Experience Description

About 10 years ago, I was a heavy drug user. I was a heroin addict. I took a lethal dose of heroin and slipped into death. I was out for more than 20 minutes. This took place in 1983. The experience was quite profound and stayed with me until now. I remember traveling through space, the universe if you will, at an incredible rate of speed flying past planets and stars at warp speed. I arrived in a place that seemed foggy and there were several men at a table seated and a man standing with me whom I perceived as Jesus Christ. I was told many things about my life and myself. I stood there and was told I had to go back and this time I had to get it right. I wish more than anything I could remember what I was told in its entirety, but I cannot. But many things were told to me telepathically. I went back and found myself floating over my body I was at the ceiling looking at the scene from above. I saw my children standing over me and my husband on the phone to the 911 operator. I heard everything he said, at that moment I had the thought "How will I get back into my body?" instantly I found myself back in my body and the ambulance pulling up to the door. I answered some questions for the driver of the ambulance and sent them away. I then asked my husband to confirm what I had seen and heard while floating over my body at the ceiling. He confirmed that those things did happen. I was by all rights and means dead. I had no pulse; I was blue and his attempts at CPR and mouth to mouth were unsuccessful. He called an ambulance as a last ditch attempt to save me. My second NDE I found myself separated from the light and lost in complete darkness. I changed my ways after that and of course have been clean for many years now. This was not a drug induced experience. I'm sure I was dead and came back feeling the things that happened were real.