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Experience description:   

I just met my soulmate, finally, at age 64. He is 66. We recognized each
other as soulmates the first day we met but proceeded cautiously. I was
married twice and am now divorced. He has been married to the same person for 40 years. I now realize why my marriages didn't work. I can now see the walls I had up around my heart and soul. I never let anyone in completely before. Now, all the walls are gone. The first time we made love I thought, in amazement, "There are no barriers between us!" He rolled over and said, in amazement, "There are no barriers between us, no walls!" We felt the universe suddenly open up to us as if someone pulled a string and the curtain went up. It is a spiritual awakening for both of us.

We have a total of seven major conjunctions -- moons conjunct in Libra,
Uranus/Uranus in Taurus, Neptune/Neptune in Virgo, Pluto/Pluto in my first
house on my Sun and Venus, and my Mars conjunct his Sun.