Experience Description

I personally had weird complications after giving birth. I had lost a lot of blood. I was in the recovery room and holding the baby but felt like I was going to faint and told my sister to take the baby. I blacked out but could hear my sister calling for the nurse who came in and took my blood pressure. I heard her call out to the doctor, ‘don't leave yet.’ He answered, ‘what's her blood pressure?’ She said, ‘zip.’ There was a flurry of activity that I watched from above. I was floating at about the height of a filing cabinet or maybe a little higher. I was quite interested and expected to see them get out paddles or jab a needle into my heart. Instead, they jabbed a needle into the intravenous bag that was hooked up to my arm. In a few seconds, I was ‘back in my body,’ not overhead. The next week during my first post-natal check-up, I asked my doctor why he jabbed the bag and not my heart. He explained why, but then said, ‘how did you know that?’ ‘Because I was watching from above.’ He said there was no way I could have known that since I had virtually no blood pressure. My heart, I believe, was still beating, but I don't know.