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Meera's Primary School Paper

Text Box: The Connection between Life and Death
The Connection between Life and Death


Meera Jacka - age 11




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my name is Meera Jacka and I need help: at the end of term two I made it into a program known
as eGATS (email gifted and talented students program). During this program I am given challenges
which require much research and are extremely difficult.

I am reaching the end of the program and must now perform a major task and I am allowed to
choose my own topic. Our theme this year is �Making connections� and I have chosen �The
connection between life and death.... by looking at near death experiences.�

For this task I have decided to interview people who have had a near death experience, asking
them to do me two favours if they are willing:


1. Would you be willing to write me your close death experience, including what
you felt, what you saw, and how it has effected you/changed your life

2. And would you be willing to paint me a picture expressing how you felt, and
describing all that happened using colours to paint whatever you feel tells a story.


P.S. this artwork would be the centre piece of my project and is extremely important.

You can send it to me scanned via e-mail (emotionalcompetency@gmail.com)
or to the 
address below.


Thank you,




Meera Jacka

Lismore Heights Primary School

Attention: Meera Jacka, class 5/6R

High St,

Lismore Heights NSW 2480


Rudi Rudenski

On the way to a secret military base in 1982, Rudi Rudenski died in a car accident:       

 As far as how I changed:

Prior to my NDE, I believed G-d hated people who were Gay, Atheists, Communists, Muslims, Catholics and I even believed that most human beings would burn in hell because they did not believe

in my religion...

My NDE changed that about me. I learned that The Light I met in heaven loved the very people I thought G-d hated like crazy...

When I returned to my body and re-entered the military, I could no longer hate the enemies of my country enough to kill them or help others do so... so I left the army... I was disgusted by religious intolerance after my NDE and could not step foot in a religious building for years as the teachers of my brand of religion taught a hateful story of a villain deity that far and away not recognizable in context to the being of Light I met in my NDE.

In my NDE, I met a being much like Jesus and I met a being I called G-d but The Light didn't wear that name well. Today, I have a personal name for G-d and I call it Y-h(pronounced Yaw) which to me is like a set of verbs and verbish words disguised as adjectives are all added together and becomes a noun like being also called The Light by many who have NDE's:  Kindness; Compassion, Gentleness, Beauty, Dignity,  and deep down belly laughter, all added together  is often assumed to be a noun called Love. I have also called this being the sum of all love...

Today, I teach blind and visually impaired adults and children to live independently and help them return to work. I consider serving others with laughter and loving kindness to be the prime directive. Those moments when we love others and when we are loved by others are timeless pieces of The Light... Even when we die... those moments go on and on... All of our less than love dies and is forgotten but our kindnesses are a part of timelessness so we should do our best to be loving kind and not sweat the small stuff. I understood how The Light loved a bully like me and if The Light could love someone who thought G-d hated everyone not like me then think how much The Light could love someone who made their life about love.

Today, I cobble bits and pieces from my former religion into a theology of Loving Kindness... and I chose a different career from being a soldier who constantly contemplated murdering people The Light loves. My career has changed over the years into something else:

I taught English in Mexico and emphasized love; I worked with thousands of at-risk children teaching alternative energy and environmental education; I worked with deaf children and blind children to teach them science and life skills; I worked with blind adults to teach them how use power-tools for gaining confidence and then they made beautiful furniture; I taught others art using stained glass embedded in wood; I now teach blind children and adults independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, braille, basic cane use, touch typing and how to use computers with speech. I teach because I feel I can make a difference in people's lives. Many of the human beings I work with are hopeless and in despair but through the process of building their confidence, some will go to college or learn a skill. Many go to work with their new skills and participate in life fully.

Description: C:\Users\Barbara\Pictures\Mosaictablefinalmosaicstage031.jpg

 My life is a far cry from the days when my heart was filled with murder. Love takes on many forms. If you take anything from reading or hearing me talk about my NDE, I hope it is that our love is timeless so be timeless. Do as little harm as possible but don't beat yourself up when you fail to live up to the Highest Ideal of love. Love is really all that survives time so love.

