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I love telling my story because it still mystifies and thrills me. The meeting took seven months of dreaming, after my NDE that I won't get into. A few months following the NDE, I felt ready to share my life again after being alone for many years. I've always had precognitive dreams since I can remember and decided to consciously use it to find out who my soulmate is. Soon, I had a dream within a dream in which I thought I was awake. My sister and I lived together and she woke me up (in the dream) to say that I had visitors.  I lived upstairs in our house and asked her to send them up. There was a young good looking man about my age (35)  with two Native Americans. I didn't know them. One Native American was male about 50-60 years old, handsome, strong, and well built. The other was a woman who I couldn't quite grab a hold off - as if she was fading in and out. I just thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

The Native American man led the way through my two-room space, as if he knew the layout, and motioned for us to sit on the floor in a circle and he took out a peace pipe. I was waiting for them to explain who they were and why'd they'd come. He lit the pipe and they all smoked from it. I refused when it came my turn and the man kept pushing me to smoke. The young man laughed and that pissed me off. I remember giving him a wicked look. I smoked and the Native American man said, "Remember him." And I woke up so confused because I thought I was awake!

Many dreams of this man followed of just us doing things together - picking him up at work, walking in the rain laughing, he doing standup comedy, us in house with a double door in a kitchen that led outside, sitting in a restaurant and seeing Ike Turner of Ike and Tina Turner (???)..LOLOL  - just snippets of scenes. By this time, I understood who I was dreaming of and would meet him.

But during the NDE, the absolutely loving Spirit who I met told me that my life was in California (3,000 miles away at the time) and I HAD to move before the end of the year. Now, this is a state that I feared the most because of earthquakes. Never in my life would I consider moving here, plus I didn't know a soul here. I told my family and my sister said yes, let's do it! At the same time I was afraid of not meeting my dream man, but decided I was not going to hang around and forgo an adventure just for some man.  We moved and had a super rough time finding jobs, living in a motel for months, lying to our family back East that everything was just dandy.  Well, a 2nd sister didn't believe it. At this time, my 2nd sister of Gen.X was fully into the Internet talking to people online that I thought was very strange and dangerous.

Well, one night, we got a call from a guy who said Second Sister, who he'd met  online and at some meet up, asked him to check up on us. I was beyond furious - how dare she put us in this situation. He said he'd been checking all the Travelodges and couldn't find us but was finally happy to have done so. We arranged for him to take us to dinner and when he arrived and I opened the door, I was completely stunned to find Dream Man facing me. I had previously asked for a sign to know him just in case. Now my head was like it exploded and my ears popped as I just stood there looking at him and he at me. I was lost until my sister said, don't be rude - let the man in.

Just want to say that all the snippets of dream-time came through, especially he showing us his peace pipes on a visit to his home and telling of his strong feeling of connection to Native Americans and culture. I believe the two people are his Guides and they were simply introducing him to me.

Yes, he did standup. Yes, he'd pick me up in the mornings to drop him off at work so my sister and I had a car during job hunts. Yes, we saw Ike Turner the very first night while at the restaurant.  Yes, his house had a kitchen door. Yes, within weeks we were caught in the rain while visiting one of the local Missions and it felt so good. Yes, one night at a jazz club an unusual thing happened - the comic performing decided to have members of the audience try their hand at comedy. To my amazement, my then-boyfriend volunteered to participate! It was just wonderful.

And yes, he is like my brother, my father, but my lover and the best friend I've ever had almost 15years now and still going strong. We've been married for almost 10years.