  Quote (life review): “I can almost see it as if it was like the kids being born like what time it was where I was  like details about it”
USA New Jersey Woodbury Heights 1095 Jean K NDE 3063 Faint with unconsciousness.  Saw light.  Elizabeth Kubler-Ross confirmed it was a NDE.
USA New Jersey   574 Craig T's NDE 2139  
USA New Mexico Albuquerque 1691 Curtis K NDE 3696 Apparent heart attack.  Altered time, sense of universal knowledge.
USA New Mexico Albuquerque 2243 Donald W NDE 2230OBE Criminal attack.  Felt OBE.  Positive feelings.
USA New Mexico Anthony 1167 Maria S NDE 3319 Amniotic fluid embolism.  Met two deceased relatives.  Saw light.  Felt peace.
USA New Mexico Los Lunas 969/2798 Dorothy S SOBE  2798/969NDE  OBE to ceiling, felt presence pulling on her, saw tunnel, saw mystic light.  No clear life-threatening event.  Had second similar episode.
USA New Mexico Nogal 3329 Samantha H NDE 6692 Blood loss several days after delivery, then unconsciousness.  Sudden seeing film reel of life review.  Saw all prior life events and her feelings associated with them.  No judgment.  Distinguishes this from earthly memory of events that already occurred.  Very life-changing.
USA New Mexico San Rafael 2823 Michaele S NDE 5363 Car hit a moving train.  OBE out of car.  Decided to return, then was shown very detailed awareness of love.  Had life review with no judgment.  Likely inexplicable healing- was ‘told’ to spit out blood after accident.
USA New Mexico Santa Fe 2192 Cheryelle B NDE 4406 The beginnings of an NDE.
USA New Mexico   6377 John K NDE 6377 Was at MDAH and states he is only survivor that they know about from terminal AML.  Was dying and OBE over body.  Jumped above all creation to the presence of God.  360 vision.  No judgment.  Saw all of creation and saw it was all perfect.  
USA New Mexico   1994 William T NDE-like  
USA New York Amherst 2191 Paul C NDE 4404 NDE from heart attack.
USA New York Argyle 1962 Jason NDE 4082 Age 17.  His bicycle was hit by a car.  Saw beings, and a ‘book of prophesy’.
USA New York Babylon 2286 Scott R Probable NDE 4538 Exploded waterpipe. Saw Civil War soldiers marching and deceased relatives. Not enough details to know if the experience occurred at the time of the life-threatening event. 
USA New York Bloomfield 2919 Bella K NDE 6148 Carbon monoxide poisoning.  Heard music.  Met Jesus, and communicated with him.  Felt great love.  She previously thought Jesus was just a learned man, but now feels he is more important in the world.
USA New York Bloomingburg 2933 Michael L NDE 6167 Surgery- open heart surgery.  OBE over body- saw them remove his heart.  They had trouble restarting it with little paddles.  Into beautiful field.  Saw beings- believed was Jesus.  Beautiful music.  Felt great love.  
USA New York Bronx 1862 Adaline C NDE 3920 Strangled by ex-boyfriend.  To glowing place.  Met handsome man.  Felt love.  Was told to go back.
USA New York Bronx 2309 Alberta L NDE 4582 Allergic reaction to anesthesia during C- section delivery. Through tunnel into bright light. Met other beings, including a deceased great-grandmother. Had a sense that she needed to return to raise her children a specific way. 
USA New York Bronx 1948 Geralyn AS NDE 4053 Two NDEs.  The first was from surgery, at age 13. The first experience was pleasant. She also describes incredible healing. The second experience at age 43 was a suicide attempt, and included hellish content. 
USA New York Bronx 2945 William E NDE 6182 Used cocaine for first time.  Cardiac arrest- had intracardiac epinephrine injection.  Was in perfectly warm and safe place- visual details not described.
USA New York Brooklyn 2502 Eddie H NDE 1843ADC Auto accident.  Saw lady in white and was about to take her hand.  Had flashback to family who loved him, and he did not take her hand.
