Experience Description

In 1994 at a hospital in Texas, I had a heart attack on the operating table during surgery to remove my appendix. I found out years later why I had a heart attack. I was diagnosed as having Marfans Syndrome and I am Diabetic.

In Late 1994, My friend and Life mate Roger succumbed to complications from Aids in West Virginia, I had prayed to God that God would not let Roger suffer, I just wanted to crawl into the grave and die with my mate, I prayed that God would grant me Death. I walked around like a zombie and every so often felt the systems of flu come on where I just would cry myself to sleep to feel physically better. But that didn't help on December 1994. I awoke doubled over, when into the kitchen fixed myself a cup of tea. I thought that I had an intestinal flu. The tea didn’t work. I was in trouble and called for my mom. I asked her to please go next door to Aunt Floria and call 911. I managed to followed my mother next door because I didn’t want to be alone.

The police came with the ambulance. The Paramedic thought I had acute Appendicitis. They rush me into the Ambulance where I started to go into shock. They stabilized me and got me to the hospital. My white blood cell count was normal. On the x-ray, my appendicitis had wrapped around my colon. I guessed it was camera shy. Because of the tea, they had to wait on the surgery to make sure peritonitis didn't set in. When I signed the operating papers, I felt a peace that I was going somewhere and I would know the answers to more questions that you could ever want to ask. At 5:45 pm I was wheeled into surgery and they put a yellow oxygen mask over my face and told me to breathe deeply as they gave me anesthesia, and told me to count backwards from 100. I never made it past 97. I was out cold.

It was like watching a movie on a VCR that you pushed the rewind button and saw the movie in reverse. I saw how my life had been. To me this is judgment day. After I saw my birth, a red drape came down signaling that it was the end. I was peaceful.

The next thing I know is that I see the operating room light and I’m floating. I look down, see the doctor and nurse working on my lower right abdomen. From out of the corner of my left eye, I saw a spark of white light come from behind me. I turned around in the direction from where I saw the spark of light. I then saw a portal of sparking white light and had the feeling of Unconditional Love coming from the portal. I flew through that portal so fast, as if my britches were on fire. I was Home in the Unconditional Loving White Light. That renewed my spirit. There was an arch of white clouds drifting above me against a sky of blue. The sound of wind through pine needles lets me know that I was in the middle of it all. I saw what hell is like; it’s not the fire and brimstone with tortured souls. Hell is a dead color. There is gold that is the cliffs, and the Shadows of the blackness are where the souls walk on those cliffs.

I saw my Grandmother who died in Florida January 1972. My Grandmother’s beauty is as I remembered. She held me in her arms and I held my Grandmother in my arms. She talked to me without moving her lips. She asked me to give a message to my two brothers, my sister, and my mom. The message was that saying you're sorry is easy, and to ask for forgiveness, you learn a lesson, because you have to forgive yourself for hurting someone else.

The next person I saw was Big Joe who died of affixation in Florida 1981. Big Joe told me to give Kathleen, his wife, a message. The message was, “Don't let bitterness, destroy the rose that you are Kathleen, I will be waiting for you.” Big Joe didn't move his lips either.

The next person saw was my life mate, Roger. We floated into each other's arms and our souls became one again, as they had been once before during lovemaking on earth. Roger drew back. He said, without moving his lips, that I had to go back and that he would be waiting for me. I felt disorientated. Roger was gone. Now, I was standing in front of the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was moments after he died on the Cross.

I head the voices from the surgical staff shouting my name and saw my body at the other end of the tunnel. The next thing I remember, someone was lifting each eyelid and shining a light it my eyes. He was saying, “He's back!”

Background Information:

Gender: Male