Love & Dances,


A.C .                                           Australia

Feb 26 2005

After being hit head on by a 4WD vehicle and my little car completed: with loud bangs and crash sounds and smashing glass; I feared the worst; ...I asked for protection.

The next thing I knew I was in the precense of something wonderful. It felt warm, comforting. I could feel layers of energy deep and wide, yet strongly calm.

I remember saying I couldn�t die because my daugther was too young to loose her mother. Then I became fully aware of what surrounded me. Colours were soft, clear and jet if felt more like light soft and strong that dominated. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Instinctively I knew I was somewhere amazing and very special.

I was told I was not staying: However I needed to be shown how much I was loved....then I saw my life (as they say) pass before me: And it the most striking thing was NO JUDGEMENT!!!

All my life I lived with harsh judgements and critisisms and yet in that place there was none at all. Noticeably ABSENT!

 I was told I was loved and valued and thanked for the sacrifices and efforts made with a range of issues in my life. I was also told of somethings yet to happen as if to prepare me. And I was given deep insights into the hearts of people close to me. There was no pain at all, no fear, nothing remotely negative of concerning.... I felt filled with support, comfort, calm and unconditional love....none of which I had known before.

Too soon it seemed I was back and the pain crippling � I was so captivated by this experience I resolved to do better, to live better.

There were many times in my long slow rehabilitation when I seriously doubted its authenticity until something was said or would happen as I was TOLD it would .As if spirit known and reepted my doubts and analytical nature. � For its rightness and truthfulness - so I would not doubt but love instead.

This is a true and accurate account to the best of my knowledge.

D.S. Weiler

I had a million thoughts as I went. Having time for so many thoughts made it seem like it should have been a longer time.                                                                                           That I had thoughts confused me. I tried to define what was happening to me. "I", an aware self, was still "me" and, apparently alive. I could not see myself. I could not raise my hand to look at it, but I was something - I still felt like "myself". I was still thinking and feeling - but not in a body, not with a physical brain. I was moving without legs. At least, I couldn't see any part of myself. I assumed I had no legs, no hands, no arms, no feet or anything you would normally look at to see if it was there. I felt surprise and wonder. I knew the meaning of those concepts, too. How can I know anything? I'm dead!

I floated "higher" or further. I lack a better word for the sensation or the direction. Still, I knew movement was happening to me. I was no longer in my body. I knew I was not on this planet. I knew that "I" was not dead, not the way we mean the word. Dead means dead; No power, no lights on, party's over, no thinking. no feeling. I was dead but I was not un-alive, not unaware. I knew I lived. I didn't know why or how. I couldn't figure it out.

For one moment I was so sad my children and my mother would be grieved by my death. I regretted the pain my death would cause my family. Then something changed in me. That sad thought faded away and I was overcome by a deeply peaceful joy. It was like I let all the cares and concerns that are so much a part of us leave with my body.

As this feeling passed through me I saw, off to my right, a golden glow, a light in the darkness, like a city's lights on the night sky. It lit the way for me. It was not dark anymore. The light was shining, just over there from me. I say "I saw" but I had no eyes. It's another confusion with words and concepts I can't say well here. But I could see the golden light. It was like a candle behind a curtain. Shaded, but enhanced by the darkness to a brighter brightness.

What I learned next amazed me. I discovered that the glowing, golden globe of light was alive. It was a "self". It was a living being. We were the same! We were both living beings. This felt like a huge revelation; "Hey, it's another soul!" It was huge, loving and powerful, strong and gentle all at the same time. I felt small and confused but I knew it was alive. It knew "self and other" the same way I did still. I wasn't dead, it wasn't dead, but it didn't look like a human. It just felt like a human to me. I was aware of its "self-ness". It was aware of my "aliveness". It was strange to look at something I thought of as so different from me and find out it was not different. I couldn't say it was "human" and had been living on "earth", but it was another living, aware self. We were alike!

That other self was "human" or "like me" in feeling but powerful beyond description. I was fascinated by it. I felt the power the Being appeared to generate and that was sent out from it. It was like standing in the sunlight but, instead of sunshine, LOVE warmed you through to your center. It was like nothing and no one I have ever seen or met but I knew it only loved.. I could feel Love radiating off that Being and flowing into and through everything around it. It knew me in all I was, in all my life, in all my truth. I could not hide anything from it. I had no desire to hide anything. I felt no fear or shame that it "saw" all of me.

