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Experience description: 

I am not an expert on soul mates, but I believe that I have found mine.  When I was 17, I started having these dreams about this wonderful person.  They were odd dreams though.  I would essentially find myself in a dark room (that's the best I can describe but it was more just like darkness) and he would be in there.  We would have wonderful conversations and I loved him from that moment.  The odd thing was I knew everything about him from these dreams including how many brothers and sisters he had and that he was two years younger than me, but I could not make out his face.  It was a blur.  In these dreams, he did always wear a striped shirt and said he would wear a striped shirt when we met. 
I had these dreams about him almost every night for a year and a half or so.  Then when I was 18, I started talking to this guy on the phone that I met through a friend.  We never met, but there was an instant connection.  We could talk every night for hours.  After a few months we met.  When I met him, I felt instantly like I will be with him forever.  He was wearing a striped shirt and was two years younger than me. After we met, the dreams stopped. 

We are each other's first love, and have been together 10 years.  We finish each other's sentences and know what each other wants.  There will be times when I am thinking of something and he knows exactly what it is.  Also we have never fought.  People often look at us and tell us they can see we are in love and admire that.  I often wonder if he had the same dreams about me, but I have never asked.