Experience Description

Age of 6 while on a routine drive from my family's house in Ipswich England, to Bentwaters AFB (Dad was USAF), we were involved in a serious traffic collision. We turned a corner and a car was stopped on the side, but my dad swerved to avoid it. We rolled down a cliff type embankment of about 175 feet, landing in a river. I remember the cold water rushing into the Rambler Station Wagon. I heard lots of screams but was temporarily blinded by a warm liquid running into my eyes. Later to be realized as my blood from a gouge on my right temple. I remember turning to immediate warmth and then my sight was back. However, I was seeing the river from atop the cliff. I ran down when possible, climbing other parts of the descent. I remember confusion, but I was seeing the torso of a larger male in which I was now running toward my dad's car in. I reached the car with other people. I looked in and seen a hand sticking out of the water. I reached in the broken car window and pulled the hand of an unconscious boy. But the boy was me. It was me. I remember another man pulled the lifeless body from me as I just froze in confusion and fear. I later remember waking up in the hospital, which was days later.

1975 my mom and I went to England on a vacation to see my Nana. As we drove past an embankment and bridge, she stopped the rent a car. We got out because she told me that that was the exact spot that we had wrecked. At that minute, a car came around the bend, skidded and rolled down the embankment into the river. Another car stopped and we all ran down to help, except for my mom. I approached the car feeling this déjà vu confusing state. I looked in and saw a hand sticking out of the water. I grabbed it and pulled it up. It was a little boy that was identical to me. I looked at the car. It was a Rambler. I froze. A man took the boy from my arms, ran down the riverbank, and up to the top next to the bridge. I returned to my mom. She was astonished that an accident occurred exactly how ours did. I told no one. Too embarrassed and afraid to. I do not care if this is believable or not. But it is true. Did I save my own life and destiny?