USA New York Brooklyn 6341 Edwin G Probable NDE 6341 Apparent attempted poisoning.  No clear imminent life-threatening event.  Into clouds.  To bright light.  Heard grandmother’s voice say to turn around, it was not his time- he was not to pass her.  Girlfriend’s mother died, and he has a 5 year old child to care for.  
USA New York Brooklyn 2664 Joy R NDE 2463OBE Age 14.  Drowning.  To beautiful place.  Saw Grandmother.  Was going toward light when large ‘metal’ being that she believed was God showed her how her mother would grieve if she died.  Told her that she would have a baby.
USA New York Brooklyn 3005 Steve L NDE 6244 Necrotizing pancreatitis.  Was in and out of consciousness. Vital signs collapsed at time of this experience. Was surrounded by pure consciousness and became aware of lives that he touched positively. 
USA New York Buffalo 146 Arielera's NDE Drank liquid parafin.  Coma three weeks.  Had another complete life in different dimension.  Had to grieve for lost life on return to earth.
USA New York Canandaigua 2952 Laura B NDE 6195 Age 7.  Passed out on top of slide and fell.  Saw her body turning as she fell, which was confirmed later. Felt intensely positive emotions. 
USA New York Carmel 2656 Patricia B NDE 5125 Drowning.  OBE over water.  Saw light and groups of people in distance beckoning to her.  Positive emotions.  States: “The most meaningful was the comfort and love I felt from those I saw and somehow conversed with. They respected my desire not to die yet and gave me the strength to return and survive and be rescued.”
USA New York Cazenovia 2980 John S NDE 2655OBE Age 11.  Car accident.  OBE outside of car.  Met school friend who had died who told him everything would be alright and that she loved him.
USA New York Cheektowaga 2356 Pamela K NDE 4649 Sleep apnea. Was in presence of God. Profound spiritual wisdom. Learned that God is with us always. Learned that God is always accessible. 
USA New York Chittenango 2509 Stephanie P NDE 4912 Suicide and cardiac arrest.  OBE over body- watched own resuscitation.  Could see clearly though nearly legally blind.  Could hear normally though partial hearing loss.
USA New York Cowlesville 967 Christine D's NDE 2830 Gas exposure in home (not sure what type).  Age 4.  
USA New York Dix Hills 2560 Sally M Probable NDE 4970 Probable NDE due to drowning.  No clear life-threatening event or loss of consciousness.  Felt great peace and saw a light.  Voice told her to get up before another wave comes.
USA New York Drivestoney Point 1338 Anthony D NDE 3399 Passed out.  OBE above body.  Only person he saw clearly was his deceased brother in law.
USA New York Forest Hills 1735 Abraham B Probable NDE 3736 Getting gas at dentist office.  Felt going through tunnel to light at the end.  Felt great peace.  Not clear life-threatening event.  This is one of the few Jewish experiences that we have received. 
USA New York Fort Plain 2377 Eric S NDE 4696 Criminal attack at age 16. He was beaten and drugged. Life review. Met God. Had sense of universal plan. 
USA New York Fulton 1443 Angela K NDE 166 Drowned at age 3.  Angels took into sky.  Saw two beings on throne.  Was told it was not her time.
USA New York Galway 1454 Ellen K NDE 138 Post operative complication.  Respiratory failure.  Felt pulled toward abyss.  Second experience described had no clear iminent life-threaten event and may be ICU psychosis.
USA New York Glasco 2848 Jill Probable NDE 6027 Age 5. Very sick. In an "brown" place. Being appeared as e-mail and spoke in female voice. Told her not to be afraid. Said her life would be quite difficult. Gave her the number 23, and told her she would have and "broken heart". Her oldest daughter committed suicide at age 23.  No clear imminent life-threatening event. 
USA New York Glasco 2847 Sophie H NDE 6026 Complication of delivery. Saw her husband with a girl of three or four years old with straight hair. The child born had curly hair. Her third child had straight hair. 
