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In response to Media Requests, we have prepared a Media Sheet especially for those who are interested in interviewing Dr. Jeff and/or Jody on Television, Radio, Books, Magazines or Newspapers.  Please click here to view.


4/28/15 - Dr. Jeff in the News! Click here for the Today Show (National program, Easter edition)
And click here for The 504 (Local New Orleans)

First International Medical Conference on the NDE held in France June 17, 2006.  Click here for more information.

WEEKLY NDE PROGRAMME ON RADIO:  WEEKLY NDE PROGRAMME ON RADIO: The Rev. Juliet Nightingale, (, FOI International Relations Committee/Correspondent for IANDS and multiple NDEr, is hosting a groundbreaking programme, Toward The Light, on, focusing primarily on Near-Death and similar Spiritually Transformative Experiences. The programme airs from 5P-6P ET (-5:00 GMT) on Sundays�having premiered on 6 March 2006 with PMH Atwater. She features a stellar roster of special guests who are both experiencers and researchers; and there are also call-in opportunities so people can make comment and ask questions during the show.  Some of the show topics include:

� What Every Individual and Caregiver Should Know About The Dying Process
� Near-Death/Out-of-Body and similar Spiritually Transformative Experiences
� Exploring the Many Facets of After-Death Communications (ADCs)
� Experiencing the Afterlife and the Immortality of the Soul
� Living Inter-Dimensionally and Being Multi-Sensory
� Intuition and Telepathy

Dr. Jeff and Jody Long were the featured guests on June 12, 2006.


How Many NDEs Occur in the United States Every Day?
The answer is 774 NDEs occurring daily in the United States. 
                                      Click here for methodology


NDE... Medically Explicable???
Special Announcement
Dr. Jeff of NDERF was recently (12/16/01) interviewed on ABC News with Peter Jennings (national TV) to discuss the article regarding NDE in the prominent medical journal The Lancet.  This NDE article is discussed in more detail in a
Press Release already posted on NDERF.  Dr. Jeff defended The Lancet article�s conclusion that NDE was not medically explicable.  As part of this ABC broadcast, another physician was briefly interviewed who asserted that NDE was medically explicable.  Dr. Jeff e-mailed this physician a brief and partial list of reasons he felt NDE was not medically explicable, and asked this physician to respond and explain his position that NDE was medically explicable.  Three weeks have passed without a response from this physician.  This is unfortunate, as we welcome open and constructive debate on this issue.  If he responds at some future time, it is anticipated his comments will be posted on this web site (if he is agreeable).  For the benefit of NDERF readers, attached is Dr. Jeff�s correspondence regarding this issue.  This correspondence is now an open letter to anyone willing to rationally respond and defend the position that NDEs are medically explicable.
Click title above, or click here.

Paranormal Tuesdays, Hosted by Dave Glover with Co-Host Michael Lynch, 97.1 FM Talk, with Jody, 9/28/04

Coast to Coast AM Radio with Art Bell, Interview with Dr. Jeff, 9/19/04, with Vicki Noratuk  (totally blind from birth who had a remarkably visual and detailed near death experience).

Dreams, NDE, Reality
presentation given by Jody at the annual Parapsychological Association meeting, 8/3/03

Coast to Coast AM Radio
with George Noory, Interview with Dr. Jeff, 2/24/03. Welcome to all the people responsible for the 33,000 page hits who visited the site in two days!

Healing and Paranormal Gifts, talk given by Dr. Jeff and Jody at the annual IANDS 2003 conference, 1/10/03.

Veridical Perception and NDE,
annual 2003 IANDS Conference, survey results presented by Dr. Jeff, 1/8/03.

The NDE and Consciousness
, talk given in the U.K. with Dr. Jeff and Jody, 7/19/02.

The Gary Nolan Show, Radio America, 6/14/02.  General discussion of NDE with Dr. Jeff.

The Scruff Conners Show, 3/28/02 on Mojo Radio AM 640 in Toronto, Canada with Jody of NDERF.

The Edge of Reality, hosted by Lee Speigel, 2/23/02  featured an NDEr the first hour and Dr. Jeff at 9:00 PM

ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings

12/16/01, brief discussion of NDE article in the medical journal The Lancet.

Ascending with Angels with Bob Turner, nationally syndicated television series, segment with Dr. Jeff due to air 12/01.

The 'X' Zone Radio Show
9/20/01, with Rob McConnell.  9/20/01 at 4:00AM - 5:00 AM Eastern Time Zone.

The Learning Channel (national cable TV) is presenting "Ultimate 10 Mysteries".  Dr. Jeff presents NDE as the #1 mystery of the 10 presented.  Taped for this show was Sarah (Sarah's NDE) and Karen (Karen's NDE).  Also taped was a very special NDE from Sally.  This is an awesome show!  Thanks all of you!!!

Mademoiselle Magazine with Marjorie Ingall, July 2001, pg. 95.  Conservative look at "Stairway to heaven" and how a near-death experience taught Marjorie Ingall to live.  Dr. Jeff's expert opinion is part of the interview.  pp. 94-96.

Coast to Coast AM
11/28/00,  with Mike Siegel, at 4:00 AM - 6:00, nationally broadcast radio, discussion of near-death experience.  Available for listening.

Art Bell Radio Show
Featuring Karen's NDE, with Karen as a special NDE experiencer guest.

Mancow Radio Show
Dr. Jeff will be discussing NDE Tuesday, May 18,1999 at 9:00 A.M. Central Time on this nationally syndicated radio show.  Our thanks to Mancow & Free Speech Radio Network!

Fox News TV will be doing a series devoted to NDE (5/10/99 - 5/13/99) at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time, 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time.  Our web site will be broadcast!

Art Bell Radio Show
3/20/99... replay of broadcast of 2/4/99 featuring Sarah's NDE as part of a discussion of frightening NDE's.

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