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Saudi Arabia

Nadir M's NDE 964

I saw something like a fantasy, I looked behind and I saw the lamb of the street and I was going to it very quickly.  I entered the car quickly, then the story began, I felt that I am so tall, with no weight, out of control. I saw everything of my past life, since my birth. I saw it as if I watch it, then everything disappeared. I was walking, but the step in a width of 10 steps.  When I turn my face to left or right, I see persons; some of them observing me, the other were looking at me as if they are waiting something from me.  Others looking at each other, I saw many people whom I mistreated them or hurt them, they were looking at me as if they want to take revenge.  Then I stopped without my wish, as if there is a sign of compulsory (STOP), though there is a long road or other world in front of me.

Israel Region

Sameer's NDE 1085

In a moment, I saw myself leave my body.  I was floating up near the ceiling in the room, when I saw the doctors put electric shocks on my chest (DC).  I saw the doctor, who was my brother�s friend, crying and hugged my brother out of the operation room.  My brother didn�t cry, and told his friend  that "my brother would not die."  He began to pray. I saw then all the officials at the local council came to the hospital to console my brother.  I saw the father of the doctor brought a picture of Alkhidir -peace be upon him, he brought it from the Bethlehem church.  As he was working there, I feel myself returned to my body, I felt the pain started with me, I also saw all my past life since my breast feeding till now.


Muhammad F's NDE 1109

I had car accident, when the car is turned upside down, during this I remembered everything with all the details and very accurately, since my birth till the time of accident and I remembered all the people I knew, even the ones whom I met once or twice, I remembered all the events, the important and non-important ones when my age is less than a year, I remembered it with all its details, it past was in front of me and I saw it as a cinema show in just 15 minutes, and when I got out of the car I was in full consciousness, I felt that I wasn�t in the car or in other means I was exist and not exist, a feeling that is difficult to describe, I felt that there is a something to protect people.

Saudi Arabia

Muhammad's NDE 2479

 The accident was 11 at morning, after it I felt as I was flying on the air , though the weather was very hot but I couldn�t feel the heat, just I heard somebody in the road tried to let me say the words which Muslims say before dying which is �No Gods but one God, and Muhammad is a prophet of the God�, after it  I felt very happy moments I didn�t experience at all in my life, I didn�t feel pain at all, but I woke up when  while entering the hospital and heard the voices of the nurses and doctors. 

Hong Kong

Anita M's NDE 2766

I was drifting in and out of consciousness during this time, and I could feel my spirit actually leaving my body.  I saw and heard the conversations between my husband and the doctors taking place outside my room, about 40 feet away down a hallway. I was later able to verify this conversation to my shocked husband.  Then I actually "crossed over" to another dimension, where I was engulfed in a total feeling of love.  I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and generally how life works.  The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable.  Words seem to limit the experience � I was at a place where I understood how much more there is than what we are able to conceive in our 3-dimensional world.  I realized what a gift life was, and that I was surrounded by loving spiritual beings, who were always around me even when I did not know it.


Dr. Kumar's 850

I could see the letters written on the roof tiles from very near almost few inches. Each letter appeared very big to me. It was a wonderful, painless state and very cool and yet full of emotions. I had perfect crystal clear consciousness.  I could see my body lying on the floor head down and still holding the wire. I rose to about 10 feet off the ground and I stopped hovering near the roof tiles. I was calling for help but no one was there. After some time I noticed my dad coming from other end of the house and I could see him through the walls and he was coming very slowly as he was not aware of the accident.


Suresh K's 774

My breathing had stopped, blood pressure was 0x0, and still I could hear the doctors discussing what had happened. And then within a fraction of a second I traveled millions of miles and reached an area of the Light. The traveling was in the fourth dimension, which can be termed as out of body experience, when an unidentified identity merged in �that Light�. Words fail me as I try to describe exactly what I saw or felt. But I can say that there was no humanized God, all the same, it was an area of unalloyed purity. There was brilliant Light, immense speed or Motion and unbelievable Divine Love. I did not require senses to experience �IT�. �I� was absent and still I saw, knew and understood. Though I was there for a few seconds, it felt like an eternity. My concept of time and distance changed considerably, as I had traveled immeasurably long distance in a trillionth of a second and what seemed like an eternity was eternal sacredness condensed in our concept of time.


