Experience Description

1990, New Delhi, India:

I was 19 years of age, in college at the time. I was riding back home, from college, in a bus. The bus had an emergency window at the back (size approx. 2ft*1.5ft). I happened to be standing in the bus, leaning against the emergency exit. The bus was moving fast, and made a turn; at the turn, the emergency window broke open, toward the outside, and I fell out of the bus, backward, with my head first toward the ground.....That is the last I remember of the accident. Next instant I saw myself, standing next to my own body (lying on the ground), and the first thought that came to me (while I looked at my body lying on the ground was, "Thank Goodness, I did not fall; that is someone else lying there). Next instant, I was again in my body, lying on the ground, and being woken up.

During that time, that I was watching my own body, I distinctly remember feeling joy, at not being the one hurt, complete disorientation from my own body, did not recognize my own body, identified myself as being the one, watching the other body lying on the ground. I did not feel any pain, or feeling, apart from feeling happy, at not being hurt.

I think the whole incident lasted for about 1 minute, at the most.

The way that this experience changed me was, that I am no longer scared of death, because I know, that firstly there is no pain associated with death, and secondly, I will not feel sad at having left the ones I loved, because, I will have no attachments left, I will be free.