Experience Description

(Note Epilogue below NDE)

I'm Jonathan, it was the summer of 1975, I was 17 years old and lived in a small town in Upstate NY. I had purchased a large quantity of a version of LSD called Windowpane. My friends and I had been using this drug every day for almost a week, but the effect of the one dose hit was no longer achieving the desired effect. The day before the event, we each took 2 hits, and the day of the event I went for the granddaddy of all trips and took 5 or 6 hits of this powerful form of LSD. I gave everyone else 2 - 3 hits. Around 4:40 pm, I started to feel the effects, but something was different this time, I was starting to feel ill. I was at the house of a friend next door to where I lived with my parents. I went upstairs to lay down in one of the bedrooms because I was feeling dizzy, short of breath, my heart was racing and I was feeling sick. I did notice by the clock next to the bed that it was 4:50 pm when I felt my eyes curl up in my head like I was trying to look up and then everything went black.

I immediately found myself moving past the planets starting with Venus, then Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. I must confess that I don't remember seeing Pluto. These planets were very close to each other in sort of a staggered line, not a straight line. They were huge and absolutely beautiful. Jupiter was the most colorful and brightest. They were close together in a way that I would pass one and immediately approach another. I was moving past them in a short amount of time yet I did not feel like I was moving very fast at all. As I was going past Uranus, I turned my head to look back at all of them again, they were just so incredibly beautiful. When I turned my head to look forward to where I was going, my final destination was well in view and also caught me by surprise. I was approaching a wall of clouds that were in the shape of a horseshoe. I came to a stop at the entrance and the size of this wall of clouds was impressive and I can estimate its dimensions. It seemed to be around 100 feet deep and wide, and perhaps twice as tall. I could not see through it. It was purple in color at the bottom, and as I looked up it got both brighter in color and intensity, purple to lavender, to blue, then light blue to white at the top, and billowy like the top of a storm cloud that is reflecting the afternoon sun. I should mention that I had no control of my movements, I was 'moved' to that position. I didn't try to move on my own so I don't know if I could have. At the top of the cloud I saw many, many pairs of wings, pure white with gold accents, and they were all around the entire top rim of the cloud. I immediately realized they were

Angels. They seemed to be looking at me from their positions and I could see their wings turning and moving. Slowly opening wide and closing, it was an amazing sight. They were being illuminated by a light source I could not see, but the 'sky' above them was yellowish-white in color and very bright. I scanned the top of the clouds and looked at all the motion of the Angels trying to see some features, but they were just too far away to see their faces or much of their bodies. Their wings were surprisingly large and very easy to see. I was so entranced by what I was seeing, I was startled when I lowered my eyes a saw a figure standing in the middle of this wall of clouds directly in front of me about 50 feet away on the 'floor' level. I don't recall having a body or feeling a solid surface under me, in fact, the 'floor' under me was as black as the space I had just traveled through. But the figure was that of a person with a full body dressed in a white robe from head to toe. The light from above illuminated this figure, but the hood hung far enough over the head to cast a shadow on the face so that I could not see any details of the face. I could see his arms were hanging down by his sides, but outstretched so that his hands were about a foot from his sides with the palms pointing towards me. Neither of us spoke verbally, in fact there was nothing but silence during the entire event, but as soon as I cast my eyes on this figure, I was overcome with a feeling of love and joy that is too great to put into words. Then my mind was filled with knowledge and answers about my existence and the meaning of life, and I remember saying to myself, "Now I understand, now I get it, its sooo EASY!!" At that moment I knew why I was born and what my purpose was in God's overall plan, and I knew that it was very uncomplicated and simple. I then also realized without a doubt that the figure before me was Jesus. After a few more moments of voiceless communication, my next recollection was waking up on the bed I had been laying on. And OH what a terrible feeling it was to be back, being away from where I just came from. I remember yelling "NOOOO!" and closing my eyes to try to get back there but of course, I couldn't. I looked at the clock. It was 5 pm, maybe a minute or two after. I got out of bed and realized that I felt great! The effects of the LSD were completely gone. I walked over to a mirror and noticed that my pupils were normal. LSD causes the pupils to dilate big time even in bright light, we often kidded with each other that we had 'eight-ball eyes'.

I could hear my friends carrying on in the background, still tripping, and I thought to myself, "Great, I don't feel the joy I had just experienced anymore AND, I'm not tripping anymore either". I actually walked home and had dinner with my parents. I went back to my friends' house an hour or so later and they were still quite high on the LSD. Remember, I had taken twice the dose they took and the effects were completely gone.

When I came back from my NDE, the knowledge I was given during my brief stay was completely removed from my mind, but I was able to recall, even to this day 24 years later, exactly what I saw, that I was given knowledge, and how I reacted.

One more fascinating piece of information, 10 years after the event I was learning about Daniel in Psalms in a Bible class, how God commanded Michael the Archangel to save Daniel from the lions.

The Angel said as Daniel started to pray, he left God's side, and when he finished praying the Angel appeared at Daniel's side and saved him from the lions. Now I don't remember the passage, but the instructor made it a point to tell us that if you recite the prayer in a normal speed as if you were reading it out loud, it takes 5 - 6 minutes to read. It took the Angel 5 -6 minutes to reach Daniel from God's side. Remember when I said the time was 0450PM when I blacked out and around 5PM when I came to, 5 -6 minutes there, 5 - 6 minutes to get back. I've been trying to understand what happened to me that day and this fit perfectly. I am convinced now that as mortals we are governed by time and space, and once we go beyond our mortality, time and space still exists, but it is vastly condensed, hence the planets being so close together during my NDE. I assure you, Heaven was just outside that wall of clouds, I just wasn't allowed to see it because of the life I was living. (I quit doing drugs shortly after the event). When you look up at the stars at night, one of those points of light you see is Heaven and it is only 6 short minutes away when we cross over after this life.

Epilogue: Jonathan states following his NDE:

You wanted to know about my drug use... shortly after my NDE, I stopped using 'hard' drugs such as Speed, Cocaine, LSD, I smoked pot for a while longer, but within 3 or 4 years afterward, I became totally drug free, I don't even like medicine prescribed by my Doctor. I also don't drink more than a beer or 2 a month. I'm sure having seen Jesus and not being allowed to see Heaven will always make me think twice about anything negative I can do.