Experience Description

In October of 1983, I performed a very special deed for my sister's family. Her husband was very pleased with my offer of love and support during their move to Utah. While leaving our family for a new adventure in Utah, he was overwhelmed with a sincere expression of his love. He desired to return the favors and love he had received from my family. I remember telling him that all I wanted in return was for him to pass the love on. He still insisted that someday he would return the kindness. In April of 1984, he passed due to leukemia just 6 months later. At his funeral, I remember my sister asking me to spend a few minutes alone with her and her husband. We were seated in front of his open coffin while we exchanged uplifting words of encouragement and once again, my family had the opportunity of helping my sister and her family.

In April of 1995, almost a year to the day, I was involved in a very bad accident, including the driver, who was injured the worse, the passenger, who broke a few bones, and myself. All three of us were ejected from the jeep we were in and my life-changing experience took place.

I remember being out of my body looking down at all the flashing lights and movement of those trying to save our lives. I saw the driver and could hear her coughing up blood from her mouth. I saw them turn her head so she wouldn't drown in that blood. I saw blood coming out of her ears and heard them cut her head open at the hospital while I waited outside the operating room. I also saw my body lying in the street and remember being confused with what I should do next. It was about 11:00 PM and the evening was chilled, however, I do not remember being cold. I looked to my left and saw my brother-in-law dressed in white and another man in between us. I do not know who the other man was; however, it seemed he was there to contain order. I talked to my brother-in-law without moving my lips, and he to me in the same manner. He told me that everything was going to be all right, that I should breathe.

This statement has come into my life several times since this event took place, and I now believe someone wanted me to know that all would be all right in my life in spite of the trials and tribulations I have encountered since. I did not enter a tunnel, and for many years, I thought something was wrong with me or I wasn't as special as those that did have this experience. I did not experience great lights or any other message, except everything was going to be all right. This was simply a debt paid by a brother-in-law who wanted to pay me back for my offerings of love to his family.

You may wonder if this was a dream, and so did I for many years, however, once I was enlightened on what really transpired that night at the accident scene, I had to wonder how I knew the driver experienced the very injuries and operation I witnessed. I was pronounced dead and those who were helping me started to walk away from me when suddenly I took a breath that revealed to them that I was still alive. This was a very deep breath, loud enough for them to take notice. I was instructed to breathe by my brother-in-law, and I did as he told me. During my extensive care at the hospital in the emergency room, my family members asked the doctors several times why I wasn't bleeding. I had a large cut from the upper thigh to the knee, which almost severed my leg and continued to the other leg. I had nine gashes on the head and numerous deep cuts all over my body and yet no blood. My hand was smashed and my face was full of glass, which they tried to remove one piece at a time, however, no blood.

One doctor told my husband that the dead do not bleed. Dead or a dream? I also came away with a new knowledge that families are forever, even those that are not of blood relationship. My brother-in-law loved me, and I loved him and will always be grateful to him for the payback. Other strange things happened prior to the event and after, which strengthens my beliefs that we are all being watched over by someone.