Experience Description

My NDE was in December 1998, I was pregnant in my second month for my fourth child. I returned from a vacation in London. I didn't take care over my pregnancy as I was holding many bags in the airport. I remember that I felt a strange movement in my womb when I held a heavy one. I didn't pay attention to this feeling. After two days, I felt my hands and feet were very cold and I had a headache. Then I began to bleed. I spent long hours in the toilet and I expected that the fetus could get out without a help of a doctor. But the bleeding did not stop. My husband tried to convince me to go to the hospital or to call my family and my sister who works as a doctor. I refused.

When my husband noticed that I began to lose consciousness and talk nonsense, he called my family. They hurried to my home and took me to the hospital. I remember that my dress and the blanket that covered me became red. I remember also that the doctors were very surprised to see all that bleeding, and hurried to prepare the operation room. I heard them talking to my sister, that my situation is very critical and my blood pressure was very low which threatened my life. They gave me anesthesia, and then they began to ask me many question to be sure that I lost my consciousness to start the operation. I lost consciousness gradually.

After that, I remember I saw the most beautiful garden I have ever seen, I saw my cousin who died five months ago in an abortion operation, and she was about the same age as me. I saw her swinging in a high swing. Her legs were in a running small river, the water of that river was very clear like crystal, as I could see her legs inside it very clear. I saw red stones of the same size under the water, she was so happy, I tried to sit with her, but there was a fence. She asked me to jump this fence; I told her that I couldn't. I am fat and the people will look at me. She told me that there is a gate there, and I can go to it, but she added that entering through that gate is very difficult. She insisted and begged me again to jump the fence, I tried more and more, but I couldn't. I had a strong desire to enter that wonderful place when I felt desperate from jumping.

I went to the gate that my cousin pointed to me. It was a very big gate with a big high beautiful door, with glittering golden handles like the big gates in the historical films but more beautiful. There were two huge guards, they were holding spears, the spears were crossed, the legs of those guards were huge like a building size, I was so small running between their legs trying to enter to be with my cousin. I heard the door open, dragging across the ground with a high sound. I tried to enter, but they forbade me by putting crossed spears in front of my face.

I talked to one of them to let me enter. I remember that he had a white long beard, his beard started directly below his eyes and reached his belly, and he looked strange but not scary. He told me that entering through this gate is very difficult. He described exactly what I needed to do. I replied to him, 'Okay, I will do that. I will pray more, and fast more and give more money to the poor.' It seemed that he ordered me to do so, as I don't remember his orders coming directly from him. I told him that I will come to you next year, and ran back. I returned back to him and told him that I will bring my father with me to live, both of us, in this wonderful place. He told me, 'No, your father has no place here,' (as my father is a secular, he doesn't believe in God, prophets, or the lasting life). I told him, 'No, I will bring him with me, I love him so much!' He replied to me, 'No, your father cannot enter here at all. Go out from here.' I told him, 'Okay, I will go out, okay, I will go out.'

Then I opened my eyes and found myself in a bed in the hospital, and all my family were surrounding my bed and heard me saying, 'Okay, I will go out, okay, I will go out.' I closed my eyes again, and after many hours, I awoke again with full consciousness. I told them all that I had seen in my NDE. They were laughing at me and thought that this is a kind of hallucination or dream because of anesthesia medication. A few of them believed me, and what supported the skeptical ones is that I didn't die after one year of this accident as I promised those huge guards. Sometimes I think this is a hallucination or a dream as my family say, and they added that I was so sad and touched by the death of my cousin many months before from her abortion.

Even now, I tremble when I remember the size of the guard's legs. I will never forget this experience.