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Samantha's SMR

I have never understood the term soul mate until I read the definition on your site. I now am able to recognize at least 2 soul mate experiences and maybe more. I refer to these people as those spirits that were maybe a part of a group of spirits on the other side who were always my companions, as it were, "my gang" and we were in agreement that we would bail each other out of trouble when we were on the earth plane and when we were needed. I have recognized each one of these individuals before I knew their earth names at times. A non-sexual drawing or attraction to them in a common ordinary event.

I have had soul mates appear when I needed money in a crisis just walk up to me and give me $600.00 out of their pocket and say, " this will help out and is not needed to be paid back. " At this time, my children had been kidnapped in a family style custody argument and my spouse and I at the time, did not have money for a plane ticket to go and retrieve them from another state. This soul mate disappeared or moved away without even telling me they were leaving. It was bizarre. The next true soul mate appeared as a teacher when I went back to college in my 30's. Life was extremely difficult financially because I was trying to go to school and raise 5 children on my spouse's salary alone. There were loneliness problems as well going on for me because I was progressing and my spouse who was already educated was starting to feel threatened that if I went to school I would meet some one I cared more about. This teacher became the best friend I ever had on a platonic level. He was placed into my life and introduced courage, love for myself, and was after I graduated from school, a confidant. By the way when we met he was in his early 60's. When I first met him, I could see a white light surrounding him and was overjoyed to see him. This was ridiculous in the earthly plane because I did not know he was a teacher, or would be my teacher, and he seemed too humble to be a college teacher, but he was. I believe another teacher that he was good friends with, had recognized the soul mate syndrome, because he introduced us and told me that it would be good for this teacher to have me as a student because he was losing faith in what he was doing because of the changing personalities of the younger classmates coming in. So, I went in to this soul mate relationship on earth believing I was helping guiding and supporting this teacher, who turned my life around and gave me courage to continue on when my life was unraveling.

We remained friends and confidants until he passed away at 79. I had intuited 5 years before that, I would be specifically losing him back to the spiritual plane. It was not the usual, he is old he is bound to die thoughts. I made the most of this. I have now in the past 3 years discovered a new soul mate who is female and we first met by Telephone in our work setting with her being a staff person at another agency worksite. I knew by phone that I wanted her closer to my life. When a position became available in my office, I lobbied for it to be given to this person. Her spirit is again, extremely pure for the earth plane and she gives off this white light around her person. I work with her every day and watch with awe how she selflessly gives spiritual comforts and blessings to those around her. It feels like soft rain, or warm sunshine on a cool day. I can not explain the sensations because they do not relate to sexual attraction nor earthly passion. In both of the last two cases cited it was like drinking pure water when one is dying of thirst. My fainting soul has been nourished by both these individuals over years. Looking back it is like an eye-blink across time.