USA New York Huntington Station 346 Ebin M's 867 15 years old.  Alcohol and drug overdose.cardiopulmonary arrest.  OBE -- went toward light.  Met deceased relatives, including some he never met.  Life review.  After experience, he has highly developed sense of good and evil.  Sometimes predicts future events.
USA New York Lancaster 2308 Terry M NDE 4581 NDE and other experiences.  Appears to have combined several experiences in responses to NDE Scale questions (life review).  In and out of void.  Life review later was not a clear NDE.
USA New York Little Neck 493 Esther N's NDE 2030  
USA New York Madison 143  Bonnie V's NDE Post-surgery hemorrhage.
USA New York Mahopac 1336 Andrew P Probable NDE 3397  
USA New York Middleton 3198 Poppy Probable NDE 6500 Neurosurgery- no other details.  Darkness, then grey and pink lights.  Tunnel.  By waterfall was deceased father.  Beautiful colors.  Describes OBE over body seeing sister in room, so was not during surgery. 
USA New York Middletown 6338 Thomas S NDE 6338 Cardiac arrest.  Went to room with gorgeous white light.  Bed made of stone with white sheets.  Voice said “Thomas, you have lived a good life, and I have something more important for you to do, I do not want you now”  
USA New York Mooers Forks 2087 Carol L NDE 4262 Complication after surgery.  Saw a light.  Very positive feelings.  Does not feel like herself after experience- nearly divorced.
USA New York New Hyde Park 2355 Jack NDE 4646 Severe nosebleed at age 16. Felt solely by. Very positive feelings. 
USA New York New York 1061 Howardena P NDE 2995 Struck by car as passenger.  OBE out of car in void.  This is very frightening to her up to today.  She thinks it is the Buddhist Bardo.
USA New York New York 2175 Madonna M NDE 4384 Fell thru ice while ice-skating at age 9.  OBE over ice.  Made decision to return, and went to depth of stream and pushed up towards break in ice.
USA New York Poughkeepsie 1815 Dave W Possible NDE 3847 Recovering from heart bypass surgery following MI.  OBE to ravine.  Saw many statues of large birds.  Felt breeze.  No clear imminent life-threatening event at time of experience.
USA New York Richland 1894 Christy B NDE 3964 Accident while passenger on motorcycle.  Beautiful meadow, many deceased people (including biological mother), great feelings.
USA New York Rochester 2294 David B NDE/FDE 4557 NDE vs Fear-Death Experience.  Tunnel.  To stage where his living mother was.  Felt force push him away from tree that was holding him under water.
USA New York Rochester 1269 Evan K NDE 990 car accident.  Saw self on emergency room table.  Entered great void of light.  
USA New York Rochester 1279 Michele W NDE 484 Car crash.  OBE- saw self at accident scene and at hospital.  In and out of body.
USA New York Rochester 723 TJ's NDE 2410  
USA New York Rochester 3259 Wendy B NDE 6596 Blood loss following delivery.  OBE over body as health team worked on her.  Saw light and wanted to go to it.  Returned for newborn child with Down syndrome- this child died several days later.  
USA New York Sparrow Bush 1539 Patricia D NDE 3475  
USA New York Spring Valley 1823 Damaska C NDE 1944OBE Apparent stroke or brain hemorrhage while on intense spiritual quest.  OBE- saw herself and her sister praying for her.  Beautiful landscape.
USA New York Stony Point 2677 Geri R NDE 5142 NDE due to complication near end of root canal procedure.  OBE over body.  Saw deceased mother and husband.  Saw door with light coming through cracks.  She says: “i go to church now once a week and i don't tell anyone   its my personal time to reflect and meditate and thank god for all his blessings and joy and for giving me a glimpse of the afterlife.”
USA New York Wadingriver 218 William E's 698 11 yo accidnetal suffocation.  Tunnel.  Met millions of people.  Beautiful music.  Was sent back.
USA New York West Hurley 1999 Cindy Q Friend NDE 4094 OBE dream and second-person NDE- was a friend who was slightly retarded.  Describes NDE during operation at which time he saw his apparent resuscitation.  This was apparently quite life-changing for this child.
