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Experience description: 

I met Mike in August when his wife asked my husband to give him a job. We all met and I agreed to hire Mike. During this time of working for us Mike's wife left him for a younger man. I tried to help but the hurt was deep. Moving forward...My husband and Mike after a few months got into a disagreement and Mike left the job. Mike called about his W-2 so I met him in a public place with a friend. Something was there and I know he felt it to.
About a week went by and Mike called my cell phone and said I just drove passed him. I thought it weird because my husband just moved out! I told Mike my husband had been seeing someone else for four months and it was the second time he'd done this and it was over. Moving forward...Mike started to come over and things just lead to other things and I can tell you a connection is there. Since this time Mike's wife's relationship ended with her younger man and she moved out of his house and in with friends. She does not want Mike but wants to hold him until I'm gone and she has someone else and she will drop him.
From what I have been told about soulmates this is one between Mike and I.  I have cannot stop thinking about him. I try and it's as if the universe will not allow it. I could if I get mad but as long as I stay peaceful he is in my every thought. I dreamed two times of us. The first, Mike, my ex and someone I cannot see are in a back yard and Mike comes up and puts his arms around me and says this is why I love you, you let me hug you no matter who is around or where we are. The second dream, Mike is in a dark truck and I am crying and carrying a brown box, Mike tells me to come here but I don't want him to see me upset. I do toss the box to him and the next thing I see is Mike pulling me close to him with my belt loops. Then we are standing in a different place and he is trying to hug me but I'm pulling back some, unsure like but end up with him kissing me.

It is almost like Mike can sense my feelings and as long as he senses I care then he does not need to come back or call. I have tried to pull back my energy but again I cannot do it without getting mad at him.  I must tell you...Mike is not at all the type I would pick. He smokes I don't, He does not have anything to offer me, I have everything to give him, He tells me he cares about me, but does not call or come around.


Every person I have called with abilities to see into the future have all told me the same thing. ALL of them.  They say...He cares about me, He wants to be with me, He thinks about me all the time, He is worried about money, Someone is making him feel guilty, Someone is trying to keep him from me, He will leave this person...ALL of them have told me the same things and I only gave a name or name and date of birth.  None of them can give a time/date that is correct yet. Several say he will be back or call by the second week of July.


What do I do? How do I function? This is so new to me and it is scaring me a little bit.

I do want Mike. Even though he cannot give material items. I only want the connection we have. It feels so right and I have NEVER experienced anything like this.

Mike and I are back together, the divorce is going through ans he is coming closer daily. I'm reminded of a universal matter who or where your soulmate is or your twin flame it will come to pass. Believing, trusting and having the faith to with stand the storms that came your way will draw that person closer. It is God's desire for us to be happy.

As you read in my earlier version it seemed like all hell came against this relationship but as time would have it God wins again!!! Mike is back and we are starting our journey slowly but in the footsteps of one another no longer two different sets but two sets which have began to become one set by the grace of God. Never give up finding that true soulmate or twin flame for in the end of the journey all the happiness, and greatest fortune cna be found within that person.

Love and Light my friends,