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Experience description: 

I have been remembering my own personal afterlife experiences since 1998.  It is bizarre that the memories where not always with my conscious mind.  I have been pouring over the missing information the last year and a half.  I try to study various themes for myself.  It is amazing to recall them with accurate details.  Often times, there are no words to describe the actual experience.  I have tried to explain this many times in my past [my afterlife experiences.]   People's perception within a religious belief -- always got in the way.

 But -- that is a theme that is running though out all of my experiences.  Like you described in your article .. soul mate has many various worldly definitions.  You mention "twin flame" which I am vaguely familiar with.  The one theme in my afterlife experiences, [that I have not seen in Other accounts,]  is the "Twin Mate." I have read a different definition of Twin Flame. Plato did mention it in his writings back around 400 BC. 

 But this is what I have a memory of that runs the whole course of my life.

 I  have always remembered being in "Heaven" before the descent into the physical form.  There was someone there with me. (Spirit.)  There was an immense amount of love and energy flowing though us.  We were being separated to come into the world in two different forms. (Physical bodies.)  ( I have often said -- that if I cried as a baby -- that was why I was crying. I was missing my twin.)

I have also gained access to my childhood years and the memories that where stored away in the subconscious.  I grew up talking about "my twin."  My physical parents thought I was living out thoughts of imagination.  I kept asking about my twin.  I often spoke of coming to this world and splitting from my twin.  They could not understand where I came up with this concept.

At the age of 13 -- I had a very spiritual vision where I was "spiritually joined" with this twin.  Call it a "holy marriage."  It was not done in a physical aspect.  When this happened -- it was much like a near-death experience.  It was an out of body experience in another realm of reality.  When I came back, -- I told one of my parents, "My angel wears a body just like me.  My angel has skin too."  My angel is what I always referred to as the one who spoke to me telepathically and stated they where my constant "spiritual companion."

Now that I have hindsight, -- the angel was also the "twin" who communicated with me telepathically within.  My afterlife experiences carry a theme of this "spiritual twinship."