Experience Description

It was a bitter cold day with a light snowfall on the day I "died." On January 27, 1996 I was skiing in Aspen, Colorado. I was with my girlfriend. I was hoping to impress her with my "hot dogging" skills when I had a close encounter with a very hard pine tree. I had knocked myself unconscious. I was amazed to find myself floating a few feet above my body. My girlfriend was trying to revive my body to no avail. As soon as she could, she shouted to other skiers to get help. "Look, there is blood!" said one on-looker. I was mildly curious to note I was bleeding from a cut on the right side of my face as it rested on the snow. My date took off her furry white hat and placed it carefully under my head. The "pillow" soon turned red with my blood and I recalled thinking that I’d have to buy her a new hat. I followed the ski patrol as they loaded up my limp body and took me down the mountain. It seemed like the ambulance was taking forever, so I flew into the town to see if I could see anything. I wasn’t particularly worried, but I was getting pissed that they were taking so long when I was dying. I spotted the ambulance and followed in back to the first aid station. The snowstorm turned into a full-blown, all out blizzard, which caused the ambulance driver to swerve on the corners. I heard him swear loudly each time he nearly lost it. "Hey man, get a grip!" I said aloud. This is where it really gets weird. Even though the snow was dense, I could see right through it. I noticed the snowflakes were passing right through my outstretched arms and I was glowing slightly. There was no sense of cold. I could sense the emotions of everyone connected to this scene. The whole thing seemed like a very intense movie. I floated in and out of the ambulance as it moved slowly through the streets.

Suddenly all sensations vanished as I became aware of another dimension in space. The heavy worrisome thing vanished and I felt a really peaceful feeling like being back at home and soaking in love from a source that seemed familiar and warm. I know it sounds nutty, but it felt that I belonged to a part of the greatness of all there is in the universe. This place where I was defies mere words. It seems as if it always existed and is part of all things now and forever. I saw a beautiful purple place and felt the loving being ask me in "thought" transference if I wanted to stay or return. I thought about my college days ahead. I asked the "being" if I were to go back now, would there be any problem in returning later. There was a friendly chuckle from this being which made me laugh too and then it happened in an instant. I was back in a world of pain once again. I was told I had suffered a concussion and had been out of it for thirteen hours. It was so hard to deal with the whole thing afterwards.

I was very different after that. I couldn’t really discuss this with anyone, as they wouldn’t have a clue and just think I was cracking up. I became very serious and became interested in learning all about psychology, religions, philosophies, and generally searched for whatever truths I could find in literature, lectures, and meetings. My parents approved of the changes, but my girlfriend moved on to another guy. It’s all for the best. I think I spooked her too much when I told her about the hat episode and all her conversations with the ski patrol guys etc. It’s good to know I will be able to get back to that loving, peaceful place again. I’m no longer dreading my own death or the death of my grandparents.