Experience Description

"Pass It On"

" My first early life memory is looking down from above and seeing myself as a baby, floating about one foot below the surface of the water. I'm in a blue wool outfit and I can see myself just floating there. After a few moments, I hear a scream as my sister calls for our mother. The next sensation I feel is that of being pulled out of the water. I remember being dried off by my mother and everything looked very normal as if nothing had happened. In my opinion, I saw my physical form drown while my spirit was looking down.

"Presentation of Creation"

Perhaps that's why I understand clearly, that we are spirits with a body. You carry your body just for a while in that form and you will get many forms along your journey. I will go so far as to say that's what I've painted for 25 years. (See countless examples in my paintings). I can't forget that when I was a child, my interests were always life after death, reincarnation, ufos, etc., while my friends would play outside. It felt like I knew something they didn't and that I should keep it to myself. Death to me was a celebration, the most significant event any human can experience, with no fear but with excitement that it will go on forever, life after life, a never-ending cycle. I feel my childhood experience reflects my belief system and/or was created by it!"

-- Peter Teekamp

"Guardian Angel"

A painter of Spirits and Angels, Peter Teekamp is a self-taught artist of 25 years who enjoys painting visions, symbols and ideas that translate feelings about the wonders and mysteries of life. When he paints people he does not paint them as you and I see them in their daily life but in what he sees as their "spiritual essence".

"Pillar of Faith"

In assessing the views of the artist, Peter Teekamp, it's important to describe some of the early experiences that helped to create his views on life, afterlife, and religion. In many cases where people have had near-death experiences, their entire life takes on dramatic changes. Their philosophies regarding religion, God and the purpose of life can be seen by many as in total contrast to their beliefs prior to their experience. This is the case when near death experiences happen closer to adulthood and their beliefs can be compared and analyzed. However, as in the case of Peter Teekamp, his experience was as an infant before any such belief system was in place or could be studied.

"The All-Knowing Eye"

(Peter Teekamp does not classify himself into any one theology but respects all world religions.)

"The Eyes of Jesus"

Background Information:

Gender: Male