Experience Description

My experience was about twenty years ago when I was about seventeen years old. I was very sick and all my medical tests came back o.k. My father was a doctor. Nobody could find what was wrong with me.

On the way to the hospital, my father told my mother that I will not be coming back home.

I felt like I wanted to be alone. I wasn't fully aware for five days. After one night, I woke up and I went to restroom, which I suppose I shouldn't have. I couldn't go back to my bed. I tried so hard. I was talking to myself that I have to try with my right side. I couldn't so I tried with left side. I fell down on the floor. I was so sick I couldn't even move my hand.

One woman called the nurse. They came but couldn't move me. I heard a voice say that they had to get help. They came back with two men then they carried me and put me on my bed. The next morning I was waiting for my mom to come. I knew that every morning before I opened my eyes, my Mom was there. I told her go home I want to be alone. She was begging me to stay. I said I want to be alone. After she left, I saw my body go "out of body." It was something I had never experienced before. I felt free, no boundaries, no fear. It was affirming what I can't describe in words, something within. I don't know how long that does take after I do remember anything. I was in a coma for five days. During this time, my mother was with me night and day. In the morning of the fifth day, my Mom told me later she felt the weather of the room is heavy and that something is harping.

Then my Mom told me "you" move you hand and show Emam Ali seated on my left side (which I don't remember even now) Then I saw a man which sat in chaste. I could not even move, like I am nobody. As I said, I don't know about the time. I heard from my mom, then she start to pray too and again I do not know anything after that was morning. My Mom told me in the evening of that day that I came out from coma and I remembered that I was in place, which was green. I stood on big rock over the grave and I was so happy. I was eight or nine years old and someone came to me. He said I was going to take you but I was told it is not the time. I knew I am not supposed to ask any question in spite that I didn't want to leave. He held my right hand. He left me. Then my bed spun two times in 360 degree and stopped and the I started to open my eyes I couldn't because it was so light and I knew I have to open my eyes slowly. The first thing I ask for was my Mom. I held her hand. Later on my mom told me as soon as you got my hand; you told me you came back from other world. I don't remember that either. I'm here for thirteen years and I should tell my mom passed away. And also another thing happened which the message came from my mom but at this point I am not comfortable to talk about.

In response to several questions we asked, she replied:

I'll do my best to give you correct information's. The place I talked it was cemetery but everything on the ground was green but different green that we see in regular cemetery. I remember that I wore black and white dress. 2- No, I did not know that being the only things I know he was a man (Actually, I was thinking about that question a lot because my believe is only GOD knows when the time is coming) how come he told me I was going to take you but I have been told no is not the time. When he held my hand, I got a feeling I cannot describe. I am not supposed to ask any questions, but I put my head up to look at him he got very tall, as if he was reaching the sky. Then we turned and went straight. Still he held my hand until we get intersection. It was only left side street he left me on the street and I believed he went straight; Or I think and as soon as I turned left onto street, my bed spun two times 360 degrees, and after that I knew where I was as I told you.

Background Information:

Gender: Female