Experience Description

Some years ago I was in a car accident. It was a misty afternoon in November. My car hit another car head-on, giving me fractures in the whole body and state of deep coma. Hospitalized in a coma, I was suspended for two days between the life and the death. I lived for the first time in my life a series of unimaginable experiences out of my body. I was me in a space - time when I perceived a light, a perfume and a feeling of unbelievable love a deep and aware ecstasy that wound everything of my being. A situation of universal love, of extraordinary beatitude that goes over the ordinary censorial perceptions and that it is me impossible to transmit or to share. Every time I try to describe the experience in words, the result is a pale substitute of the lived experience. In this situation of boundless happiness, (it will be perhaps the Heaven?), meeting my grandmother came me, dead for many years.

She didn't speak, but I perceived the thoughts of her; She smiled at me, embraced me, and I felt beloved and happy. She showed me a coin from 100 liras glimmering: the same as that she gave me on Thursdays, in the sixties, when I went to visit her with my little sister. Being me, the only male among six sisters, I was the pupil of my grandmother, which promptly a tip lavished me of well 100 liras. To my little sisters she gave only 50 liras. This tacit custom had become a secret between grandmother and me.

When later around three months of hospitalization, I went out of the hospital, I went to inspect my destroyed auto in the accident.

The car was on the lawn, without glasses and by now all rusted.

Peering at in the twisted cabin, I saw on the seat there was still the trace of a showy spot of blood and in the middle, a coin of 100 liras glimmering, as if it had just been coined and there silver ware an instant before I arrived. In that precise instant, I have understood the meaning of the vision experimented during the coma. I have picked up the coin what time I preserve as an extraordinary precious gift of love reached me by an other-worldly dimension.

But we now return to the vision of my grandmother during my coma.

To a certain moment, with fond but firm gestures, it softly got further me transmitting me with the thought, 'You have to now go, you are busy so many things, a lot of new things; you go, there are us, there are all.' I didn't understand this strange behavior and with the eyes I told her: 'Because grandmother you don't want that I stay with you? I want to remain here, not to send me back.' But she was inflexible and with a hand on the shoulder, she invited me to look, where I saw down myself some meter that I lay dying on a bed in a coma, with physicians and nurses, busy to tear me from the death. I felt all of this that they said: it was as him same assisting to a film the film of myself.

I wore a black sporting overall that a nurse was cutting with the scissors. A physician of low stature with the curly hair and a short beard was intubating me and I warned of the pains and of the bothers in the body. I knew to be me same that tortured body, but I didn't wonder as to how I could be in two places; I simply held it as the most normal thing of this world. I cursed instead, against that physician who attacked me furiously. I called him an ugly porcupine and to stop what he was doing. I said, 'Don't you see that I am well, leave me alone.' But the physician who seemed the more shaken, didn't stop. He continued to fumble on my body, putting his hands on the chest and spreading a blue light. I will come to subsequently know that in that breakers the physicians clinically gave me dead and he already thought about the possible donation of the organs.

I wake up later unexpectedly instead around two days (but I spoke and I wrote in inverted way. After a few days I succeeded in taking back the usual language - me however has this unbelievable ability remained to upset instantly all the words) - and I did ask the nurse where was the physician who I called the porcupine and who had tried to resuscitate me during the coma. The nurse asked me if I had been able to see what was happening around me; since I had the closed eyes and that, I was practically dead. Then it brought me the photo of a group of physicians and nurses during a party and I pointed out her the physician 'porcupine': he was standing in the foreground being very low of stature. 'And' this. I said - where he has gone, that don't have more him seen; is it perhaps on vacation?'

The nurses, amazed they answered:

'Yes, indeed this physician has worked here, in reanimation, but he is dead some years ago!'

I stayed astounded and touched, completely disoriented.

Meanwhile, in my bed of suffering, I had to sustain some interventions, (to the jaw, to the abdomen, to the cheekbone, to the cranium) considered by the authorities too tall risk, you give my precarious physical conditions. I overcame them without any problem.

After some months, they discharged me from the hospital. The doctors recommended me at least six months of convalescence and absolute rest. They told me that, gives the strong stress from traumas, I would have had to bear periods of depression and that with the atmospheric changes I would have perceived pains with which I would have owed well or badly to cohabit. They dismissed me with a package of pharmacological prescriptions that would be due to become my daily drug.

