Experience Description

My second child was born in November, 1952, at Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Texas. It is my belief that miracles come through a higher working of universal law, sometimes through other entities from other dimensions, which some call Angels, and are never in direct opposition to God's laws but are an outworking of higher use of the law that we on this level are unaware. Regardless of the channel used for any so-called miracle or healing, the credit always belongs to God, the source of our Life.

I had heard the doctor say she had lost me as I was losing all my blood and she could not stop it. She made the remark, "If anyone knows how to pray, they better do it quickly." I began in my mind to say the Lord's Prayer. Before I finished, I found myself out of my body and standing, looking at what was happening in the room. They had pushed the gurney over against the wall and only one nurse stood by me. As far as the doctor was concerned, I had lost all my blood, my vital signs were gone and I was pronounced dead. She was not even trying to work with me at all and only one nurse stood by me. She went outside to my grandmother, aunt, and husband and asked what they wanted done with the body, as I was gone and she could do nothing about it.

Immediately after leaving my body a shaft of very white light came down into the room and a beautiful woman with long black hair in a white robe trimmed in gold came down through the Light. She extended her hands toward me and gave me the choice of either going up in the Light with her or staying on earth in my body. At first, I wanted to go with her in the Light as the experience was so beautiful and peaceful. I was also totally out of pain as the Light surrounded me.

The next memory I have was standing again outside the light in the delivery room and saying, "I choose to live", which I presume was a decision to come back to earth, for my mission was unfinished. I have no actual memory of the time between wanting to go up in the Light with the beautiful Lady and then making the other choice of returning to my body because of the children.

After I had spoken the words "I choose to live", meaning come back and live my life in this body, there was an explosion of Light in the room and I also spoke them simultaneously from my body. This caused a great stir among the medics there and they rushed to my side and began to beat on my extremities and heart area to bring back the circulation and start my heart beating and my breathing. This was in 1952 and I presume, before they had much of the equipment they now have to sustain life in emergencies, at least there were none used on me. I had bruise marks on my body from their attempts to start the circulation again. It was four hours later that I awoke in my room with five doctors and nurses looking at me. My doctor said, "You've really given us a scare."

God was not finished with using my life and that is why I am alive today. I am here because God, Christ and His Holy Angels have taken care of me, protected me and kept me. For this, I am truly thankful.

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