USA New York Whitestone 1384 Jean R NDE 280 Suicide by OD.  Saw God and relatives.  Life review.  Was shown mother would get cancer, and she ater did.
USA New York   292 Martin E's 779 surgery for volvulus of small bowel.  That dark-haired lady who knew him.  Saw a man with keys by gate = boundary.
USA New York   1683 Pam C Probable NDE E082008  
USA New York   3332 Sandi M NDE 6696 Bleeding following delivery.  OBE in OR saw self being operated on.  Apparent NDE under general anesthesia.  Into another world of white.  Person there.  Said nothing.  She wanted to return.
USA New York   2099 William M NDE 4269 Exceptional Archive.  Shared NDE.  Auto accident with his girlfriend.  The two held hands in OBE.  Encountered beings who separated them.  Felt great love.  He was returned, she was not.  She had died.  ADC from girlfriend later telling him it was OK.
USA North Carolina Apex 2621 Cynthia H NDE 5063 Following surgery, had complication with her heart stopping briefly. OBE beside herself, not above herself apparently. Since presence telling her "no". Then was in a colorless void with feelings of peace. Confirmed with surgeon that her heart stopped briefly at this time. 
USA North Carolina Asheville 2749 Karen R NDE 5254 Overdose of blood pressure medication.  Was in ICU and was told that she died three times. Each of the three times she felt a warm calm feeling in a warm light. Felt there were others there, but did not see them.
USA North Carolina Badin 1657 Sandra NDE 3620 Short NDE while playing basketball. JEFF: Foreign.  Cardiac arrest for unknown reasons.  OBE over body.  Light.  Met deceased grandfather.
USA North Carolina Black Mountain 2896 Karen NDE 6120 Nurse.  Unspecified illness with sepsis, organ failure, and respiratory failure.  On path toward gate.  Met being who she felt was Jesus in her Grandfather’s body.  Beautiful landscape.  Walked to near gate, and being asked if she knew what that meant, and she knew she “was not finished”.  NDEr quote: "I believe the male I encountered was Jesus in my Greatgrandfathers form  , but I think we are all part of what I now consider ""Jesus"" I felt like I was at the time", "Everything is part of ""God"" EVERYTHING"
USA North Carolina Charlotte 1639 B Shared DBV 3632 Dying husband.  Held hand as he died, and saw human-like spirit rise up and go to ceiling.  Sensed need to reassure him and presence of another spirit there.
USA North Carolina Charlotte 2452 John D Probable NDE 4836 At age 7 months had open-heart surgery. At around 3 to 4, acted out surgery and made it very clear that he had seen God and was not scared. Carried this message to a neighbor whose spouse had died.  Mother recalls details of this, but he does not. Probable NDE. 
USA North Carolina Charlotte 2974 Shea B NDE 6213 Car accident.  She does not remember accident.  Said she could not die, and heard God say that she was not going to die.  
USA North Carolina China Grove 1294 Willis S NDE 427 Cardicac arrest during cardiac cath.  Void.  Saw white light coming toward him.
USA North Carolina Cleveland 2017 Benjamin H NDE 4127 IED explosion in Iraq.  OBE-saw himself.  Into field and met deceased father.  He pointed to where he came from, and he returned.
USA North Carolina Concord 147 Bonnie S's NDE Heart collapsed.  Saw lots of people in OBE state.  Saw house with deceased relatives.
USA North Carolina Durham 2862 Giuseppi C Possible NDE 6038 Heart surgery. Asked several times "hello" with no response. Then asked "can anybody tell me the meaning of life?" You received this exact answer "Man has not even scratched the surface to know what life is all about." 
USA North Carolina Durham 1969 Guy B NDE 4097 Heart attack.  Shocked.  Felt he was in school hallway.  Atypical imagery.
USA North Carolina Fayetteville 932 Christopher R's Possible NDE 2773 Was considered to have died in OR.  Before this, under anesthesia, he was talking with Jesus.  Psychic friend of his told him he had a NDE.  He does not remember any details of experience.
