Experience Description

I am thirty three years old now. I was twenty three years old when I had my experience. I had pneumonia and it was killing me. It was November that year, three days after Halloween. I went to the emergency room in Tennessee. When I got there, I could not breathe. They said I shouldn't have been able to walk through the doors because my lungs were so full. They said I should have been dead. I start to lose consciousness, going in and out. I remember I told my husband to call my mom. She was at church. I told him the number, which is odd because I had never called the church before. But I knew the number as if I called it all the time. I lost conscious. I came back to for a moment. My mom was there. She told me they were hooking me up to a breathing machine. All I could do was shaking my head ‘no.’ I did not want that and I lost conscious again. The next thing I remember is being in the dark. I thought I was alone but I heard a voice. It was kind, comforting and loving. It was as if it wrapped its arms around me. It told me that I was ok; everything was going to be all right. It never told me if I was going to live or die. I was at peace, comfortable, and happier than I ever been. Finally, I felt safe for once in my whole life. I told it I was not scared anymore and was ready and all right knowing I'd never see my babies again. I knew they would be taken care of and watched over. I was ready to go. Let me also say I have tried to kill myself I have wanted to die for a long time, so you understand why I was ready. The next thing I knew, I woke up. I opened my eyes, looked around, and started to cry. I was not sure why, maybe because I was happy, or maybe because of the loss of feeling safe and at pure peace. It was four days later. I had been unconscious for four days. I lived, and that was the most wonderful experience I have ever lived in my whole life so far.