That being knew all of everything I ever was and loved me. Not just loved me but every thing that defined me as my self, unique from any other bit of creation, was wonderful to it. It loved the way I was made, it loved that we were meeting, it loved me with all the love it had in it and I knew that I was precious to it and treasured by it. I was perfectly what I was supposed to be and it loved me just that way.

If I had been a diamond I was flawless, perfectly cut and beautiful beyond needing any other change. I could not be more loved by it if I changed even one thing in myself. I was perfect - as I was made. I feel it may have thought, "as I made you. I did you perfectly!" That Being loved me so deeply that it would never hurt me. It only wanted my complete, loving self to be all the me I am. I didn't have to be anything but my real self. Truth lies there. Unconditional love sees only the beauty of the truth in each living spirit.

We began to communicate when I understood it was "speaking" to me. I "heard" it address me. Then I knew it could "hear" what I wanted to share with it. It was not with spoken words but more like with complete thoughts with no possibility of misunderstanding. It was a true communication of perfect understanding between two spirits. I would "ask" then would "know".

I did not need to change one thing to be perfect. I was perfect to it. I knew it felt a true joy in being with me. I felt like it was just bursting with happiness because I was there. It was beyond glad to see me, it loved me. It thought I was just perfectly made and was thrilled that we were together. I repeat this because it amazed me.

I was seeing myself out of it's own vision. It saw me as a beautiful, perfect, shining, living being, full of love and peace, filled with joy. I saw myself, but I saw me as it did, a being of golden light and love. I loved being me for the first time I could remember.

I saw the truth of what I was. I was filled with the joy in the knowledge that I was a loving self and I loved the being who showed me the love in my self. It showed me we are alike, we are both living, we are both of Love and you are beautiful and made of love, as am I.I knew all of me the way that being knew me and I saw that each experience and person here was a part of me still. Each each part of my life was needed to make me completely what I was; Perfect in it's eyes. I would appear to be perfect again today if I stood there, even though I have changed from the woman I was then.

That is the meaning of the grace. You are loved as you are - not as you wish to be, not as you should have been, not as someone else says you have to be - but for exactly what you are. The truth of what you are is only good. There is no shame or guilt because you understand what life here and the love in you experienced is just that - being alive as a human. There is no way to feel ashamed for you are exactly what you were created to be. Your life and you are showed to so you understand you did everything from love. There is nothing to regret or be sorry for any more when you see that we are all moved by love and trying to express it or move by the percieved lack of love and trying to share it.

As I saw myself from the eyes of that being, I knew I was good. I was goodness. I was not just, "okay". I was perfect and I was loving and I was good. I saw, in my own judgement, that I was love, loving - good. To see my self as good again, like I knew I was when I was a child - oh, my heart, how I wish to keep that feeling with me here. How I wish I could give that feeling to you..                                                                        D.S. Weiler

Lexy                                                    Germany


NDE with 6 years old:

I had to undergo a tonsillitis operation. There was no way of getting around that operation due to constant severe infections because of my tonsillities. I was getting weaker and sicker with fever infections more and more often.

My last memory before the operation was me struggling against the gas mask,  feeling slightly out of breath and the smell of ether. The doctor and my mother were with me. After that my sense of time and direction went missing.

When my conscious came back I noticed myself flying though a square, yellow-blue shining tunnel. My awareness of self was  all of a sudden very clear and strong, I remember it as if it was yesterday: THIS was me, so beautiful, shining and alive! I flew effortless and was drawn without feeling any resistance to it.

In the beginning the tunnel started glowing gently, but then it became more and more intense and brighter.  I had the feeling of depth and dimension. My speed towards the light at the end of the tunnel increased, also the intensity of the colours deepened and in addition I was now  full of and expectant joy. A sense of warmth went through and through me.

