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Experience description: 

I believe that we travel with a group of people who are dedicated to helping each other grow and develop spiritually.  I also believe in the concept of soulmates and that we are eternal beings who have existed forever in many lifetimes.  However, the universe is infinite and I don't necessarily believe that this earth is the only place we come to for our lessons.  The traditional concept of reincarnation seems unimaginative and very limited to me.  However, I am receptive to anything that touches my soul in a deep way so my mind is open on this issue.  I have been living with the same woman for many years.  Although we see no reason to seek a state approved marriage, we are more married than most married people we know.  She is my soulmate.  I knew that shortly after we came into each other's awareness.  It was one of those experiences that touched the deep, vulnerable place in my heart where love resides and flows out.  Living with her is like living on velvet:  soft, easy, peaceful.  I would describe our relationship as a Yin-Yang relationship.  Complimentary.  We balance each other and we have learned to accept our differences and to know that each of us gives to the other what the other does not have and much of what is needed.  But not everything, of course.  There are areas of intimacy that neither one can fill for the other.  We have both learned to fill these areas with the gifts of intimacy given to us by other people who have come into our lives.  I call these people Spiritual Intimates.  I believe they are the same as those you mentioned who make up our "cluster group."  Soulmates, perhaps, come from our more intimate "core" group.  Several years ago I met another woman.  There, too, was an almost instant recognition that this person was important to me and I to her.  She is also married.  Our relationship is really the opposite from my "marriage."  I would describe us more in terms of the Twin Flame you mentioned.  According to Howard and Charlotte Clinebell, (as quoted in Game Free by Tom Oden) there are at least twelve different types of intimacy that can apply to relationships:  

1.   Sexual intimacy (erotic or orgasmic closeness). 
2.   Emotional intimacy (being tuned to each other's wavelength). 
3.   Intellectual intimacy (closeness in the world of ideas). 
4.   Aesthetic intimacy (sharing experiences of beauty). 
5.   Creative intimacy (sharing in acts of creating together). 
6.   Recreational intimacy (relating in experiences of fun and play). 
7.   Work intimacy (the closeness of sharing common tasks). 
8.   Crisis intimacy (closeness in coping with problems and pain). 
9.   Conflict intimacy (facing/struggling with differences). 
10. Commitment intimacy (mutuality derived from common
11. Spiritual intimacy (the we-ness in sharing ultimate concerns). 
12. Communication intimacy (the source of all types of true intimacy). 
13. Sharing space intimacy (living together on a daily basis).  

Except for number 13, she and I fill all the other areas of intimacy and to a very high degree.  Our relationship is passionate, dynamic, very intense. Loving.  We, too, are soulmates.   You can imagine that given the situation and the fact that society only approves of shared intimacy within a very narrow boundary, our relationship has caused a certain amount of guilt and disquiet.  We both know, however, that our relationship is good and has ultimate meaning for us within the whole scheme of the universe.  And while our respective spouses know we are best friends, we have both agreed that given the pain and trauma knowledge of our sexual involvement would create for them, we have kept this part secret from them.  It is the right thing to do.  Many people, of course, would disagree with this.  We are both sure, however, that we are right.  My feeling is that intimacy is love transmitted to us by others to help our spirits grow and develop and become more godlike.  Love is everywhere in the universe, but in order for it to nourish and strengthen us spiritually, it must be given by other human beings thru loving interactions.  Intimacy, then, becomes the interface between the love emanating from "God" to our soul to nourish us towards growth and development.  To cut ourselves off from this intimacy simply because society does not approve, produces a stunted and anemic spirit.  All my thoughts and feelings on this subject are especially acute right now because my twin flame soulmate number two has reached a juncture in her life with her husband and is seeking a divorce.  She has also found someone else to be her next continual Life Partner and this has and will change the dynamics of our relationship.  At this time and juncture of her life she needs to grow and fly and explore other options for her lessons and mission.  This has and will take her away from me.  I will miss her more than I have words to express.  At times the pain of separation seems unbearable.  We have shed much anguish, tears and hurt over this.  But I know that we will always share the special bonds of intimacy which, perhaps, cannot be filled by any other in the same way or degree.  Each soulmate is unique.   You really cannot compare one to another.  Each is special within their own frame.  I also know that "God" has other partners and guides and helpers and intimates to assist both of us along the way and I am happy and content.   I love her unconditionally and have freed her from my heart to fly and experience and to continue her own path.  We have been and will continue to be spiritually connected forever.  Of this I am completely sure.