USA North Carolina Flat Rock 2230 Winnie S NDE 4453 NDE due to apparent cardiac arrest.  Light and beautiful colors.  Beings present gave love.
USA North Carolina Forest City 1240 Misty G NDE 3141 Narcotic (oxycontin) overdose.  In void.  Very positive feelings.  Was declared dead.
USA North Carolina Hendersonville 2531 Tommye R NDE 2404OBE Cardiac procedure after heart attack apparently under general anesthesia.  OBE and saw physician an monitor (image blurry) in OBE.
USA North Carolina Hillsborough 2249 Paul F Probable NDE 4476 After surgery.  Not sure if experience at time of life-threatening event.  Saw room fill with light, felt love.  Was minister at time.
USA North Carolina Huntersville 1210 Melinda R NDE 3207 OBE in ER.  Knew she would have a daughter.  Knew she must join the Peace Corp.
USA North Carolina Jacksonville 2672 Debbie B NDE 5134 Heart attack.  Met deceased mother.  Walked down sandy path.  Saw distressing future earth vision.
USA North Carolina King 3014 Jack NDE 6252 Age 2.  Seizure. Saw his father smack him in the face. OBE apart from body. Then woke up in the hospital. 
USA North Carolina Monroe 157 Karen H's NDE NDE childbirth.  Evidential OBE component.  Bled out.  After return, son was presumed dead.  She said "No" son born, but did not thrive for one year with predictions of mental retardation.  Son is fine, 6 feet tall and 230 lb.  Also angel encounter shortly therafter.
USA North Carolina New London 2407 Hollie M Probable NDE 4748 Probable NDE due to post-operative complications. In field with guardian angel. Saw beautiful tree, and try to go to tree. Guardian angel prevented her. Guardian angel told her about her four children. Woke in ICU on a ventilator. Saw Angel at bedside. Thus, this might be ICU psychosis. 
USA North Carolina Old Fort 939 Lori H NDE 2756 Blood loss following delivery.  OBE in OR.
USA North Carolina Oldfort 2941 Jeter C NDE 2626OBE NDE.  Motorcycle struck a deer.  Concussion.  To theater.  Sensed Jesus near.  Place knew everything about him.  Strong sense of oneness and unity.  Positive emotions.
USA North Carolina Parkton 2846 Victoria H NDE 6025 Car accident as police officer while responding to a call.  OBE over body observing extraction from car.  Most of experience describes apparent ICU experience with apparent hallucinatory imagery.
USA North Carolina Raleigh 2667 Robert E NDE 5130 Illness.  To bathroom, then passed out.  To white sand beach.  Lady with child was near, and they said ‘No, go back’.
USA North Carolina Reidsville 2420 Sandra V NDE 4775 Aspirin overdose. OBE over body. Try to make her body moved, and apparently did so while OBE. 
USA North Carolina Richland's 642 David S's NDE 2246  
USA North Carolina Roper 2774 Donna M NDE 5286 Auto accident at age 17.  OBE over body for about 30 minutes.  Felt peace.
USA North Carolina Rowland 1162 Mitch R NDE 3283 Anaphylactic reaction to medication.  Into blue mist or cloud.  Felt peace.
USA North Carolina Salem 2292 Anne R NDE 4553 Criminal attack at age 15. Saw blue sky and a very bright light. Spiritual figure present. Was commanded to get up, and was saved in surgery. The spiritual figures command likely saved her life. 
USA North Carolina Salem 2183 Mabel G NDE-Like 4391 NDE-like experience from a difficult childbirth where she met Jesus!
USA North Carolina Sylva 2690 Jody M Probable NDE 5160 Suicide attempt. Cut himself. Saw face of the woman he was in love with and his own face simultaneously. Not sure if there was separation of consciousness, or imminent life-threatening event.
USA North Carolina Troutman 3286 Michael E NDE 6628 Wife had liver failure.  He went to sleep with her and awoke to find she was dead.  Passed out and was by cliffs and ocean.  Awoke to hear 911 operator yelling asking if he was OK.
