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Original Dutch title: De (bijna-)dood ontrafeld


This article describes a complete new and astonishing theory about the near-death experience - based on astrophysics -  which includes ten new features. 

In our quest to find answers about the cause, features and supposed differences of the near-death experience (= NDE),  the scientific community has found so far  two                 - mainstream - explanations.

The first one is that the NDE is a neurological phenomenon. And features as the life review, the notion of being out of the body and seeing strange (supernatural) things, are caused - for example - by the lack of oxygen, by electric stimuli, by stress, medication or hallucinations. This neurological explanation considers the brain as the producer of (features of) the NDE and of consciousness.

The second explanation of the NDE is the supernatural one[1]. In this theory the brain is considered to be only a receiver of a presumably large and endless cosmic consciousness. When people experience a NDE, they are therefore connected with (part of) that special cosmic consciousness. This supernatural theory explains features like       - for example - the life review, the idea of travelling (fast) and the feeling of being out of one's body.

However, both theories do not take into consideration that there is a link between severe trauma/sickness on the one hand, and the start of (features of) a NDE, on the other hand. Moreover: they do not accept the idea that the NDE becomes more profound and more complete while as the trauma/sickness gets more life-threatening. This is however not in accordance with the opinion of Atwater, Moody, Morse and Sabom (amongst other). 

Furthermore, both theories do not take into consideration that the NDE has successive phases (this is, again, not in accordance with the opinion of, for instance, Atwater, Fontana, Miner Holden, Moody, Ring). And above all: both theories do not explain all features of the NDE, as we know it. 

Because of the above, and challenged to discover new features and to develop a new coherent (all-inclusive) theory, I have analysed hundreds of NDEs. And after more than ten years of study, I am convinced that there is another - third - explanation possible, which does connect severe trauma/sickness to the appearance of a NDE and which includes all known features. And, even more, my theory describes ten new features.

Next to this, I consider the NDE as the first part of the final total event that happens to all of us (with no exception) after we die (this link isn't strange at all: NDE-people say without the shadow of a doubt that they were physically dead and that they have seen a glimpse of a life after this life).  

A preview of this new theory:  

When we approach the (near) end of life, our sensorial observation decreases, our awareness changes, and deep down in our physical body (in the atoms) a fundamental process starts which releases an 'exotic energy' (= light energy/photons). This special 'exotic energy' is the foundation of an other new pure and perfect 'body', and another kind of consciousness/awareness. With this new body (of exotic energy/photons) we can travel through the barrier of space and time. The (near-)death experience is without a doubt a real voyage. And this voyage is maybe to the edge of our universe...


Source: NASA

Successive phases based on NDEs:







When people are severely traumatized (for example: due to an accident or sickness) they lose consciousness. They also hear a strange noise and feel vibrations and many small explosions deep down in their physical body. Near death-people receive another consciousness and a different body, almost instantly and they see their own physical body (autoscopy) while standing - for example - next to it. This is the begin of the out of body experience, and near-death people realize that they have a 'ghostly' body of light energy which is a copy of their physical body. Sometimes they already see other 'beings of light'. They are their guides to heaven. Near-death people do not feel any change in their personality and they do not feel the pain of their physical body anymore. They are happy, in peace. They can hear and see, in a different way, but they cannot communicate with people (for example: with doctors/nurses who are giving medical care to the physical body of the near-death person). Sometimes near-death people hear doctors pronounce a dead-declaration. 

Scientific research:     


They sometimes see a foggy light leaving the physical body of the near-death people (as established by researcher Crookall). 

Cautious conclusion of 'The (near-)death decoded' related to the NDE:  

We will have a life after this life - as beings of light - due to the fact that damaged or dying atoms of our physical body release countless photons (= light energy). These exotic photons can have consciousness (so: at this particular moment, our daily consciousness - which is connected to the brain under normal circumstances - will be changed/transformed into another broader transcendent consciousness);  These photons are also indestructible (so the next life can be an 'eternal' life). And lastly: these photons are capable to 'carry' information (= the information about who we were and are. Therefore, our new exotic photon body is more or less the same as our physical body). 




As the trauma gets more severe (or is: very severe) near-death people (as beings of pure  light) are getting more distance from their physical body. They see, for example, the roof of the hospital. After a while they are surrounded by a dark space (and they see sometimes grey/dark beings). And (almost) at the same time, they see the earth, moon, stars, the milky way like astronauts do (= relativity of space).  But they also realize that they are getting as small as a 'sand of grain' (with their body of light).

A tunnel opens. Near-death people travels through/turn into this tunnel, with - or faster than - the speed of light (due to the attraction of a huge 'magnet') (in) to the beautiful heavenly light (that gets bigger and bigger) at the end of this tunnel. They experience all kinds of sounds and colours.  

Scientific research:



Source: NASA/ESA/CXC/JPL/STScI/AURA/Chandra.Harvard


Cautious conclusion: 

The more we reach the end of this life (due to trauma/sickness) the more photons are released by our atoms of our physical body. The more photons: the more compact our new/other body eventually gets (due to magnetism, gravity (collapse)). And the more compact we'll get: the more the NDE  will be complete and profound (related to all features and phases). 

As beings of light our 'ghostly body of light' will thus be reduced  to a small tiny dot. This seems strange, but, related to the endlessness of our universe, it is absolutely not important whether we are 1.75m tall or as small as a sand of grain.

