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Jody's Review of The Lancet Article
9/19/02 Swiss OBE Study
Dreams, NDE, and Reality
Soulmates and Consciousness, New Understandings from NDE Research, (Pt. 1 Soulmate Study)
Life Review, Changed Beliefs, Universal Order and Purpose, and the NDE, (Pt. 2 Soulmate Study)
Emotions and the NDE, (Pt. 3 Soulmate Study)
Another Look at Beings Encountered During the NDE, (Pt. 4 Soulmate Study)
Soulmates 2003 (Pt. 5, Soulmate Study)
A Note on Science and NDE (A scientific model why memory aka consciousness cannot reside solely in the brain)
An In-Depth Study of Drowning NDEs
Healing and Paranormal Gifts
NDE, Religion, and Spirituality
Lessons from NDEs About the Fourth Dimension
Comparison of NDEs Occurring Before and After 1975
Physician Views and Response to Patients' NDE

Dreams and Neuroholography: An Interdisciplinary Interpretation of Development of Homeotherm State in Evolution, by Istv'n B'kkon, Sleep and Hypnosis, 2005;7(2):61-76  Review by Jody 1/15/06  The last time I got this excited to see a paper published was when von Lommel published his incredible longitudinal NDE study in December 2001.  This PhD study is well worth the read! 

Near-Death Experiences of Children - 4/16/14 by Jeffrey Long MD.

Ketamine - 6/15/10 Doctor interview

Soulmates 2003 Part 5 Soulmates 
by Jody 2/13/03 
This is the culmination study that discusses the findings of the other 4 Soulmate studies on consciousness, beings, relationships, emotions, universal purpose, changed beliefs, and the life review.

How Many NDEs Occur in the United States Every Day?
The answer is 774 NDEs occurring daily in the United States. 
 Click here for methodology

Dr. near-death: Greyson's heart-stopping study, interview with Dr. Bruce Greyson, 09/2004 .

Dreams and Neuroholography: An Interdisciplinary Interpretation of Development of Homeotherm State in Evolution, by Istv'n B'kkon, Sleep and Hypnosis, 2005;7(2):61-76  The last time I got this excited to see a paper published was when von Lommel published his incredible longitudinal NDE study in December 2001.  This PhD study is well worth the read! 

I think in order to understand NDEs, the first thing is to understand 1) what part of the experience is 100% NDE, and:  2) what is integrated into our waking reality.  I discussed this in the research paper 'Dreams, NDE, and Reality.'  Remember, this is a co-created experience with the person and the divine (Jeff's theory and I concur).  I enjoyed the latest NDE as the woman was reminded in her NDE that this world is an illusion.  We are not our physical body at all.  The research writing on 'NDE and the Fourth Dimension' will show you the nature of the soul and help you conceptualize who (or what) we really are.  The writing on the soul's purpose gives you an idea of why we come to earth.  With these three papers as a backdrop, you can understand that the Near Death Experience is tailored to each individual according to the needs and understandings of that particular individual in order to maximize soul growth.  Since we are all so unique, it is not surprising that the NDE itself is very unique to each individual.  However, there are stunning patterns in the NDE that make it uniquely reproducible and appropriate for scientific study.

Sam Parnia's new AWARE Study is out!  http://on.rt.com/t7gphk You can find the entire article at: www.elsevier.com/locate/resuscitation

What is the meaning of the NDE and is it for the experiencer or for us all? By Jody 10/9/05  This paper was presented in an  abbreviated form at the 2005 IANDS annual meeting in Virginia Beach, VA.  I was fascinated by a book called "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman.  I applied many of the emotional concepts to the meaning of NDE for the individual and for us all.  The resultant insights add another dimension to our understanding of the power of the NDE message.

First International Medical Conference on the NDE held in France June 17, 2006.  Click here for more information.

Penny Sartori, PhD This is a 5 year prospective Welsh study out of the UK to explore if anoxia, hypercarbia or drug administration could explain the NDE.  The conclusion of the study is that the NDE still remains medically inexplicable.

Dreams, Near-Death Experiences, and Reality by Jody 3/27/03. This is a review of literature and dream studies combined with a retrospective study of near-death experiencers (NDErs) who were asked "if their experience was dreamlike in any way?"  This paper gives an overview of consciousness and altered states of consciousness as it relates to memories, recall, and narrative of experiences.  Then I compare and contrast NDEs with dreams against the backdrop of reality. 

An In-Depth Study of Drowning Near-Death Experiencers by Jody 3/2/03.  This is a retrospective study of near-death experiencers who died from drowning.  The main question was whether the cause of death affected the experience in any way.  Comparisons were done between drowning and cardiac arrest victims and then cross-compared with a population of general NDEs. Since almost 70% of the drowning victims were children, age was also explored as a factor.  The data suggests that there is a statistically significant difference in the NDE according to the type of death one experiences. 

