Experience Description

This was a very lucid dream I had several years ago and would like to share it with you.

In the dream, I was walking in a crowded area when I saw a cave off in the distance. For some reason I was drawn toward the cave and decided to go in and investigate.

As I entered the cave, I noticed a small group of primitive people sitting around a fire in the center of the cave. By the tone and nature of their voices, they were discussing something of importance. As I got nearer, they stopped talking and one got up and came over to me. He stood there for a few moments, smiled, then took me by the hand, and led me out of the cave and to a carousel located off by itself near the cave entrance.

On the carousel there were hand painted wooden figures, which looked like fairies or some sort of small people. When we got near the carousel, it started moving in a circle and playing loud invigorating music. The primitive man pointed to the carousel indicating that he wanted me to go aboard it. It looked exciting and I knew it would be fun. I jumped on and it immediately increased in speed until everything was blurred.

In one instance many lives passed by, I knew myself as many different people at many different times - in the past and in the future.

Suddenly I was suspended in space where I was the only thing that existed. It was total darkness, but somehow I was surrounded in a brilliant light. In fact, I was the light. I was everything that existed. There was nothing else except me. Through my being ran pure joy, unconditional love, and there was a sensation of such magnitude that it can't be described. It felt like a sexual orgasm multiplied by infinity. Time didn't exist. I just was. I existed. I was I AM and nothing else. I had been here forever and would remain here forever. The thought entered my mind that this was wonderful but I needed to cause a "movement." I needed to cause a "flow of energy." At that moment, I had an overwhelming and compelling urge to initiate a flow of energy.

I knew if I moved, energies would be put in motion, and there would be creation. I moved. All around and within me I saw galaxies come into to being. Universes were being created and stars being born. It was exciting, the more excited I got, the more galaxies were then created.

Another thought entered my mind of how exciting it would be to explore this new creation that existed. As this thought entered my mind, I was born.

The following is a poem that resulted from the experience.

“Dedicated to All True Seekers of Truth”

In the abyss of eternity where there exist no dimensions, width, or height

I basked in ecstasy and existed as a sparkle of a most Brilliant Divine Light.

I was aware of My Being and did not question how I came to be

While reflecting in perfection, I knew that nothing existed except for Me.

Then came a feeling of loneliness that for Me was hard to know and bear

I wondered if there was anything for Me to Love and for which to care.

As eons passed in the eternal now, I continued in bliss to enjoy

But somewhere deep within lay an intense desire to create and to deploy.

I knew if I was to act, energy would then be created and would be dispatched

In Eternity, plans conceived with Love and patience were now carefully hatched.

Finally in one brief moment, the decision to move and act was resolved

Thus out poured Brilliant White Light in which infinite Love revolved.

Now everywhere among the emptiness did boundless dimensions come to exist

Looking all around in wonderment and to continue to create I could not resist.

Out poured more infinite Love and energy and to the distant realms it did fly

In the newly created galaxies did new minted worlds form with land and sky.

As I looked upon the new Creation with infinite joy and holy delight

There were many worlds to know and in which to imbue with Truth and Light.

As this thought was created, out to the infinite worlds it did rapidly scatter

Portions of My Being continued to fragment and became part of all physical matter.

With interest and delight, I viewed My creations with unlimited joy and glee

But somehow it seemed lacking and needed something more for the completion of Me.

I needed someone with whom to commune and love in all My days

Someone to share my thoughts with and someone to share in all My Ways.

To live each wonderful day with exceeding joy and to a complete fullness

We would share our gentle love with hearts filled with unlimited goodness.

So now it was done and all forms were thus completed

As I looked around there was nothing more that I needed.

As the species of mankind evolved and deeper it fell into the world of materiality

The voice of the Divine Spark now spoke even more softly while in this reality.

Man’s advancements in the sciences were most magnificent and deadly

But to the voice of the great Wisdom within, man chose not to listen willingly

In time and space man continued to think thoughts that caused him wars and grief

If only he knew he was a Co-creator and would accept this as his most holy belief.

In the depths of despair, a Man did lie in torment one stormy dark night

It was nothing he could do, even when he tried with all his earthly might.

To the heavens in fury and grief he did loudly call

Asking for help from any heavenly being, any at all.

Instantly in the room of despair there was a most brilliant and holy flash

My Beloved your prayers were answered even before you have asked.

The Voice so gentle and filled with kindness did say

Wisdom is now yours and your new life has begun this day.

With infinite joy the man looked about the room for someone other than himself

Than suddenly without a doubt, he understood the words, “ Man Know Thyself.”

For all True Seekers there is always the Master

To aid and comfort in all your perceived disasters.

Listen quietly for the Divine Voice within

And with perfection, each day will begin.

For Heaven, to the skies do not search or seek

Because within yourself, there you must take a peek.