India Physician NDE

Suddenly I realized I was dead! My God! I have brought my young kids & and family and have left them in a strange place without any protection financially or otherwise! Visibility was not clear. Everything was misty. But it was as though I could see without vision, hear without sound. I was in another Dimension of Existence. I could hear the laments of women below & the hushed conversation. One thought became prominent in me. How absurd Life is! In the morning the body would be cremated. Is this all to life. What a meaningless end to a chain of boundless wonders & potential opportunities. It is like bubble floating on a sea. Then what is death? An entrance to another dimension? I was calmly & objectively thinking while my brain & body were lying below! & as though I was not the person affected by death. Evolution endows matter with higher & higher levels of consciousness & death seems to snatch it. While brooding I became aware of a presence. In a speechless communication IT informed me that I could re-enter the body if I so desired. But no time should be lost. However at that critical moment I pleaded for an answer to the riddle of Life as that thought had fully engrossed me! There was a beautiful vision of stars roaring past me. At the centre of all that tumult was a glowing light. Each star appeared to be a minute centre of consciousness. It was merging into & emerging from the central consciousness as desired by that cosmic WILL which shone like a very huge sun!


Shibani NDE 10056

During that time, that i was watching my own body, i distinctly remember feeling joy, at not being the one hurt, complete disorientation from my own body, did not recognize my own body, identified myself as being the one, watching the other body lying on the ground. I did not feel any pain, or feeling, apart from feeling happy, at not being hurt.


Sheila's NDE 2313

Account shared by a friend of the NDEr: My friend, then in her twenties, had been very ill and was in the ICU when she collapsed.  She says that she suddenly found herself going down a black tunnel. That experience felt 'interesting' because she said she kept observing what was going on. Today, in her forties (which is now, when she told me) she is (alas) unable to recall whatever it was that was going on.  She reached the end of the tunnel where she found a tall/big dark man standing with a lantern. He saw her and said, "No, no. Not you. Its another Sheila (I am using a pseudonym here), that I am waiting for." There was no further conversation, nor did she see anybody else.  That was it, the next thing she knew she was awake.


Wan I's NDE 2790

At that moment I could no longer feel that I 'had' a body anymore but somehow I was conscious of my surroundings. In those moments of fear, I did sort of feel a presence by my right side, sort of comforting me through the process, as slowly I felt as if I was being lifted or carried away. What my body now felt like was that I was just a 'cold mist', it felt as if my hands, legs didn't even exist.  That feeling of floating upwards and away could only be equivalent to diving into a swimming pool and laying on the bottom and letting yourself float upwards...accept the water is freezing cold that your whole body goes numb. For a few seconds, I saw myself from above, lying on the floor, I saw uncle Muharram on my left and my dad on my right, my mother near the sofa looking worried, but I kept on floating upwards and away. For a brief second I saw the roof-top of my house. I saw the housing area where I lived from above, and as I got higher I could see some night clouds in the sky. I felt sad leaving my parents and my family...of leaving this world as I knew that I might never come back.


Gulden NDE 2837

I felt raising up above my bed, taking direction to a white, very bright light. Meantime, I saw my uncle, who died one month ago, while passing me he said �not yet�.  I was surprised how I understood him without spoken words, but I felt very peaceful. Later  a lady came to me, if I see her now, I would recognize her.  She took me to a wonderful place with mountains and said that this was the place of my life.  The place we went was beautiful, but I said to her that this place is not my life�s place.  Then we came to a sea shore with a little village and she said again that this place was my life, but I don�t know this place and I said to her that this is not the place of my life.  After we travelled some more very beautiful places she said that I was not ready to stay in these places and asked me what I remember about my life.


Amro's NDE 2814

Finally I surrendered.  I knew that something strange was going on with me. Suddenly, I looked into the street, but I didn�t find the street  or anything of the surroundings because everything disappeared.  All the life around me looked like a tube.  I was surprised to find myself feelinglessly going towards the tube to a hole which seemed as if it is a gate of that tube.  In this moment, I heard the voice of my child calling me. I turned my face. I saw myself sitting in the chair and my head is down on my chest.  My 2 children were trying to wake me up while they are weeping. I felt a bit sorry and bit sadness.  I knew that I had died.  I didn�t feel afraid, but the opposite. I felt a kind of relief I hadn�t experience in all my life.  I had the strange feeling that I now know all the sciences and human knowledge as medicine and engineering and chemistry.  When I reached the end of the tube, I saw my dead father and my cousin in their full appearance.  They were smiling to me and pointed to me to go towards them.  They were standing in a brilliant lighted circle at the end of the tube.  I felt a strong willingness to join them, especially to my father who died years before.