A Reply to Shermer, Medical Evidence for NDEs, by Dr. Pim van Lommel In his "Skeptic" column in Scientific American in March, 2003, Michael Shermer cited a research study published in The Lancet, a leading medical journal, by Pim van Lommel and colleagues. He asserted this study "delivered a blow" to the idea that the mind and the brain could separate. Yet the researchers argued the exact opposite, and showed that conscious experience outside the body took place during a period of clinical death when the brain was flatlined. As Jay Ingram, of the Canadian Discovery Channel, commented: "His use of this study to bolster his point is bogus. He could have said, 'The authors think there's a mystery, but I choose to interpret their findings differently'. But he didn't. I find that very disappointing" (Toronto Star, March 16, 2003). Here, Pim van Lommel sets out the evidence that Shermer misrepresented.

Scientists Claim that Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves to Another Universe at Death

Attitudes Toward Near-Death Experiences, by Benjamin M. Linzmeier

A history of relatively recent NDE public recognition and attitudes resulting therefrom.

2/18/12 This is an interesting article - if you think about light from a dark room, you actually have measurable light coming from the right side of the head. From studying NDE, our spirit is light. Prayer has been described from the other side as light emanating from earth. Perhaps this light we emit from thought could be a physical way that we connect with our higher selves and with God through space and time?
B.T. Dotta, K.S. Saroka, M.A. Persinger, Increased photon emission from the head while imagining light in the dark is correlated with changes in electroencephalographic power: Support for B'okkon's Biophoton Hypothesis, Neuroscience Letters (2010), doi:10.1016/

THE (NEAR-) DEATH DECODED by Drs. Maureen Venselaar - This article describes a complete new and astonishing theory about the near-death experience - based on astrophysics -  which includes ten new features.

Noor Foundation - The discussion took place in Dec. 2013. Dr. Sam Parnia, Dr. Mary Neal, Dr. Peter Fenwick and Kevin Nelson were discussing NDE's and OBE's.

Incidence and Causes of the Near-Death Experience and Life Review Among the Elderly and Non-Elderly, by Benjamin M. Linzmeier

One-hundred and seven elderly and non-elderly participants were recruited from the university setting and the senior setting. Questionnaires were filled out which examined the near-death experience (NDE) and life review. A Fisher exact test indicated no significant differences in the incidence of the NDE between the elderly and non-elderly. A small sample size did not allow for a statistical analysis of the incidence of the life review and the rate of onset of the NDE among the elderly and non-elderly. However, tentative speculation was made about the eight reported NDEs. In future research, either a recruiting method should be employed or a larger sample should be drawn.

Near Death Experience, Religion and Spirituality, by Jody 12/11/02  One of the last frontiers of study surrounds spirituality and NDE.  However, this is a highly sensitive issue due to the nature of religion.  What this study attempts to do is to objectively look at the data submitted by NDErs to the website and to categorize the answers.  Questions that are analyzed include pre and post NDE religious preference, and changed beliefs.  There are some surprising results that focus on universal purpose and order gained from NDE understandings.

Emotions and the Near-Death Experience Part 3 Soulmates  by Jody 2/5/03  This study is a retrospective review of 318 NDErs responses to questions about emotions during and after the NDE, and about relationships after the NDE.  Emotions are a common denominator between the physical reality and what is experienced on the other side.  The top emotions that are experienced during the NDE are peace, love, and happiness.  However, the top emotion that is experienced upon return to the body is confusion.  This paper looks at the role of emotions during and after the NDE and the role that emotions play in our earthly life. 
Life Review, Changed Beliefs, Universal Order and Purpose, and the Near-Death Experience, Part 4 Soulmates by Jody 2/13/03  This study is a retrospective review of 319 NDErs responses to questions about the near-death experience and the life review, changed beliefs, life changes, and universal order/purpose.  From the chi square test, all of these factors highly correlate with each other and make more sense when studied as a group.  This paper looks at the role of the life review in helping to understand universal purpose and subsequently the changes that people undergo after their experience. 

Healing and Paranormal Gifts: Survey Results Between NDErs and non-NDErs,
by Jody 12/23/02  First of all I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this HUGE study.  We had 124 NDErs and 75 non-NDErs who participated in the survey. Without your help, we would never have such startling results to report on!
The healing questions pertained to the meaning of healing, whether the participant had experienced any emotional or healing gifts and whether the timing of these gifts was before or after their NDE or other paranormal experience.  They were also asked if they had healed anyone, and if so to explain or give examples.  Past studies are reviewed.  Present tension between medicine and alternative healing is explored.  The main finding of this study is that healing and evidentiality of alternative healing depends on how a person views "healing."  Most of the time the way a person views healing is part of a larger belief system rather than a compartmentalized body of knowledge about the physical body.   

