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Talking with Angel
by Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
foreward by Dr. Kenneth Ring

This is the moving story of a young girl battling leukemia. She realizes she is going to die and receives hope and comfort through nightly conversations with her favorite doll Angel, who helps her embrace a new perspective on dying and the possibility that consciousness may survive after death. Her fear of death is ultimately lifted by new-found spiritual wisdom and by the account of a near-death experience told to her by a young companion.

Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino's extensive knowledge of near-death experiences informs this astonishing book. It will be of great benefit and comfort to those facing their own death, or for parents and care-givers of those with serious illnesses. It will also enrich anyone who is reflecting on this essential aspect of life.

Due December 2005 - AMAZON.COM Click Here

About the Author
Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino was born in Switzerland in 1954. She has studied Near-Death Experiences for over twenty years and collaborated with Kenneth Ring on Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience (2000). She is also the author of On the Other Side of Life: Exploring the phenomenon of Near-Death Experience (1997). She works at the University of Geneva and is a coordinator for the Scientific and Medical Network.