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Bob C's SMR Poem

Here's a poem about soulmates that I wrote a couple years ago. Feel free to post it if you feel it's good enough for your site. Love your site! Keep up the good work. -Bob Cignoni

Eternal Companions

Two souls...eternal companions,
Chose separation for human existence.
Deposited on earth...
A scant day's walk apart...unaware.
Travelling separate paths,
Growing, maturing, stumbling,
Having success, but sensing emptiness,
Surrounded by friends and yet, lonely,
With vague feelings of separation...lost oneness.
Needing completion,
We sought the unexplainable.
From the depths of our angst,
God heard,
Gently guided...
To the same room...
At the right time...
Face to face.
Soul mates...reunited!
Observing with jaded eyes,
We wrestled with the miracle,
Questioning, disbelieving, withdrawing, hesitating,
'Til doubt and fear were vanquished.
Come now precious friend...take my hand.
Draw nigh to me without reservation.
Let us ride the ragged edge of life as one.
And let us sing and dance,
Confide and scheme,
And share delicious mischief,
Laughter and tears,
Success and struggle,
Vulnerable moments and fiery passion,
Drinking the fullness of life,
Finding security in depth of emotion,
Lying in warm embrace,
Waking to tender caress and gentle kiss.
And when our course is run,
Our adventure done,
We'll remain with one heart...
Eternal companions.

R. W. Cignoni 10-2-01