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Hello, I’m writing you all the way from Portugal to tell you about my grandfather’s NDE.

He had a serious case of pneumonia about a month ago. As he became sicker, he went into a coma. During that coma, he had an NDE. He saw himself outside his body, and he begun a journey. He went through a dark corridor (not walking with his feet, but sort of sliding), where there were freaky looking beings trying to reach out and touch him. Those people was real aberrations, but they couldn’t touch him, because there was something like an invisible mirror that wouldn't let them. As he came to the end of that tunnel, he saw himself on the other side. It was all bright and shiny there - a beautiful garden where, he told me, he could hear soft, magnificent music. In that place, there was a group of people who seemed to be waiting for him. They were all in white, and they all had a rosebud painted on the chest area of their garments. It was a realistic depiction of a rosebud, with two leaves on either side of the stem.

One of those people came sliding up to my grandfather, holding in his hand a real one of those rosebuds. As the person was about to give him the flower, my grandfather heard a man's voice saying, “It’s not time.” The voice said it twice, at which point, without giving my grandfather the rosebud, the person turned around and started moving back to the group.

My grandfather asked me if I could find out what the meaning of this experience might be - especially the meaning of the rosebuds. Can you help me?



NDERF responds: Thanks for sharing this inspiring account Ricardo! This experience has remarkable and powerful content.

My thoughts on the rose are as follows. The rose is a symbol of love. The leaves on each side symbolize the rose is fully alive. The group of people with this type of rose painted on their clothes suggests they are all part of the same "soul group" as your grandfather. They are his extended family on the other side waiting to greet him. The placement of the rose on the chest, over the heart, reinforces the love meaning of the rose. The rose is still in the bud, meaning the love expressed still has much growing to do. A rose bud also means transformation, changing from a closed state to fully open wide and bloom; a powerful promise for your grandfather (and us all) as his life transforms from the physical to spirit.

Thanks again for sharing Ricardo!

-Dr. Jeff, NDERF

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