Well, I felt me in form, I didn't feel any pain. Hardly in house, I threw out all the recipes and I didn't assume any medicine. I am allergic to the most medicines. After a week, I taken back my job. I felt well me and in perfect health. I only complained about the continuous ones, annoying punctures to the polpastrellis of the hands, as if I had some lower case letters thorns. I consulted a pair of physicians that didn't come to head of nothing.

A friend talked me of a structure to Milan, founded by doctor Massimo Inardi, (known parapsychology and researcher of the paranormal, in the years 70 in TV in the transmission Mike's Bongiorno Rischiatutto) that he deals him with searches and experimentations on the healing energies. With a certain mixed reluctance to skepticism, definite to submit me to some tests to the Chamber Kirlian to measure the issue of energy pranica from the hands. The verdict was: 'You possess a tall energy pranica and could do with success the energy healing.' I was incredulous and surprised of this novelty, in how much I highly practiced for a long time a profession for me gratifying and that it was the passion of my life: the creative one in the advertising communication. To learn the secret of this activity I had prematurely left even the superior studies to catapult me in a graphic study. From here it began a pluridecennale experience that would have brought me from Vicenza to Verona and then to Milan, where I have had the possibility to create countries of communication for great multinational firms.

I was certain to do the most beautiful job of the world; it came me so easy that often hook to say that I have never worked, but I/you/they are always had a good time me. Television Spot, advertising pages on magazines, throwing of products, scenographies for shows and events. This was everything of my world. I reputed me a fortunate person that the job did for which you/he/she had been born and that I would surely have done him/it for all of my existence.

Of however I didn't know how to do, anything else other than to translate in images any idea flashed me. This I believed, up to the blessed accident.

I answered to the researchers on the bio-energy that could not be true, surely they were been wrong or quantomeno had exaggerated. 'Takes a piece of meat of liver, holds him/it in hand 10 minutes every evening for a week and then I/you/he/she phone us and I/you/he/she tell us what has happened.' did they tell me, noticing my skepticism - "And should thing happen?'

'Does him/it and then I/you/he/she report us.' I went home upset and confused.

I had decided however that the thing would be due to stay between Antoinette (my wife) and me. I didn't want really to know of it of other strangeness.

I had already experimented a lot of of it but this, then.

I didn't see just me as a healer that imposing the hands resolves illness and afflictions. 'Around it will be said that the accident has damaged me the brain; I would pass for crazy!'

To house I talked to Antoinette of the result of the tests on the faculties pranoterapiche, trying to minimize the thing not to encourage her/it in this hypothesis that worried me. Definite however to purchase three pieces of liver: one for me, the other for his wife and a bystander to be held as term of comparison.

This way we did. We started to hold on the palm of the hand, for 10 minutes every evening, this few inviting piece of meat. Summer days were sultry; the liver left alone on a saucer, after 2 days it started to putrefy and we threw him/it. Also that of my wife started well soon to stink: nauseated, it cleared. The piece that concerned me, progressively became instead hard and dark. After 5 days, it seemed a tablet of hard wood and I stopped the experiment. I phoned the hooks and they confirmed me that the experiment had succeeded. 'This bioenergia, for inexplicable motives scientifically it intervenes still. They told me - to level of the cells of the fabrics, stopping the degenerative trial of it.' They asked me to send them of it a piece for the histological examination, whose positive report was subsequently me, expeditious.

Technically, this phenomenon is defined 'mummification.'

My wife suffered from about ten years of two hernias discali that periodically manifested him with acute pains and heavily invalidanti. For the physicians the only thing to be done was the surgical intervention: the medicines that it assumed, yes and no they acted only from momentary, brief relief, but the problem was moved only.

So much was worth to try: I appropriated the painful part for some minutes. I referred him/it to more resumptions for a couple of days. Pain stopped completely and the back returned light and supple.

I am by now spent eight years. My wife since then practice also the yoga one and it doesn't have the least bother. A morning, after having dreams the whole night to have recovered with the pranoterapia unknown people, I suddenly remained lightened by an intuition: you/he/she had been that 'physician porcupine' that this excess of energy pranica had transmitted me: now everything was clear: in reanimation you/he/she was recovering me passing me the hands on the body; I still remember the emanation of that blue light. You/he/she has recovered me and given his/her energy pranica, almost as if I now had to take his/her place.