With the increasing speed I saw blue and yellow shining lines fly past with great speed. Intensity  of light and my clear consciousness grew with increase of speed until reaching a complete high: �Now it is all going to happen!� � but then I saw glowing spitting sparks and I bumped into some sort of net of electricity, which stopped my acceleration.

Unexpectedly interrupted from my joyful expectation I awoke with a shock , feeling numb, dizzy and disorientated in the operating room. I was back and the doctor showed great relief as it had been difficult reaching me and to wake me up he had to shake me violently. For a long time all my attention was inwards  and I remained in this dreamy sense of lightness. My interest for every day things went missing and for some years I stayed withdrawn and locked into a dream world build out of my special experience.

I remained for years between "here and there" in day dreams and with low interest for this life, I didn't really love this life on earth for many years. But later the joy came back. 

My experience was life changing and my NDE caused some abilities. Precognition, out of body experiences,  going into the other world to my grandfather and seeing  deceased relatives. But I didn't share this very often.  I enjoy the abilities and sense them as very life-enhancing.




Below my NDE experience with picture. I hope, you can translate it. My english is not very good, and so I hadn't written it on the NDERF page, only in the forum.

This experience was life changing, I remained for years between "here and there", in daydreams and with  low interest in this life, I didn't really love this life on earth for many years. But later the joy came back. 

My NDE caused some abilities. Precognition, OBE,  going in the other world to my grandfather and seeing  deceased relatives. But I didn't share this very often. I enjoy this abilities and sense them as very life-enhancing.


Nahtoderlebnis mit 6 Jahren:

Eintritt in den Tunnel. Bei mir stand eine Mandeloperation (tonsillectomy) an. Sie war unumg�nglich, wegen st�ndiger Vereiterungen und dem daraus folgenden  Krankheitsherd, der mich in kurzen Abst�nden immer wieder mit Fieberanf�llen schw�chte.

Meine letzte Erinnerung vor der Operation war die heftige Gegenwehr gegen die Gesichtsmaske, eine leichte Atemnot und der Geruch nach �ther. Der Arzt und meine Mutter waren anwesend. Dann schwand meine Erinnerung und mein Zeitgef�hl ging verloren.

Als mein Bewusstsein wieder einsetzte, flog ich durch einen quadratischen, gelb-blau leuchtenden Tunnel. Mein Selbst-Bewusstsein war sofort und sehr klar da, ich erinnere mich bis heute noch deutlich daran: DAS war ich und so strahlend, lebendig. Ich flog oder wurde gezogen, ohne jeden Kraftaufwand oder Widerstand.

Zuerst leicht und langsam, der Tunnel leuchtete heller und mit intensiver Farbe, ich hatte ein r�umliches Empfinden. Meine Geschwindigkeit in Richtung Licht am Ende wurde h�her, auch die Strahlkraft der Farben gewann an Intensit�t und jetzt stellte sich zus�tzlich ein Zustand freudiger Erwartung ein. W�rmegef�hle durchfluteten mich.      

Mit zunehmender Geschwindigkeit flitzten jetzt rechts und links blaue und gelb leuchtende Streben rasend schnell vorbei. Lichtstrahlung und klares Empfinden wuchsen proportional mit dem Gef�hl, immer schneller zu werden bis zum Hochgef�hl: "Jetzt kommt der Durchbruch" - aber vor mir spr�hten Funken und ich prallte gegen eine Art elektrisches Gitter, welches mir den Weg abschnitt. Abrupt aus der ungeduldigen, freudigen Erwartung herausgerissen wachte ich dumpf, benebelt und wenig klar im OP Raum auf. Ich war zur�ck, der Arzt zeigte gro�e Erleichterung, dass Aufwecken hatte sich schwierig gestaltete und viel Sch�tteln war notwendig gewesen. L�ngere Zeit noch blieb ich in der tr�umenden Leichtigkeit des Erlebten und der Blick war eher nach innen gekehrt. Mein Interesse f�r die t�glichen Entdeckungen im normalen Alltag lie�en in der Folgezeit nach und ich blieb f�r einige Jahre in meiner inneren, schwerelosen Traumwelt gebildet aus diesen Erinnerungen h�ngen.


Click here to see the rest of the pictures in pdf format.

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