Experience Description

I have had at least 12 fainting spells. Two times, I had NDE. The second was identical to the first. The second experience started where the first stopped. I often wondered why. They were about seven years apart. I have been diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope. I have mitral valve prolapse and a heart murmur. I remember the bright white light. To me, it feels more like walking with a purpose than a confined tunnel. The first time it happened, when I came to, the paramedics had the defibrillator out and were working on me. It was a shock and a jolt when I came back. The second time, I was in the cardiologist’s office taking a stress test and I fainted when they put the radioactive die in my IV. The second time I fainted, I saw people. I didn’t recognize any of them. They looked at me as if wondering why are you here. Something was wrong. I guess it wasn’t my time to go yet.

Both times, the different cardiologists told me my NDE was not real; it was just a reaction to the medical condition I was in. So, I decided to let the issue go and forget about it. At that time, I was an alcoholic in my addiction, was in denial and didn’t want to face the fact. Today, I have been sober for 2-½ years and work a 12-step program. I still have health issues and always will. I was told by my cardiologist I am high risk for stroke and sudden death. My health will be okay as long as I stay sober.

After I had the NDEs, I have felt guilty about my drinking. I use my NDEs to help me stay sober and have a better quality of life.