Experience Description

Here is the letter we received from him:

I am a survivor. On June 5, 1998, I had my final cat scan. I then received a clean bill of health. The tumor was gone. I have something to tell you. Perhaps I should have told you before, but for some reason held back. When I was at the crest of my illness, I had a choice experience.

I was oblivious to the outside world, but my inward self was active and fully conscious. My doctors were concerned at that point that I would not make it and I felt inwardly, that I was on my way out. I was spirited to a place where I saw a veil of some sort. I was allowed to penetrate that veil and on the other side beheld a different world. It was still the earth, but of such beauty, it is indescribable in many ways. The ground was covered with a matte of beautiful flowers. Their colors were brilliant and varied. There was one tree of bright green. A bright light shown all around. It was soft and penetrating, but did not hurt the eyes. I cannot adequately describe it and how it shown, but with it there was a feeling of calm and peace.

Suddenly, I was jerked roughly back through the veil and returned to our world. I had an adversary. Something tore at my inner flesh and the pain was terrible, but in spite of that, I wanted to go back through the veil to the beauty I had experienced. I was allowed to go back. When I passed through the veil this time, the pain stopped. My head was bent and as I raised it, I beheld my angel wife. She was some distance from me and was on one knee picking flowers. She never spoke, but raised her head and smiled. My joy was unbounded. Her beauty filled the space. The body was not the one we buried, but the form and face of the young woman on the day we married. She was so beautiful. I started to stand with full intentions of going to her, but was again roughly jerked back though the veil and held by some unknown force. It prevented my re-entering the world of peace and beauty, but I was allowed to peer through the veil. My wife rose, smiled, and waved. She and the veil disappeared. I was left in our world of filth, smoke, and pollution. I make the comparison because of what I beheld in my wife's world.

The stress in my body returned with increased vigor and pain. I looked toward heaven, pronounced my priesthood (Latter Day Saints), and cried silently for relief. The pain stopped, my outer world consciousness returned, and I realized then I was in the hospital. I tell you now, if I could have made the decision of going or staying, I would now be with my angel wife, but the Almighty must have something more for me to do. I don't know what it is, but assume he will let me know in due time.

All this happened so fast as though in a few seconds or less. I may have left out some details, but you have it as I remember it.

I have had one more prayer answered, I have asked continually, in my prayers to see my sweetheart just one more time. That prayer was answered.

Garth P