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Results from 97 NDEs
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            A major ongoing NDERF research study is devoted to review of the content of NDEs posted on NDERF.  This study involves volunteer reviewers completing a web questionnaire form with 224 questions for each NDE reviewed.  Enough NDEs have been reviewed that we are able to share some important early results of this study.  Content of NDEs relevant to selected topics is presented below.  We expect to update this periodically and add new topics.

            Not all NDEs have content relevant to all questions asked.  Thus there are a variable number of NDEs listed with each topic below.  As of this posting date of 2/11/2007, 97 NDEs have been reviewed.
We hope you find this to be as remarkable, fascinating, and potentially life-changing as we have!

NDE content regarding selected concepts: direct quotes from NDEs (click link below):


Life after Death

God/Supreme Being

Earthly Difficulties


Earthly Purpose

Life Review

NDE content regarding selected concepts: direct quotes from NDEs and/or reviewer commentary (click link below):

Varied Life Issues/Challenges
Exceptionally Meaningful Content


An overview of this study is at: Project Introduction.
An index of reviewed experiences is at: Index of Experiences Reviewed.

Special thanks to Lynn R who reviewed these first 97 NDEs.


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