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I wanted to share with you something my father shared with me right after my mother passed away two months ago.

I have always been very religious, but not to any one religion. Maybe you would call it spiritual? I have always felt that there is more to this life than just this existence and that something continues when we die. I have read books on near death experiences for about twenty five years now, and I don't know why I am so fascinated with them.

My father told me when we were at the hospital viewing my mother that ‘She's not there anymore. She's in a better place.’ Of course, I'm crying and devastated because, well, that's my mom and she was the best mother a boy could ever have. So I yelled at him, ‘How do you know?’ He didn't answer me then, but he did let me know when I came up two weeks later to visit him.

He told me how he was about twenty two years old. He was working with lumber, cutting it, and somehow his arm was cut, really bad. It was gushing blood. I can only think a major artery was cut? He went to the hospital and my mom and his mother and father were there at the hospital. He remembers all of a sudden being at the top corner of the room looking down at himself and the doctor and nurses were working on him. He said he could see my mother (his wife) and his mother, father crying, and upset. He remembers telling them it was ok and that he was here. He told me then that he was moving and pretty soon he was in ‘some place’. He couldn't describe it except that it was beautiful and that somehow it felt like home and there were a group of people waiting for him. He told me ‘I knew them. I don't know how I knew them, but I did’. He then said he was told that it wasn't his time, and that he had to go back. He didn't want to, but he did. He woke up in the hospital and was told he probably shouldn't have made it and that he had died on the table.

My dad became an alcoholic after that. I guess he felt like life was too painful to live and he wanted to be ‘back there’. My parents divorced and two of my brothers died later in life. My Dad developed lung cancer about thirteen years ago and my mom and dad got back together. My Dad quit drinking and became much more spiritual and reflective and less prone to anger. The doctors don't know how he's still alive dealing with lung cancer that long and a double bypass heart surgery.

When my brother Eric was dying (Eric and my oldest brother Roddy both died from AIDs acquired from doing drugs), he was fighting it, gasping with his dying breath. My dad bent over and talked to him. I can only imagine now that he shared with him what he told me about his death. After that, my brother passed peacefully.

My dad has told me that he hasn't shared his story with anyone outside the family because people thought he was crazy then. He's been very reluctant to share, but apparently, my mom knew and my aunts know about it as well.

Thank you for reading this. I've been reading your website’s near death experiences and just thought I would share.

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Gender: Male