Experience Description

I am going to be seventy years young on my next birthday in July. You can see how long ago this was. My mother said she remembered the beautiful light and the ‘men’ waiting for her. She was asked whether she wanted to stay or go back. She said she had six children and, of course, with me on the way, she thought she should finish her job on earth and go back. My father couldn’t have handled it all on his own. My father over the years, being an Irish immigrant with a big ego, always talked about that time when the doctors told him she was going to die and he ‘cried like a baby.’ My relatives have told me that my mom was very ill when carrying me. Apparently, she had a bad case of pneumonia.

I already had children of my own when my mom sat me down and said she had something to tell me that she thought I should know before she left this good earth. She said she never told anyone until then.

I have the gift of 'sight.' Sometimes I think it is a curse because of what I see coming down the pike. I cannot turn it on and off, but when I get the 'knowing,' people should listen. An example was when the big tsunami hit. I had told a couple that were in the hospital room with my son, that soon, but not immediately, there would be one, and many countries would be involved. I even told them the death count would be over three hundred thousand. I told them a few days after Thanksgiving that year. As you know, it happened the day after Christmas.

That is the kind of 'curse' that I live with every day.

I have seen the light myself, but no beings. This was when I had a bleeding ulcer. I had the 'feeling' that I would live. I was too weak to be operated upon, as I had lost so much blood. It goes on and on.

I am not afraid of dying, only of suffering. I know there is a better dimension or a heaven waiting for us. After my husband's death (he was a physician), he came back to see me as we agreed to do for each other. It was part of a pact we made many years ago. I was at a seminar with a spiritualist, who talks to spirits, and she described our meeting precisely. She also gave me messages that only he could know. She named his brothers, one of whom had passed on and another who was ill. They wanted me to contact him.

We have nothing to fear except each other. We are here in school and we have lessons to learn which are specific to each of us. That is the purpose of our lives on earth. I am looking forward to my journey but, like my mother had, I still have work to do here. Thank you so much, again, for answering my email, much less reading it. And I thank you again for reading this epistle. I guess I have The Blarney Stone curse, the gift of gab. (Even though I didn’t kiss it when I was in Ireland many years ago with my family.)

God bless you for all this important work that you are doing. The people of the world need the truth, especially in these perilous times.