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Jennifer's Submission

I have been married to a wonderful, patient man for the last 6 years and hope that it never ends. We are doing our life work together - not always easy, but worth the result in the end. I met my soulmate (and there is a difference to me between the two of them) in August 1993 in Idaho at the family cabin on a lake. This sounds hard to believe, but the family that owns the cabin and my family each had members who fought in the civil war together and were captured. These men were so close that they cut each other and became blood brothers, swearing that their families would also remain as close through generations to come. This has come true and I grew up with these people as close to me as my own family. My father has, in his generation, 3 "brothers" and 1 "sister" in that family. 

In 1993 I had not met only one of the "brothers," a lawyer practicing in Seattle. My father was very excited to have us meet and ushered me into the kitchen to welcome Ed, who was surrounded by his family by then. When I walked in and saw his eyes, I knew him from long before. I even said as much, which I have never had the urge to say to anyone else. We were inseparable each day at the lake and have become the best friends in this life. After years of grappling with this mutual understanding of each other which no one else seems to be able to touch, we had figured that we must have known each other in a past life or two. We finish each other's sentences and know exactly what the other needs at the perfect time.

We are thirty years apart, however, and I was married shortly after meeting him. I recently went to a psychic and asked her who Ed was. She had me describe his personality, the way we get along, etc. She then said, "Oh! You don't already know him? He is your true love from many lifetimes. You always find each other in your lives and are close." She could clearly see us together in ancient Roman times even... So it just goes to show that this recognition is all in the eyes - and it doesn't always have to be romantic to be true and wonderful. I feel him in my heart and dread the day when I will not have him here to talk with me and play on the lake.