USA North Carolina Waxhaw 3331 Kathy K NDE 6694 Drowning at age 7.  OBE over body.  Life review of all of her prior life.  
USA North Carolina Wilmington 1340 Curt AL NDE 397 Undefined illness and fatigue.  To ER- OBE.  Saw doctor hitting his chest.  Life review.
USA North Carolina Wilmington 2231 Robert S NDE 4454 Syncopal episode then hit head in shower.  Saw image above him in glowing gown- it was himself.
USA North Carolina Wingate 214 Sybil S's NDE  Heart condition, then stopped.  She measured her own body temp showing it was dropping.  Saw Jesus.  Life review (only bad things).  Was told bad things would not happen any more.
USA North Carolina Winston-Salem 1276 Kelly K NDE Childbirth hemorrhage.  OBE- saw/heard delivery room.  Wanted to return for baby.
USA North Carolina   1900 Karyl M NDE-Like 3897 Probable dream.  Very NDE-Like: OBE over body, tunnel, light at end of tunnel, being there gave her choice to return, back to body.  No physical compromise.
USA North Carolina   2059 Rick Probable NDE 4226 Exacerbation of AIDS illness.  Was in family cemetery in the midst of deceased relatives who could not see him.  Several were looking for relatives that died within weeks of the experience.  Aunt was holding baby that had died in childbirth.  Not sure there was an imminent life-threatening event at time of experience.
USA Ohio Akron 1402 Christine S NDE 238 Auto accident.  Life review.  Multiple other parts of experience some of which are seemingly borderline lucid.
USA Ohio Akron 3213 Mark B Probable NDE 6518 Ingested several drugs.  States accidental overdose.  Down tunnel- tunnel went up to white, down to red.  He had choice.  Said ‘Jesus’ and went to better place.  
USA Ohio Akron 1352 Shelby M NDE 375 Two NDEs at age 16.  First due to seizure.  OBE- saw self.  Second cardiac arrest right before surgery shortly thereafter.  OBE- met deceased relatives including some she did not know she had.  
USA Ohio Ashtabula 1543 Lois M NDE 3482 Drug reaction.  Saw lights in corner.  Tunnel.  Saw things moving at three different speeds- chose middle speed.
USA Ohio Avon Lake 1996 Paul M NDE 1638ADC  NDE at age 7. Circumstances not well described, but associated with fire in house. Apparently saw deceased grandfather. OBE over ambulance, and correctly described route taken to hospital.
USA Ohio Barberton 2173 David W NDE 4382 NDE at time of open heart surgery- OBE over body and saw his heart restarted during surgery.  Surgeon confirmed a song was played in the operating room that he was aware of.
USA Ohio Barberton 1353 James M NDE 374 Bllod loss then cardiac arrest.  OBE- saw doctors pronounce him dead.  Saw dragon and scorpion.  Saw children playing.  Dragon told him he still has things to do.  Scorpion touched him.
USA Ohio Barberton 1440 Pluma S NDE 179 IV cocaine overdose (given against her will).  OBE- Painful screaming.  Frightening.
USA Ohio Belpre 2357 Donavan S NDE 4653 Drowning at age 8. Shared 53 years later. Was in a green store. Running up and down aisles. Atypical content. 
USA Ohio Bowling Green 2419 Scott S NDE 4772 Was strangled. Was in front of house with one to two dozen people on the porch. One by one they came down to shake his hand. They seemed familiar, but he did not recognize them. 
USA Ohio Centerville 2679 Evelyn V Probable NDE E040611 Shared via email.  Intracranial bleed associated with apparent undefined lesion.  Coma for prolonged time.  Was being tortured in ‘Voo-Doo’ encounter which sounds a lot like ICU psychosis.  Life review, tunnel, encounter with brilliant light figure, much more NDE-like.  Some hallucinatory features.  Not sure experiences happened at true time of imminent life-threatening event.
USA Ohio Cincinnati 1800 Bob L NDE 3827 Light at end of tunnel.  Met multiple deceased relatives at prime of their life.  Felt overwhelming love.