Khadija H's NDE 2137

The next thing I remember was saying "I cannot breathe..." And then darkness. I was high above my body looking down when I next became aware. There were people around me. I did not care to return and turned around. At this time, I seemed so light and happy and could actually look down at the Sphinx  below! I then saw another level of existence opening up, sort of like the scene from the movie "Ghost". There were many beings who had come to meet me.( I was astounded when I saw "Ghost" after I returned to the states...it was really like that!) I was told that I could either come or go back, but that I would suffer great pain if I did. I remember making a choice, as I thought there was something else I needed to accomplish in this life.  I became aware of being in a van, and the film crew crying and calling out my name. The producer was gently slapping my face and trying to communicate with me. I was trying to open my eyes or move my hand but found that I could not do either, but I could hear them crying. (I have a sense of humor and remember thinking "the brain is just like a computer...it is down...") I then went into a comfort zone of soft darkness and remained there. I wondered if this was the state of death, it was so peaceful and womblike. Then I heard the doctor say: "She has suffered a severe concussion. We do not know if she will live through the night."


Reen NDE 3422

I was in a car, with my friend, he wasn�t careful with the road, so we had an accident and the car turned over six times!
My friend died on the spot, but he tried to protect me so he surrounded my head between his hands before his death, my heart stopped for 12 minutes... I watched all the nice moments in my life and it were few so I learned to get fun and to life in the right way... My family told that they decided to put my body in the fridge. 
Initially considered "Probable NDE", later felt to be "NDE" on review.


Reeva's NDE 2318

I was 5 years old.  I had measles and very very high fever.  I was at home because they could not shift me to a hospital.  The doctor was not too sure if I'd make it though the night.  What I was most aware and awestruck by was seeing myself in my bed.  But it wasn't scary it was peaceful.  I saw my grandma asleep in a chair next to me. saw my parents in the next room asleep and my other grandma in the 3rd bedroom asleep.  The walls of the house were just not there.  I was moving towards a beautiful bright light just like the moon but sending out long rays of light that I was going towards...... I kept going higher and higher towards the light saw myself and my family get smaller and then suddenly my grandma woke up, opened her prayer book and started praying.  Next thing I knew I was getting sucked down towards my body and landed in with a thump.  My parents say I was in a coma for about 3 weeks and couldn't even open my eyes.


Yvette P NDE 3555

I must have cut a blood vessel since I was bleeding profusely.  It was right next door to a clinic and when my head was being sewed up under local anesthesia, I must have lost consciousness.  I remember a loud roaring in my ears and rushing through a long, dark tunnel at the end of which was a very bright light.  I cried out loudly (or so it seemed to me) 'Not now, not now' and peed.  Fortunately I was having my periods then and was safely padded !  With that shout, I came round and saw all the faces around me i.e. doctors, nurses, my friends who were with me in the accident and my sister, all looking very normal - and I was puzzled as I expected to have been asked what I meant by 'not now'.  Of course I myself would not have been able to answer that question at the time !


Janet N NDE 3508

When I passed out I felt a strong force drifting me away to higher ground. then I came to again. when I opened my eyes, I saw my brother carrying me to the car then I passed out again. this time I was breathing hard when allover a sudden I breathed one last breath. this time I found myself in a void. I don't know where that was but I felt as if something was lifting me higher. in the background I could hear my brother calling out my name and screaming to my father that I wasn't breathing. it felt as if he was miles away. then all went quiet and I saw a big tunnel or something like a whole growing bigger and getting closer as it got closer, a light was appearing. at first I was frightened but the a sudden wave of calmness appeared as the light got lighter and the tunnel got wider. I suddenly thought to myself where was I going and started fighting back.


Ji-Hoon Kim's NDE

The water in my lungs left me be in a state of coma for 4 days.  The things that I am about to explain took place during the 4 days.The doctors say that I was in a definite state of coma. And this is what I could clearly remember from this state. I am in a something that is like the clouds or the fog. I don�t know where I am. Also, I don�t know why I�m here. I don�t even know the directions but I start to walk slowly. Then I see 2 or 3 tetrahedron shaped chairs in front of me. There are people in white dresses and they are either seating down or standing and talking to each other. To my notion, they seem about 10 years older than me. I feel a sense of barrier towards them so I start to walk towards them, slowly. They do not seem to take notice of me. Now I am with them. At first I am standing, then I take a seat on the floor. All the chairs are occupied at that time. I start to listen in on their conversations. To my observation, there are a mixture of genders among that group. One person asks me where I am from.  Initially considered "Probable NDE", later felt to be "NDE" on review.


