Oh Sane and Sacred Death
by Louise Ireland-Frey, M.D.
Book review by Edward Salisbury, IANDS

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Oh Sane and Sacred Death, by Louise Ireland-Frey, M.D. Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2002

The best book ever on Death and it’s role in being!

             I feel ‘excited to the brim’ in directing and inviting you to read this marvelously crafted work of art, love, and wisdom.  Having consumed many hundreds of books on philosophy, ideology, mysticism, grief, loss and death; I am awed at the comprehensive and compassionate content of Dr. Ireland-Frey’s work.  She has drawn on her decades of work in medicine, psychiatry, and personal fulfillment to present the public with this gift of insight and understanding on life, death, and the LIGHT within us all.

            In her book; subtitled: ‘First person accounts of Death’; she truly conveys the insights that show us “Death does not Exit”.  She introduces us to her work with ‘Philosophical Assumptions’ that are, in fact, the most accurate and concise enumerations of the Wisdom of the Ages.  She goes on to illustrate these insights with examples from NDE stories, personal experiences, exercises we can use to enhance our own personal progress, and suggestions of how we can serve each other thru the process of grief, loss and death. 

             I especially enjoyed the chapter on animals.  It gives great insight to why so many of us seek harmlessness to all living things.  She illustrates with Albert Schweitzer’s commitment to “Reverence for all life”.

             I met this petite 80+ year old angel at a recent ‘Meet the Board’ gathering of the IANDS board of directors in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  In her own quiet, unassuming way, she brought a sweet quiet delight to our meeting.  She reminded me of my time spent with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her manners and of Ram Dass and Stephen Levine in her thoughtful communications.  A week later, I received her book as a gift in return for my gift to her of When Ego Dies.

             I invite and encourage each of you to spend some quiet time enjoying this great gift of understanding. 




Book review by Edward Salisbury, member of the IANDS board of directors.