Experience Description

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In a split second during the car crash, I entered into another dimension

Every time when I mention about death, people will give me a strange look. I have kept silent about my NDE for more than 20 years. Nevertheless, what happened that day is so vivid as if it was yesterday.

It was then my senior year in Tung-Hai University located in Taichung, Taiwan. I lived in a rental apartment near school. At that time, I was an intern of the social welfare department in City of Taichung, and also worked in a restaurant at night besides going to school. Hence, I rode my moped back and forth several times between school and work every day on Port Taichung road. It was drizzling and roads were slippery as I was leaving my intern job in City Hall. I was in a hurry riding in moped line on Port Taichung road, suddenly I was stopped at a red light. Behind me, to my right side of the road, a long moped line was waiting for the green light to advance. To my left was an island that divided cars and mopeds traffic.

Death with no choice

When the red light turned green, I immediately stepped on the gas to reach the highest speed. At that moment, a truck cut through a gap of an island from the car lane illegally, right in front of me. The truck driver took a shortcut in order to park his car off the road by the sidewalk. As I was going to rear-end this truck, I clutched the hand-brake. I only heard the sound from the brakes and felt them grabbing, while my moped was heading forward at a high speed. If it kept moving forward, then me and my moped would slide underneath the truck. If I turned wheels to the right, I would be crushed by the mopeds behind me. What should I do? In a split second, I decided to die. I used all my strength to turn the moped to 90 degrees, and forced it to collide on the island with the tall trees planted in the center.

Enter into a peculiar dimension

However, up to this day, I don't recall any fierce slam of the moped, nor being expelled up into the air. Instead, at that critical moment, a bright scene of another realm appeared. My consciousness was without physical form, but I was in a trance state inside a quiet darkness. Up in the glittering sky, an elegantly falling leaf was dancing in the wind so lively that it was oscillating slowly, descending, and whirling then gradually vanished before my eyes. Subsequently, the Earth was enveloped by a dim, yellow sky filled with gloomy, yellowish dust. In my sight, it was dim, dull, and difficult to distinguish between the above and below regions.

Extremely high up or down to a very edge was a patch of black. I saw many people with no physical form, and they surrounded something on the ground. I was curious to know why. It was like second nature to me that I hovered above these people and floated through them to the ground. I did not notice it back then though, in fact I was cutting across the crowd. There was a pale-face girl who lay down in the center of the road. When her half-covered dust-proof mask was lifted off, one side of her head and face were bleeding.

I recognized a voice among the crowd saying, 'She is hopeless! hopeless! You want a bet?' I felt pity for this girl, so I helped to take the other half of her mask off. To my surprise, when I reached out to get her mask off, my hand went right through her face. Instantly, I was ejected upward and away from these people. It looked like there was a light in the sky, yet it was not very distinct. Unexpectedly, I came to a totally silent and dark place. It was the purest darkness though, and it was not like the night on Earth. I was immersed in this vastness and quietness, not even feeling any air at all. It was a complete void of nothingness. There was no people or no exits, but only myself in this dark, silent, quiet, empty, and endless state.

The appearance of my guide:

I do not want to stay here, for I don't know where I am, who I am, and why I am here? I do not know what to do? What should I do now? How should I do next? Where should I go? I was petrified. While I was worrying, a bright light emerged from afar and I felt hope. It was a white light in the dark, then I wondered, 'What that is?' When I thought about that light, I was there right away. I saw a big hand wear a white glove; it looked like a big, wide male hand. The hand was luminous with beautiful, soft feather-like light. It moved around, directing me to move to the right. I saw nothing behind this hand except for this white glove, and the rest seemed to be hidden in the dark. While looking in front of me, there was a dim, yellow light emitting from a lantern. It was dangling and flickering far away. I wanted to go there. My thought triggered the motion and I was there already!

Hint to go back promptly

Standing outside of a door, I saw an ancient Chinese architecture. A trace of yellow-hue light illuminated from the front door to the interior through a corridor. However, its vicinity was completely dark. I sensed there were gardens and walls. The big, white glove appeared to my right side above my head and signaled me to go ahead. I walked into this room where it looked like a boudoir, a woman's private sitting room. There was a desk and a bed hidden in the dark. The only furniture that was in a dim light was the vanity. The white glove gestured me to sit down. After I sat down, I stared at the vanity noticing that there was an oval shaped comb on top of it. It felt old when I touched it. I fetched and played with the comb. It actually felt solid. An odd, familiar, and nostalgic feeling permeated in the air.

Momentarily, the white glove swung rapidly trying to get my attention. I turned to it, then it soon pointed authoritatively to the mirror. It demanded me to look at the mirror. I watched it immediately. I looked into this bronze mirror, there was a girl in the shadows. So, I took a closer look and perceived that half of her face was swollen, additionally her right eye was lacerated and bleeding. She tried very hard using her left eye to stare at me. I thought, 'Hmm, isn't this girl who is lying on the ground?' Shouldn't the mirror reflect me? Why does it show her instead? With my suspicion, I touched my face and so did she. I raised my hand, and she did the same. 'Oh! No! I am that girl...perhaps I am her!', I thought.

I felt a sensation of being electrified, and suddenly I realized the truth. My body was cold as the chill falling onto my face, and continued down to my bare, cold feet. I was also annoyed by the noises around me. There was a person who kneeled by the body and kept calling my name. I could not recognize that it was my classmate who was an intern in City Hall, too. She kept calling my name repeatedly. Slowly, I opened my eyes glancing the greyish sky as I found myself lying in the middle of the road.