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Here is my NDE--the Miracle in my Life=)

Back in April of 1991, I had bought some fish at the store, and brought it home and cooked it. At the time, I thought it was delicious! The next day, I went on to work, although, I didn't feel too well, but I have stomach problems anyway, so held it down to that. By the end of the day--I could not walk, and was starting to get really sick, and thought it was intestinal flu. I had to go in the women's restroom and lay down, and was crying, as being this way--was NOT how I normally am. I made it home, went in, and laid down. My husband kept checking on me, and I couldn't eat anything at all.

Throughout the night, I spent most of it in the bathroom, most of the time having to crawl there, as I never considered myself a sissy, and never ask for help. Thank God, the shower was next to the toilet is all I can say. I manage to go through about 13 pair of underwear that night. When morning came, I knew I had to stay home, as I was weak, and could hardly walk! VERY unusual for me, as I had not missed one day of work in 10 years at this job. Actually--I never missed work on the other job I had before this one, as I don't believe in it=) Not even when I was sick: I still went to work, and always gave my very best.

Throughout the morning my hubby called a few times to see how I was, and at one point he asked my temperature, and I told him--I was just too weak to even care what it was, although an hour earlier I had taken it and it was 104. My husband told me to take it again, and he would call me back. I said okay--and thinking I had hung up the phone--I went back to sleep. He tried to call, and got a busy signal, so he left work, and told me later he drove 110 MPH to get there, knowing something was not right.

By the time he got there, I was at the point, of beginning to cross over--going to the Light. My Mom and brother who had been dead for 5 years (they died 6 months apart, to the day) were the ones who came to take me Home. I did not realize at the time, though, that it was my brother--to me--he looked like a guy who looked like Howdy Dowdy, and smiling and saying “Come with us Ruthie, we are having FUN!!" He said this over and over.

It was about a month after my NDE to figure out it was my brother, as he really DID look like Howdy Dowdy, in younger days--reddish hair and freckles!!LOL=) We went through thousands of Souls, and did not hurt any of them. There was one little girl--when I looked into her eyes--I looked into her Soul, and knew I knew her. I just figured out, this year, that little girl was ME--who had left when I was seven because I was sexually abused, and when that happens to a child, all innocence is lost, so she left. My Child Spirit. She showed herself to me several other times since the first time--trying to get me to recognize, no matter what happens, you have to learn to love yourself. Until you can do that, you cannot love others.

My Mom would not say anything to me--nothing at all--but kept watching me in a mirror, sort of. I stroked her hair, as it was our thing when she was alive--I loved to comb her hair and stroke it. I did this for a long time, and kept trying to get her to talk to me, to no avail. To this day, I only have to close my eyes and imagine--and I can still feel her hair=). I figured out about 2 weeks after why she would not talk to me---She knew if she said one word to me--I would allow myself to cross on over to the Light--and she knew it was not my time. My heart ached to be with my Mom, but--she knew my work was not done here.

There was a being-beside me--took me a long time to figure out---he was hooded and had his arm around my shoulder. At first I thought he was the Grimm reaper, complete with Skelton bones and hood, but I did not know who he was, at the time-and I never spoke of him for years--as I considered him to be evil--but I didn't pay him any mind. I have since read of others who have seen this hooded being, and I am still not sure who he really was. I was too busy stroking my Mom's hair, at the time--and wanting to be with her--as I missed her so badly.

Finally, my hubby woke me up; shaking me until I almost fell off the bed. When I looked into his eyes, I saw what I thought to be pure Hate--but figured out later it was fear, as he knew I was dead at that time. It scared him so badly--even to this day, he will not speak of my NDE with me.

When I was finally able to crawl out of bed, I crawled down the hall and to the front doors, naked, as I didn't have energy to get dressed, and I looked out the doors, and I had NEVER seen so much color and beauty in my life! I swear, I thought it was Eden, as it did not look that way 5 days before. Flowers had bloomed leaves on the trees--which usually takes longer than 5 days in Ks--but--it all happened, during my NDE. I considered that a miracle too=) It absolutely amazed me this could happen so quickly! I went to the doctors on the fifth day of a temperature of 105. I do not know why my brain did not cook, and the doctors called it a miracle. They did a full exam, and found that ALL of my female organs were gone. I hold this to being a Re-birthing thing=).

Another odd thing, is my skin had turned red as a stoplight and they did not know why--didn't have a clue--as they had never seen anything like this before. About 2 weeks later even inch of my skin peeled off--like a snakeskin, even the bottoms of my feet. Not one iota of skin I had--was the old skin. I returned to work on Monday--and had so much energy--that I could toss an Oak pallet-and they’re HEAVY!!!!-about 10 feet. I should not have been able to do this, considering the 17 pounds I had just lost and what I had just been through. I only weighed 98 pounds, when I went back to work. It was months before I found--everything I saw--to really have happened. I did not understand at all, but--I knew--what had happened to me--was something that would forever change my life. I would do it all over again--to become what I am today=)

Hope you enjoyed=) Love and Light

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