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Mary & Richard's SMR


Hello, my name is Mary....the address above is my soulmate's who recently passed on last month....Here is our story.....


I was in Iowa last year living with a Sioux Indian whom I met online, our relationship was not working out but before I left, I had a dream of a hawk flying into my arms from the direction north.  When he hopped off I noticed he had blood on the back of his neck feathers and then his back opened up and I saw bones but it was also dark in the inside of his body.
I returned home to North Carolina in September and one night while I was in my favorite chatroom someone entered with the id hawk_in_the_tree.  I immediately remembered the dream I had previously.  I didn't instant message him but instead he messaged me and wanted to chat.  We discussed our spiritual beliefs and found that we shared so much in common, we connected very quickly and deeply that night.  Our chats continued many times a day and phone calls began and by the end of October, I received money from Richard for a plane ticket to visit him.  I didn't hesitate at all, I already knew I loved this man with all my heart and soul and I felt the very same love from him.
When we finally met face to face the love was even deeper as though we had known each other all our lives and beyond.  We spent every day in each other's arms, talking, loving, and sharing dreams for our future.  He had to leave for four days to attend his son's wedding in CA and when he returned, he was sick, we thought with the flu.  By January, he became much worse and very large lumps appeared on his body.  January the 20th he was diagnosed with cancer, our lives were shattered.  I cared for him around the clock, never leaving his side and March the 25th he passed on.  What is so strange are the dreams we both had before he passed away.  Mine have continued since his passing.  Many strange things have occurred in the physical as though they are messages from him.
I will not go into detail of what I feel or believe because this is my personal journey.  I will say that we our co-creators and can very well create our own realities.  I do not speak of him as dead nor do I speak of him as in the past.  He lives in me and my love for him is as strong as it was when he was with me in the physical.  I will be with him again, that is my journey now.  I am not angry at my creator, but I am angry at death.  I once had a dream where my guide told me, "you don't have to die, you have the keys, the secret's in the wounds.
Our love we have, Richard and I, is so strong, that not even death can sever.
Mary and my beloved Richard.....