Disturbed and excited, shared with my wife these thoughts. 'I am sure that it is really this way. You are not now before anymore that of. You have returned to the life with an unbelievable gift; it is to you to decide if and as you will want to use him/it.' I started then to practice this practice, of hidden, with relatives and friends that complained about illness you launch, always with positive results and sometimes amazing. All of this has to say, it flattered me and it excited at the same time me. Continuing nevertheless to practice my usual profession parallel began to frequent some theoretical courses and esperienziali on the fittest ways to direct this energy. All of this that had to whether to do with the energy interested me: I frequented a triennial course of homeopathic medicine, where it doesn't speak of medicine-substance, but of energy of substance, an approach olistico that draws the person, not the illness. I have frequented then two courses in two different structures to become professional pranoterapeuta, then a course of riflessologia podalica; anchor, raced deepened of psicoenergetica, fisiognomica and therapy olistica antistress. Subsequently, after having participated in the courses of recovery and autoconsapevolezza of the American Sir Martin Brofman, I have received
from the World Institute of Technology for Healing in Lausanne the qualification of Professional Healer and Chakra Technician.

What my existence was deeply changed, they continually showed him/it to me 'strangeness' and accadimenti that happened inside and around me. First I was left-handed from the birth; I can now write and to eat indifferently using the right or the left. I played the left-handed battery that is with the elements rotated to mirror; I can now play quietly the battery of a clockwise. My auto is weekly from the elettrauto with some bright device to replace; house never misses an escort of light bulbs. Also, the feeding has suffered notable changes: I don't like the meat more, I/you/they have become a devourer of bananas: as a drug I consume three of it or four a day. I/you/they have become non-drinker and not smoker and if I warn odor of tobacco me vien to vomit. I perceive the band aurica in all the people that I meet. I believed to have a visual defect, but I see her wound in a light by the different colors, according to the state of conscience in which I/you/they am. When a storm bursts, I feel me to pervade from strange vibrations and if I am able I race in the hill to enjoy me the arrows, as if they reloaded me.

To one teacher of mine Indian one day I confided a certain uneasiness, in how much I wondered why me? After so many years that I practiced with enthusiasm the profession of creative advertising, I was me to the thresholds of a strange activity.

What it seemed me completely different from that known.

'Not to worry you' - it told me 'a small jump quantico has happened in your evolution in this earth. Before you used your creative energy and your sensibility for the publicity, now uses always your creative energy and your sensibility to recover the people.

You have held in 'incubation' this energy for many years using her/it in horizontal way, monotonous; you will now use finally her in vertical, for the spiritual recoveries and the evolution of the people. Because every recovery is an evolution of the conscience. You finally know now that it is your mission in this life.

Me however I kept on holding hidden to the more these abilities of mine of 'healer' and I kept on practicing the usual job.

For a long time I was solicited by a friend journalist to release, an interview relative wing my story on the daily paper of my province. I had always refused the idea, in how much I feared to be covered with ridicule giving in meal to the press my so personal and unusual accadimentis. A morning, however, pushed by a mysterious impulse that anchors now I don't know me to explain, I let me interview: on following Sundays went out a whole page on the newspaper and I were crushed by hundreds of phone calls of suffering and desirous people to recover. The day after a person offered me the availability of a study in an enchanting place, already furnished and absorbed in the green.

The ideal to begin the new profession of healer.

I stopped the activity of advertising, surrendering the clients to a friend-colleague and I embraced with enthusiasm this new phase of my life.

An evening, returning home in auto, I was meditating on my physician-porcupine of the vision during the coma. The lighthouses of the auto have illuminated one 'ball' dark in garden. I go down and I go to see of what he treats: it was a porcupine that slowly it got further toward the hedge. Since then I sometimes see him/it, always of evening, that waits me. In the daytime, it disappears in the nothing. Last year I was with the family in camping; from the grove nearby, every evening appeared a porcupine. Sometimes the evening, to house, when I am alone with my cat, it happens me to warn to read, intermittent vibrations to the hands; suddenly the cat stiffens him and fixed something in the void. I perceive a warm energy and here that 'I feel' to be nearby me my angel-physician-porcupine.

Mario D. from ITALY

Background Information:

Gender: Male