Experience Description

I have a near death experience to report.

When I was twelve years old, I fell from a tree about twenty feet up. When I hit the ground, I started to lose consciousness. I lingered on for a bit, with the help of friends and family who ran out from the house, but soon I lost consciousness for good. I started to leave my body. I could hear conversations from those around my body and see what they were doing with me. It was like watching a movie. A movie where I have a major role, but I don’t actually care. I am able to see when the ambulance arrives and takes me to the hospital. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me.

A nurse and my dad tore off my clothes. I watched the doctor check my ribs, and then the bones in my arms or legs. He is looking for fractures, but there are none. I see it happen, and I know they are ok. He then checks my spine. There is no visible damage, but my body is limp. ‘Doctor, the pulse is weak,’ says the nurse. I watch someone run into the room and finally tell the doctor that I had fallen from a tree. I can hear my mother. She is crying in despair. I see one of the doctors give me a shot. I look at my parents and I tried to tell them that everything will be fine. I’m unable to speak. I can’t say anything to them. I can’t move anything to communicate. I can’t hear words like normal, it just comes into my mind, a thought. I began to wonder about my situation. Am I just going to be thought forever? What is going on? My parents aren’t giving me any attention! They’re just looking down at the body lying on the bed. I’m over the body, I’m over their heads, and they cannot see or hear me. I do not see any reaction from them. I became sad. I wanted to come back. It shouldn’t end this way, not now, not like this! I needed to be with them. I get closer to the body. As soon as I’m close, I see the nurse stick a needle into my body and then there is only silence.

The next thing I remember, I’m in my pajamas on the bed and going down the hall to the hospital room. It is a very clear memory from when I was twelve. I was in the hospital for seven days. I quickly returned to health and to school. The experience has led me to understand that everyone experiences a different ‘reality.’