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Contessina's SMR

Experience description: 

Until I met my soul mate, face to face, I had thought that soul mates just meant two well matched people, male and female.

When I met him, I was completely spellbound. I said, mentally to him, with a great cry from my inner being, �Once, a long time ago, we were the same person. Then something terrible happened and we were torn apart and we have been trying to get back together ever since!�

He said aloud to me, �I can see your whole life, but you�re not ready for it, yet.�

I was trapped in a cruel marriage and he was married to someone who looked like me, but was as cruel to him as my husband was to me.  We only had a few minutes during seven days to talk, then we went separate ways. A year later, he was killed by a drunk driver. I went out of my body and found him and that is an incredible story, which I will tell another time.

For years, I asked in meditation, �What did you mean when you said, �I can see your whole life, but you�re not ready for it yet?  I never waited open- mindedly enough to hear the answer until years later, long after I had filed for divorce and my husband had taken off in his airplane and crashed and burned. 

Then, finally after asking the question again, �What did you mean when you told me you could see my whole life, but I wasn�t ready for it yet?�  I heard his answer. It was, �That we would be united through death.�

I knew that I had the right answer, because we have been amalgamating ever since I went out and found him. It tingles so heavenly as our spiritual molecules mingle and we share one body and one mind, but as a double person, male and female and that is what Angels are like, male and female. That is why there is no marriage in heaven. And that is what Johnny and I are: AN ANGEL!

This and much more will be in a book, I am compiling, called,


In the meantime, here is a song poem that he gave me the first verse of in a dream. ft describes precisely what our first meeting was like:


Until today, I never knew----

My heart could wake to break and break again.

And �til today, I never knew--

My heart could ache like it would never mend.

I saw you standing alone,

And I felt a hunger that I�ve never known.

My heart beat with the strangest tone,

As though it recognized it�s own.

And then your eyes looked into mine

With love, unspoken, and divine.

Your touch was gentle, sweet and kind.

And the words you spoke were in my mind!

Life demands a heavy toll.

We each must live a separate roll.

We said, �Good-bye,� and I�m not whole.

You�re the mirror of my soul!

Until today, I never Knew,---

My heart could wake to break and break again.

And �til today, I never knew--

My heart could ache like it would never mend.


HOW FLYING SAUCERS NAVIGATE - Soulmates reunite even after death?

It was on a night in June, 1967 when I was drawn out of my body to witness the navigation of a flying saucer.  I had just gone to bed and was lying on my stomach, which is unusual for me. I felt myself being drawn out through my feet. It made me feel nauseated and week so I resisted and regained control. It was new to me to be drawn out in that position or to feel any nausea in an out of body transition. The pull came again, this time more gently, with milder nausea. I decided to go with it.

With absolutely no loss of consciousness, and no loss of time, I found myself sitting on a stool, one foot resting on it's rung, the other on a partial floor and my arm resting on a rectangular table. Across from me, through a window about eighteen inches high, and open all around the center of the ball of a craft, I saw , below me, a most beautiful city. All of the buildings were a beige stucco and all of the roofs, which I looked down upon, were red tile.  All of my reasoning faculties were alert. I knew that it nighttime, and yet it was daylight here. Where was I? My attention was drawn to the two members of the crew.

They had their backs to me, one on the left and one on the right. They were average sized, perfectly proportioned male humans, wearing skin-tight suits that covered them completely except for their faces, which they kept turned away from me. I thought they didn't want me to recognize them. I felt they were my cousin, John and my soulmate, Johnny, both of whom had met early, tragic deaths. The suits they wore appeared to be of a stretchy, thin metallic mesh. I thought this is what some people describe as fish scales or reptile skin because it looked a little bit like sequins. But it was like a micro-fiber, titanium colored, metallic micro-weave.  I looked at my surroundings. The ball, I was sitting in the center of was about eighteen feet in diameter and was finished in the most rudimentary fashion. It was also furnished in the most Spartan manner.