Soulmates and Consciousness, (Part 1 of Soulmate Study), by Jody 11/9/02  As a bit of background, at the IANDS annual conference in 2000, Dr. Jeff Long and I gave a presentation on our research findings regarding soulmates.  I recently started to write up the presentation.  One of the main questions I wanted to find out is if, by including the new data, the results of the study would still hold.  It turned out that we had over two times the data as when we started.  Every question analyzed had such a wealth of information contained in each sub-category that it was impossible to just write- up the Soulmate presentation.  Therefore, I have chosen to write a series of papers based upon the new data and then write a culmination paper on soulmate understandings and incorporating findings of the separate papers.

The Fourth Dimension and NDEs, by Jody 11/25/02  From near death experience research, a model that fits the data is that consciousness (synonymous to soul) is a fourth dimensional construct.  This concept necessarily affects the way we view time and how we integrate consciousness with our three dimensional, earth reality.  Our science, religion, and society are all affected by how we perceive our earth reality.  This paper attempts to explain the fourth dimension by analogizing to one, two, and three dimensional concepts to what NDErs are telling us about their fourth dimensional experiences.

Another Look at Beings Encountered During the Near Death Experience, (part 2 of Soulmate Study)  by Jody 11/25/02  It is a common element, unique to the NDEs experience, to report seeing deceased beings.  Frequently, those seen on the other side are religious beings or deceased relatives.  This study analyzes the beings that were seen on the other side.  The datum is broken down into the categories of familiar beings and unfamiliar beings.   Of the 302 people who responded to the survey, 29% (88) saw familiar beings and 25.8% (78) saw unfamiliar beings.  Of the 166 people who saw beings, 53% saw familiar beings, while 47% saw unfamiliar beings.  The highest percentage of familiar beings seen were blood relatives (25.9%), followed by religious figures (22.9%).  Implications are discussed against the backdrop of consciousness and the Soulmate myth of popular culture.

Review of New Swiss Study on OBEs, by Jody 9/25/02  The study was published in the British journal Nature on 9/19/02.  Several media articles were published based upon this study.  This article takes a look at: 1) the study, 2) the media coverage, and 3) critical discussion of both, the study and the media. 
A Note on Science and NDE, Why Memory Cannot be entirely processed in the brain. An awesome article by Simon Berkovich, Professor of Engineering and Applied Science at the George Washington University that presents a scientific model why memory (aka consciousness) cannot reside solely in the brain.  3/8/02
A Comparison of NDEs Occurring Before and After 1975 Results from a Web Survey of Near Death Experiencers. by Dr. Jeff 5/18/02  The 1975 publication of Life after Life (Moody, 1975) led to wide public recognition of near death experience (NDE).  No prior study has investigated the similarities and differences of NDEs occurring before and after 1975.  Much of the earliest NDE research, in the late 1970's and early 1980's, would have studied NDEs occurring predominantly before 1975.  If the content and aftereffects of NDEs remained constant before and after 1975, this earliest NDE research may be considered applicable to NDEs occurring more recently.  This study uses the methodology of an Internet based questionnaire survey which has not been previously reported.  A total of 218 NDErs were surveyed.  The only statistical differences between the group with NDEs before 1975 (n=48) compared with the group with NDEs during or after 1975 (n=170) were due to expected differences in NDEr age at the time of the NDE, and age currently.  No other significant difference was found between these two groups with regard to NDE demographics, experience elements, or aftereffects studied.

Giovanni's Research  Here is an excel table of 50 NDEs from video/TV sources with 23 data points.


Special Announcement
We became aware of a prospective study of NDE (Near-Death Experience) some months ago from Denmark. It is my understanding that this study (by Pim van Lommel, lead author) is scheduled for publication in The Lancet 12/15/01. The Lancet is the most prestigious European medical journal. Briefly, this study involved prospective study of 344 cardiac arrest patients. 62 had a NDE, and of these, 41 had a deep NDE. Patients having a NDE and those not having a NDE were followed for up to 8 years. This article concludes NDE is medically inexplicable, and found NDErs had a statistically reduced fear of death and much increased belief in an afterlife, among other findings. In my opinion, this article is one of the strongest medical studies ever published with evidence of consciousness surviving death, and validating retrospective studies of NDE.  Click for this article's Press Release.  This is also posted on NDERF's Bulletin Board.
Dr. Jeff, NDERF


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