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Peggy & Jeff SMR

My husband Jeff (www.nderf.org/jeff_s_nde.htm) has submitted his NDE story to you. Now, I will add our Soulmate story.

     When I was a young child, four years old, I had an imaginary friend. This imaginary friend had a full name. My family took me to the minister in hopes of resolving this imaginary friend thing. No one knew what to do. They decided to wait it out.

     Time went on, and it was my eighth year of life, when I felt this overwhelming sadness. My friend was going away! My family was delighted, took me back to the minister, who gave me the "all things do pass" speech.

     His name was never far from my thoughts. I went on, married into karmic debt, had children, and always felt something was missing, and that led me back to wondering about my imaginary friend, whose name I still remembered.

     When my karmic debt was finished, we parted ways, and I told a few friends about my experience as a child. Each of them asked me why I had not looked for this man.

     I began the process of looking that very day. How would I go about doing something so ambitious? It was an entirely new concept...

that I could find this man, somewhere in the world, and he would be that particular Soul I knew as a child, and we would know each other.

How do you look for someone whose name you know, and, yet, there could be many people with that name?

     Interesting concept. Required some real thinking on my part.

     I sent my Soul out to connect with him, and told him to him me, to find a way to meet me. I did this daily. I asked all my friends if they knew him, to be aware if they would meet someone by his name, to know this was the person I was looking for. I knew I would probably meet him through my Inner Soul Group.

     Three years after I began the process to look for this man, a woman came into my life, and we got into this conversation that had been a yearly discussion for me. I told her my story, and I told her who I was looking for. And she said she knew this man and would introduce me to him.

     There were complications. He was in a committed relationship of some duration. I put it back up to my Soul: if this is the person, then let him show me, in some way, that this is him.

     Within a very short amount of time, circumstances changed in his life, and he was driving out from California to meet someone he had only a handful of conversations with.

     When we met, it was gradual and instant...gradually knowing this person again and instantly recognizing that this was the person I was looking for. We married within the year, and it has been fifteen years now.

     I told my friends, who were amazed at how I could even find this person. What I did worked.