USA Ohio Cleveland 1305 Bonnie S NDE 3351 Cardiac cath complication.  OBE to family far away.  Saw nurse kick her cap under the table.  Her daughter outside the hospital felt her presence.
USA Ohio Cleveland 2495 Robert L NDE 4893 Age 8.  Childhood “choking game”.  Into blue.  Two spirits with young voices said he could fly with them.  Another large spirit head approached and said it was not his time, ultimately in a mean manner to the other two spirits.
USA Ohio Cleveland Heights 2671 Judi M Probable NDE 2469OBE Blood illness.  Near death/coma for days.  Repeated experiences of walking down path toward 16th century town.  She was grinding grain.  Man in experience said they were calling for her (health care team), and she returned.
USA Ohio Cleveland Hts. 1459 Tara B NDE 126 Suicide attempt.  In and out of body.  Unworldly area, life review.  Given choice to return.
USA Ohio Columbus 487 Clark B's NDE 2008  
USA Ohio Columbus 1607 Matthew L Probable NDE 3575 Motorcycle accident- severe.  Heard voice attributed to God.  Time stopped.  No clear separation of consciousness.
USA Ohio Dayton 2246 Alison M NDE 4471 In car hit by semi.  Felt great peace.  Felt hands on shoulder, as in comforting.
USA Ohio Dayton  1044 Tim B NDE 2957 Stuck with needle, OBE, able to move around easily.
USA Ohio Delaware 914 Mari E's NDE 2742 Allergic reaction.  Light, strong emotions.
USA Ohio Elyria 689 Mary W's Fear NDE 2349  
USA Ohio Homervile 2631 Patricia Z NDE 5076 Heart attack. OBE, and saw a doctor with distinctive (cool) tennis shoes on. Apparently later confirmed. Tunnel. Met person with long hair. 
USA Ohio Howard 1120 Karen W NDE 3124 STEMI MI.  Saw mystical light outside car she was driving.  No OBE.  No loss of consciousness.
USA Ohio Howard 2470 Michael W NDE 4864 Age 10.  Run over by car.  OBE over self and over hospital.  Light.  Was sent back by voice that was felt to be Jesus.
USA Ohio Lima 1480 James F NDE 118 Cardiac catheterization complication.  Tunnel.  Light.  Met people at table.
USA Ohio Lodi 1874 Barbara W NDE 3939 Cerebral hemorrhage.  Light- beautiful landscape.  Bridge- did not cross it because of her three children.
USA Ohio Long Bottom  2930 Pegi R NDE 6163/6164 EXCEPTIONAL ARCHIVE  NDE due to ectopic pregnancy and internal bleeding.  Tunnel, then room with people.  Person up front was God.  She argued with God that she did not want to die, and bargained saying she would stay if her children would be better without her.  Saw scenes from the future, and husband’s girlfriend did no care as much for the children as she would.  Sent back.  
USA Ohio Long Bottom  2930 Pegi R NDE 6163/6164 NDE at age 5 from drowning.  OBE over lake- very angry at others in the family for letting her drown.  Felt the family did not love her.  Same contributor as prior NDE.  Exceptional prayer experience later that appears to have saved her son’s life: 
USA Ohio Mansfield 2795 Lynn R NDE 5320 Severe auto accident.  Saw rays of light coming from her family, and realized it was their love for her.  She then knew she had to return to earth.  Was in cocoon of light.  Was told picture of her crashed car had a light, like a sun over it.  I emailed her for the picture, if possible.
USA Ohio Maple Heights 1298 Ron C NDE 407 Accidnet.  Felt lonely as in void.  Saw light.  Returned.
USA Ohio Marion 2254 Laura S NDE 4490 Auto accident at age 5.  OBE over body.  Also describes ADC- heard ‘Sarah’ at moment neighbor named Sarah died.
USA Ohio Marysville 715 Yvonne W's NDE 2396  
USA Ohio Mason 2102 KB NDE 4275 Drowning at age 8.  Light, felt very positive emotions.
USA Ohio Medina