Experience Description

I had a near death experience back in 1980. As I was walking towards my favorite restaurant to eat, a couple of middle age young males attacked me trying to knock me down and take my wallet. The males began to beat me severely to the point that I died from the beating momentarily. During the beating, I felt my self leaving my body and floating up toward the roof of the restaurant. From the top of restaurant, I looked around the city area and saw other spirits of dead people floating up. I looked up from where, I was standing and saw a beautiful white light coming down on me. At that moment, I sensed great remorse over things that I had done in my past. My whole past just flew before me. Because of my sadness of not being able to ask forgiven from the people I had hurt. I asked the light for another chance to make up for my past. At that moment, I felt like I went through a tunnel and came back into my body. As I regain consciousness, I saw an ambulance and the attendants and I was transported to a hospital where I recovered. I believed in a spiritual world after that. My body after death was pure white energy and superior to my flesh body. So, I became convinced that we have two bodies.