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Crystal & Tommy SMR

Hi, I found your website, and would like to share my story. While I am young (just 20) I have been lucky enough to have met my true soulmate almost 2 years ago now who I have the most incredible, amazing magical connection I ever dreamed possible with someone. I am a very deep soul, and so is he, and we had both dreamed about exactly what our soulmate would be like 7 years ago, and we were the person the other was dreaming about all those years ago. It is truly incredible! I have been with him for a year and a half now. So here is my story: 

When I first met him around 2 years ago we had both come from really difficult past relationships in which our exes had lied and cheated on us, and since then 7 years ago we dreamed of our perfect dream person, and we had all the qualities we wanted to find in each other that the other one wanted. He had always wanted to find one of those rare girls who was a true friend who he could truly trust and love and who also loved vocal trance music and had the same beliefs, and I wanted someone with all his qualities. He was exactly what I had described when I wrote down what my dream guy would be like 7 years ago. I wanted someone who was always understanding, supportive, a very deep soul, someone not shallow, someone who I would give me the most amazing endless feeling of joy in my soul every single time I thought of them, someone I could trust who was a true friend and he was everything I ever dreamed of and beyond even. We had both agreed that if we were to ever find our soulmate and commit to anyone again that person would have to show us they were a true and trustworthy friend first, and that's exactly what we did. We become best friends for the first 6 months we knew each other, and found out we were almost exactly alike in every single way, our soul essences just seemed to match perfectly. An important thing I want to mention is that true friendships are the most important thing to both of us, and we proved to each other that we would be there for each other no mater what, and that we always would want what was best for the other, and be a true friend to the other forever no matter what happened. We're not only lovers, but the closest best friends anyone could ever imagine. And I even found this journal he had online, and he said the most amazing things anyone has every written about me. And he still has no idea I saw what he wrote about me, but he wrote this before he came to visit me for the first time this summer: 

Tommy. So yes, as of right now, my fateful journey up to North Carolina to see my soulmate is going to take place :) I honestly do believe Crystal is that one special someone for me, if only you guys could understand how happy I know this girl will make me! Hopefully it's not just the internet talking, but one of her goals in our relationship is to make me as happy as I can be, and come on, how often do you hear that in a relationship nowadays? Maybe it's just cause I'm used to Knob relationships...haha! I've just never been in a relationship where I give everything I have and in return get the same! The only relationship I still to this day can only remember is Megan and I's (Go figure right...lol!) And I know for a damn fact I did things for her that I would have never done for anybody else...there's some serious shit on that list of things too...lol! But I never got the same in return...no matter what I did out of my way for her, she never did the same, and it almost made me feel like that's how ALL relationships are, hopefully I'm WAY wrong and Crystal is everything I've been looking for in a woman, and so far, ohhh yeah, plus she's been showing me more and more pictures of her lately, and oh my...hehe, she's so beautiful and attractive, it's unreal!

Crystal is my everything right now and I refuse to do anything in this relationship that could end us...I'm too in love with this girl!! hehe! Alrighty, that's the update in my life, well Crystal wise 

And when I asked him how he would describe me he knew me, and described me exactly the way I had always dreamed my true soulmate would, he said: 

Tommy: my soulmate, perfect, everything I've ever dreamed of in a girl...but people already know that anyhow cause that's what I tell them, but if your talking personality wise, your extremely deep and know what's true in your soul, and you strive for everything when it comes to your goals

Just wanted to share the story of how I met my soulmate, hope it was inspiring! :)