Next: a tunnel opens, we will travel (as dots of lights) through this tunnel (= a tiny intra-universe wormhole) faster and faster, and in the end: faster than the speed of light        (= relativity of time). We approach the most beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. This light is like a huge 'magnet'  to us. 



Near-death people are slowing down (as beings of photons) nearby a heavenly light/ another beautiful 'world'. They experience however a border and realize: this border cannot be crossed. Only 'dead people' (as beings of photons) cross the 'border' and enter the beautiful and lovely eternal light/this other world.

Over there, nearby the light, near-death people will have a life review (sometimes a life prospect). They'll meet other beings of light and also a higher spiritual being of light. Communication is instantly. There is also a moment of judgement, but that moment is full of grace and love.

The reason seems to be, according to near-death people:  light = love =  knowledge/information. Besides these experiences, near-death people know all the answers to all the questions of mankind.

Moreover: there is not only a beautiful light; near-death people see also two whirl-tornadoes, like an immense 'sand-glass': they tell that the upper tornado is spinning clockwise and outwards, the lower tornado is spinning not clockwise and inwards. 



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Scientific  research:

Cautious conclusions:  

As near-death people (as beings of light) we are capable to travel - without a doubt - in

space-time, through a small tunnel (= intra-universe wormhole) to the edge of our universe. The image of a 'sandglass' is formed by two tornadoes.

These are two different universes: one of them is our own universe, the other one is an astral universe, that consists of subtle vibrations of  light.

Over there - in the middle of these universes, nearby the event-horizon of an immense  black hole of an inter-universe wormhole (= 'door' to another astral universe) - we'll stay for a while. This black hole is surrounded with light (and this is a real/concrete magnetic force for us).  We have a ghostly body, as a copy of our physical body (due to changes in gravity/gravity collapse). We'll meet deceased beloved ones, because they also have received an indestructible photon body after they died on earth. The communication is almost immediately and seems to be telepathic (informed photons will be exchanged, almost instantly). The life review (or prospect) is due to the possibility of photons to 'carry' information and due to holographic phenomena. The fact that light = information, explains why we know everything over there (in the light): We know all answers to all questions of mankind. Besides that, we will definitely experience a 'border'. This is thus a 'door' to another much bigger 'astral' universe (so there is probably a very small and very large universe = Superstring theory). Near-death people do not enter that other universe. Dead people do. Over there we'll start our eternal life (but that eternal life isn't endless).  



Near-death people can (sometimes) choose between a blue/green beam of light or a red/pink beam. They know for sure: the blue beam means continuing the life on earth; the red beam means the end of life on earth (but receiving an eternal life, behind the door, in another universe).  



Source: ESA


Near-death people return, sometimes against their will, again through a - still open - tunnel (and also as a dot/ a sand of grain/a ball) to their physical body. For the second time they see stars and planets, just like astronauts do. 

Scientific research:

Cautious Conclusions:  

We will return as dots through this tiny personal intra-universe wormhole/tunnel in space.

The red and blue colours we'll see, is supposedly based on the Doppler effect: when we approach the beautiful lovely light, we'll see that matter is coming towards us (out of the source of everything (which is - as said before - like an everlasting big bang/a whirlpool of energy that creates everything we know in this universe). Therefore this matter looks blue/green and means 'life on earth'. The colour red/pink is created by matter (and so on) which travels (further) away from us.

Therefore: the colour red/pink is associated with going farther away into space, closer to the black hole (= door) and the light (and the other universe) but farther away from earth and farther from the physical body. In short: red/pink means: death on earth, but eternal life in another universe, on the other  side of the 'door'. In short: beams of light, in combination with our thoughts (and/or the thoughts of the higher spiritual being of light) determine our destiny.

Overall: thoughts are very important and crucial, not only during our life (review), but also to set our goal (destiny) at this point.




Near-death people enter their physical bodies as a ball/a dot, and they feel they expand/swell to get a full connection with their earthly body. They experience again a kind of vibrations during the realization of this connection, and again all the pain of their physical body.

They have forgotten all the wisdom they knew, when they were nearby the heavenly light. This feature of forgetting is also typical for the NDE and it is probably the reason why lots of near-death people do not know anything of their out of body experience and their journey to the edge of our universe and to the edge of heaven.  Sometimes near-death people wish to return to the heavenly light. 

Scientific research:

Cautious conclusion: 

As near-death people, we return to earth with our compact out-of-body essence (during our journey through the tunnel/the private intra-universe wormhole). After this journey we will unfold nearby/in our physical body due to the reduction of the force of gravity. All the light-energy flows back into (the atoms of) the physical body and connect with it. Electromagnetic values changes probably again. And after a while - if the trauma doesn't get worse - we will regain our daily consciousness...


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For now, only available in Dutch, by Akasha publisher, Eeserveen, The Netherlands.  Emailadress: info@uitgeverijakasha.nl  Website:  www.debijnadoodontrafeld.nl











Maureen Venselaar 2011, The Netherlands               


[1]           Supernatural means in this case: concerning the (yet) unknown world/reality. Compare with: the spiritual immaterial world. Therefore, in the supernatural theory the NDE is not 'unreal' or 'magic', but  a 'fact of life'.