Experience Description

Over 25 years ago I fell asleep while driving. They tell me I rolled 165 feet and flipped my VW 4 times. What I remembered and it was brief - was hovering over the car looking at it and all the things along the highway. It was 1 a.m. and yet it was bright like day light. Then all of a sudden I was upside down in the driver's seat trying to get out. I didn't tell anyone for many years and when I became aware of life not being just what you see on the surface and there is more to it, it was very clear to me what happen. What I have thought about that is "when you have a traumatic physical accident as such you briefly leave as not to really experience the blows". Like the soul isn't about that aspect of the experience. That doesn't mean hours, days and even 25 years later you are not physically aware but the system has been set up as to not set up to have the immediate event be one of horror. Of course, if it is one's time that could make the difference as to how far into the light you go. I am sure this is like many others since there are so many car accidents. I now have the visualization of getting to my destination in tack. Good luck with your venture.

Background Information:

Gender: Female