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Your article touched on some understanding I derived from my NDE.  The  concept of soulmates or helpmates was something I came back with although I  thought it was an original idea unique to me.  I didn't talk about it for fear that I'd be ridiculed.  The concepts of interacting with karmic and dharmic helpers seem to be an  instinctive part of my life since my NDE.  I seem to recognize and assimilate  those core groups you mentioned and then transcend them to move on.  I feel I am able to do this by not forming any lasting bonds with those I  interact with.  After my NDE I considered myself restored to some primeval  understanding of my function in this world.  At that level any sort of relationship with a modern thinking individual is impossible.  I consider modern notions of sentimental attachment both a crutch and a liability distracting and thereby preventing folks from facing the question of whether what they are doing with their lives has any meaning.