Peter M NDE 3163

It was a sunny day. we were in a kindergarten which located at the roof of the building. it was breakfast break time. we were playing and my cousin told me that I can fly. I stayed in my place thinking while my 2 cousins and my brother went away and I climbed the wall and jumped. while I was falling I saw a very fast movie for what I did at that time. after I hit the ground I didn't feel anything then suddenly I saw myself falling down in a tortuous well. it was dark and I couldn't see anything but I was able to hear other voices. some voices was laughing or crying or speaking. some of them were falling faster than me. I was frightening and was trying to find anything to catch. I moved falling for a while. it was long well then I exit from the well to find myself standing at the beginning of a tunnel. there were someone who exit with me but it disappeared. I stayed at my place thinking for what to do. it was a long tunnel and the end of the tunnel there were a door without a door and outside this door there were a very bright light that shining the tunnel.


Bilge M's NDE 2593

It was the first day of religious festival. I couldn�t remember the exact date. I had gotten over a serious illness that year. That�s why I remember the year very well. After breakfast, I left the table and drank a glass of water while I was standing. Suddenly, I felt a strong pain in my chest. I fainted. However, I was still conscious but in a different place - at least my soul was. At first it was very dark. I can�t describe the place. I was asking myself where I was. I realised that I was flying very fast, as if I was looking for myself. I felt very light and relaxed. At one point I saw myself on the floor. I was lying on my right arm. I went down and tried to raise myself, but it was impossible; my body was very heavy. Besides when I try I felt dizzy. Suddenly, I looked up and saw a beautiful place. Everywhere was green; small streams were running. I felt I was being pulled there. I tried to reach there with my hand, as if some hand were pulling me.


Choi Byong Ho's NDE

There are several techniques in Judo like throwing and locking (Katame-waza)
Throwing is a technique throwing the opponent and locking is a hold technique which renders the opponent immobile on the floor and Kansetsu-waza, nelson etc. One of my friends choked my neck during a game. I didn�t want to surrender so I endured for a while and then I fainted... After a while, my eyes were adapted to the light again and I could see. I was in the ground a few far from the hall. There was no body and no sound. I felt still. I have never seen the playground like that. It was so bright and filled with the light all around. Not on the ground but above the air, I was looking down the playground.


Padma's NDE

As I lay in bed, with doctors and nurses administering emergency help, all of a sudden I was on the ceiling looking down at my twisted and mangled body.  I saw the doctors cutting my clothes off hurriedly.  I saw them put traction on my waist.  I saw what the traction looked like.  It was a contraption made of thick heavy metal rods going down my sides from my waist.  At the level of my feet heavy chains hung suspended by two big metal balls.  Great compassion and sorrow arose from seeing myself in that terrible position.  Next thing I knew, I was being pulled with a force like a hurricane or tornado and was trying to hang on to the ceiling with my nails, both with my feet and hands.  I was being pulled towards the wall facing me, and when I came close to there, I saw this most beautiful, rotating light, like that of the universe, in fact, it moved like the universe.


JB NDE 3355

As I approached this living light, I heard a male voice, very authoritative, thunderous, larger than life say to me, "Are you ready to die?"  I was totally taken aback! I didn't know that meeting with, reaching this, going beyond this all revealing light was  actually a  (death) dying! I immediately found myself, simultaneously thinking and responding, "Ready to die?" "Why must I die?"  I was very scared.  Immediately the "Voice" replied, "You must die, because you have failed to do what you promised us that you would do."  I was even more mystified, confused and unbelievably afraid.  I responded, begging for my life, "I don't remember what I promised, I don't know why I must die, please give me another chance, I don't remember what I promised to do."  The VOICE answered me by stating the following: "You promised us that you would help others.  You have failed to do this."


Nithin S NDE 3619

While I was eating food with my mother and friend.  It got into my respiratory tract.  Then I couldn't take air inside.  I fell down. struggling for air.  I felt parting with my body & going upwards. I am now seeing a tunnel with light on other end someone is pulling me upwards. When I look around the surrounding is very bright. Then I can't see anything because of light. I have a strong desire to get into my body. Because my mother is crying for me. I can hear her crying from very down. Then suddenly I gasped some air with all my efforts.  The food is moved out of the tract.  Suddenly I get the feeling of inside the body.